55 Inch Smart Tv

Don't just make do with any old television when you could be enjoying your entertainment so much more with any one of HSN's 55-inch smart TV options. And, thanks to our incredible deals, you can have a brand new TV without breaking the bank.

So what makes smart television so smart? They can connect to the internet, which means you can access any mainstream media services and make use of any entertainment apps right on your 55-inch television. Hello, on-demand movies and television shows! Welcome, internet browsing and music stations!

On top of internet streaming, many smart televisions offer useful features like Miracast and Screen Sharing. These options allow users to view content from compatible smartphones on the big screen. HSN carries all the big brands for your viewing pleasure. Just about all the biggest brands are now making smart televisions, from budget-end brands like TCL that include built-in Roku services to higher end, household names like LG's sets which often also offer gesture controls. That is, you can point and wave the remote to control an on-screen cursor. Set up your home theater audio system and let the fun begin!