30 Inch Necklace

Love the Length of a 30-Inch Necklace From HSN

A 30-inch necklace, sometimes called an opera necklace, adds a glamorous finishing touch to your evening attire. These necklaces are much longer than traditional chains, so they naturally sit just below the breast. Wear yours long with a low-cut top or evening gown, or layered over the top of a dress with a high neckline. Alternatively, you can double up your long necklace and wear it as a choker.

Women with round faces love the way a long 30-inch necklace elongates their figure and makes them seem a little slimmer. A 30-inch necklace can also draw attention away from the neck and toward the bust. If you're proud of your curves, wearing a 30-inch necklace is a great way to emphasize them.

HSN has a beautiful range of 30-inch necklaces from its favorite jewelry partners including Jay King, Karen Salmansohn, and Michael Anthony. There are chains for men and women in the collection made from sterling silver, gold, stainless steel, and polished beads. No matter what your taste and budget, you'll find a 30-inch necklace you love at HSN. Pay upfront or discover the budget-friendly appeal of FlexPay, available on most 30-inch necklace purchases.