Draw Attention With an Alluring Accent Pendant

An 18 inch accent pendant cascades down to an attractive point on your chest so that the pendant's elegance can shine forth visibly. In this HSN collection, you will find classic pendant designs such as crosses, hearts, and angels. Cross pendants allow you to wear your faith over your heart, and these may feature a central pearl embellishment or faceted cubic zirconias.

HSN carries an entire collection of Sevilla Silver™ initial pendants accented throughout the letter's curvy shape with diamond pieces. Sevilla Silver has another set of linked chain necklaces dropping down into a gemstone encircled by diamond accents. Choose from a main jewel of amethyst, blue topaz, citrine, or peridot. For more gemstone options, see HSN's cubic zirconia pendants.

Capture a look of breathtaking beauty by choosing an 18 inch accent pendant featuring the mystical shape of the crescent moon or ethereal spirals and loops around freshwater pearls. While most of the pendant necklaces sold on HSN hang from slim metal chains, the Jay King collection of mined gemstones features a chain of beaded stones that converge into a prominent pendant of a single stone or an intricate art piece of inlaid stones. If you love what you are seeing on this accent pendant page, you may also be charmed by HSN's elongated pendants.

18 Inch Accent Pendant