15 Inch Necklace

A 15-inch necklace is a perfect addition to any ensemble. The right necklace can bring your outfit together. A simple chain is elegant and understated. Layered necklaces make a statement with ease and you can accessorize like a pro without wearing several different necklaces at once. Pair a simple necklace with matching jewelry, such as a fashionable cuff bracelet or a bunch of bangles.

Dying to put together a signature aesthetic? Let your accessories play their part. Keep an eye out for jaw-dropping pendant necklaces that say something about your personality. Consider buying a plain chain and adding charms to it yourself. You can mix and match or switch out your charms depending on what you wear. Throw on a cocktail ring and a pair of killer earrings to complete the look. Wear a statement necklace all by itself. Keep everything else subtle.

HSN has a wide collection of fashion necklaces and fine jewelry. Choose a chain that measures 15 inches for a fit that's just right. Snag something on sale or split the cost into monthly payments so you can increase your jewelry collection guilt-free.