Dazzle in Diamonds and Gold

What comes to mind when you think of 14k gold white diamond jewelry? Is it classic beauty and instant glamour? White diamonds and gold are a perfect marriage of materials in the world of jewelry and are often what engagement rings and wedding bands are made of.

In this HSN collection, you can discover rings that are befitting for a bride, yet any glamorous woman will appreciate these bedazzling rings. Some rings are made of all diamonds, but you will also see enchanting combinations of diamonds and gold with precious gemstones like opals, peridots, and morganite. Earring studs that are comprised of numerous diamond pieces fit together seamlessly are the perfect match to these rings.

Several 14 karat gold white diamond necklaces are also available. Offered styles include a gorgeous looped cross with a centerpiece diamond and a tiered pendant necklace with a diamond encrusted lock and key. You can also invest in an exceptionally entrancing pendant that features rose pink morganite jewels with facet cuts for a profoundly shiny appearance, magnified by the tiny diamonds that embrace it.

Any diamond and gold jewelry you choose will be stunning. If you love HSN's' 14k gold white diamond jewelry collection, you should also check out the Italian gold jewelry and black spinel jewelry collections.

14k Gold White Diamond Jewelry