14k Gold Hoop Earrings

Enjoy the Timeless Style of 14k Gold Hoop Earrings

Trends come and go but gold hoop earrings always stay in vogue. For a classic accessory you can rely on for decades, choose 14-karat gold hoop earrings from HSN. We proudly partner with leading jewelry brands, including ModaniGolden Treasures and Judith Ripka for quality gold hoop earrings you'll love. Many of their designs are exclusive to HSN, so you won't find them in any other jewelry stores.

These hoop earrings are made from 14-karat gold, a luxurious material prized for its gleaming surface, scratch resistance and relative affordability. When you choose 14-karat gold hoop earrings, you can feel comfortable they'll retain their hoop shape and luster for years to come.

When most of us think of gold hoop earrings we think of yellow gold hoops. While you'll find many of these at HSN, we also have rose gold hoop earrings and white hoop earrings for a range of different looks. Plain hoop earrings have an edgy, street quality. Thin gold hoop earrings are delicate, while chunky gold hoop earrings make a bolder style statement.

Consider your lifestyle when choosing hoop earrings. Small hoop earrings are an ideal choice for the office because they're fairly unobtrusive. Pair these subtle hoops with a blouse and pencil skirt or a smart pair of tailored pants. Add a blazer and you're ready to face the day. If you spend your weekends at bars and clubs, then a pair of big gold hoop earrings is a must for your collection. Shimmy into a cute dress or a sparkly top and pair of skinny jeans and you'll look like a million bucks on the dance floor.

Just like a little black dress or a crisp white shirt, a pair of hoop earrings is an essential for every woman's wardrobe. However, these earrings are so stylish many women can't stop at just one pair. Browse HSN's 14-karat gold hoop earrings to add these timeless pieces to your jewelry collection.