14 Inch Laptops


Have the Power and Portability You Need With a 14-Inch Laptop 

In HSN's curated collection of laptops, you'll find a selection of highly rated 14-inch laptops from some of the best brands in the world. When you need power and lightweight portability, you can't beat a 14-inch laptop. HSN's collection of computers also includes touchscreen notebook technology for those who are looking to combine the power of a laptop with the ease of a tablet.

Portable 14-inch laptops are the ideal size computers to slip in your carry-on bag or large purse to be ready for your next adventure. With seat space at a minimum on flights, the smaller screen size makes it easy to use on the plane. Catch up on work, check your emails, update your social media channels, and more.

You can stay connected and be social with ease on your next vacation or business trip. A laptop makes it easy to stash all your essential information, including work programs, photos, videos, and more, all with one handy piece of technology.

Your compact and convenient laptop can also make telecommuting a breeze. Your laptop can become your go-anywhere office if you work from co-working centers or coffee shops or if you live life as a digital nomad. Even someone who primarily works at home can find plenty of uses for a lightweight laptop.

Imagine snuggling up in bed while streaming your favorite movies with your handy laptop propped up on a bed pillow beside you. If you're into recreating the best Pinterest recipes, consider the 14-inch touch-screen laptop to be your recipe assistant. You can quickly pull up recipes and ingredients without getting your keyboard dirty. You can even settle into your favorite easy chair with a cup of coffee or tea, watch television, or finish your latest blog post and upload it with a few taps of the screen.

Touch-screen laptops can make navigation and launching apps easier — perfect for when you're in the kitchen working on a recipe and can't deal with a mouse or trackpad. These laptops are also great for note-taking and graphic designers. Touch-screen laptops offer good brightness and vibrant color accuracy as well.  

HSN carries a wide selection of 14-inch laptops, including Apple, HP, Lenovo, and more. Whether you're looking for a sleek backlit keyboard, a touch screen, plenty of power and memory, or a colorful design, you'll find the right configuration you need. Start shopping HSN's line of outstanding 14-inch laptops today.