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what are when-to-watch emails?

When-to-watch emails are the easiest way to know when your favorite brands are on HSNtv. Simply select the brands you want to watch and we’ll send you an email reminder of when they’re on air. You’ll never miss a show again!
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congratulations when-to-watch giveaway winners

Week 1 Brenda L. - Roseville, MI
Cheryl W. - Solvay, NY
James P. - Las Vegas, NV
Margie S. - Hamden, CT
Maria K. - Kenosha, WI
Priscilla M. - Willoughby, OH
Tonya B. - Charlotte, NC
Barbara B. - Wellersburg, PA
Carol W. - Mesa, AZ
Geneva P. – Portland, OR
Laurie Z. – South Heart, ND
Rubye H. – Chicago, IL
Sally B.– Ashland, OH
Sharon B.– North Augusta, SC
Angela B. - Gates, TN
Rhonda M. - Springdale, AR
Bernadette S. - El Cajon, CA
Erica C. - Washington, DC
Kris J. - Warren, MI
Edee White - Hoover, AL
Sonya N. - Bellevue, NE