Find the perfect timepiece

Watches have been telling the time and helping us with the art of punctuality for many years. At the end of the 19th century, Patek Philippe took the “pocket watch” a stage further and invented the wristwatch. Over the years, the watch has transformed and now does much more than tell the time. The watch industry has merged with the fashion industry and watches, like clothes, are being used to make a statement.

Options through innovation
Over the years, advanced timepieces have arrived on the scene, joining the basic analog version. Digital, quartz, LCD, LED, jewel, designer, chronograph, sports and automatic watches have added vast selection to the jeweler’s window. Here are a few types:

Chronograph watches
The chronograph watch, for example, includes additional features to keep busy folks on their toes. It not only keeps accurate time, but also measures time in different ways, including meeting reminders and always-accurate date-keeping – even in a leap year. The chronograph watch does not come cheap and due to its complexity and craftsmanship are perfect for the person who wishes to purchase a good watch with a dual purpose. Apart from looking stylish and professional in the workplace, they look elegant and sophisticated in the evening. These watches will tell everyone who meets you that you’re reliable and appreciate the finer things in life.

Sports watches
The sports watch is another amazing piece of craftsmanship and has taken the watch to another dimension. You don’t just have to be a sporting hero to wear one. Aside from measuring your lap time and heart rate, they are ideal for the person who loves the outdoors. They are generally waterproof and many come with rubber straps for extra comfort and water resistance. These watches also can be used at other times to give you the image of the sophisticated outdoors type who knows how to enjoy life to the fullest.

Automatic watches

A step up from the original “winding watch” is the sophisticated automatic watch – also called the “self-winding” watch. These watches wind automatically as you move your wrist – eliminating the need for batteries. You can buy a stylish and accurate automatic watch for any occasion at a much lower price than some other types. Self-winding watches come in all styles, from basic to sophisticated. These watches show others you are an uncomplicated person who likes functionality, but still has exquisite taste.

Apart from deciding which watch to buy, you also need to consider the type of bracelet you require. There are so many different strap types on the market: classic leather, fabric, modern metal and rubber. Leather and metal bracelet straps are probably the most practical, suiting a variety of occasions.

Metal bracelets
These are strong, classy and water resistant, and are easy to replace and remove. They have great longevity and do not fall off the wrist easily. A gold or silver colored bracelet will integrate more readily with the watch casings, and links can be added or removed to create the perfect fit.

Leather straps

Leather is elegant, practical and – best of all – adjustable. Leather does not require the removal or addition of any material and feels softer and more comfortable against the skin. It offers a wide choice of colors and textures, allowing you to match it up with whatever you wish. Leather also is easier to replace and is readily available at affordable prices.

Choosing the right watch to provide you with style and functionality can be a difficult task. Whatever watch you choose, it will hopefully give you many years of good timekeeping and, hopefully, plenty of compliments too.

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