Public Relations
become a show host
tips on becoming an HSN show host

do your homework
Watch HSNtv and get familiar with our products. Check out the expert hosts. Watch their presentation, their manner, the way they show items. Learn what's hot and what's not! The more you know about the latest trends, movies and current events, the more you can tie them into the products you are offering.

get ready
Soothe your throat with lemon tea. You've got a lot to talk about. Stay away from red, white or all-black clothes. You'll look fabulous in simple, solid colors that complement your skin tone. Keep you hair styled neatly and off your face and all jewelry to a minimum. Keep your nails manicured and polished. Brightly colored polish and extremely long nails are not recommended.

prepare your tape
Make sure you project a professional, confident, trustworthy image, but don't be afraid to have fun. Watch your body language. Don't slouch - smile and be positive. Be yourself and be comfortable. Pretend the camera is your best friend. Imagine you're showing her a wonderful new product. What would you say to convince your friend? Ask yourself...could I bring that remote control to a screeching halt in the hands of a viewer?