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Think you have a million-dollar invention, but don’t know the first thing about market testing,
product development or manufacturing? See if Quirky can turn your good idea into a profitable product.
Quirky isn’t your average product development company. It boasts a staff of design experts, as well as a unique social component – a global community of users that generate ideas and give feedback. The communication and creation processes is so effective, Quirky releases two finished products to market every week and new ones come to HSN every month.

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Ben Kaufman is the 24-year-old founder and CEO. He became an
entrepreneur his senior year of high school. His parents remortgaged
their home so Ben could create an iPod accessory company called mophie
After selling mophie, Ben spent two years developing a unique technology
that allows people worldwide to work together & develop new products
Ben publicly launched Quirky in June, 2009. It has created 1,000s of
products that tell stories & solve problems
Quirky’s in-house design team works with its community to make
cool stuff the world wants. Quirky believes that all of us are
smarter than one of us
Go to Quirky to start putting your imagination to work.
Submit a product idea for review and join the
community to help influence other products.
Every day, HSN shows how ingenious products can transform the
lives of their inventors and users. Shop the newest problem-solvers
for sale thanks to the Quirky community and design team.