Are you...
  • an excellent speaker who relays information naturally, intelligently and credibly?
  • a well-rounded person who researches, prepares and gives a well-organized presentation?
  • highly motivated, reliable, flexible and open to feedback?
    Then we want you!
Audition tips
Watch HSN and get to know our products and expert hosts. Also, the more you know about the latest trends, current events and what’s happening in the world, the more you can relate to our customers.

Project a professional, confident, trustworthy image, but don't be afraid to have fun. Watch your body language. Don't slouch - smile and be positive. Be yourself and be comfortable.

How to apply
  1. Send a DVD telling us who you are and why you would be the perfect HSN show host. This should be recently shot and a maximum of 3 minutes.
  2. Pick a product and present it to us. Choose anything from jewelry to electronics. Make your product shine.
  3. Label the DVD with your name and phone number, then mail it to us with a picture of yourself.
Mail your audition DVD to
On Air Talent Casting Department
1 HSN Drive
St. Petersburg, FL 33729

  1. If I previously applied to be an HSN show host, may I submit a new audition video? Yes.
  2. What if I don’t have a camera? Be resourceful! Borrow a friend or relative’s camera.
  3. How do I know you received my DVD and photo? Due to the high-volume of mail we receive, we will not be able to answer questions about receiving your audition materials. If we think you have potential, we will contact you within 90 days.
  4. Do I need TV experience? No.
  5. Can I get my DVD returned to me? No. All submissions are the sole property of HSN.
  6. What should I wear? Something that makes you feel good about yourself. We recommend stylish and comfortable clothing
  7. in solid colors.
  8. How should I fix my hair? Hair should be well-kept and natural or professionally colored.
  9. What about my nails?Nails should be clean and professionally manicured.