HSN Community Guidelines - Standards for Participation

We are pleased to provide you with a fun and informative environment for online communication. Our online community will allow you to interact with HSN (which, together with our affiliates and subsidiaries is referred to herein as "We" or "HSN") and with other shoppers and users in the HSN community like you, by choosing to access HSN Arcade" games, polls, chat rooms, forums, messaging systems, blogs, customer reviews, customer profiles, customer-submitted content, HSN's official social media pages and other online content (collectively the "Community"). The Community is designed to give you an opportunity to discuss products and services provided by HSN and we value your participation. Your use is subject to these Community Guidelines, our Privacy Policy, and the Conditions of Use, and is limited to persons 18 years of age or older. If you are under 18, you may use the HSN Services only with the involvement of a parent or guardian. You are entirely responsible and liable for all information and postings by you in the Community.

Here are general guidelines to help give you and other community members the best experience in the HSN Community:

General Guidelines (applies to Customer Profiles, HSN Arcade™ games, Mobile LiveChat, other messaging systems, HSN's official social media pages and all other areas of the HSN Community)

  • These Community Guidelines may be modified without notice by our updating or revising this legal notice. You are responsible for reviewing the site for any modifications and access or use of the site after changes to these Community Guidelines will constitute acceptance of the terms.
  • Do not post personally identifiable information such as: email address, last names, address, telephone numbers or social security numbers. Do not impersonate anyone else.
  • Do not ask for financial information or requests for money/donations from other users.
  • Do not post political or religious discussions or affiliations, or discussions of controversial or offensive nature. Do not post just to provoke a reaction from other members.
  • Do not provide medical advice or prescription recommendations.
  • Do not use language that is mean spirited, defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, profane, sexually oriented, degrading or ridiculing to others.
  • Do not post any web addresses (URLs) to outside sites. Using cryptic messages to "skirt" the rules is not permitted. Do not include HTML tags in your posts. Do not post, promote, or link unauthorized offers or advertising, promotional materials, or any other forms of solicitation, including "junk mail", "spam", "chain letter", and "pyramid schemes."
  • To the extent HSN may in its sole discretion allow certain users to post links to other Internet sites and services operated by third parties, including HSN vendors, you understand and agree that those sites and services do not constitute sponsorship, endorsement, or approval by HSN of their content, policies, or practices. You likewise understand and agree that HSN is not responsible for the availability, content, security, policies, or practices of linked sites or services, including, without limitation, the accuracy of content on linked sites or services, as well as and the privacy policies and security practices of linked sites and services.
  • Do not engage in or encourage unlawful activity or in fraudulent schemes.
  • Do not post any content or image that infringes on any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright, or other proprietary rights of others.
  • Do not post images of persons without their consent or parental/guardian consent if minors are pictured.
  • Do not post images that are offensive, sexually explicit in nature or advocating use of alcohol, cigarettes or drugs.
  • Do not post destructive features, such as viruses, worms, Trojan horses, etc.
  • All postings must be in English.
  • All submitted content will be signed with your selected HSN.com nickname.
  • All content you submit to HSN and scores you receive on HSN Arcade™ games will be on a non-confidential and non-proprietary basis and will become the property of HSN.
  • Do not create more than one Community profile. Alternate profiles will be permanently removed and banned, and offending members will be subject to temporary and/or permanent bans in the HSN Community.
  • HSN employees may not respond to any questions or issues in the Community or otherwise post any information, except for (1) approved Moderators responsible for ensuring compliance with Community Guidelines, (2) official HSN Customer Service representatives, (3) designated HSN product experts and HSN employees responsible for the Arcade™ games (where HSN employees are ineligible to receive any prizes). However, HSN employees may only participate in HSN's official social media pages and in the HSN Community so long as they identify themselves as HSN employees and otherwise abide by the HSN Social Media Policy applicable to employees.
  • HSN Partners, their representatives, affiliates, subsidiaries, and agents, are prohibited from posting, responding, or interacting, in any capacity, except for communications on a designated blog. However, HSN may from time to time ask certain brands and/or guests to engage in the Community so long as those brands and/or guest clearly identify themselves, make sure their comments contain only approved product information and follow any other restrictions that HSN may place on them. HSN may revoke this permission at any time in its sole discretion.
  • Please also review HSN's Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy, which also govern your interactions on HSN.
  • Content submitted that is deemed in HSN's sole discretion to be in violation of the Community Guidelines, Conditions of Use and/or Privacy Policy, will be removed.
  • Violations of the Community Guidelines may result in a user being banned from Community participation.
  • HSN Community members must also follow the terms and conditions of use of any social media sites where they participate in HSN's official social media pages.

Forums, Mobile LiveChat, HSN's official social media pages and Blogs Guidelines

  • All General Guidelines apply.
  • Do not engage in personal attacks on others posters. Be respectful and courteous to others, even if you disagree with them. Do not threaten to harm anyone.
  • Do not re-post deleted messages.
  • If a moderator closes a Forums thread, do not start another one in the same topic.
  • Do not make multiple posts of the same message or post off-topic comments.

Customer Reviews

  • All General Guidelines apply.
  • Reviews can only be posted for items you have purchased and used.
  • Reviews should be clear and concise, and focus on the product's features and your experience using the item.
  • Do not post customer reviews that contain timely information such as price and promotional details.


  • All General Guidelines apply.
  • All HSN.com nicknames are permanent and non-transferable.
  • Do not submit a profile image containing logos, celebrities or other protected material as discussed in the Conditions of Use and these Community Guidelines. Please do not submit a profile image containing only minors
  • Do not enter address or any other personally identifiable information in the location section.


  • All General Guidelines apply.
  • Stories should be focused on your individual experience around the story topic.
  • Stories should be detailed and specific; let your personality come through in your writing.
  • Do not post stories that contain critical or spiteful comments on other stories posted.
  • All material posted must be original and must not violate the copyright or any other rights of any other person or entity.

Monitoring Activity
We have the right but not the obligation to monitor any Community activity and messaging between users, as well as to remove any content posted that is in violation of the Conditions of Use or the Community Guideline or are otherwise considered to be offensive to the integrity of the Community. Moderators may lock a thread because it is has gone as far as it could go, in their opinion, or is heading down a path that would violate the rules or guidelines (based on experience). We are not responsible or liable for any messages sent between users or exchanges posted. The messages and exchanges posted express the views of the author and not the views of HSN, its parents, affiliates, or subsidiaries.

We encourage you to report violations of these Community Rules.
We want your visit to be enjoyable. If you have questions about our standards or need to report a possible violation of the Community Guidelines, simply click the "Report if inappropriate" link to send a message to the Community Moderation team. Note: This feature may not be available in all areas of the Community, in which case your should contact HSN Customer Service.

Disclaimer of liability.
HSN and our partners, advertisers, and third-party content providers do not make any warranty with respect to any content, information, or services provided through, or in conjunction with, our Community. HSN and our partners, advertisers, and third-party content providers are not liable for conduct by any user in the Community or on our sites. HSN and our partners, advertisers, and third-party content providers provide no guarantee or assurance of the accuracy, correctness, or completeness of any content or information posted in the public spaces on our sites.

As a user of any part of the Community, you agree to indemnify HSN and our partners, advertisers, and third-party content providers against any and all claims and expenses, including attorneys' fees, arising from your use of our sites, our Community, and other public spaces on our sites. This expressly includes, without limitation: (i) liability arising from the violation or infringement of copyrights or other proprietary rights in connection with any content or information you provide or post, (ii) any libelous or unlawful material contained in any content or information you post, and (iii) any other liability arising from or caused by any content or information that you provide or post.

These Community Rules were last updated on March 17, 2015.