the story behind victoria wieck Beverly Hills legend & designer
Victoria Wieck was born in South Korea and lived there until she was twelve, when her family immigrated to the United States. At first, adjusting to her new home while preserving her South Korean heritage proved difficult.
"I had to fully understand the cultures and traditions of the East as well as the West," Victoria says. "At that time, Eastern philosophy represented my roots and Western philosophy represented my future."
A lifetime of such contrasts have shaped Victoria's life and informed her jewelry designs. Combining concepts from the East and the West, she intertwines contrasting elements in artful and interesting ways.
Her highly original creations are self-taught and inspired by decades of world travel. Victoria Wieck has searched for beauty in Asia, Europe, North and South America, Polynesia, the Caribbean, and the Middle East. She says she is "especially drawn to all things with historical importance, architecture, and the flora and fauna."
Exotic locations may have inspired Victoria's imaginative style, but the career woman and mother of two certainly understands the need for luxury on a budget. Victoria Wieck is proud to create jewelry that's both glamorous and affordable.
She works in a wide variety of mediums and maintains a timeless style, so every woman can invest in at least one of her elegant designs. Although the cost of her jewelry varies, each piece is built with high-quality material and craftsmanship, attention to detail and profound creativity.
Victoria Wieck sits down with us to reveal her inspiration, design method, favorite designs to create and so much more in her behind-the-brand video.
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