Secure Complete Meal Replacement
HSN Price: $19.90 - $69.90
Average Rating 4.2 ( 3864 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
ChooseLife 9/25/2016
I wanted to try a meal replacement that actually made me feel full, tasted good, and was nutritious. This is perfect. My husband and I both use it and enjoy the versatility of ou ... (see full review)
SECURE Complete Meal Replacement
HSN Price: $39.90 - $104.90
Average Rating 4.1 ( 488 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
Dcs8179 9/21/2016
I drink a coffee shake every morning on my way to work, and it's curbing my fancy coffee shop drink cravings! I shake it in a blender bottle with unsweetened vanilla almond milk. ... (see full review)
Secure Meal Replacement - AutoShip®
Most Recent Review
Evajane1 9/21/2016
This is great for smoothies! Mixes right up!
Secure Whey Complete Meal Replacement
HSN Price: $23.90 - $99.90
Average Rating 4.3 ( 146 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
teddypix 9/19/2016
I just recently finished the vanilla flavor, which tasted very good. I ordered the chocolate this time, and wow, what a wonderful chocolate taste ! I lost 24 lbs. when I went for ... (see full review)
Energy & Fat Metabolism Factors
HSN Price: $12.90 - $109.90
Average Rating 4.2 ( 4702 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
1951Silverfox198 9/18/2016
GREAT PRODUCT! Lost 10 lbs w/exercise.
Fitbit Zip Wireless Personal Activity Tracker
Most Recent Review
Mallory1 9/13/2016
Really keeps me on track and lets me see my statistics every day. I will not go to bed until I have walked at least 10,000 steps!!
CarniSlim 1250 with Fat Burning Factors
HSN Price: $24.90 - $84.90
Average Rating 3.9 ( 509 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
dmichael 9/13/2016
This gives me energy and its a nice change from pills in the morning. However, I did not lose any weight by using this. Taste is ok and its convenient but I will not be re orderi ... (see full review)
Essential Amino Protein
HSN Price: $17.90 - $84.90
Average Rating 4.3 ( 80 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
rosananene 9/13/2016
AM Activator & PM Relaxation Kit
HSN Price: $23.90 - $109.90
Average Rating 4.1 ( 441 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
rosananene 9/13/2016
This product it's great!!!!
HSN Price: $17.90 - $49.90
Average Rating 4.7 ( 90 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
haleyn700 9/11/2016
This product along with B12 is the best combination ever for shingles. Oh yes, and the Immune support. My husband took this combination and his shingles were so minor that it was n ... (see full review)
Secure Meal Replacement - 100 Servings
Most Recent Review
skeetsmith 9/11/2016
This is my third order for this product in this size , it last longer and I don't have to worry about running out so soon, even though I make a shake with ice every morning. And di ... (see full review)
Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale
HSN Price: $129.95
Average Rating 4.0 ( 101 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
stephjeff14 9/6/2016
So....even after reading the reviews, i saw plenty that said scale wasn't accurate when getting off and on multiple times in a row. I completely thought "user error". They were rig ... (see full review)
Remedy Nutritional Scale with LCD Backlight
Most Recent Review
CINDY764 9/5/2016
This is really neat and right at your fingertips !
Fitbit Flex Wristband Activity and Sleep Tracker
Most Recent Review
Rosie1598 9/5/2016
So far so good. Ive been very happy with my fitbit. It wasnt what I expected but for for the price and accuracy of the fit bit. I would reccomend it. I love it.
Vivitar BodyPro Digital Bathroom Scale
Most Recent Review
HAZZY 9/1/2016
For the price this is a good buy. It levels off nice to give you an accurate weight. This I compared as per my weight watchers weigh in scale. Happy with this purchase!
Ultimate Whey Protein Isolate
HSN Price: $34.90 - $109.90
Average Rating 4.6 ( 218 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
LADYNRED 8/24/2016
Love this mixed with a little secure for flavor.
Omron SC100 Digital Scale
HSN Price: $34.95
Average Rating 4.2 ( 17 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
bittersweet389 8/23/2016
The picture truly doesn't do it justice as to what an attractive scale this is. I can attest to its accuracy having just been weighed by my Dr yesterday and the numbers were exact. ... (see full review)
Fitbit One Wireless Activity and Sleep Tracking System
Most Recent Review
Msz210 8/19/2016
I bought this because my other wrist counters never count steps when I'm pushing a stroller. I bought a ankle device that holds the fit bit one. Now I absolutely have no steps un ... (see full review)
HSN Price: $18.90 - $129.90
Average Rating 4.0 ( 285 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
maria3303 7/30/2016
I tried these with great expectations that I was using natural products, but they gave me an upset stomach and made me feel hungry. I had to run to the restroom and I didn't see it ... (see full review)
Taylor Speedometer-Style Large Dial Mechanical Scale
Most Recent Review
6Nikki 7/18/2016
I'm actually returning this today for a refund. I was so excited when I received last week but quickly became disappointed. The box was slightly damage by UPS and when I picked u ... (see full review)
Taylor 75274192 Digital Glass Scale
Most Recent Review
MDMcG5 5/26/2016
I've only had it a short time, but I'm enjoying the accuracy of this scale. Its design is sleek & blends in perfect with my bathroom. Thanks HSN for another great product at a grea ... (see full review)
Taylor 4.4-lb Digital Kitchen Scale with Bowl
Most Recent Review
Jennywaylon 5/13/2016
Omron HBF-400 Body Composition Monitor with Scale
Most Recent Review
DolorosM 4/27/2016
Well made and prefect
Omron Full-Body Sensing Monitor and Scale - White
Most Recent Review
Philyaw83 2/13/2016
Really disappointed with the scale! It literally says something different every time I step on it. And not just me I had my family try it also back to back to back and it's changes ... (see full review)
Citizen Deluxe Digital Pocket Pedometer
Most Recent Review
aissa2 12/26/2015
Wanted a pedometer to track my fitness walking program. After research and reading reviews, thought this one was it for me. Well, it started counting steps in my fingers and I was ... (see full review)
Omron Body Fat Analyzer
HSN Price: $49.95
Average Rating 4.6 ( 5 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
sugarcyc 11/4/2014
I got this for my husband who is a personal trainer.
Citizen Digital Pocket Pedometer
HSN Price: $29.95
Average Rating 1.0 ( 1 Review )
Most Recent Review
mamax2 4/12/2014
Bought 2 & they are not accurate. There is 2000 steps at least difference in them doesn't matter who is wearing which. Very very disappointing. Like the convenience of it in my po ... (see full review)