DASH Dozen Egg Cooker
Sale Price: $22.95
Average Rating 4.4 ( 235 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
buzzylady 2/28/2017
I really love this machine. I learned for softer poached eggs I only put 2 oz. not 3 ozs. of water in base. makes perfect eggs all the time!
Wolfgang Puck 3-in-1 Electric Power Spiralizer
Most Recent Review
Darogris2 2/28/2017
I tried it with sweet potatoes, but will try again with something else. It just did not work very well at all. I am going to continue to try and because I trust Puck's products h ... (see full review)
Simply Ming 1800W Induction Burner and Free 9-1/2" Pan
Most Recent Review
shoppingtoday17 2/27/2017
If you frequently use a very small pan, then this set could work for you. For us, it was a bit too small and thus not used at all.Did not try the burner.
Wolfgang Puck 3.5-Liter Digital Flash Fryer w/Oil Drain
Most Recent Review
Debba56 2/27/2017
We had the Ming flash fryer and loved it but the basket broke and I just replaced it with this flash fryer. The food soaks up the oil and even those who love fried food in my home ... (see full review)
DASH 2-pack Mini Rice Cookers with Recipes
Most Recent Review
georgia49 2/27/2017
I received my cooker today, and couldn't wait to try it! Made the frittata for my dinner - delighted with the ease and results !
Holstein Housewares Waffle Maker
Most Recent Review
Bunny1022 2/27/2017
Love this Waffle Maker. Now I don't have to settle for just making Pancakes.
Elite 8qt 16-Function Pressure Cooker with Rack & Lid
Most Recent Review
JP5366 2/27/2017
Wow, this thing cooks FAST....... which is why we bought in the first place. Cooked a beautiful turkey breast in 29 minutes!! Normally do in a crockpot for 4 hours. Also did a po ... (see full review)
Elite Rotating Bundt Cake Maker
Most Recent Review
Kokommo 2/27/2017
I've only used once so far, to "break in" and get rid of the residual taste and smell from initial use. It did work pretty well. Even though the first cake had to be discarded, it ... (see full review)
Living Well with Montel 1200W Blender/Emulsifier
Most Recent Review
frommyheart 2/27/2017
Since the Hollywood elite feel that can disrespect our president. I can not in good consistence keep Montel's product.. Return!
Simply Ming 1800W Portable Induction Cooking Station
Most Recent Review
ChloeBenson 2/27/2017
We use induction cookers in our travel trailer because they are very portable and we can put a table outside and easily cook on it. Cleanup is much faster because I can use regula ... (see full review)
DASH 20-Cup Rapid Nonstick Multi-Grain Cooker
Most Recent Review
zrockbud 2/27/2017
I love this cooker. Throw some rice, mixed veggies, chicken, chicken broth, whatever seasoning you like and you have a meal in about 30 minutes! So versatile.
Wolfgang Puck 5qt Automatic Rapid Pressure Cooker
Most Recent Review
Pam226 2/27/2017
We read all about the cooker before we even got it out of the box. When we started to use it we had the book right there to guide us along. We absolutely was amazed how fast our fo ... (see full review)
Lorena Garcia Skinny Mini™ Cooker with Steamer
Most Recent Review
SebastianFlorida 2/27/2017
Found this was too small to cook any dinner for 2 people. Also, had to keep going back to hit the lever down several times in order to cook a meal. Inconvenient.. Returned.
Cuisinart 7qt 1000-Watt Brushed Chrome Stand Mixer
Most Recent Review
slobodjoric 2/27/2017
Didn't want to purchase a Kitchen Aide I feel their overated. I look at specs when purchasing these kinds of appliances. This Cuisinart mixer has far more watts than a Kitchen Ai ... (see full review)
Elite Bistro 2qt Electric Pressure Cooker with Recipes
Most Recent Review
GypsyRoseLee 2/27/2017
This is not what I'd call non stick. I have to soak it forever and still scrub....did rice and it browned and stuck to the bottom. After soaking for hours and using a scrub daddy ... (see full review)
Aroma Grillet 6qt Multicooker
Sale Price: $49.95
Average Rating 4.9 ( 9 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
09JDSG1979 2/27/2017
This item looks like a good one but too big for a single person. I should have watched more presentations before ordering. It has been returned. Would order again in a smaller siz ... (see full review)
DASH 1440-Watt Double Up Skillet + Oven
Most Recent Review
TodaysNews 2/27/2017
The bottom of the pizza cooks better than the top, but it does bake the pizza. Need good amount of counter space away from cabinets. Use fan if smoke detector is very sensitive. No ... (see full review)
Oster 0.9 Cu. Ft. 900W Digital Microwave Oven
Most Recent Review
MelissaAnn3576 2/27/2017
Going from a huge, clunky microwave to this is wonderful. It works well and is perfect for a small family. My daughter uses it more than I do, to make herself hot breakfasts.The bu ... (see full review)
Wolfgang Puck 2lb. Programmable Electronic Breadmaker
Most Recent Review
DANOMAC369 2/26/2017
I was all excited to get this breadmaker for my husband who loved making bread but can't now because he has bad Arthitis in his hands and can't knead the bread like he used to. I b ... (see full review)
Wolfgang Puck Twist-and-Mix 2-Speed Hand Mixer
Most Recent Review
Ing83646 2/26/2017
I received this product and was looking forward to using. It doesn't work well.... removing the attachment is very hard to get out. The motor is not very strong.Returning... disapp ... (see full review)
DASH Truglide Rapid Egg Cooker
Most Recent Review
D1amonds 2/26/2017
I use this item at least 5 times a week. So easy and the eggs come out just the way you want them.
Elite Bistro 4qt Electric Pressure Cooker with Recipes
Most Recent Review
Gmemery93 2/26/2017
This is the perfect size for a family of four! It is very easy to operate, and the insruction manual is very clear. My only reason for the 4 stars is I would have liked better col ... (see full review)
"Hero" The Hot Dog Steamer
HSN Price: $24.95
Average Rating 4.6 ( 5 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
KBOARD13 2/26/2017
My kids love this. It's too cute, and it actually works well.
Hamilton Beach Powerful, Deluxe Hand Mixer
Most Recent Review
Pearl1950136 2/26/2017
Excellent! I like the storage compartment.
Elite Automatic Easy Egg Cooker
Most Recent Review
167sheridanave 2/26/2017
Works great! Really really like it!
DASH 2.25 HP Chef Series Power Blender w/Speed Control
Most Recent Review
OK123 2/26/2017
Very large and the flax seed does not blend well. It would be nice if the container would lock in place, it takes just a little touch and it lifts from the base.Peanut butter is n ... (see full review)
Elite Gourmet 14" Round Indoor Grill with Glass Lid
Most Recent Review
meme331 2/26/2017
I was very surprised, this grill cooks great. The first time I used it, I made barbecued chicken grilled asparagus, grilled cauliflower. It was delicious. After eating this, I deci ... (see full review)
Curtis Stone 26L Digital Rotisserie and Convection Oven
Most Recent Review
JRHorner3 2/26/2017
Very nice toasteroven. I've only used it once but everthing seemed to work well. Easy to follow directions. Easy to set.Very light to lift.Many different features. It's an all-i ... (see full review)
Ming Tsai 1300-Watt Hot & Cold Blender with Tritan Jar
Most Recent Review
ketogirl 2/25/2017
Love this blender! Simple to use unlike another powerful blender I had before. Easy clean up. Food completely emulsified. Very powerful. I trust products by Ming Tsai. And was not ... (see full review)
Philips Viva Digital AirFryer with Rapid Air Technology
Most Recent Review
softcloud9 2/25/2017
This was a GREAT purchase for my house!!! My husband and I both use it every single day, from breakfast to lunch to dinner. There are several cheaper brands that sell air fryers. ... (see full review)
Panasonic 1.2 Cu. Ft. 1200W Countertop Microwave Oven
Most Recent Review
Alexandrea73 2/25/2017
I was replacing a 2.2 cu. ft Panasonic inverter microwave and the quality of this one doesn't even come close. Very disappointed feels so junky and it's really loud. I am returning ... (see full review)
Wolfgang Puck 1.5-Cup Cooking Pot/Lid for Rice Cookers
Most Recent Review
msmac05 2/25/2017
I ordered this pan because the original one was starting to chip inside despite only using plastic or silicone utensils. It costs as much as I got the cooker for on sale. The cooke ... (see full review)
DeLonghi Stainless Steel 3-in-1 Combination Machine
Most Recent Review
batsintx 2/24/2017
While I was working, I stopped at Starbucks daily. I am retired & purchased a Kuerig, while good no matter how many different ways I tried, my coffee was not strong enough. I lov ... (see full review)
Holstein Mini-Cupcake Maker with Storage Bag
Most Recent Review
Kappagirl86 2/24/2017
I purchased this for my daughter as a Christmas gift. She loves to bake so I thought this would be fun. I wouldn't recommend as the muffins/cupcakes do not cook evenly and stick t ... (see full review)
Prepara The Juiciest Juicer
HSN Price: $9.99
Average Rating 5.0 ( 7 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
acesk 2/24/2017
I live in Florida and love fresh citrus juices. This gets every bit of juice out of every orange and grapefruit! Reasonable and works great.
Blendtec Designer 625 Blender with WildSide Jar
Most Recent Review
pugs4 2/24/2017
Great blender. Love this and great investment.
Philips AirFryer with Recipe Booklet and MealEasy Offer
Most Recent Review
cherry372 2/23/2017
I love my air fryer!!! I thought I saw an accessory bundle of 3 items for my air fryer. I believe iit was $99.99. 3 flex pay.
Wolfgang Puck Single-Serve Coffee Maker
Clearance Price: $69.95
Average Rating 4.0 ( 10 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
2Hsn36 2/23/2017
I like the size of it that it came in a gray color. It was to loud, vibrated bad and on the fifth time I used it the top busted open throwing out hot water and coffee grounds all ... (see full review)
Cuisinart Deluxe Can Opener - Black
Most Recent Review
Gerry28 2/23/2017
Very nice I love it
Cuisinart Premium Single-Serve Stainless Coffee Maker
Most Recent Review
Denise878 2/23/2017
I tried other single serve coffee makers and they are just not as nice as this one.Fast coffee.. great flavor.. quiet .. Don't hesitate.. price is great and you get an outstanding ... (see full review)
Perfect Sense Clear View Toaster
Sale Price: $49.95
Average Rating 3.9 ( 9 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
494batbata 2/23/2017
We love this toaster! I always forget to get the oven ready for garlic bread when making spagetti...no more need. This baby toasts hogie bread too so garlic bread is a snap! Don't ... (see full review)
Sharp Carousel 1.1 Cu. Ft. 1000W Microwave Oven
Most Recent Review
RicL 2/23/2017
This microwave is beautiful. I havent figured everything out yet, that's why only a 4 star. Everytime I press a number on the control panel, it automaticly start cooking for that ... (see full review)
Elite Platinum Stainless Steel 12-Cup Percolator
Most Recent Review
Missya89 2/23/2017
I like the 12 cup feature and how the bottom keeps the coffee hot!
DASH Multi-Speed SmartStore Hand Mixer
Most Recent Review
salbug 2/23/2017
I saw the mixer online and thought, that looks great and is small and handy.And they have RED.So, I ordered it and the churning parts were so small. It just didn't look like it wa ... (see full review)
Cuisinart Multifunction Griddle, Grill & Panini Press
Most Recent Review
wheezy1455 2/23/2017
love this so conveinent and space saving, not to mention its many functions, works well, and glad i made this purchase!
DASH 14" Extra-Large Nonstick Rapid Skillet with Lid
Most Recent Review
Ms_Peth 2/21/2017
I love the size of this skillet. I've used it several times and pleased with the results. Today I cooked chicken and broccoli stir fry. Out of habit I grabbed my wok and figu ... (see full review)
Cuisinart 2lb Automatic Bread Maker
Most Recent Review
Amber3308 2/20/2017
I'm not sure yet. Used it twice. Crust comes out dry looking. I need to research how to avoid this. I couldnt seem to pause the cycle or restart altogether when I almost forgot to ... (see full review)
Hamilton Beach 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker
Most Recent Review
SparkleFairy7 2/20/2017
This helps making coffee so easy !!! You don't have to worry about leaving the coffee pot on It turns itself off and you can set it to start and have that that first cup when you ... (see full review)
Dash Go 6-Speed Everyday Stand Mixer
Most Recent Review
assclown1 2/20/2017
I love my new mixer better then my old stanard mixer
Cuisinart Deluxe Stainless Steel Can Opener
Most Recent Review
getmosmiles 2/19/2017
I use my new can opener often. It works great. Opens huge cans with no problems.
Cuisinart Easy Pop 16-Cup Popcorn Maker
Most Recent Review
Tracylacy70 2/19/2017
I'm so glad I ordered this popcorn maker! This is one of my favorite purchases from HSN. I've used this popcorn maker every Saturday and Sunday since it was delivered. I enjoy eat ... (see full review)
DASH 14" Extra-Large TruGlide Nonstick Rapid Skillet
Most Recent Review
countrygirlwis 2/19/2017
Bought this for my nephew and hhis family just loves it
Infusion Collection 7pc Triple-Burner Buffet Set
Most Recent Review
sherwood13 2/18/2017
Top quality, easy to use and so handy for parties and large family dinners. Love it.
Starfrit Electric Peeler and Spiralizer w/Spare Blades
Most Recent Review
ladyinwva 2/18/2017
Love the peeler I can make a pot of soup anytime. I make Potote soup now in an hour or less by peeling the vegatables with the electric peeler. I am so glad I bought mine that I ... (see full review)
Improvements Portable Ice Maker Machine
Most Recent Review
CLEARLY911NAL4 2/18/2017
No muss no fuss --just pour in water - turn on and you get ice! Once a week I make a couple of bags of ice to use the next week -- No more ice trays !! The two different sizes are ... (see full review)
Kalorik 10-Cup Programmable Digital Rice Cooker - White
Most Recent Review
bsuelee 2/17/2017
This has been such a help!!! We love it!! Super easy and I even make sushi rice in it. The only thing I can recommend is to not leave it on warn too long because obviously it will ... (see full review)
Char-Broil Patio Bistro 180 Portable Electric Grill
Most Recent Review
SkyKing1959 2/17/2017
We are a 1st time user of the Char-Broil Electric Patio Bistro Grill. Although I enjoy charcoal & propane grilling, this electric grill is truly amazing! I was skeptical at first, ... (see full review)
NutriBullet 900 with Natural Healing Foods Book
Most Recent Review
manny77 2/17/2017
Excellent, my best friend.
Lorena Garcia Skinny Mini One-Touch Cooker
Most Recent Review
FluffyKittie 2/16/2017
really like this and use it daily, cook eggs, rice, pasta, heat up left overs, just use for dips or make soup, yo cant beat it, love this and recipes included are tasty! It is smal ... (see full review)
Lorena Garcia Steamer Insert for Skinny Mini System
Most Recent Review
FluffyKittie 2/16/2017
you need this if you get the skinny cooker, can be used with other pots as well.steam hotdogs, veggies,fish, etc... love this!
NutriBullet 600 with 8-piece Set and Recipe Book
Most Recent Review
Kitty773 2/16/2017
Only thing It took the person I send it took over a month to get. They kept write her address wrong.
Cuisinart 500-Watt Juice Extractor
Most Recent Review
SimplyVegan 2/16/2017
Being Vegan I love getting my fresh fruits and vegetables from my local farmers market and juicing them. This little powerhouse is perfect for my counter without taking up much spa ... (see full review)
Dash One-Touch Rapid Kettle
HSN Price: $49.99
Average Rating 4.6 ( 19 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
princessmia1993 2/16/2017
Got hooked on electric kettles when I visited England last year and we stayed in airbnb apartments. They all have them.Heats up quickly; I gave it only 3 stars because it takes too ... (see full review)
Cuisinart 3.5-Quart Programmable Slow Cooker
Most Recent Review
kanla 2/16/2017
Love it
Nostalgia Electrics Popcorn and Concession Cart
Most Recent Review
sheeria 2/16/2017
This is absolutely amazing!!. Easy to set up and looks great in our game/pool table room, not to mention the popcorn tastes great. I ordered the premeasured/oil packs of popcorn an ... (see full review)
Infusion Collection 8pc Triple Burner Buffet Set
Most Recent Review
KidneyAshley 2/15/2017
We bought this especially for entertaining. We used this at a recent party we had and it worked perfect. It's a good size and kept the food hot throughout the night. Everyone comme ... (see full review)
Aroma 14-Cup One-Touch Rice Cooker
Most Recent Review
allthings 2/15/2017
Works great so far only used it once.
Bunn Classic 10-Cup Home Coffee Brewer
Most Recent Review
AlphaB 2/14/2017
I love my new Bunn. I was replacing my old Bunn Coffee Maker that I'd been using for over 30 years.
SodaStream Fizzi Sparkling Water Kit with Rebate
Most Recent Review
neuwife 2/13/2017
The mini CO2 only does about six bottles worth. It worked ok even thoygh getting the bottle off was extremely difficult.Just put in a new full suze CO2 and it won't sufficiently ... (see full review)
De'Longhi 2.2 lb Cool-Touch Roto Deep Fryer - Black
Most Recent Review
Chris06 2/13/2017
I used this once, and I wasn't impressed. When you have the fryer lid closed and are filling up the basket you have to be careful that oil doesn't spatter through the hole where th ... (see full review)
DASH Instant Steamer 1000W 3-Tray Steamer
Most Recent Review
Sallieg1802 2/12/2017
Very nice!! I can steam all the vegetables I like.
DASH 2.5-liter Iced Beverage Brewer
Most Recent Review
elmsy804 2/10/2017
I was very disappointed after opening and reading the instructions. This product, to us, is very labor intensive and it is NOT dishwasher safe. A disfusser is much better and onl ... (see full review)