Serious Skincare Vitamin C Ester Pre-Soaked Pads
Most Recent Review
MsBling1 8/26/2016
This product gives my skin a beautiful glow!! I've used a regular skin care program for years, but have never used a vitamin C product. Wow!! What a pleasant surprise. It works!! ( ... (see full review)
Lancôme Bi-Facil Eye Makeup Remover
HSN Price: $30.00 - $39.00
Average Rating 4.7 ( 377 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
OneLove1982 8/26/2016
If you LOVE waterproof eye makeup, but HATE the process of removing it. Look no further!!! Lancome Bi-Facil Eye Makeup Remover works wonders. Soak a cotton ball, hold on eyelid fo ... (see full review)
vbeauté Rub Off Gentle Facial Exfoliator
Most Recent Review
GoingGreen 8/26/2016
I've used my fair share of products like this and I have to say this is my new favorite! I keep it in my shower so that I can also use it on my neck and dec. It's gentle, feels gre ... (see full review)
Signature Club A Illumination Source Capsules - AS
Most Recent Review
suzi5457 8/26/2016
Anything that this woman makes really works. I love her products and highly recommend them to anyone at any age from 13 years old and up.
Naturmetic Facial Moisturizer
HSN Price: $42.00
Average Rating 3.9 ( 17 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
suzi5457 8/26/2016
I have tried so many things to help with my face and this is not a quick fix product. It takes time and you must use as directed. It really has helped with age spots, sun spots too ... (see full review)
Signature Club A by Adrienne Rapid Transport C Infused Face Tightener Serum with Tens'Up™
Most Recent Review
2furryboys 8/26/2016
I also used this product on my neck and chest.
Signature Club A Sleep Deprivation Capsules with Wake Up Light Up Technology
Most Recent Review
2furryboys 8/26/2016
These capsules do exactly what they say. Really brighten up the complexion.
PRAI Oxygen Infusion Eye Gel
HSN Price: $34.95
Average Rating 4.1 ( 9 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
greenberg0922 8/26/2016
i enjoy the way this gel feels on my eyes, i forget i even have the product on.most eye products i've tried my eyes itch or run.i like to keep this jar refrigerated,especially on h ... (see full review)
FOREO LUNA™ Mini Facial Cleansing T-Sonic™ Brush
Most Recent Review
Glennifer26 8/26/2016
Not sure why I didn't return this. Charge lasts a day and a half. By the time I go to use it - it's always dead. Seems like a good idea, but I'm not sure that the quality is there.
Elizabeth Arden Superstart Booster Skincare
Most Recent Review
BillyBoy1940 8/26/2016
A little Pricey but HSN made it easier by selling in divided payments. Wife is thrilled Thanks HSN
Dr. Sevinor Wrinkle Solution
HSN Price: $34.50
Average Rating 2.3 ( 326 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
BONBON49 8/26/2016
Does not work at all. I tried so many times and just a waste of money. If you want to be a guinea pig and try it out you can and if it works for you, you are lucky. Want to gamble ... (see full review)
Dr. Sevinor Wrinkle Solution Duo
Most Recent Review
dknyc 8/26/2016
but saw little or no improvement. tried it twice, reread instructions to be sure I was using correctly.
Signature Club A 24K Bronze Wrinkle Filling Capsules
Most Recent Review
desouza87 8/26/2016
amazing just half of the capsule is enough for the face this will last me for long time, give a very nice tan glow
Dr. Jeannette Graf, M.D. 1 oz. Collagen Serum
Most Recent Review
desouza87 8/26/2016
i like it
Serious Skincare A is for Aging Skin Kit Plus
Most Recent Review
123abc123 8/26/2016
I wrote another review for the C kit, which I use in the morning. I use this kit for the evenings and it is fantastic on my 43 year old sun damaged skin! Smooths out the lines and ... (see full review)
PRAI Ageless Bust Creme
HSN Price: $9.95
Average Rating 3.7 ( 15 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
HappyShopper313 8/26/2016
It has a nice smell and went on smoothly! I love PRAI products!
Signature Club A Inhib-A-Line Jumbo Collection
Most Recent Review
jeyrenay 8/26/2016
I have used Signature Club A since I was a little girl - my mom has ordered from Adrienne for many years and my mom showed me the importance of taking care of my face. I love this ... (see full review)
PRAI Fireworks Edition Supersize Ageless Throat and Decolletage Creme 6.8oz w/Mirrored Compact
Most Recent Review
ponystar727 8/26/2016
This product is wonderful, it really works, and I use it all over my face to, ordered one for me and my Mother, we both love it, and the container and mirror were a bonus.
M. Asam Magic Finish 1.01 fl. oz.
Most Recent Review
Peggyjo 8/26/2016
Not as expected. accentuated wrinkles and dried my face. I returned the auto delivery jar, but had to keep first jar as 30 day trial had run out.
Lancôme Creme Radiance Cream-To-Foam Cleanser Duo
Most Recent Review
MariaY 8/26/2016
This cleanser is great. Easy to squeeze out the amount you need and then it turns into a great cleansing foam once it mixes with the water on your face. Feels great and cleans grea ... (see full review)
Dr. Jeannette Graf M.D. Copper Collagen Infusion and Serum Duo
Most Recent Review
NoNNoBistro 8/26/2016
Lways wear the Collagen Infusion as long as possible before shower. Tightens up and feels luxurious. Use the serum alone several nights. Only wish the serum could be purchased indi ... (see full review)
PRAI Black Orchid Luxe Serum - 1 fl. oz.
Most Recent Review
grandmacag 8/26/2016
I use this black orchid serum morning and night. My face has never looked or felt so smooth. I look younger too. People are asking me what I am using,
PRAI Pure Collagen Spray
HSN Price: $39.95
Average Rating 2.9 ( 24 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
grandmacag 8/26/2016
This spray makes your face feel wonderful when you spray it, I have only used it for one week and I do think it has made a difference. I plan on using this for a long time.
SSC A Wash Cleanser w/PLUSH 80K Brush & Diffuse
Most Recent Review
NJDiMaggio 8/26/2016
I ordered this because of the brush which I love. I had one before and after a year the switch stopped working. This items was $39.95 when I ordered it, and it was NOT a sale price ... (see full review)
Michael Todd Soniclear Elite Deluxe Cleansing System
Most Recent Review
robin182 8/26/2016
too expensive for the money found one just as nice for less this was returned
Serious Skincare Dermal Crepe Resist™ Body Plus Crepe Face
Most Recent Review
nancygaye 8/26/2016
I've only used the body cream on my arms twice and I can already tell that the crepey skin is less noticeable. Finally some hope for crepey skin!
Serious Skincare C Body Vitamin C Beauty Treatment
Most Recent Review
NJDiMaggio 8/26/2016
In first got this as a "freebie" in a "package" with other Serious C items. I love it! It makes my skin feel soft as silk. I use it only on my arms to make it last longer - since m ... (see full review)
Elysée Optim-Ox Conditioning Creme
Most Recent Review
NJDiMaggio 8/26/2016
For a long time I felt like my face needed some oxygen. I tried this and was immediately impressed. All my adult life it's been a necessity to carry chap stick with me EVERYWHERE. ... (see full review)
SCA Full-Size Argan Day Cream with 5-piece Try Me Kit
Most Recent Review
LUCY191 8/26/2016
Love this day face cream because it's not greasy on the face but moistures all day. The best part is it has SPF 25 which is hard to find In a good day cream.
Signature Club A 5 Essentials Duo Plus Retinol Capsules
Most Recent Review
ncdee 8/26/2016
Yes it seems like a good value and 'A' is a great salesperson. I bought into it. But I don't see results. Bummer that it is too late to return. For a senior who has been around ... (see full review)
Beauty Bioscience R45 Single Beauty Treatment with Phase 4, Cleanser and Moisturizing Cream
Most Recent Review
bronxgal17 8/26/2016
Will probably return. Product is probably not for someone in their 70's.Feels nice however after 30 days there is no visible change. If not for the pleasant smell & feel would hav ... (see full review)
Dr. J. Graf M.D. Rejuvenation Retinol 4-piece Kit
Most Recent Review
Magaret 8/26/2016
This product made my face smooth. I feel good.
Serious Skincare The Reverse Lift Collection
Most Recent Review
Pebbleschauppett 8/26/2016
I started using the set immediately after receiving it. 3 days later I saw results. I had tighter skin, lines less noticable, and the under eye circles and puffiness are diminish ... (see full review)
Serious Skincare C No Wrinkle Trio
Most Recent Review
GGennie114 8/26/2016
Buy it. You will not regret it.
Serious Skincare 39 and Holding - Dull Skin
Most Recent Review
Junebug8 8/26/2016
FIRST, I love the gommage and use this all the time and my skin looks great for "62" . I use the pads everyday and they are large in size to do the face and complete neckline an ... (see full review)
Lancôme Rénergie Lift Multi-Action Eye Cream
Most Recent Review
kas6 8/26/2016
Thank u HSN for Lancome!
PRAI Ageless Upper Arm Creme
HSN Price: $39.95
Average Rating 4.3 ( 8 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
Trishall2 8/26/2016
Save your money. This product is just like the drugstore handcream. I was very disappointed.
Wei East China Herbal Ultimate Renewal Cream Duo
Most Recent Review
Giggles128 8/26/2016
Very smooth on your face. At a very good bargain. You can't ask for more.
M. Asam Aqua Intense™ Hyaluron Serum 3.38 fl. oz.
Most Recent Review
silkeej 8/26/2016
This serum is light on the skin and non greasy. It doesn't leave any residue on your face and its non scented which to me is very nice.
Signature Club A by Adrienne Face Tightener Serum
Most Recent Review
ROB23 8/25/2016
Elysee YouthSpan Resculpting Concentrate
Most Recent Review
Beige 8/25/2016
This neck cream is great and feel good on the skin. My neck look young and the skin is somewhat firm. I must state the skin is not completed tight as you want it to be. But a littl ... (see full review)
Signature Club A Platinum Lifting Collection with Double Capsules
Most Recent Review
BLONDIE105 8/25/2016
I'm a very unhappy camper when after 30years My One Solution Mushroom Cream took a dump from your line, went eBay and have bought every remaining jars just 38 then now 63 , alw ... (see full review)
Lancôme Genifique Face & Eye Duo
Most Recent Review
Thills 8/25/2016
This eye cream did not come in its own box, it was shoved into the open box of the Genifique. I felt the eyecream was missing some cream. Neither package had their product inserts. ... (see full review)
Perlier Black Rice Neck & Décolleté Serum
Most Recent Review
lemonlift 8/25/2016
I wanted to love this product. It has a light nice scent and is not a heavy goopy cream. But a day after I used it, I noticed my chest and neck were very red. After two days of ... (see full review)
Serious Skincare Pure-Pep 30% Peptide Concentrate
Most Recent Review
coactanya 8/25/2016
love this product huge serious skincare fan just wish this was small tube that was bummer
Serious Skincare DERMAL CREPE RESIST™ Eye Cream
Most Recent Review
Tensey 8/25/2016
I've tried several of the expensive name brand and never got the results I have from this eye cream. Definitely will be my go to from now on
Beauty Bioscience AntEYE Gravity Cream 1 oz.
Most Recent Review
Susan4260 8/25/2016
i have been using this line for about a month now and WOW! I swear that my skin looks five years younger in just a month. I am tossing out all of my other skin care and using only ... (see full review)
TanTowel® Express Tan 2 oz.
HSN Price: $21.90
Average Rating 4.3 ( 46 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
california29 8/25/2016
works instantly with using old tan towel to keep tan going at summers end been a fan of tan towel for 5 yrs plus thank you !!!
Perlier Royal Elixir Night Oil
HSN Price: $79.00
Average Rating 4.3 ( 15 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
OLDIELOVER 8/25/2016
This smells wonderful, I use it at night and I loveIt. I use the Royal jelly for face and throat ant itHas made a difference in my skin. The night oil has made an even bigger di ... (see full review)
Korres Black Pine Firming Sleeping Oil
Most Recent Review
dawn223 8/25/2016
...unfortunately I broke out badly within a few days of use. I DEFINITELY saw a difference, especially in my " just starting out" marionette lines... they practically vanished but ... (see full review)
Signature Club A Mega Stars Capsule Collection
Most Recent Review
LindaHouston 8/25/2016
I've used several Signature Club A products for 5 years or so. I like most of the Argan Oil products (especially the capsules.
Lancome Renergie Lift Multi-Action Lifting & Firming Cream for Dry Skin
Most Recent Review
earthrn 8/25/2016
I love Lancome' and have always used only Lancome' products on my face and neck. I love how my skin feels after using it.
Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Lip Sheer Tint SPF 15
Most Recent Review
Shamus3 8/25/2016
This is a perfect light shade of berry...on the reddish side...I heard Hoda Kotb mention this particular shade she loved on her show as a favorite thing...I use it a lot...just whe ... (see full review)
Perlier Hydro-Zone Extreme Regenovive Serum
Most Recent Review
139 8/25/2016
It feels nice, a little goes a long way, but it did absolutely nothing for my face. I have a $7. clearance cream that I bought from Sephora, and I swear, it's the exact same thing ... (see full review)
Dr. Sevinor Cleansing Solution Hydrophylic Oil
Most Recent Review
jstareyes 8/25/2016
I did have superior results with this cleanser, its a like an exfoliating treatment as well as a cleanser. It did not dry out my skin, but I have very sensitive / dry mature skin a ... (see full review)
Korres Wild Rose Lip Butter Glaze
Most Recent Review
Gabbycatconley 8/25/2016
Love it!
Perlier Black Rice Super Serum
HSN Price: $125.00
Average Rating 3.9 ( 52 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
Keet3 8/25/2016
Love, love, love this serum! It worked wonders!
Beauty Bioscience Leg Perfector
Most Recent Review
sheilavac 8/25/2016
I use a self tanner and then the next day this product over it. It does a perfect job filling in any areas missed by the self tanner. Provides a deep, rich tan shade all over legs, ... (see full review)
Serious Skincare Double Up C Trio PLUS Fusion AS
Most Recent Review
Mishymish 8/25/2016
I'm a sucker for a bargain so I love that this kit has doubled sizes! Vitamin C is essential for aging skin and this meets the needs. I do like the results the mask provides becaus ... (see full review)
Beauty Bioscience Neck & Decollete 2-Phase Kit
Most Recent Review
LoveChocolate2 8/24/2016
I love this product. It works fast. The difference is visible almost overnight. It takes years and you don't notice when its gone, you just notice it looks better naturally.
KARORA Express Bronzing Mousse 2-piece Kit
Most Recent Review
Bonnie29 8/24/2016
Best self tanner I ever tried the color looks very natural and I did not notice any odor.I put on about four weeks ago and it just now is fading a little and will apply again in ... (see full review)
Serious Skincare BOGO Glycolic Gommage
Most Recent Review
teachertime 8/24/2016
I just love this mask and am thrilled to have a 2-pack at this price!
Dr. Sevinor Face Lift Solution
Most Recent Review
barn 8/24/2016
I used a few times but had to send back because of a burning feeling on my face . Also, did not notice any results as shown on television.
Elysée Age Release Ultimate Eye Trio
Most Recent Review
linda1662 8/24/2016
These products are fabulous! They tighten, firm and the color concealor seems light, but once you put on makeup it is perfect.
Beauty Bioscience RetinoSyn-45 Phase 4 Single
Most Recent Review
duchess4 8/24/2016
keep buying it over and over again
Serious Skincare SERIOUS BEYOND Intensive Serums
Most Recent Review
SummertimeOfLife 8/24/2016
A great Vit C product ! WORKS - Using for 10 Years
Tan-Luxe The Duo Lotion & Drops
Most Recent Review
nate69 8/24/2016
I'm a 53 yr.old young man that has tried ALL the rest of self tanners. I have been faithful to Tan Towels for yrs. This was on the Beauty Report one evening, and it has changed my ... (see full review)
Perlier Royal Elixir 3-piece Kit
HSN Price: $149.00
Average Rating 4.0 ( 5 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
Traveler173 8/24/2016
I used it before and really liked it. But it was without eye cream. I decided that I will try the same with eye cream. Problem was this eye cream was not strong enough for me. May ... (see full review)
PRAI Radiant Pearl Caviar Luminous Effect Serum
Most Recent Review
tattybrit 8/24/2016
I was hopeful this would work for me after all the positive reviews, but it just didn't. My skin is dry and flaking after using this. The compact mirror is adorable though.
Korres Greek Yoghurt Cleansing Face Wipes
Most Recent Review
psjeane 8/24/2016
I'm using these Yoghurt now... BUT only because I can't get "Milk" wipes anymore. They worked best for me. Please bring the 5 star MILK wipes back!!!
Signature Club A 5 Essentials Power Uplifting Booster Serum
Most Recent Review
Grammy5355 8/24/2016
Elysee Fab Five Core Essentials Kit
Most Recent Review
Greene426 8/24/2016
Love all these products! They're all winners! You won't regret buying this kit. They've helped my 60 year old skin. Try them!!