Singer® Professional 5-Thread Serger Overlock with CD
Most Recent Review
Carrie3227 1/14/2017
I'm very happy with this Serger its all and more than I thought it would be.It's a bit intimidating, just read the instructions and watch the tube posts they are very helpful. the ... (see full review)
Singer® 5400 Sew Mate Electronic Sewing Machine
Most Recent Review
Go1army 1/14/2017
I haven't had a Singer since high school, so I was very excited to get this one. It is a wonderful machine. I would happily recommend this to anyone.
Singer® Simple™ 3223G 23-stitch Sewing Machine
Most Recent Review
Donna_D 1/13/2017
First off the color is absolutely beautiful; I got the one that looks like the color of the Caribbean ocean & the quality is in this beauty the speed all the different patterns & s ... (see full review)
Janome New Home Portable Sewing Machine
Most Recent Review
puttoff 1/12/2017
Perfect size for a second machine but it never worked...first stich balled up and we could never get the bobbin thread to catch and come up...we tried everything but it is going ba ... (see full review)
Singer® Legacy Embroidery and Sewing Machine
Most Recent Review
2016Grandmother 1/9/2017
I love this machine. I have so much fun at craft shows doing on the spot embroidery. I also recently purchased the Singer Futura Embroidery & sewing machine. Several years ago I pu ... (see full review)
Janome Quilters Computerized Sewing Machine Model 49360
Most Recent Review
bjsblue 1/6/2017
Was very disappointed in this machine felt very cheap not what I had expected. Sent it. Back 2 hrs after opening it and trying it out . Not well made and certainly not worth the m ... (see full review)
Singer® Futura Quintet™ All-in-1 Sewing Machine
Most Recent Review
Briante64 1/6/2017
My original review had "problem processing" hmmm
Brother Embroidery Machine with USB Port
Most Recent Review
reeskylr 12/31/2016
I have looked at this machine for a few years off and on. Now that I have it, I am enjoying it these past few days. So far so good! I still have the ability to return it by the ... (see full review)
Brother 4-3 Serger with Built-In Threader and CD
Most Recent Review
Bernette1 12/30/2016
Brother 90-Stitch Electronic Sewing Machine
Most Recent Review
Tawanda60 12/23/2016
I have been using this machine for several months now and it is a dream! No problems whatsoever and I see all day for days as I am an avid quilter. As far as HSN they are great as ... (see full review)
Brother Embroidery and Sewing Machine with USB Port
Most Recent Review
ChrisD57 12/15/2016
Totally love this amazing machine :)
Singer Stitch Sew Quick Hand-Held Sewing Machine
Most Recent Review
jennbug2 12/5/2016
This is great. I've been sitting on the couch making quilt blocks. The only issue I've come across is that the stitches come unraveled but I figured out how to stop that
Singer® Quantum Stylist Touch 9985 Sewing Machine
Most Recent Review
youngnana1000 12/3/2016
I am very happy with this product and it is as easy as it showed.
Singer® Finishing Touch Serger Machine
Most Recent Review
Littlelulu4444 12/2/2016
I recomended you to my friends.
Brother Strong and Tough Sewing Machine
Most Recent Review
JW68 11/29/2016
This is not a tough machine-but it's just a little bit better than other brothers models-it will go through two pieces of vinyl and maybe leather but 4-5 layers of a quilt-no-I am ... (see full review)
Singer® Sewing and Quilting Machine
Most Recent Review
kas62 11/26/2016
works great and easy to use
Janome DC4030P Electronic Sewing Machine
Most Recent Review
jazzbear65 11/13/2016
My old sewing machine gave out in the middle of a large project and I needed a new machine in a hurry. I really wanted to upgrade but funds were really low so I went on a search go ... (see full review)
Singer® Futura Quartet™ Sewing Machine w/Value Software
Most Recent Review
RUEOLDGIRL 11/7/2016
Janome 5812 Mechanical 12-Stitch Sewing Machine
Most Recent Review
Miladykatherine 11/6/2016
I normally find great joy in using all these new machines to complete my sewing and quilting projects. But - I am so sorry to say - I find this one a disappointment. It is my fir ... (see full review)
SideWinder Portable Bobbin Winder - White
Most Recent Review
591 11/3/2016
This is a very handy item, i use it to wind all the colors on bobbins that I will need for my project and won't have to stop in the middle of working to wind a bobbin on the sewing ... (see full review)
Singer® 1304 Start Mechanical Sewing Machine
Most Recent Review
ginabobeana 10/16/2016
Bought for my granddaughter's birthday so I could pass on the legacy. Simple to operate and runs great. She was making pillows her first day! I also tried it out by making a pai ... (see full review)
Singer® Talent 23-Stitch Sewing Machine
Most Recent Review
lindakay47 9/15/2016
I have recently retired and am returning to some old pastimes, like quilting and sewing. I took a class after it arrived and it is a great, machine. I also ordered the carrying c ... (see full review)
Janome Computerized Sewing Machine with Attachment
Most Recent Review
BillTheSlink 9/15/2016
I haven't written a review yet because I really wanted to do several projects to see how it held up and dealt with different fabrics etc. Since buying this last summer (2015) I ha ... (see full review)
Singer® Package of Spare Bobbins and Needles
Most Recent Review
charger1 9/11/2016
These are 15J bobbins and perfect for my Singer Plus One Sewing Machine. The needles are all the same, but work on medium fabrics. Super price. The carry case holds the bobbins in ... (see full review)
Janome 8002D 4-3 Overlock Serger
Most Recent Review
craftingcarol 8/6/2016
To be honest, I haven't used the machine yet because I'm taking an online serger course before I attempt to use it. I ordered more thread and optional accessories also. I had a s ... (see full review)
Janome Hello Kitty Compact Sewing Machine - White
Most Recent Review
Deezy8 6/15/2016
I purchased this for my seven year old granddaughter who I had taught to sew around ages four and five. She was working on an old machine with issues and never lost her patience. T ... (see full review)
Brother "Project Runway" All-in-One Sewing Machine
Most Recent Review
me938 4/4/2016
I bought this machine a couple months before Christmas and waited to give it to my wife for Christmas. The first month was fine with minimal use but now 4 months later and I will n ... (see full review)
Singer® EM200 Superb Embroidery with Software
Most Recent Review
just4u69 2/18/2016
They sent me 2 of the and both did the same thing bunched up then said it was hot didn't even get to middle of project
Singer Mini Sewing Essentials Storage System
Most Recent Review
Car151 1/26/2016
it falls apart, it does not close tighly and the compartments that hold small items open, so everything ends up on the floor. Not worth it.
Singer® S16 Studio Straight Stitch Sewing Machine
Most Recent Review
nevergiveup1 1/22/2016
If you are looking for a heavy duty straight stitch only sewing machine this one is great. Read the instructions on winding the bobbin, threading, and regular oiling and you are ... (see full review)
Janome 49018 Electronic Sewing Machine
Most Recent Review
kysue 12/14/2015
The machine was purchased for my daughter and she loves it. It's quiet and smooth. It lives up to the description. No fat quarters were with the shipment though. That's the reason ... (see full review)
Singer® Futura XL-400 Sewing and Embroidery Machine
Most Recent Review
TylouLeDoux 10/6/2015
At first I was frustrated and thought about returning this machine. But, once I realized it was threaded incorrectly, fell in love! Smooth and quiet sewing.
Singer® Sew Essentials Storage System
Clearance Price: $16.95
Average Rating 3.0 ( 2 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
TylouLeDoux 10/6/2015
Hard to open, flimsy plastic. Decided to keep this item to store spools of thread.
Janome 6500P Computerized Sewing Machine
Most Recent Review
Curt500 12/16/2012
My wife is a professional seamstress. When her old machine finally started to finally give out I bought her this machine. She absolutely loves it! Almost 2 months into full time us ... (see full review)