VIOlife Duo Sonic Toothbrush 2-pack
Most Recent Review
candleflylgirl 2/23/2017
I have had these before,but now the are improved with the timer and the case! Perfect for me!
Bell + Howell Set of 4 Clay and Ceramic Air Humidifiers
Most Recent Review
Barbiedollqueen 2/23/2017
Bought 2 sets for house. Only issue is that I am constantly refilling them.
JOY Forever Fragrant® AirFLO™ Purifier and Humidifier
Most Recent Review
geal 2/23/2017
I really wanted to love this...the heat at home even with central humidifiers was too drying so I thought I'd give this a try in my bedroom.Pros...love the fragrance ...easy to use ... (see full review)
Night Time
HSN Price: $22.90 - $99.90
Average Rating 4.1 ( 1336 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
LisaR1 2/23/2017
I think this has to be the most impressive product I have bought in years. I have had a problem with severe, chronic insomnia for years now and was just miserable. I had tried ju ... (see full review)
Veridian SmartHeart  Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor
Most Recent Review
POCNOMOM 2/23/2017
dont buy all it does is keep going up and down its off useless
VIOlife Slim Sonic Replacement Brush Head 5-pack
Most Recent Review
toni175 2/23/2017
what's not to like --it's the replacement for the brush
Teeter P2 Portable Decompression Back Stretcher
Most Recent Review
mare853 2/23/2017
Wonderful product. I can do it at my own pace.
Micro Touch One Classic Safety Razor
Most Recent Review
Mitchhouse1954 2/23/2017
Very light and works great!!!
JOY MemoryCloud™ Warm & Cool Jumbo Pillow
Most Recent Review
mulder42 2/23/2017
Can't really tell if the warm side stays warm, or the cool side stays cool, but its large and comfortable for my needs. I really love the light/dark shades of purple, since that's ... (see full review)
Golden Door Soothing pH-Balanced Skin Toner
Most Recent Review
Sha18dow9 2/23/2017
I recently purchased the toner, daily treatment and the serum all from Golden Door. The only product from this line I found I used and just was not meant for me was the Moisturizin ... (see full review)
Tony Little Destress Micropedic Pillow with Pillowcases 2-pack
Most Recent Review
PollyH 2/23/2017
I had high hopes for these pillows, but I did not find them comfortable at all. As a matter of fact, I found them to be very hard for pillows. Did not sleep well at all so had to r ... (see full review)
Tony Little Destress Hypoallergenic Pillowcase 2-pack
Most Recent Review
Joyce807 2/23/2017
Love them, just wish they came in burgundy like they used to.
Dr. Wang Eczema Ointment Calming Moisturizer
Most Recent Review
les498 2/23/2017
Gave these as gifts. I have not heard a negative ot positive response. I dont beleive that they have used this yet, but they will. And I will update
JOY Buy 1, Get 1 MemoryCloud™ Universal Pillow
Most Recent Review
NicoleP91 2/23/2017
I read most of the reviews on this pillow before purchasing and a lot of people loved these pillows but they aren't comfortable to me. I'm a side/stomach sleeper and these are too ... (see full review)
Wrapperoo T-Shirt Hair Towel & Protective Styling Cape
Most Recent Review
RareReviewer 2/23/2017
I have purchased 4 Wrapperoos in total for me and family members. I love them. I have 4b/4c curly hair. It has really cut down on the frizz. I can wash my hair, wrap it up, go ab ... (see full review)
Ucomfy Neck & Shoulder Heat Wrap with 6 Settings
Most Recent Review
KKIIGG 2/22/2017
I love this heating pad! The only reason I am giving it 4 stars instead of 5 Is that being tall this pad does not hit my lower back like it does on the model shown.
Daily Concepts Your Konjac Cloth Duo - Pure & Turmeric
Most Recent Review
marvatexas 2/22/2017
I am a big fan of the Daily concept line of products but this one is a no go for me. The cloths are very slippery when wet and it just seems to move the soap around and not remov ... (see full review)
Remedy™ Heat-Sensitive Remedy Memory Foam Sleep Mask
Most Recent Review
amandath 2/22/2017
Great Product! i wear this every night to shut out the light!
UComfy Shiatsu Foot Massager with Heat
Most Recent Review
Niecy1960 2/22/2017
I love this. Relaxing and soothing. I use it on the lowest setting for now. I had foot surgery awhile back so my feet are still a bit tender. I use it with the heat setting as well ... (see full review)
Golden Door Bamboo Face Scrub
HSN Price: $48.00
Average Rating 3.9 ( 25 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
spgmoon 2/21/2017
really like this scrub, really cleans and smells great!
Veridian Health Wrist Digital Blood Pressure Monitor
Most Recent Review
jessy69 2/21/2017
Love it easy use perfect for me and hubby easy to manipulate and read not complicated at all , can take it anywhere and have my pressure controlled at all time.
intelliWHiTE® Pro White Toothpaste
Most Recent Review
Leo573 2/21/2017
Very pricey, but great product .
Water Systems Handheld Shower Spa
Most Recent Review
Verus 2/20/2017
I am very pleased w this filter, thanks for taking out all the work of looking and picking. It's a no brainer, pick this product. Your skin will thank you.
Veridian SmartHeart Slim Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor
Most Recent Review
diana878 2/20/2017
accurate readings - checked vs manual cuffeasy to use - no talking and don't cross your legs!Hold your arm at heart level and relax. If you can't relax with your arm up lay it acro ... (see full review)
HoMedics Deep Sleep Whole Room Sound Machine
Most Recent Review
OopsMe 2/20/2017
Sorry, I am sending this back. I have used it for four nights and it skips.
PADO Pure-Wave CM7 Cordless Dual-Mode Massager
Most Recent Review
Barbara8055 2/20/2017
I can't think of a way to improve this item. It's fantastic. Cordless. Holds a charge for a long time. Very easy to change the heads. Not very heavy considering the power it h ... (see full review)
Veridian Healthcare Touch-Free Infrared Thermometer
Most Recent Review
nysmartshopper 2/20/2017
Returned this idem. Not accurate at all, did it 5 x got 5 different temps. within 2 minutes. Can't read lighted viewer way to small.
JOY FleXassage™ Hands-Free Body Massager Pillow
Most Recent Review
Revere7 2/19/2017
I loved the product and the massage left wonderful. I followed directions which read do not use more than 15 min. at a time which I cut off at 15 min. Later when I pressed the on ... (see full review)
JOY Fresh Air Forever Fragrant® AirFLO™ Purifier
Most Recent Review
tcuedie 2/19/2017
this was just so bad that I am ashamed I bought it. There is no smell from the disks, which I bought extra of and not stuck with this disaster.
Aurawave Dual Dial T.E.N.S. Pain Relief by Tony Little
Most Recent Review
rileyt 2/18/2017
This is SUCH an AMAZING deal! You get a WHOLE LOT OF STUFF WITH THIS!!! Even my chiropractor couldn't believe how much stuff I got, for the price! It's soooo GREAT to have this on ... (see full review)
Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale
HSN Price: $129.95
Average Rating 4.0 ( 110 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
Momma2bubbas 2/18/2017
When I received my scale I was so happy. Mine is defective though. It would not fully complete the setup process, and Fitbit support was no help either. Back to HSN it goes. Probab ... (see full review)
JOY MemoryCloud™ Warm & Cool Reader Pillow
Most Recent Review
gameplayer1212 2/18/2017
It's a nice pillow to have on your bed when you want support while you read or watch TV. Not to sleep on it.
Honeywell Air Purifier -Air Genius 4 w/Permanent Filter
Most Recent Review
Lenore192 2/17/2017
I purchased 3 of them... two for my home & sent one to my sister who was having breathing issues...
Remedy Contoured Memory Foam Leg Pillow
Most Recent Review
koozerk 2/17/2017
Bought as I need to support hip at times. Was smaller then I thought and the memory foam is very soft to the point it becomes very condensed as you are using it. Does help with sup ... (see full review)
Objecto H7 Cool Mist Humidifier with Aroma Diffuser
Most Recent Review
jazzygranny0919 2/17/2017
Very stylish. Use it daily. Exceeded expectation. Instructions clear and concise. Recommend it to others. Only negative is that the aroma part does not seem to work though pad ... (see full review)
Dr. Ho's Shiatsu Neck and Shoulder Massager with Heat
Most Recent Review
westcoast50 2/17/2017
Love this massager! Great device for getting deep into the muscles anywhere on my back. To get the benefits of deep, isolated massage therapy, you need to be sitting firmly up aga ... (see full review)
Hunter EcoSilver HEPAtech Air Purifier 3-pack
Most Recent Review
rosek1915 2/17/2017
Love it
PedEgg Powerball™ Callus Remover Set with Extra Roller
Most Recent Review
stuffepooe 2/16/2017
I really like this product my feet look so pretty now use it all the time no more rough heels
Dr. Ho's Back Relief 2-in-1 Stretch and Support Belt
Most Recent Review
Ramzee 2/16/2017
Too bulky and didn't help me.Returned
Perfect Pressure 5-Firmness Zone Ultrafoam® Comfort Mattress
Most Recent Review
Soozala 2/16/2017
I have always chosen a pillow top mattress in the past. When my latest one started to wear out, I had a lot of back pain every morning. I decided to try a foam mattress this time. ... (see full review)
DPL® Flex Deep Penetrating Light Therapy XL Pad
Most Recent Review
jazzroo 2/16/2017
I have this in both sizes and think this is the greatest. I use on my shoulders and knees and can tell a difference within hours.
HoMedics Ellia Rise Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser
Most Recent Review
Flowergal2 2/15/2017
If the manufacturer made this little improvement it would be even better. Just provide more options in sounds and a higher output of mist for oil. I have seen other brands instor ... (see full review)
Objecto H5 Spiral Humidifier with Aroma Diffuser
Most Recent Review
mony1973 2/15/2017
This Humidifier is very good for the home it really Diffuser the house. I will recommend to a friend.
Veridian SmartHeart Digital Blood Pressure Monitor
Most Recent Review
02shy 2/15/2017
This can be deceiving to you, the batteries seem to drain quickly giving wrong information. I have compared this to my arm meter and found a substantial difference after a couple ... (see full review)
Golden Door Daily Renewal Beauty Treatment
Most Recent Review
Sha18dow9 2/14/2017
I was surprised at how much I liked this product. I think it was to be used 2-3 times a week. I loved it. I ended up using it until it was gone. The benefits? It may sound silly b ... (see full review)
IntelliWHiTE® IntelliFRESH Breath Gel
Most Recent Review
Firsttimeuser5 2/13/2017
It was sort of difficult to get the gel to come out of the tube; but it eventually did. Taste pretty good
Mattress Helper® Under-Mattress Cushioned Mattress Support
Most Recent Review
rowaner 2/12/2017
I used on 2 sofas that are wide and deep, but hard to get out of. Easy to use, supports the spine and doesn't slip. Good price! You will need 2 people for a bed mattress, one t ... (see full review)
Winix Large Room Air Purifier with True HEPA
Most Recent Review
sweetmomadorite 2/11/2017
One of three units I purchased. This unit is in our great room. Heaviest of the three units. Same easy set up as with smaller units. User friendly buttons, soothing blue wave li ... (see full review)
Winix B151 FresHome True HEPA Air Purifier
Most Recent Review
sweetmomadorite 2/11/2017
Been using air purifiers for many years. This Winix is so easy to set up. Open box, remove packing, read simple directions and relax. It's quiet and responsive. Just my kinda u ... (see full review)
Footlogix™ Rough Skin Formula Foot Mousse
Most Recent Review
watersedge 2/11/2017
Living in a coastal area l live in sandals and often run around barefoot. The heels of my feet can quickly dry out, thicken and crack. The skin is so rough and scratchy it snags cl ... (see full review)
Squatty Potty Adjustable Natural Squat Toilet Stool Set
Most Recent Review
Munimom1957 2/11/2017
This item is does what it says it does just try you just have to get used to "a different way " but you will see a difference and fast..just try if this does not do what it says ju ... (see full review)
Golden Door Soothing Cleansing Foam
Most Recent Review
Paris00 2/10/2017
I really wanted to like this Cleansing Foam. Yet, when I tried it - it did not foam. I was told to shake the bottle. Still no foam and it just seemed watery to me. Sent it back ... (see full review)
JOY AirFLO™ Replacement Filter
Most Recent Review
Hether 2/10/2017
What a difference a new filter can make it provides crisp clean air love it!
Dr. Ho Pain Therapy System Pro with 20 Adhesive Pads
Most Recent Review
Dr_Donna 2/9/2017
Thus works in a fabulous and very quick and safe manner
Hunter Eco-Silver Perma HEPAtech Air Purifier Duo
Most Recent Review
AnnaBelle12 2/9/2017
I purchased the Hunter air purifiers because the description said they were quiet. They are far from quiet so I'm not sure if I will be keeping them.I will give them a little long ... (see full review)
JOY Warm & Cool Jumbo Pillow with Free Pillowcase
Most Recent Review
lemmesignin_2018 2/9/2017
Philips 2000 Series Humidifier
HSN Price: $199.95
Average Rating 1.0 ( 1 Review )
Most Recent Review
les498 2/9/2017
I tried to like this product...but the more I used the less I did. It is very quite, howver it is an inconvience to full because it is so heavy. The water does not last long and th ... (see full review)
Golden Door Moisture-Rich Serum
HSN Price: $88.00
Average Rating 4.8 ( 4 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
sarahc35 2/9/2017
I've been using this product for about 2 weeks. This silky hydrating serum restores the suppleness of my skin and has reduced the lines around my eyes and bunny lines on the bridge ... (see full review)
Daily Concepts Stretch Cloth Duo
Most Recent Review
Cynthiafeisty8 2/8/2017
It's impossible to wash/scrub your back without this handy stretch cloth. This is my 2nd time to purchase one....but, I got two for a great price this time! It is great for exfolia ... (see full review)
Veridian Health SmartHeart Blood Pressure Arm Monitor
Most Recent Review
merck2 2/6/2017
works great
Four Seasons 4-in-1 Heater From the Makers of Therapure
Most Recent Review
stars49 2/5/2017
I will be sending it back it puts out more cold air then hot even with the fan blowing I get more cold air when it's on fan and heat
Golden Door Hinoki Blend Exfoliating Body Scrub
Most Recent Review
Sha18dow9 2/5/2017
This is a decadent body scrub! I love this from the first application. It truly was a body moisturizer. Doesn't take a lot of product, exfoliates and leaves your skin protected fro ... (see full review)
Serena Williams Lightweight Men's Heating Gloves
Most Recent Review
mamislade 2/4/2017
I purchased these as gifts for my husband and sons. They have to be superb because it's February and they have not lost them yet - and they have been using them.
Aurawave Perfect T.E.N.S. by Tony Little Electrode Pads
Most Recent Review
pegasus665 2/3/2017
Pads are good quality and last fairly well. Wish Tony would have the the3x5 pads available seperately. The smaller pads are not useful.
Winix HR950 Large Room Air Purifier with True HEPA
Most Recent Review
MSCOUNTRY 2/3/2017
We received it and immediately started using it. Wow What a difference it made in the air quality. I have allergies and knew we needed something. I am so glad I decided on this ... (see full review)
Dr. Ho's Foot Therapy Electrode Accessory Pads
Most Recent Review
misnmaui 2/3/2017
I haven't tried this yet but my husband says it's a keeper. I love Dr Ho pain system so I'm sure this is good to
Remedy Micro Bead Vibrating Foot Massager
Most Recent Review
Bearley2u 2/3/2017
product was refunded
PureGuardian® Tower Humidifier with Bonus Cartridge
Most Recent Review
bvia 2/1/2017
In theory this seemed like a great idea, but the reality is that it has limited places where it can be used. NOT on carpet or hardwood floors. Okay, then where? I tried it on my ce ... (see full review)
Golden Door Hydrating Face Moisturizer
Most Recent Review
Kathleen26 1/30/2017
This moisturizer leaves your skin feeling refreshed, revived, and super soft. It is amazing to have this quality of a product at this price. A must try!
PureGuardian® 90-Hour Digital Ultrasonic Humidifier with Accessory Kit
Most Recent Review
Baxter15 1/30/2017
Couldn't figure why I had to fill it every morning. It didn't leak. Humidity never went to 50. I'm returning because mold started to grow under tank. Yuck! $18. Postage to ret ... (see full review)
Daily Concepts Your Konjac Sponge - Turmeric
Most Recent Review
ka11 1/29/2017
The sponge is jut a yellow sponge. The suction cup does not work.
Therapure Mini Plug-In Air Purifier 2-pack
Most Recent Review
follymore 1/29/2017
Plugged in for a month and when opened to clean there was nothing there - no dust , no pet hair, nothing, Also noise too much for sleeping area. Returned..