DPL® Nuve Light Therapy Pain Relief Handheld System
Most Recent Review
grandwith2 8/30/2016
I have been in pain for over 10 years from an accident on my wrist. Helps relieve the pain.
Tony Little Destress Hypoallergenic Pillowcase 2-pack
Most Recent Review
tank-moo 8/30/2016
I ordered these cases to replace the ones that came with the pillows several years ago. the old ones had just been washed too much and were worn out. Would like it to have a choice ... (see full review)
Aurawave Perfect T.E.N.S. Pain Relief by Tony Little
Most Recent Review
mb222 8/30/2016
I have not bought a Tony Little product that I didn't like. The best thing about his products is they perform as advertised.
Whirlpool Whispure™ HEPA Air Purifier
Most Recent Review
jossie1043 8/30/2016
Well so far so good...I love everything about this Air Purifier i had already done some research on it in the consumer reports and the ratings were very good so i decided to give t ... (see full review)
Therapure Triple Action Air Purifier
Most Recent Review
beachy576 8/30/2016
I had to return this after only a week...it just stopped on me. When it was working it did its job but I'm giving it two stars for it stopping on me...geesh!
Veridian Health Wrist Digital Blood Pressure Monitor
Most Recent Review
kmablr 8/30/2016
Easy to use and stores well .
JOY Fresh Air Forever Fragrant® AirFLO™ Purifier
Most Recent Review
romeo855 8/30/2016
This is so cheaply made. Very noisy on higher speeds and fragrance is awful.
Tony Little Destress Micropedic Pillow with Pillowcases 2-pack
Most Recent Review
CynCynsad 8/29/2016
I have acquired at least 20 of these pillows. Whenever the grand babies would spend the night they would take my pillows. They named them the Comfy Pillow. So for Christmas one y ... (see full review)
Concierge Collection Memory Foam Seat Cushion
Most Recent Review
kmcz10 8/29/2016
I bought this as a seat cushion & all it does is go flat. I'm only keeping it because it costs too much to send back disappointes
Therapure Mini Plug-In Air Purifier 2-pack
Most Recent Review
Maggiedd 8/29/2016
We put one of these in each bathroom. They work really well and I probably will buy more.
PedEgg Powerball™ Callus Remover Set with Extra Roller
Most Recent Review
Ms_DEB_PAUL_G 8/29/2016
I woud not recomend buying this from HSN because I was denied the product and the price nor the extra rollers that I saw in the video I saw. I was disappointed that I could not get ... (see full review)
Veridian Healthcare Touch-Free Infrared Thermometer
Most Recent Review
krisanne00 8/29/2016
It's good sometimes doesn't seem very accurate but I like that if u have a fever it alerts with a red light
JOY Warm & Cool Jumbo Pillow with Free Pillowcase
Most Recent Review
deedeetee2 8/28/2016
Not sure it's cooler but it's comfy
Bell+Howell Ionic Maxx 2pk Air Purifiers w/Extra Outlet
Most Recent Review
happiascanbee 8/28/2016
love, really works
Remedy Contoured Memory Foam Leg Pillow
Most Recent Review
LBPlce 8/28/2016
Great price for the comfort...i plan to purchase more for gifts.Not only do I use it for my legs, but its curve feature is good for my neck when I am relaxing my head on regular p ... (see full review)
Remedy Micro Bead Vibrating Foot Massager
Most Recent Review
gppcdrivesprofit 8/28/2016
Overpriced and majority of views are right on point with this one! Don't waste your money!
Honeywell Air Genius 4 Permanent Filter Air Purifier
Most Recent Review
MayB18PixieD 8/27/2016
I have been searching for the right air purifier for over a year. I just found it!! It is quiet, removes smoke from the air very quickly. I like that is oscillates, and has non i ... (see full review)
JOY MemoryCloud™ Universal Pillow BOGO & Travel Pillow
Most Recent Review
47258 8/27/2016
i love the joy mangano pillow. i have had many of the so called last pillow you will ever own, but joys is the only pillow i will use. i sleep so much better and get a quality sle ... (see full review)
Epilady Legend 4 Rechargeable Epilator
Most Recent Review
KAYSUE1 8/26/2016
After reading some reviews I decided to give this a try. To my surprise it was better than I expected.I read that it hurt when pulling out the hair so was a little nervous. It did ... (see full review)
AHAVA Deadsea Water Mineral Hand Cream Duo
Most Recent Review
Sunnycat 8/26/2016
You will have to like this one. I can't even describe it. Sorry.
DPL® Flex Deep Penetrating Light Therapy Pad
Most Recent Review
aquarius1952 8/26/2016
To be honest, I have not had a reason to try this yet. I hope it works though.
VIOlife Slim Sonic Replacement Brush Head 5-pack
Most Recent Review
evganita 8/25/2016
Glad replacements are easy to pt on and take off. i really like the fading blue indicator on the brush.
VIOlife Slim Sonic Toothbrush 2-pack
Most Recent Review
Bob2300 8/24/2016
Works with a high speed sonic hum and gets your teeth clean. I would recommend this toothbrush to anyone.
PedEgg Power Platinum Callus Remover & Roller Heads
Most Recent Review
MustangGirl6429 8/24/2016
I wish I would of bought this before, works great leaves feet smooth
JOY MemoryCloud™ Warm & Cool Reader Pillow
Most Recent Review
1corene1 8/23/2016
This pillow was advertised as cool on one side and warm on the other . Both sides make you sweat and is not cool at all.
Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale
HSN Price: $129.95
Average Rating 4.1 ( 100 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
Edhasty 8/23/2016
We bought this back in May and it stopped working a few days ago. You can troubleshoot with the company but it takes forever to file a claim. Great product, just wish it worked!
Omron SC100 Digital Scale
HSN Price: $34.95
Average Rating 4.2 ( 17 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
bittersweet389 8/23/2016
The picture truly doesn't do it justice as to what an attractive scale this is. I can attest to its accuracy having just been weighed by my Dr yesterday and the numbers were exact. ... (see full review)
HoMedics Deep Sleep Whole Room Sound Machine
Most Recent Review
sister22 8/23/2016
just to loud and ugly sounds
PedEgg Powerball 3-piece Roller Refill Kit
Most Recent Review
mr4 8/22/2016
I have only used the smoothing (purple one) once. Haven't replaced the other rollers yet.
Therapure UVC Tall/Small Air Purifier 2 pack
Most Recent Review
lanellj3 8/21/2016
Cleans the air so quickly! Smells so fresh when you walk in to a room where the air is being purified. Very nice purchase!
Aurawave Perfect T.E.N.S. Belt Clip Carrying Case
Most Recent Review
Mima468 8/21/2016
My two aurawaves didn't come with cases and they really add versatility when you need to move around in the house, etc. Aurawaves should come with the cases.
Night Time
HSN Price: $22.90 - $99.90
Average Rating 4.1 ( 1292 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
Kee86 8/21/2016
I depend on this product! I it helps me low annex to get a better nights sleep naturally.
JOY FleXassage™ Body Massager Pillow with Neck Massager
Most Recent Review
justchillinit 8/21/2016
Considering buying more for X-mas presents!
Mattress Helper® Under-Mattress Cushioned Mattress Support
Most Recent Review
lwaidner 8/20/2016
Ordered as a last resort when my brand new Serta mattress was a piece of junk. Immediately was lumpy and sagging from day one. Even the dog got stuck in the bed and had trouble get ... (see full review)
Panasonic Replacement Stain Removal Toothbrush Heads
Most Recent Review
joannellie 8/18/2016
Do not fit my Panasonic toothbrush:( so back back they go:(
Hunter Perma HEPAtech and Eco-Silver Air Purifier Duo
Most Recent Review
palmira1 8/18/2016
Great for clearing out odor from cigarettes and cooking. Works very well.
Veridian Health SmartHeart Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor
Most Recent Review
muffin59 8/16/2016
I gave this as a gift and the person loves it. Great for travel also. The price excellent.
Dr. Ho's Neck Comforter
HSN Price: $39.95
Average Rating 3.7 ( 6 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
Oh2 8/15/2016
I've been using this every morning and every night before go to sleep at his help so much with my neck. Excellent quality. I would highly recommend this.
Micro Touch One Classic Safety Razor
Most Recent Review
ladyoutlaw1955 8/12/2016
my brother says it's great just be careful it's really sharp
Concierge Collection Memory Bed Pillow Wave Gel - Sm
Most Recent Review
Shari16 8/11/2016
This and the other memory foam pillow are the best I've ever had. I have rods in my back and neck and get total much needed support and great comfort too. I highly recommend this ... (see full review)
Hunter Cool Mist Color-Changing Humidifier
Most Recent Review
Twilite2 8/10/2016
Thank you! This has helped my COPD so much. Along w/the a.c.it works so nice. I'm waiting to see how it works this winter. I hope well w/ the heat.I purchased my husband one also f ... (see full review)
Epilady Esthetic Battery-Operated Facial Epilator
Most Recent Review
Buffyoz 8/9/2016
Sorry, still trying to figure if this works.
Veridian Health Slim Design Wrist Cuff Blood Pressure Monitor
Most Recent Review
reggie3 8/8/2016
wish I did'nt need it but I do, and feel better knowing that my blood pressure is under control. and that my meds are working. If you get it "use it:.
Epilady Rechargeable Waterproof Epilator/Shaver
Most Recent Review
Jobonobi 8/7/2016
Love it and t beats shaving!
Aurawave Perfect T.E.N.S. by Tony Little Electrode Pads
Most Recent Review
Marjidoll1 8/6/2016
I first used TENS in physical therapy many years ago, and have loved it ever since. I suffer from fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel syndrome, plantar faciitis and everything in between. ... (see full review)
Footlogix™ Rough Skin Formula Foot Mousse
Most Recent Review
Number5 8/5/2016
No matter what I try, I always come back to this product. It does what's purported to do. Give a try and your feet will thank you.
Back2Life Therapeutic Massager with Comfort Mat
Most Recent Review
Suzl1946 8/4/2016
This is the second Back2Life I have purchased. I enjoy the help it gives my lower back. Having previously herniated---not ruptured---three lumbar vertebrae, my lower back occassion ... (see full review)
Concierge Collection Memory Foam Half Moon Pillow
Most Recent Review
elleharrington 7/31/2016
Ordered two, one for my husband too. I alternate different pillows all the time. this one is perfect for my husband alone and I use it in conjunction with others and sometime all b ... (see full review)
Veridian Health SmartHeart Blood Pressure Arm Monitor
Most Recent Review
Kassarole 7/29/2016
I took this machine to My Dr. the diastolic numbers were way off. And I was informed to not this machine
Whirlpool Whispure™ Medium/Tall Air Purifier 2-pack
Most Recent Review
elinhares 7/29/2016
Nice compact,good price for two, and quiet. The only thing is the fact that you have to replace the filter every three months for both units.I've had a different brand and all I ha ... (see full review)
Footlogix® Double-Sided Metal Foot File
Most Recent Review
baje 7/28/2016
I have seen a difference already on my feet, It is easy using.
Dr. Ho's PerfectBack Rest with Comfort Cushion
Most Recent Review
UCCountrygirl 7/28/2016
This is just ok. Ordered for my husband and he will not use because it is so stiff. I use it on the floor when my back is really sore and want to stretch it out. I do not really ... (see full review)
Ionic Pro® Compact Air Purifier with Car Ionizer
Most Recent Review
DMSRCS 7/27/2016
Miro CleanPot Tankless Humidifier
Most Recent Review
LPC-2day-Nothap7 7/24/2016
I loved it so much I bought another one. However both pot cracked for no reason and one just stopped working. HSN was not good about replacing it, they forgot to send me the retu ... (see full review)
PedEgg Power Platinum 3-piece Roller Refill Kit
Most Recent Review
Happyfeet183 7/22/2016
I looked everywhere to find these replacement heads for my ped egg. Thank goodness I finally found them on HSN. I really needed the extra coarse head. It made quick work of the ext ... (see full review)
Remedy™ Heat-Sensitive Remedy Memory Foam Sleep Mask
Most Recent Review
more2me 7/21/2016
When you want to lay down with total darkness, this is it. Very comfortable (won't make you feel like you are suffocating) Great for migraines.
no!no! Smooth Get Closer Lip Barrier Cream
Most Recent Review
Hasha 7/20/2016
It was defective. I am returning and am exchanging for another. Customer Service was great.
Winix B451 FresHome True HEPA Air Purifier
Most Recent Review
Heidi37 7/20/2016
After my Honeywell air purifier died, I decided to invest a bit more on a quality purifier. I did my homework and searched the best rated air purifiers within my price range. Wini ... (see full review)
Taylor Speedometer-Style Large Dial Mechanical Scale
Most Recent Review
6Nikki 7/18/2016
I'm actually returning this today for a refund. I was so excited when I received last week but quickly became disappointed. The box was slightly damage by UPS and when I picked u ... (see full review)
Aurawave Mini T.E.N.S. Replacement Pad 4-Pack
Most Recent Review
Shopper000 7/15/2016
I have this mini tens and it is GREAT.PLEASE sell this unit again, (that goes with these pads), and sell it on its own with the pads, not with the larger unit.It allows you to be m ... (see full review)
Omron 7 Series Wrist Blood Pressure Wrist Monitor
Most Recent Review
tomeg 7/11/2016
Works great, but is not for two seperate log memory, only for one person, disapponted, as it stated in the discriptiion it was for two seperate logs at 100 each, only 100 total
no! no! 8800 Series Power Supply
Most Recent Review
EasynPretty 7/8/2016
What is there to say... It works.
Dr. Ho's Air Wave Cushion with Air Pump and Slip Cover
Most Recent Review
meowgal 7/7/2016
I'm a scrapbooker who attends weekend retreats. The chairs are usually standard, stackable banquet chairs and miserable after an hour! This helps with the pressure points and my sc ... (see full review)
Concierge Collection Memory Foam U-Shape Neck Pillow
Most Recent Review
Tsmooth1 7/2/2016
My wife loves it so much that I will be ordering another.
Dr. Ho's Small Self-Adhesive TENS Pads 6-pack
Most Recent Review
bubu12475 6/30/2016
I do like the machine because it helps with the pain!! But, I do not like the sticky pads. They only work for up too two (max 3 times) per session. They don't last very much. And ... (see full review)
Veridian Healthcare Mini Temple Touch Thermometer
Most Recent Review
lulabori 6/17/2016
Easy and simple to use!
Winix HR950 Large Room Air Purifier with True HEPA
Most Recent Review
foggypane 6/16/2016
I am pleased to give this HR950 air purifier the highest rating. I researched many different brands and models. I am glad I chose this one. This model is super quiet and the fea ... (see full review)
Advocate Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor with Indicator
Most Recent Review
MommaCass1130 6/15/2016
I bought due to my occasional high blood pressure. Once I actually read the instructions (keep your hand elevated) it was more accurate. I would highly recommend.
Stadler Form OSKAR Humidifier
HSN Price: $159.99
Average Rating 4.4 ( 5 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
Iris91386 6/11/2016
It's very quiet which is great! The lights are easy to shut off. It actually keeps my upstairs room cool. The room I have it in is very hot and dry and has vaulted ceilings. It's t ... (see full review)
BodyworksBall™ Massage Tool
HSN Price: $34.95
Average Rating 4.5 ( 6 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
mojo418 5/31/2016
This is nothing more than a tennis ball that I've used before, behind my back, against the wall.
GE Blood Glucose Monitoring System
Most Recent Review
Chullis319 5/30/2016
It works very well
IntelliWHiTE® IntelliFRESH Oral Rinse Fusion
Most Recent Review
Advice2 5/26/2016
This stuff is POWERFUL.I have a sensitive mouth and if I only used half of what is recommended, this will last me a long time.I have to water this down in order to keep it in my mo ... (see full review)