PedEgg Bare Nails Tool 2-pack
HSN Price: $17.95
Average Rating 4.1 ( 45 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
lastnameyob 6/24/2016
I got the 2 pack, so my niece could have the extra one, but should've kept it because the round replaceable nail files wear out very fast. Once you're done w/it, there are no refi ... (see full review)
Micro Touch One Classic Safety Razor
Most Recent Review
craigew7 6/24/2016
I normally have 5 o'clock shadow by noon. Not anymore. Took a few days to stop the hacking of my skin but I got it now. Love it
JOY Fresh Air Forever Fragrant® AirFLO™ Purifier
Most Recent Review
hotnj 6/24/2016
Didn't think this seriously worked until my son accidentally unplugged it. I walked in my home and could not find the source of a very unpleasant smell. My beloved "old man" dog ha ... (see full review)
JOY MemoryCloud™ Universal Pillow and Travel Pillow
Most Recent Review
cindyh72 6/24/2016
i am on my 2nd set in 3 years - my first i slept on nightly - sold 1 and you had 2 converts - my second set with travel added - my 1st is under my leg at night in bed and my new ... (see full review)
BowFlex BMI Body Fat and Water Scale
Most Recent Review
turtlrunr 6/24/2016
Maybe now I can lose weight!! These scales are nice ,thin and sleek...they are easy to program..(follow instructions) and every time you weigh ,they give you the amt of calories to ... (see full review)
Tony Little Destress Micropedic Pillow with Pillowcases 2-pack
Most Recent Review
BROTSY 6/24/2016
I ordered these pillows to replace s previously owned Tony Little pillow that was no longer usable. This pillow seems to be firmer and gives me a better night's sleep. It does ge ... (see full review)
Dr. Ho Pain Therapy System Pro with 20 Adhesive Pads
Most Recent Review
JCDixon 6/24/2016
I got this as a gift for my mother and she fell in love with Dr. Ho because he made this wonderful device I plan on getting at least 1 more if not 5 for many more loved ones
Therapure Triple Action Air Purifier 2pk w/Mini Plug-In
Most Recent Review
AbpAlexander 6/24/2016
Symptoms reduced since arrival of unit, especially the eyes.
PedEgg Powerball 3-piece Roller Refill Kit
Most Recent Review
jazzymag 6/23/2016
JOY Warm & Cool Jumbo Pillow with Free Pillowcase
Most Recent Review
miki828 6/23/2016
I watched the presentation for this pillow for quite awhile before purchasing it and was excited that it did not flatten when the bowling ball was dropped repeatedly. One night on ... (see full review)
Dyson Pure Cool™ Purifier Fan with Remote
Most Recent Review
MightyMulch 6/23/2016
I have three heater-fans and several vacuums from Dyson. Their products are quality deluxe, last forever, and customer service is a pleasure. This is a strange color and humongous ... (see full review)
GE Blood Glucose Monitoring Accessories
Most Recent Review
moonmagick 6/23/2016
Love these products so much cheaper the the pharmacy. Always have plenty on hand as needed. No doctors visit for new prescription. Thanks so much for simplify this part of my life!
Hunter Perma HEPAtech and Eco-Silver Air Purifier Duo
Most Recent Review
Quebrada 6/23/2016
This item is great...it was delivered and I opened box and plugged in filter and whole family noticed a difference within an hour! Had always wanted one and this is perfect...take ... (see full review)
Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale
HSN Price: $129.95
Average Rating 4.1 ( 90 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
Nyteq22 6/23/2016
I love my scale and the fact that it tracks my weight and gets me motivated to move more
intelliWHiTE® Pro White Toothpaste
Most Recent Review
Mel311 6/21/2016
This product really does work,my daughter teeth were pretty yellow and I used this toothpaste and it's amazing the difference in her teeth..she's 9 so sometimes I need to help her ... (see full review)
Veridian Health SmartHeart Blood Pressure Arm Monitor
Most Recent Review
mithra63 6/20/2016
This is a great product. So easy to use. Simple design and large display make it even better.
JOY MemoryCloud™ Warm & Cool Reader Pillow
Most Recent Review
Nonna0209 6/20/2016
I have all of the Joy pillows! If u wanna start a fight just mess with my Joy pillows. Big no no! Lol if u are looking at this PILLOW u must buy u will not b disappointed. I think ... (see full review)
Hunter Eco-Silver Perma HEPAtech Air Purifier Duo
Most Recent Review
ShortyBob2 6/19/2016
I have a different hunter air purifier, its a swivel tower and clean the air, quiet and high quality. These purifier are not. They are very loud even on low speed. I haven't notice ... (see full review)
Dr. Ho's Air Wave Cushion with Air Pump and Slip Cover
Most Recent Review
beachgirlga 6/18/2016
I purchased 2 of these cushions. I used one in the car and one in my easy chair. I received great support for a couple of months but then the cushion would not stay inflated. Sorry ... (see full review)
Dr. Ho's PerfectBack Rest with Comfort Cushion
Most Recent Review
yahshua 6/18/2016
I have been in pain for 30 while sitting, after using this back support while seate, after standing up I was pain free!,
Aurawave Perfect T.E.N.S. Pain Relief by Tony Little
Most Recent Review
yahshua 6/18/2016
The best I have ever used!!!
Veridian Healthcare Mini Temple Touch Thermometer
Most Recent Review
lulabori 6/17/2016
Easy and simple to use!
Winix HR950 Large Room Air Purifier with True HEPA
Most Recent Review
foggypane 6/16/2016
I am pleased to give this HR950 air purifier the highest rating. I researched many different brands and models. I am glad I chose this one. This model is super quiet and the fea ... (see full review)
Veridian Health Slim Design Wrist Cuff Blood Pressure Monitor
Most Recent Review
dcj148 6/16/2016
I have tried over and over to get a correct reading as per instructions. Each time the readings are not even close to readings that I get from my old wrist blood pressure monitor ... (see full review)
Footlogix™ Callus Softener Exfoliating Formula with Foot File
Most Recent Review
Parsley 6/16/2016
Works the best so far on my heels then any other I have tried. I made a big mistake on using it on my big toes that needed extra cushion. I ended up putting liquid bandage on them ... (see full review)
Veridian Health Wrist Digital Blood Pressure Monitor
Most Recent Review
bluelovelylass 6/16/2016
I have an arm blood pressure cuff as well as this one. They agree on the readings. It is easy to use and keeps several readings. I am really pleased with this cuff....doesn't hu ... (see full review)
Back2Life Therapeutic Massager with Comfort Mat
Most Recent Review
Kloudy 6/14/2016
I was excited to receive the Back2Life machine because I've heard many good things about it. But when you have serious issues in several areas of your back it didn't seem to do me ... (see full review)
Omron 7 Series Wrist Blood Pressure Wrist Monitor
Most Recent Review
RetlawG74 6/14/2016
This wrist monitor is definitely a lifesaver. One day I did not feel right took my BP with the Omron and it was 185/90. Needless to say, I went to ER and they told me it was danger ... (see full review)
AHAVA Deadsea Water Mineral Hand Cream Duo
Most Recent Review
Norcaldiana 6/14/2016
I just love this product! My hands and arms look very hydrated and I love the scent of the cream! I'm so glad I ordered this cream!!
JOY FleXassage™ Body Massager Pillow with Neck Massager
Most Recent Review
Tony Little DeStress Pillowcases 2-pack by HoMedics
Most Recent Review
lynndb3 6/14/2016
Great deal on Reg size. I have larger pillows but find these pillow cases can go over other pillows as well. Good deal on sale..so don't hesitate.
Tony Little Destress Hypoallergenic Pillowcase 2-pack
Most Recent Review
lynndb3 6/14/2016
I bought several pillows a few years ago, regular and queen... had some issues sleeping w/ them for my neck issues... but my husband really likes them. However I use one between m ... (see full review)
Miro CleanPot Tankless Humidifier
Most Recent Review
rgemma 6/13/2016
PedEgg Power Platinum Callus Remover & Roller Heads
Most Recent Review
coastalgirl 6/13/2016
This just doesn't seem to have the power, I add a bit of pressure on it and it stops. I've had a more powerful one, guess this wasn't the brand...
Epilady Esthetic Battery-Operated Facial Epilator
Most Recent Review
Sassy472 6/13/2016
I was skeptical about this product at first; it does hurt a little due to hair being pulled out at the root.I used it over a week ago on my chin and the hair has not grown back yet ... (see full review)
Mattress Helper® Under-Mattress Cushioned Mattress Support
Most Recent Review
catdancing 6/12/2016
thats all i can say. im 65 and able to do myself. it does make my top mattress shift slightly each night and I end up having to adjust every couple of weeks but worth it not to w ... (see full review)
Stadler Form OSKAR Humidifier
HSN Price: $159.99
Average Rating 4.4 ( 5 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
Iris91386 6/11/2016
It's very quiet which is great! The lights are easy to shut off. It actually keeps my upstairs room cool. The room I have it in is very hot and dry and has vaulted ceilings. It's t ... (see full review)
Veridian Healthcare Touch-Free Infrared Thermometer
Most Recent Review
2wichs 6/10/2016
I keep hoping it will work like on tv.
Honeywell HEPAClean Germ-Reducing Air Purifier
Most Recent Review
poseybud 6/9/2016
I was thrilled to get this air purifier. It does require you to order filters that I was unaware of. It also came with the seals on the sides outside the unit not in.I was able to ... (see full review)
Aurawave Perfect T.E.N.S. by Tony Little Electrode Pads
Most Recent Review
cdargo 6/9/2016
I ordered this machine some time ago as my knee was giving me problems (from a previous surgery). It was extremely helpful. My knee got better and I didn't use the machine until ... (see full review)
PedEgg Powerball™ Callus Remover Set with Extra Roller
Most Recent Review
taterspud 6/8/2016
Hi HSN,Thank you for products like these, and all the added bonuses! This is why I love shopping here!
Epilady Legend 4 Rechargeable Epilator
Most Recent Review
mamaSG 6/8/2016
Waste of money, waste of time. Pinches and does nothing. Would rather shave with a .99 razor.
no! no! 8800 Series Power Supply
Most Recent Review
hairdo628 6/4/2016
I'm so happy it work for the older no no too I'm so surprised but happy. I'm very satisfied can be used for the older and the 8800 no no.
Honeywell Air Genius 4 Permanent Filter Air Purifier
Most Recent Review
autumnwind 6/2/2016
I have only had this a short time but it has been working very well so far.
Remedy Contoured Memory Foam Leg Pillow
Most Recent Review
Dimaga2006 6/2/2016
It helped me a lot to feel better
Ruby Crystal 2-pack Deluxe Hydrating Hand Cream
Most Recent Review
Amy2765 6/2/2016
This lotion is great. I even use it on my legs. Not greasy.
BodyworksBall™ Massage Tool
HSN Price: $34.95
Average Rating 4.5 ( 6 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
mojo418 5/31/2016
This is nothing more than a tennis ball that I've used before, behind my back, against the wall.
Footlogix™ Rough Skin Formula Foot Mousse
Most Recent Review
claudia24 5/30/2016
This mousse goes on creamy and makes my rough patches so smooth. I've tried everything and decided I just had to live with rough feet. Then I found footlogix mousse, now I have sof ... (see full review)
GE Blood Glucose Monitoring System
Most Recent Review
Chullis319 5/30/2016
It works very well
Bell+Howell Ionic Maxx 2pk Air Purifiers w/Extra Outlet
Most Recent Review
mrspotts1942 5/29/2016
terrible product. does not work. placed in several room, there was no deference .
Night Time
HSN Price: $19.90 - $99.90
Average Rating 4.1 ( 1273 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
Robertraymond 5/28/2016
I find this item is helpful in falling asleep naturally and getting a good night's rest
DPL® Flex Deep Penetrating Light Therapy Pad
Most Recent Review
0lewjoy123 5/27/2016
Used on my,hand I,have tendinitis on my right hand I,used it for 45 minutes and my hand felt so much better the product is amazing
Whirlpool Whispure™ HEPA Air Purifier
Most Recent Review
lynda3 5/26/2016
I am very pleased with this product. I just moved in apt that had bad smoking order. The air purifier has improved the air quality so much. Best purchase I have ever made. Has ... (see full review)
IntelliWHiTE® IntelliFRESH Oral Rinse Fusion
Most Recent Review
Advice2 5/26/2016
This stuff is POWERFUL.I have a sensitive mouth and if I only used half of what is recommended, this will last me a long time.I have to water this down in order to keep it in my mo ... (see full review)
Revitive Circulation Booster with Electrode Pads
Most Recent Review
grammyalison 5/26/2016
I have circulation issues which this is visibly improving after only 1 week of use. My feet feel much better and the discoloration on my lower legs is improving daily. I would defi ... (see full review)
Dr. Ho's Shiatsu Neck and Shoulder Massager with Heat
Most Recent Review
cheerios13 5/25/2016
I was really looking forward to receiving this item but it is going back. It is very bulky, and you need to hold on to both straps to keep it on your shoulders or even feel the ma ... (see full review)
AHAVA Dead Sea Water Foot Cream
HSN Price: $22.00
Average Rating 4.4 ( 5 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
AVAKA 5/25/2016
All of AHAVA products work great. And so does this one. Soothing, smoothing and it works, that's the best part.
Remedy™ Heat-Sensitive Remedy Memory Foam Sleep Mask
Most Recent Review
Kristisue6258 5/24/2016
this is too hot, I do not like how the packaging came.
Aurawave Perfect T.E.N.S. Support Belt by Tony Little
Most Recent Review
paradisedreamer 5/23/2016
I think the pulsation of the tens unit is good it did reduce my pain but the pads are a mess. The sticky glue gets all over everything. It leaves some on your skin and it gets on ... (see full review)
DPL® Flex Deep Penetrating Light Therapy Mitt
Most Recent Review
Myriam57 5/14/2016
I did not experience relief, after using it 3x for 20 minutes each time, not worth the price.I don't see how it can replace my visit to the Chiropractor.
PedEgg Power Platinum Callus Remover 2pk
Most Recent Review
floridalady38 5/13/2016
It is too bulky to get into small areas that form calluses. It is also hard to handle especially for us vintage people(over 60).
Epilady Rechargeable Waterproof Epilator/Shaver
Most Recent Review
moonie6 5/6/2016
Smooth and hairless is the way to go and the epilady is the way 2 Go about it. At least for me it is I have very coarse hair when I shaved and the first time I used the epilady it ... (see full review)
Panasonic Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor
Most Recent Review
bjbn 5/1/2016
This works well for me, since my wrists are too thin for the wrist monitors.It correlates with the doctor office machine as well.I wish it had a date indicator, but otherwise I th ... (see full review)
Aurawave Mini T.E.N.S. Replacement Pad 4-Pack
Most Recent Review
jersey_mom 4/28/2016
The contact on the pads is too small so it works as long as you are sitting down and making sure that there is some contact, even though loose, with the connection. The original p ... (see full review)
Omron HBF-400 Body Composition Monitor with Scale
Most Recent Review
DolorosM 4/27/2016
Well made and prefect
PedEgg Power Platinum 3-piece Roller Refill Kit
Most Recent Review
DeborahJ1 4/21/2016
This is very cheaply made and does not work as fast as should on dry skin. Dissapointed
Dr. Ho's Back Relief 2-in-1 Stretch and Support Belt
Most Recent Review
ffpathill 4/14/2016
The first three times I wore this I felt relief and slept better at night. After that not so much. And now it has a leak in it some where and doesn't stay inflated. Had it about ... (see full review)
Dr. Ho's Small Self-Adhesive TENS Pads 6-pack
Most Recent Review
Shadeslove 4/13/2016
The holding power on these are much better than most electrode pads. I use them along with a set of the larger pads. I'll be ordering more at a later date. Great price and they wor ... (see full review)
Dr. Ho's Extra-Large Self-Adhesive TENS Pads 4-pack
Most Recent Review
Shadeslove 4/13/2016
Perfect size for the lower back. To align them along the sides of the spine, then you can use 2 smaller ones in another spot. I usually need both my lower back and neck or shoulder ... (see full review)
Citizen Digital Blood Pressure Arm Monitor
Most Recent Review
MABELMAYE 4/7/2016
If you have muscles or a large arm, this will not work! You will have to order the larger cuff which they offer in the instruction book...& I don't want to spend even more, so I ... (see full review)
Hunter Cool Mist Color-Changing Humidifier
Most Recent Review
Stormyrain 4/2/2016
Love this item, it really works and I love the led lights.
Remedy Micro Bead Vibrating Foot Massager
Most Recent Review
bigjuice8 3/11/2016
Relax your feet and put you to sleep