Rarities Tanzanite & Gem Black Rhodium Leaf Pin/Pendant
Most Recent Review
tola 3/26/2017
This is absolutely one of a kind pin/pendant. The tanzanite is beautiful, chrome diopside with deep green color looks like a very good quality green diamonds and the champagne dia ... (see full review)
Nicky Butler 3.08ctw Multigem  "Terrier" Pin/Pendant
Most Recent Review
dnas 3/25/2017
It's a big presence on my lapel, and looks like my wheaten terrier.
Michael Anthony Jewelry® 10K Jesus Cross Pendant
Most Recent Review
Peadi 3/24/2017
When the cross arrived it was very shinny and large. I am a little disappointed. on the quality. It is hollow so it make this sound if it is with another charm.like cheap metal hi ... (see full review)
Ottoman Silver Jewelry Lapis Filigree Flower Pendant
Most Recent Review
MissKyle 3/24/2017
I love the filigree work on this, but the stone is just quite dark and doesn't show up as really "blue" but almost black.
Michael Anthony Jewelry® 10K "Miraculous Mary" Pendant
Most Recent Review
JFDNYC 3/24/2017
I purchased this medal. It is petite but very well made! It is beautiful and strong! I am a big fan of MA jewelry!!
Michael Anthony Jewelry® Christ Head Pendant/Charm
Most Recent Review
maylee1951 3/23/2017
Bought this for my son. I know no one will have anything like it. The detail is amazing. Who would think it's stainless steel and not silver. Very special. Thanks HSN.
Ottoman Silver Jewelry Rose Quartz Flower Pendant
Most Recent Review
Kaimuki1 3/23/2017
Such a pretty design and such good quality. Wearing with Chaco Canyon 3 strand silver chain. Just stands out. So happy with purchases.
Bellezza 1ctw Black Spinel Nail-Design Pendant
Most Recent Review
carrue1956 3/23/2017
I love how unusual and beautiful this pendant is. It is so pretty with the gold around the black spinel. The clasp is big and bold. Great buy.
Chaco Canyon Kingman Turquoise Cluster Pendant
Most Recent Review
ferralmama1 3/23/2017
My daughter loves it..
Chaco Canyon Turquoise "Dreamcatcher" Pendant
Most Recent Review
ferralmama1 3/23/2017
Love it
Passport to Gold 14K Love Knot Pendant/Charm
Most Recent Review
SENC 3/23/2017
I don't understand why other reviewers gave this product low grades. If you are petite and or like a piece of jewelry that is elegant, this pendant is for you. It is a mix of te ... (see full review)
Bali Designs "Key" Gemstone 2-Tone Pendant
Most Recent Review
nanalu 3/23/2017
Love all my Bali Designs jewelry and this was another beauty to add to my collection. The blue topaz is very rich in color and love the intricate design of the key. Makes a stateme ... (see full review)
Men's 2-Tone Diamond Accent Cross Pendant with Chain
Most Recent Review
lefty125 3/23/2017
this is awesome it goes good around my neck it sparkles under the sun light
Michael Anthony Jewelry® Silver Cross Pendant w/Chain
Most Recent Review
mightymouse 3/22/2017
Wow! This Mother of Pearl Cross is beautiful!! It's so delicate looking and it sparkles very well made.Love the keep the faith on the back the chain is very nice and so is the clas ... (see full review)
Deb Guyot Floating Herkimer Quartz & Gem Pendant
Most Recent Review
domesticdiva247 3/22/2017
I love this necklace. I have been looking for some type of necklace with my birthstone, aquamarine. This one was perfect. I like the longer length. It is a bit pricey, but this ... (see full review)
Nicky Butler Multigemstone  "Starburst" Pin/Pendant
Most Recent Review
brickhouse928 3/22/2017
This pin/pendant is bold and cheerful! The workmanship is quality as usual. I bought two Starbrursts, one for me and my daughter and also bought the matching earrings for my daught ... (see full review)
Real Collectibles by Adrienne®  Cross Pendant
Most Recent Review
briana1989 3/21/2017
I only wore this once to church, but I got compliments. I have it hanging on a closet door to just gaze upon it. It is awesome and of great quality. One person asked me where I g ... (see full review)
Jay King Compressed Turquoise Sterling Silver Pendant
Most Recent Review
Rose1886 3/20/2017
Ordered 2 one for each grand Daughter. One was beautiful the other not so much. So the girls will notice the difference right away. I realize no two will be exactly alike but the ... (see full review)
Bellezza "Bee" Lira Coin .72ctw Black Spinel Pendant
Most Recent Review
TUFFY2612 3/20/2017
Recieved this pendant with the coin had already came out of the pendant, and the vail also not attached because of the inability of the vail not "latch" or snap together. Very good ... (see full review)
Colleen Lopez Gemstone Cross Pendant with 18" Chain
Most Recent Review
TIGERDOG441 3/20/2017
Traveler's Journey Green Gemstone Peacock Pendant
Most Recent Review
NANCAT 3/19/2017
I am a real "pendant lover" and have many by Marianna Jacobs. This one is so beautiful because of the choice of gems. The jade, combined with the opal and peridot, really shines. A ... (see full review)
Bali Designs by Robert Manse 2-Tone Sterling Silver Pendant with Necklace
Most Recent Review
jewelrycrazy1 3/19/2017
I got it on sale, which was great, but what I especially like is that it is really classy looking for a smaller pendant. I wear it on one of the byzantine chains, and they always ... (see full review)
Michael Anthony Jewelry® 10K Twisted Rope Loop Pendant
Most Recent Review
Shelties 3/19/2017
This Pendant has more presence to it then I expected and really shows up well. Am happy with the purchase.
Colleen Lopez 6.25ctw Ametrine and Gem Pendant w/Chain
Most Recent Review
shop678 3/18/2017
The setting on this piece is nice, but the stone lacked saturation of color, especially toward the citrine.
Jay King Turquoise Pendant with 18" Black Cord Necklace
Most Recent Review
aliannie 3/18/2017
Usual excellent Jay King quality.
Michael Anthony Jewelry® Cross Pendant with 22" Chain
Most Recent Review
irish221 3/18/2017
i have several pieces from this line, i was disappointed, the chain looks like for a man,not quite the quality of the line i expected- will return
Chaco Canyon Turquoise "Feather" Pendant
Most Recent Review
Nini97 3/18/2017
Outstanding work of art. Love, Love, Love it!!!I already had the earrings was so happy to be able to get the pendant.
AMEDEO 18mm "Gufo" Cameo Sterling Silver Pendant
Most Recent Review
Disneybound 3/17/2017
It looks bigger online and during the presentation. I still love it and would love the rabbit at this price. But Nice jewelry
Chaco Canyon Southwest Turquoise "Thunderbird" Pendant
Most Recent Review
Mercedes13 3/17/2017
PLEASE PLEASE make some spirit animal pendants! I have been searching for a quality, native american made silver (or gold) and turquoise pendants with various animals for a long t ... (see full review)
Michael Anthony Jewelry® Papal Cross Pendant with 17" Chain
Most Recent Review
suaveshopper 3/17/2017
Beautiful, but returned. This was too delicate for my son.
Michael Anthony Jesus Head Stainless Steel Pendant
Most Recent Review
Invictagirl 3/16/2017
Wow I received today sure is very beautiful!Solid piece looks like pure silver and very shinning.Iam a Son Worshiper,Son of God(JESUS) my Lord and Saviour.I would pay triple for th ... (see full review)
1.42ctw Multicolor Diamond "Butterfly" Pendant w/Chain
Most Recent Review
daneen8 3/16/2017
Compliments every day I wear this!!! My best jewelry purchase to date.
Bali Designs 7.29ctw Shades of Amethyst 2-Tone Pendant
Most Recent Review
sausalito6 3/15/2017
What a lovely well made pendant. The amethyst stones are so vibrant from dark to light. I will cherish this piece. Well priced too. I purchased a Bali Design chain and it complimen ... (see full review)
Nicky Butler Watermelon Quartz Triplet Cross Pendant
Most Recent Review
debgen50 3/15/2017
This cross is another beautiful Nicky Butler creation!! This is my first watermelon quartz cross & I love the color combinations-the moonstone, amethyst & honey topaz are stunning ... (see full review)
Nicky Butler 6.95ctw Multigemstone "Owl" Pin/Pendant
Most Recent Review
roxy79 3/15/2017
Nicky outdid himself with this Jeweled Owl pin/pendant it is exquisite stones are sooo pretty and the silver is nice shall enjoy for many years to come.
Imperial Pearls 9-10mm Cultured Pearl 14K Pendant
Most Recent Review
mine23 3/15/2017
I got the South Sea pearl. My first order had a chipped spot. I returned and got another one. I like the color of the pearl.
Jay King Multicolor Coral Sterling Silver Pendant
Most Recent Review
Sadies_Mom 3/14/2017
I wish this was a little larger. I bought it and decided to keep it since I have the matching bracelet and matching ring. Otherwise, I would have sent it back because of it's siz ... (see full review)
Bali Designs 2.4ctw Swiss Blue Topaz "Owl" Pendant
Most Recent Review
kayster58 3/14/2017
This little owl pendant is so fantastic. I wore it for the first time yesterday and immediately got compliments on him/her. The Swiss Blue Topaz is so beautiful and the silver wo ... (see full review)
Michael Anthony Jewelry® Nativity Stone Dogtag Pendant
Most Recent Review
mickeylyn58 3/14/2017
I love this piece of jewelry as it represents my Christian faith. My girlfriend saw it and asked where I had gotten it and I told her HSN. She said that it was beautiful and of cou ... (see full review)
Nicky Butler 2ctw Multigemstone "Elephant" Pin/Pendant
Most Recent Review
Hej 3/14/2017
Lots of compliments ...beautiful stones
Nicky Butler Multigemstone Garland Cross Pendant
Most Recent Review
MATsMom712 3/13/2017
This is a beautiful cross and I so wanted to keep it, but the silver bends way to easily. I have another one in a different design that bends like this one and I never wear it bec ... (see full review)
Jay King Pink Tourmaline Sterling Silver Pendant
Most Recent Review
JanN0435872 3/13/2017
This showy piece is just the right color and size to enhance three of my outfits. Most pleased. Jan
Real Collectibles by Adrienne® Heart Drop Necklace
Most Recent Review
sexygirl860 3/12/2017
Although the chain on this necklace is okay, the heart looked like a big piece of glass. I did not like it at all and returned it.
Michael Anthony Jewelry® 10K 3D Cut-Out Cross Pendant
Most Recent Review
2PugGirl 3/12/2017
Never seen anything like this. Not heavy to wear so it works great with my wire. Larger than most crosses and really stands out. Lots of sparkle in front! Love the fancy bail! Nice ... (see full review)
Bali Designs Mabé Pearl 2-Tone Sterling Silver Pendant
Most Recent Review
Licorace 3/11/2017
This is a very well made, beautiful pendant. I especially like the 2 tone.
Michael Anthony Jewelry® 10K Virgin Mary Oval Pendant
Most Recent Review
turtle790 3/11/2017
I get stopped often by people who ask about the pendant because it has a beautiful appearance.
Colleen Lopez White Ethiopian Opal and Gem Pendant
Most Recent Review
lisaluin49 3/11/2017
This is a stunning necklace and I was in love with it from the beginning. It is just as beautiful in person and of exceptional quality...amazing opal and electric neon apatite. Whi ... (see full review)
Men's Stainless Steel High-Polish Cross Pendant
Most Recent Review
puddinghill 3/11/2017
My 16 year old son could not find a cross at the Bible store that he liked so we went on line and he saw this one, We ordered it and when it arrivedhe put it on right away. He love ... (see full review)
Victoria Wieck Mother-of-Pearl and Opal "Key" Pendant
Most Recent Review
kgiff 3/11/2017
This is an exquisitely detailed key pendant. The pendant's bail can be clicked open for removal so it can be put on other chains. The centerstone opal has decent fire. If you do ... (see full review)
Nicky Butler Multigem "Peacock" Pin/Pendant
Most Recent Review
Allie70 3/10/2017
Love this pin/pendant. Only one thing that makes me upset and that is that the bale is too small to fit the lovely beads that Nicky sells. I have to find a longer chain that will ... (see full review)
Jay King Rectangular Turquoise Inlay Pendant
Most Recent Review
MontanaFan 3/10/2017
Love this, I have a turquoise bangle of Jay's from couple years ago, same type design and they look fantastic together. Clean lines, very simple, had a lot of compliments first da ... (see full review)
Xavier Absolute™ 3.54ctw Pavé Round Silver 7-1/4" Bangle
Most Recent Review
carolynvvv 3/10/2017
The sparkle when the light hits is great but not over-the-top. It is a light weight but I bout 2 so it is comfortable for me. I like the safety clasp too.
Sterling Silver and Black Diamond Owl Pendant
Most Recent Review
Sue263 3/9/2017
Love the owl. A little smaller than expected but so cute.No regrets.
Nicky Butler Raj Moonstone and Gem Cross Pendant
Most Recent Review
Geline833 3/9/2017
I love, love, love this cross pendant! The moonstones , garnet, and citrines are absolutely stunning. It's such a beautiful artistic piece of jewelry. A must-have for cross pendant ... (see full review)
Michael Anthony Crystal Cross Stainless Flip Pendant
Most Recent Review
Ohio45424 3/8/2017
Have not taken it off since I received it. Will be one of my favorite crosses to wear. Just the right size.
Michael Anthony Jewelry® St. Anthony Medallion Pendant
Most Recent Review
VIckiQueen 3/8/2017
This is a beautiful St. Anthony pendant and reasonably priced as well. Would you please bring this same one back in gold??
Michael Anthony® Jewelry Jerusalem Cross Pendant
Most Recent Review
VIckiQueen 3/8/2017
This cross is absolutely stunning piece of work. It is big enough to show up on a necklace and was given to me by my boyfriend--and I bought 2 of them for gifts...One is going to ... (see full review)
AMEDEO "Sole Luna" 25mm Cameo Pendant 15" Necklace
Most Recent Review
MISSRED 3/7/2017
The cameo I received had two different shaped eyes and did not look at all like the one that was presented on air. Very disappointed and back it went.
Chaco Canyon Kingman Turquoise Cluster Pendant
Most Recent Review
ferralmama1 3/7/2017
I Love this pendant it is big, bold and very beautiful piece.. Chaco Canyon Rocks
Deb Guyot Herkimer Quartz and "Antler" 30" Necklace
Most Recent Review
wickedshimmi 3/7/2017
I did not get the same chain as presented in the picture and the video. My necklace came with a cheap snake chain instead of the rollo link chain with herkimer stones on it. I was ... (see full review)
Jewels of Istanbul CZ and Ethiopian Opal Locket Pendant
Most Recent Review
alexisworld 3/7/2017
This locket is beautiful. I love it. The quality is good too. The opal is pretty and the finish is very nice. I am glad I purchased it.
Stainless Steel Engraved Heart Lock Pendant with Chain
Most Recent Review
mztiffany44 3/6/2017
I bought this for myself but I'm not happy with it the letters are too small and the necklace irritate my skin after awhile.
Bellezza 500 Lira Coin Byzantine Enhancer Pendant
Most Recent Review
scherazade28 3/6/2017
Beautiful and very expensive looking. Good weight and color. Buy it, you will be happy with the purchase.
Nicky Butler 3.30ctw Ethiopian Opal, and Gem Pendant
Most Recent Review
blinky613 3/6/2017
I love NB's designs, but this one leaves me speechless (well, almost..) Every time I wear it I get compliments. It may be a bit pricey, but believe it, it's worth it.
Colleen Lopez Amethyst and Tanzanite Heart Pendant
Most Recent Review
SwanWillow 3/6/2017
I bought this for my Sister in Law's birthday and she just loved it. The color and design are great.
Nicky Butler Multigemstone Heart Cross Pendant
Most Recent Review
debgen50 3/5/2017
Another beautiful Nicky Butler cross for my collection. I bought the moonstone & it is absolute perfection!! The size is not too large & the black & purple enamel work is amazing. ... (see full review)
Emily & Ashley Green Jade Elephant Goldtone Pendant
Most Recent Review
at48 3/5/2017
Pretty piece but too small. Elephant is tiny had no sparkle or presence. Also too expensive for the quality and size
Colleen Lopez Blue Opal Triplet and Gem Pendant
Most Recent Review
olivia1225 3/5/2017
Such a pretty necklace. Blue Color is exquisite! Wear casual or dressed up. I would have to say that the matching ring is more on the dressy side because of the size of the stone. ... (see full review)
Himalayan Gems™ Labradorite "Secret Locket" Pendant
Most Recent Review
kcchristi 3/4/2017
The stone is amazing!!!! the most beautiful Labradorite I have ever seen!!!!
Himalayan Gems™ Black Spinel "Secret Locket" Pendant
Most Recent Review
kcchristi 3/4/2017
Colleen Lopez 5.28ctw Garnet Heart Pendant w/Chain
Most Recent Review
lessimo 3/4/2017
I just love the size of this pendant as most are so small. Also the color is just beautiful!
Michael Anthony® 10K Yellow Gold Round Dove Pendant
Most Recent Review
Jenn4Laur 3/3/2017
I love the way this two tone charm is made. It really is beautiful and catches so much light!