Studio Barse Lime Green Turquoise Pendant w/Chain
Most Recent Review
GrazynaBasia 10/23/2016
I was fortunate to purchase this beautiful pendant and the matching earrings on sale. I absolutely love it. Gorgeous, dressy and very comfortable!Thanks again HSN.
Himalayan Gems™ Oxidized Mandala Pendant
Most Recent Review
GrazynaBasia 10/23/2016
I purchased the pendant and matching earrings set. I am very pleased with its design, workmanship, presentation, quality and price. I love wearing it and highly recommend it. Than ... (see full review)
14K White Gold 0.33ctw Diamond Pendant w/Singapore Chain
Most Recent Review
fleagee 10/23/2016
This necklace is very pretty. The quality of the diamond is amazing.
Nicky Butler Aqua and Blue Quartz Triplet Cross Pendant
Most Recent Review
Solarius 10/23/2016
Nicky's crosses are outstanding. The gemstones are lovely. It is a wonderful cross. I bought this one along with the moonstone cross. I could not decide which one I liked best ... (see full review)
Nicky Butler Rainbow Moonstone Cross Pendant
Most Recent Review
Solarius 10/23/2016
This is a beautiful cross. The quality of the moonstones is great.
Nicky Butler 2.60ctw Moonstone and Gem "Swan" Brooch
Most Recent Review
TailorofKSt 10/22/2016
This pin is stunning in it's simplicity. The stones appear raised giving the pin depth and dimension. The colors are beautiful. Glad I bought it!!!
Technibond® Byzantine "Heart" Pendant
Most Recent Review
Sharon740 10/22/2016
Not what I expected. So flat that it looks like some wheels ran over it. Not worth the money.
Michael Anthony Jewelry® 10K Angel Wing Cross Pendant
Most Recent Review
bk42 10/21/2016
Really enjoy wearing this cross pendant. i have worn 24/7 since i received it. Taken showers with it on,Shines as much as when I first took it out of the box. Am very pleased, th ... (see full review)
Michael Anthony Jewelry® Stainless Steel Anchor Pendant
Most Recent Review
OVERTHEHILL 10/21/2016
Perfect for any teenager or any size man. Perfect sizing and style. I love thus one. You can not go wrong.
Michael Anthony Jewelry® Abalone Cross Pendant
Most Recent Review
OVERTHEHILL 10/21/2016
Beautiful, perfect, stunning, great style, I will be back for another for a friend. Hope they are not out of stock...
Michael Anthony Jewelry® 10K "Miraculous Mary" Pendant
Most Recent Review
Mirabeau 10/21/2016
Love the medal
Studio Barse Heart Motif Turquoise Pendant with Chain
Most Recent Review
Nice necklace. The turquoise is a nice color. Not sure why they call it a heart motif though. The stone is not heartshaped nor is the inner design.
Colleen Lopez Cascading Emerald Pendant w/18" Chain
Most Recent Review
I have always wanted emeralds in my jewelry collection. I can hardly believe the price on this necklace. It is beautiful!
Victoria Wieck 1.91ctw Absolute™ Heart Design Pendant
Most Recent Review
doodlebug77 10/20/2016
I received my necklace and I love it. It is so pretty and the dancing stone makes the necklace really stand out.I would recommend this necklace to anyone and it would make a beauti ... (see full review)
Michael Anthony Jewelry® 2-Tone Nativity Stone Cross
Most Recent Review
shayshay18 10/20/2016
This cross is beautiful and well made. I hated to return it but is was bigger than I thought it would be. I would have definitely kept it if it was smaller. I wanted a cross that ... (see full review)
Michael Anthony Jewelry® "Faith" Cross Pendant
Most Recent Review
Maryellen14 10/20/2016
Great cross not too big and not too small. It is actually two crosses. I love it.
Michael Anthony Jewelry® Nativity Stone Heart Pendant
Most Recent Review
chicagogirl329 10/20/2016
Huge, unattractive and is not a feminine item. Was a gift and friend politely said "no thanks"
Jade of Yesteryear Lavender Jade Dragon Pendant
Most Recent Review
whiteowlwoman 10/20/2016
I am so happy I ordered this pendant. I collect dragon jewelry and this pendant is my favorite. I love the color of the plique de jour wings and the purple jade. I put it on a d ... (see full review)
R.J. Graziano "Boldly Go" Drop Necklace
Clearance Price: $19.98
Average Rating 2.5 ( 2 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
Toddsmom92278529 10/20/2016
Michael Anthony Jewelry® Filigree Cross Pendant
Most Recent Review
skate1 10/19/2016
This cross is very pretty. I love filigree jewelry. The size is just right, not too big and not too small. The shine is very nice too. I am happy I purchased this cross. I love Mic ... (see full review)
Victoria Wieck 1.4ctw Absolute™ "Key" Pendant
Most Recent Review
bootlover 10/19/2016
Absolutely stunning piece! The Absolute offers a perfect opportunity to showcase clear, brilliant, sparkling stones at an affordable price. The key design is timeless and unique ... (see full review)
Michael Anthony Jewelry® 10K Tri-Color Virgin Mary Pendant
Most Recent Review
cigney 10/19/2016
I own many pieces of Michael Anthony's religious jewelry. Through many years I have not been disappointed! If you like bold medals,then this is not for you! If you like petite piec ... (see full review)
Michael Anthony Jewelry® Mother-of-Pearl Angel Pendant
Most Recent Review
BULLET1023 10/18/2016
I Purchase this beautiful Angel with our Daughter in mind that we lost in 2012, its so pretty but it deserves a better chain!! It is a lot larger than I expected and I truly love t ... (see full review)
Michael Anthony Jewelry® Cross Pendant with 22" Chain
Most Recent Review
BULLET1023 10/18/2016
When I watch the presentation on TV the cross look larger and thicker, and the chain looked smaller and dainty. I love the Prayer on the cross and I prefer stainless steel over ste ... (see full review)
Bali Designs Mabé Pearl 2-Tone Sterling Silver Pendant
Most Recent Review
dallasdi 10/16/2016
Every piece of Bali Designs is superb! The craftmanship is great, the design is innovative and the price is reasonable. These pieces remind me of the very expensive, other well k ... (see full review)
Sevilla Silver Diamond-Accent Round Gemstone Pendant
Most Recent Review
GwenBoston74 10/16/2016
This is small but you are aware of this when you purchase it. It is for some one that likes a small presence. Gave it to my sister and she loved it. The stone's color was beautiful ... (see full review)
Michael Anthony Jewelry® Kids 14K CZ Cross Pendant
Most Recent Review
Alexis405 10/16/2016
Perfect for my nephew
Chaco Canyon Turquoise "Dreamcatcher" Pendant
Most Recent Review
wwwbbbfff 10/16/2016
This pendant turned out to be perfect for me. I love the size, design, and the quality is excellent. I have three gold feathers (yellow, rose, white) that I had previously bought ... (see full review)
Michael Anthony Jewelry® 10K Scapular Cross Medal
Most Recent Review
raspberrygirl 10/16/2016
I bought this pendant as a Confirmation gift for my son, couldn't wait to give it to him once it was delivered. When I received it and opened the box the pendant's detail was beaut ... (see full review)
Michael Anthony® 10K Gold Praying Hands Oval Pendant
Most Recent Review
Luckydog1220 10/15/2016
I absolutely love this pendant. It's very well made and very shiny....just what I was looking for and so grateful to Michael Anthony for making real gold jewelry at a affordable pr ... (see full review)
Michael Anthony Jewelry® 10K "Virgin Mary" Pendant
Most Recent Review
2009Annetk 10/15/2016
Metal is beautiful but it took too long to get here
Ravenna Gems Cushion-Cut Gem and White Topaz Pendant
Most Recent Review
ashanti281 10/14/2016
The design is really pretty loved it. But 2 things to say 1st pendant is so lightweight that it keeps flipping over. 2nd the topaz are so tiny they are barely visible . So the over ... (see full review)
Victoria Wieck 1.23ctw Absolute™ Sunburst Cross/Chain
Most Recent Review
DenaV 10/14/2016
Very beautiful cross. Dainty chain but able to fasten clasp alright.
Michael Anthony Jewelry® 10K "Guardian Angel" Pendant
Most Recent Review
angel1807 10/14/2016
it is small but i love it
Michael Anthony® 14K Reversible Polished Cross Pendant
Most Recent Review
Lores7 10/14/2016
I just adore this item, I wear it nearly everyday. It didn't come with a necklace. Great buy!
Michael Anthony Jewelry® 10K 2-Tone Crucifix Pendant
Most Recent Review
MSMEIKO 10/13/2016
My son loves this cross
Men's Stainless Steel "Italian Horn" Pendant with Chain
Most Recent Review
JOANN494 10/13/2016
This Italian horn isgreat. My Son gave it to his Father last Christmas. I gave to my Son for his Birthday on Oct. 7th. The chain is so sturdy. The horn is a great size. They jus ... (see full review)
Stately Steel Crystal Drop Double Oval Pendant
Most Recent Review
Gramsplayhouse 10/13/2016
This is very pretty but I did have to get a chain for it. Looks nice on but the center stone will not stay forward and always looks like I have it on backwards!
Nicky Butler Multigem Enamel Cross Pendant
Most Recent Review
baby55566 10/13/2016
I purchased this cross for a gift to my daughter-in-law for Christmas not only because of the fantastic sale price, but for its beauty! Her favorite color is blue & her birthstone ... (see full review)
Bellezza "Bee" Lira Coin .72ctw Black Spinel Pendant
Most Recent Review
HARD2FIT 10/13/2016
Very nice coin. It will be nice to have, especially as time goes by and there are fewer coins around since the euro has replaced them in so many countries. Too bad that gold is s ... (see full review)
Jay King Elongated Turquoise and Micro-Opal Pendant
Most Recent Review
KG72 10/13/2016
Great colors and shape and great quality.
Engraved Name Heart-Shaped Sterling Silver Pendant with Chain
Most Recent Review
crazymary64 10/13/2016
Bought this for my granddaughter for Xmas has my great grandon's name on it. I think it's very cute.
Victoria Wieck 4.25ctw Simulated Sapphire Pendant
Most Recent Review
HSNshopper87 10/13/2016
I bought the necklace for my mother's birthday. It's so nice and sparkly that I went back and bought the earings to match. I will be giving the earrings for her birthday.The first ... (see full review)
Studio Barse Sterling Silver Cross Pendant w/Necklace
Most Recent Review
SCinOK 10/13/2016
This was a bad purchase for me. The cross is very thin and reminds me of a piece of tin. I am going to return.
Bellezza Leaf-Design Pendant with Chain
Clearance Price: $19.90
Average Rating 4.7 ( 3 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
MIRA44 10/12/2016
Its a very beautiful piece especially if you match it up with the earrings. The price is also good. You can't pass such a piece of jewel
Colleen Lopez Gemstone and White Zircon Oval Pendant
Most Recent Review
Lakefish4 10/12/2016
Colleen Lopez Shine Bright is just a superior and outstanding style! I highly recommend for quality and beauty! Love it! The stones in the rings, necklace and earrings are beaut ... (see full review)
Nicky Butler Multigem Marquise Dangle Pin/Pendant
Most Recent Review
keyofgrace 10/12/2016
I was very disappointed when I received this item and of course I sent it back.It looks tacky and not worth the price.
Victoria Wieck Absolute™ Open Heart Pendant with Chain
Most Recent Review
CINDI2 10/11/2016
Pendant is up to Victoiras quality! Just the right size to be noticed but not overdone. Cable chain is very thin, but better than some others. Only improvement may be to have ... (see full review)
Victoria Wieck Absolute™ Synthetic Opal Swirl Pendant
Most Recent Review
xosparklesxo 10/11/2016
This has beautiful fire inside it. I really love the way it's designed as though the metal is really embracing the faux opal. It's not too large or overstated, but still enough t ... (see full review)
Diamond Couture 1ctw Diamond-Shaped Pendant w/Chain
Most Recent Review
Sparkle76 10/11/2016
Beautiful pendant ! Needs a heavier chain due to flipping.
Deb Guyot Herkimer Quartz and "Antler" 30" Necklace
Most Recent Review
val1590 10/11/2016
Love this necklace to layer with some of my longer Herkimer necklaces. It's very cool.
Nicky Butler Multigem and Ethiopian Opal Cross Pendant
Most Recent Review
Cgfurs5 10/10/2016
Hi Hsn:After missing getting a Nicky Butler cross before, I finally got one. Sometimes jewelry look great on TV but when it arrives you are sometimes disappointed. NO DISAPPOINTME ... (see full review)
Ravenna Gems 1.75ctw Garnet Cross Pendant w/18" Chain
Most Recent Review
Suffield2290191 10/10/2016
Pendant is pretty and well made but when it arrived the chain was so so badly knotted-up and to look at the clasp there is none so to speak,it is too tiny for the spring to hook on ... (see full review)
Jay King Azurite-Malachite Sterling Silver Pendant
Most Recent Review
mtms 10/10/2016
I was excited to see this new pendant. i hesitated and was unable to get it at the sale price, so actually paid full price. The one I received had pretty good color, but a very n ... (see full review)
Bellezza Lira Coin  Bronze Enhancer Flip Pendant
Most Recent Review
pats433 10/10/2016
This is a very pretty Lire coin but wish it was larger, I do like the way it flips over, I like larger pendants, This coin might be nice for some people but for me, I was hoping it ... (see full review)
Joan Boyce "Lock n' Love" Pavé Pendant with 32" Chain
Most Recent Review
debbie193574 10/10/2016
I sent back a bracelet a few months ago was called that it was ready to send I never received it not happy with your service dept please call me about it 561 966 8385
Ravenna Gems 9mm Cushion-Cut Gemstone  Pendant
Most Recent Review
mich42 10/10/2016
The amethyst was not very saturated in color. It was small, but the color not the size is what made me return it.
Sterling Silver Pet Pendant with Chain
Most Recent Review
VickyS305 10/9/2016
Love these necklaces I ordered two: the dachshund and the kitty. I recently got them I I haven't stopped wearing them. Love that they are sterling silver, come with a chain and I h ... (see full review)
Michael Anthony® 10K Medium Padre Nuestro Cross Pendant
Most Recent Review
VickyS305 10/9/2016
I bought this cross as a gift for a very special friend. Very nice and polished design but the prayer on the back is impossible to read even with magnifying glasses. I bought it fo ... (see full review)
Colleen Lopez 6.96ctw Multigemstone Pendant with Chain
Most Recent Review
Mimster8 10/9/2016
I love this! The pendant is much bigger than I thought it would be. The stones are beautiful and have a lot of sparkle. The chain is also very nice.
Michael Anthony Jewelry® 2-Tone Inspirational Pendant
Most Recent Review
smitty4939 10/8/2016
This pendant is just beautiful. Love the design.
Michael Anthony Jewelry® Papal Cross Pendant with 17" Chain
Most Recent Review
JJFazz1 10/8/2016
I don't like to look like everyone else, and this cross is unique and special. I'm not catholic, but I really admire this Pope and wearing this replica of his cross makes me feel g ... (see full review)
Himalayan Gems™ Tanzanite and Iolite Pendant
Most Recent Review
smk52 10/8/2016
All I can say is "beautiful"Everytime I wear it people stop & tell me how beautiful it is
Victoria Wieck Absolute™ 2.57ctw Double-Chain Necklace
Most Recent Review
Anonymous365 10/8/2016
I think this is a beautiful necklace. The stone just shines!
Sevilla Silver A-Z Script Initial & CZ Pendant w/18" Chain
Most Recent Review
Skooter7346 10/7/2016
This necklace was cheap looking and the clasp was broken. Usually I like Technibond but this was small, cheap looking and broken. I sent it back.
Victoria Wieck 1ctw Absolute™ Modern Drop 18" Necklace
Most Recent Review
naiapapaya 10/7/2016
This is a stunning pendant. I say pendant because the chain it is affixed on (not removable) is short, thin and unimpressive. I will remove it and put it on a jump ring in place of ... (see full review)
King Baby Jewelry Indian Headdress Pendant with  Chain
Most Recent Review
KimmerGee 10/7/2016
I love wearing this while riding my Indian Vintage motorcycle.
Michael Anthony Jewelry® 10K Jesus Cross Pendant
Most Recent Review
M0I 10/7/2016
I had been eyeing this for sometime now, and decided to buy it, only I have it on a chain, and every time I move it has that hollow sound. I'm love the size and and all, this is w ... (see full review)
Studio Barse Sterling Silver Pear-Shaped Pendant
Most Recent Review
justicce 10/6/2016
This necklace is a piece of junk. Returned.
Michael Anthony® 14K Gold 2-Tone Crucifix Pendant
Most Recent Review
Niecy1960 10/6/2016
Very nice. But a bit larger than I expected.
Jade of Yesteryear Carved Jade "Monkey" Pendant w/Chain
Most Recent Review
Magpie88 10/6/2016
I have been disappointed Twice by HSN on Jade of Yesteryear items that I waited to purchase and used a 20% coupon on. Both times, I was sent an obviously returned defective item an ... (see full review)
Victoria Wieck 8.10ctw Absolute™ Radiant-Cut Pendant
Most Recent Review
Tookie444 10/6/2016
Bought this with entire matching set. One of the most gorgeous suites of jewelry I own. Thank you, Victoria.