Emma Skye Blue Crystal Two-Tone Pendant with 18" Chain
Most Recent Review
Ruby292 6/26/2016
The stone was too big and not at all what it looked like on TV. I returned the item.
Studio Barse Gemstone Bar Pendant and Earrings Set
Most Recent Review
Treebird1 6/26/2016
I bought both sets. I loved them. On the turquoise set, an earring just broke for now reason and it was like turquoise sand packed together. I loved it so I sent it all back for ... (see full review)
AMEDEO "Sboccia Di Rosa" 20mm Cameo Pendant with Chain
Most Recent Review
mops1953 6/26/2016
This pendant is really beautiful, I wear it often.I also bought the earrings, which are very comfortable to wear. To make this a complete set, I just bought the ring. Needless to s ... (see full review)
.24ct Absolute™ Coiled Snake Silver Pendant with Chain
Most Recent Review
DeeRonz 6/26/2016
My daughter loves the pendant!! Good quality and I purchased it at a good price.
Michael Anthony® "Home of the Free Because..." Pendant
Most Recent Review
2PugGirl 6/26/2016
Great for the 4th of July and to honor those who keep us free! Very well made. Easy to read and has a nice smooth back. Put it on a MA stainless steel 18" chain. Nice size too! Bet ... (see full review)
Real Collectibles by Adrienne® Whistle Pendant
Most Recent Review
MaryF1962 6/25/2016
I got the gold and it is SO sparkly in the sun. It's just a fun, sporty piece. The chain is very sturdy.
Victoria Wieck Turqoise, Gem and Enamel Vermeil Pendant
Most Recent Review
Lovestodecorate 6/25/2016
The pendant is large and very eye catching,the colors just make the necklace Pop! The size is big and so is the turquoise! My only problem was the turquoise it had a lot of matrix ... (see full review)
Michael Anthony® 10K Gold USA with Stars Pendant
Most Recent Review
Illinoisgal 6/25/2016
This was a nice idea, but you can't even read what is on the pendant. It is too small and too light weight. I had to return.
2.16ct Absolute™ Cluster Cross Pendant with 18" Chain
Most Recent Review
Pappoo64 6/24/2016
I bought this cross for my daughter's birthday.. The picture doesn't do it any justice. It is beautiful. It sparkles like diamonds. I am very pleased with it and would recommend it ... (see full review)
Rarities Ruby and Black Spinel Sword Pendant w/Chain
Most Recent Review
Heathersrocket 6/24/2016
It's a great look. Get a better chain though. The black paint rubs off after wearing it a few times.
Jay King Kingman Blue Basin Turquoise Pendant
Most Recent Review
MofromMi 6/24/2016
Love this larger piece. Love having separate pendants. I get great feedback on this piece. Thanks Jay and HSN
R.J. Graziano "Trinkets and Treasures" Necklace
Most Recent Review
laurie6960 6/24/2016
Not what was expected. Returned.
Jean Dousset 59.33ct Absolute™ Heart Pendant w/Chain
Most Recent Review
vaeya 6/23/2016
This is a large pendant, has a nice weight and not for the faint of heart. The created amethyst is beautiful and has a deep rich purple color. However, the chain is flimsy and wa ... (see full review)
King Baby Jewelry CZ Crown Heart Pendant w/Chain
Most Recent Review
ADermPA 6/23/2016
Very very expensive for CZ and sterling but this does have substantial weight. Also the chain is good quality although I'm not a fan of toggle clasps. So if you can get past the pr ... (see full review)
Rarities 0.51ct Colored & White Diamond "Hamsa" Pendant
Most Recent Review
Fransfavs 6/23/2016
Carol is the queen of protective jewelry. She manages to design not only with that theme in mind but goes the extra mile to make her jewelry chic and stunning. I really love this n ... (see full review)
Jay King Rhodochrosite and Chrysoprase Pendant-Necklace
Most Recent Review
suern11 6/23/2016
THe Rhodochrosite stone in the pendent is so deliciously pink and so clear. THe chrysoprase is also a lovely shade of green and clear. I love how the stones bring out the beauty of ... (see full review)
Technibond® A-Z Script Initial & CZ Pendant w/18" Chain
Most Recent Review
bjsbluemax 6/23/2016
A nice surprise when I opened the package. It is just gorgeous! I plan to get the matching earrings and ring to match!
Imperial Pearls 10-11mm Cultured Pearl Beehive Pendant
Most Recent Review
beeanna 6/23/2016
What a fantastic deal! I bought a matching necklace like this in a dark grey from Imperial a few years ago and loved it. So glad I ordered this, it's an amazing deal. The luster, s ... (see full review)
Imperial Pearls 4-10mm Cultured Pearl Cascade Necklace
Most Recent Review
mynola504 6/22/2016
It's as beautiful as all the other reviews say it it. I only gave it 4 stars because I was expecting it to have an extender.
Jay King Reversible Blue and Purple Turquoise Pendant
Most Recent Review
Phillipthe122 6/22/2016
I decided to send this back even though I love turquoise with leather . Going to hold out for the return of the turquoise Cross and black leather . I bought the same necklace in ... (see full review)
Michael Anthony Jewelry® Papal Cross Pendant with 17" Chain
Most Recent Review
Carryan 6/22/2016
I bought this cross and wear it every day. I never take it off. It is a great purchase and I feel I have the Pope close to my heart.
Victoria Wieck .78ct Absolute™ "Dragonfly" Necklace
Most Recent Review
Nancyd88 6/22/2016
Nice size and believable. The only other thing I'd like is a 17 inch ring as well. Beautifully done.
Noa Zuman Roman Glass "Hamsa" Pendant with 18" Chain
Most Recent Review
mammaduke 6/22/2016
I've always liked Roman Glass pieces however this is only my first piece. And it is beautiful. I like it also because it's not like anything else I have or have seen. The chain ... (see full review)
Bali Designs 3.3ct White Topaz 2-Tone Slider Pendant
Most Recent Review
Brenny1103 6/22/2016
This is a very attractive pendant, but just too large for my personal taste.
Rarities Labradorite Pendant with 30" Beaded Necklace
Most Recent Review
shay834 6/21/2016
I have many Labradorite necklaces and thought I could layer this with them. Lately her necklaces seem st be strung very poorly, and cheaply.They just don't lay correctly.I returned ... (see full review)
Colleen Lopez Gemstone and White Zircon Oval Pendant
Most Recent Review
otters2 6/20/2016
Beautiful. I was so surprised when I received the pendant. Thank you HSN. Thank you Colleen.
Victoria Wieck 3.38ct Multigem "Tree of Life" Pendant
Most Recent Review
wildflower336 6/20/2016
Pendant is beautiful. Love "tree of life" jewelry and this is the best. Put pendant of longer chain and it looks great!
Bellezza .54ct Black Spinel Filigree Cross Pendant
Most Recent Review
bellach 6/20/2016
Has a unique design, wish it come with a nice chain, though, good price, pretty and delicate, yet very presentable as a cross in the back spinel gainst the gold one color, nice qua ... (see full review)
Deb Guyot Herkimer Quartz and "Antler" 30" Necklace
Most Recent Review
KIMTHIB 6/19/2016
This is one of Deb's Best--and coming from me, that says a LOT! The setting of the herk on the horn is perfect, and the black spinel on the bale is a lovely extra touch--not to me ... (see full review)
Victoria Wieck 1ct Absolute™ 14K Gold Pendant with 18" Chain
Most Recent Review
MrPaystheBILLS 6/19/2016
its is the perfect size and it is believable I love this chain
Deb Guyot Rose Quartz Multigemstone Enhancer Pendant
Most Recent Review
Lovestodecorate 6/18/2016
I bought the 36inch Rose Quartz and Herk necklace and tried several enhancers on the necklace but nothing looked just right.I did not want to spend so much money but finally broke ... (see full review)
Victoria Wieck Absolute™ "Cat" Pendant
Most Recent Review
chloekitty 6/17/2016
I love the idea used hear, and particularly love the cat design, but the pendant is far too small for me. Nice workmanship.
Ravenna Gems Cushion-Cut Gem and White Topaz Pendant
Most Recent Review
Aislyn 6/17/2016
This is a very pretty necklace. The garnet is a beautiful deep, rich color. Perfect when you just want simplicity to accompany that perfect summer style.
Jay King Elongated Turquoise and Micro-Opal Pendant
Most Recent Review
Sarnic 6/17/2016
This came apart easily, I am returning for a new one. I am hoping it does not happen again. Love it as it is so beautiful and want to give it a second chance. Gi
Noa Zuman Roman Glass Cross Pendant with 18" Chain
Most Recent Review
starxxi 6/16/2016
Very pretty and unique piece. Only reason for a non 5 star rating is because the chain is so thin
Rarities Sterling Silver Gemstone Cross Pendant
Most Recent Review
kimmbber 6/16/2016
The stones (really small) are so dark they are really nonexistent. There is no presence to this cross at all. Going back.
Technibond® Gemstone "Button" Pendant with 18" Chain
Most Recent Review
jjbighead 6/16/2016
This was a gift and the receiver was very happy. She says she love it.
Rarities 1.74ct Multigem "Evil Eye" 16" Drop Necklace
Most Recent Review
Loopycann 6/15/2016
This necklace is so colorful,cute,and exquisitely beautiful with quality gems! I wore it but the first time putting it on the chain fell apart. I still had more than enough if I wo ... (see full review)
Nicky Butler Gem and Enamel "Iconic Noble" Pin/Pendant
Most Recent Review
Colorist 6/15/2016
What got into him I wonder. I was not in the market to buy any jewelry, but I saw this in presentation and went nuts. The fact that he said it was something different, and not re ... (see full review)
Bali Designs 6.7ct Prasiolite 2-Tone Pendant
Most Recent Review
forever_young4 6/15/2016
This is my first enhancer pendant & am so glad to have a pendant with a generous Vail that can be worn on all kinds of necklaces- metal, cloth, bead, leather, collar etc.due to a l ... (see full review)
Rodrigo New York "Freedom Tower" Drop Necklace
Most Recent Review
DRSmiel 6/15/2016
I love a long necklace that's easy to put on and off. This is not too heavy and doesn't get in the way. I got the pink before it sold out. I hesitated to write this review, hopi ... (see full review)
Michael Anthony Jewelry® 10K Scapular Cross Pendant
Most Recent Review
BRUMRILL 6/15/2016
Pendant is 10K gold but, looks and wears with my other 14K gold jewelry, the same. Buttery rich in color. The stamp process is perfect to see all the detail on front and back. Thou ... (see full review)
Michael Anthony Jewelry® 10K 2-Tone Cross Pendant
Most Recent Review
mb381 6/15/2016
Nicky Butler Multigem Sterling Silver Cross Pendant
Most Recent Review
NeNe52 6/14/2016
I have been looking for a new cross. Pink is my color, but this was very dull and lackluster. The stones didn't sparkle at all and the moonstone in the center looked plastic. So di ... (see full review)
14K White Gold 0.1ct Diamond Pendant w/Singapore Chain
Most Recent Review
e123 6/14/2016
To small it looks bigger on the picture.
Sevilla Gold™ 14K Fluted Heart Pendant 18" Chain
Most Recent Review
sarabethspug 6/13/2016
This is such a pretty heart! It is substantial on the neck and I love the fluting on the heart.
AMEDEO "White Rabbit" 40mm Cameo Pendant with Chain
Most Recent Review
MAXGEM 6/13/2016
Great artistic value. Got it in the bright "rose" color. The wreathe of roses around the rabbit is so detailed. Impressive work! I wanted something different and I found it.
Star Wars "Lightsaber" Drop Necklace
Clearance Price: $11.95
Average Rating 5.0 ( 5 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
Seniorinneed 6/13/2016
This necklace is perfect! It's colorful and jazzy. Looks even better than the picture!
Star Wars "Starfighter" Multicolor Stone Drop Necklace
Most Recent Review
Seniorinneed 6/13/2016
I love this necklace! It's small and delicate and is just right.
Nicky Butler Quartz, Ethiopian Opal & Gem Cross Pendant
Most Recent Review
Ellie1 6/13/2016
My favorite cross ever!! When you open this you will gasp. It is stunning! I have the matching ring and when you wear them together you won't be able to stop looking at them. You w ... (see full review)
Jean Dousset Absolute™ and Synthetic Opal Oval Pendant
Most Recent Review
Lady_Hotman 6/12/2016
This (along with the matching ring) was my first Jean Dousset purchase and I am so pleased. The opal has so much sparkle and fire to it and is a substantial size (unlike many opal ... (see full review)
Michael Anthony Jewelry® 10K Tri-Tone Cross Pendant
Most Recent Review
Jules2175565 6/12/2016
I purposely ordered a crucifix cross, and had been looking for one for some time in gold with a rose gold corpus. I was very excited to find this one, plus the fact Michael Anthony ... (see full review)
Technibond® Birthstone Round Pendant with 18" Chain
Most Recent Review
Ryss 6/12/2016
The stone in this pendant is super pretty. I purchased the Swiss blue topaz and it is very dazzling, and a perfect size. However, when it arrived the chain was so tangled that it l ... (see full review)
Technibond® Graduated Gem Linear Pendant with 18" Chain
Most Recent Review
Ryss 6/12/2016
This pendant is really pretty. I purchased the amethyst and the color is deep and rich. It looks very expensive.
Imperial Pearls 12-13mm Cultured Pearl and Gem Pendant
Most Recent Review
makishI 6/12/2016
Been looking for a single pearl necklace and I found this Imperial Pearl & white topaz sterling pendant. Decided to purchase it for a June birthday gift to myself. Boy, was I gla ... (see full review)
Family Birthstone Pendant
HSN Price: $109.00
Average Rating 3.7 ( 7 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
Anne563 6/11/2016
I love the pendant. I dislike the chain it to was to thin and it knot up so I never wore it. So I put the pendant on another chain.
Absolute™ 0.45ct Open Teardrop Pendant with 18" Chain
Most Recent Review
Advice2 6/10/2016
I love timeless pieces of jewelry. This certainly fits the bill. The bell has a large enough opening that you could use on other necklaces. Wish I had earrings to go with this.
Michael Anthony Jewelry® "Hope" Butterfly Pendant
Most Recent Review
Rosewald1 6/10/2016
I bought this to put on Micheal Anthony's rope chain, and it looks great, I wear it everyday, lovely....
Michael Anthony Jewelry® 10K Praying Hands Cross
Most Recent Review
grandma95 6/10/2016
I love the cross and praying hands together. It is just the perfect size. Shows all my faith in one.
Marcasite Paw Silver Pendant and 18" Cable-Link Chain
Most Recent Review
hagface 6/10/2016
I just got a dog and love my furbaby. I saw this necklace and had to have it. It sparkles like diamonds. I love wearing it and showing my love for my baby.
Marcasite and Garnet Silver Drop Pendant with 18" Chain
Most Recent Review
SandyPenHSN 6/10/2016
The chain is extremely fine and thin. I sent it back.
Himalayan Gems™ Oxidized Mandala Pendant
Most Recent Review
takari 6/9/2016
This is a pretty pendant. It feels solid and has a tactile quality to it. I find myself touching it often while I'm wearing it. I put it on a long black silk cord. And of cours ... (see full review)
Jay King Oval Gemstone Pendant with 18-1/4" Multi-Chain Necklace
Most Recent Review
MaryT222 6/9/2016
Love this necklace. The different colors of blue within it are gorgeous.
Michael Anthony Jewelry® 2-Tone Nativity Stone Dog Tag
Most Recent Review
Catalinaforu 6/9/2016
Very nice gave them at Christmas ..well made
Michael Anthony Jewelry® "Guardian Angel" Charm Pendant
Most Recent Review
greensstable 6/9/2016
This charm is very beautiful. I wear it every day. I plan on purchasing more. Thanks for bringing this beautiful pendant to HSN
Nicky Butler Multigem and Ethiopian Opal Cross Pendant
Most Recent Review
charlotteandhank 6/9/2016
What a beautiful combination! I love Nicky's crosses and this one is so different because of the opals!!!! Another fabulous piece! Thanks Nicky!
Nicky Butler Pink Corundum Multigem Cross Pendant/Chain
Most Recent Review
ligirl641 6/9/2016
The cross is more beautiful in-person. The screen doesn't do it justice.
Jay King Tyrone Turquoise Round Drop Pendant
Most Recent Review
714abc 6/8/2016
I own several hundred Jay King pieces, but this visit I had to return 14 of 15 items due to defects, or disappointing jewelry compared to what was seen on the show. I ordered this ... (see full review)
Nicky Butler Multigem Marquise Dangle Pin/Pendant
Most Recent Review
chocolate-rules 6/8/2016
This is my first Nicky Butler piece of jewelry. The first of many more!! This pendant is exquisitely made. Very high quality. I'm looking forward to wearing it now and in years ... (see full review)
Stately Steel High-Polish "Hamsa" 17" Necklace
Most Recent Review
mm3 6/8/2016
Sometimes we all need a little protection and this little necklace does the trick for me. This is my second Stately Steel piece, I also have a ring. I love wearing steel because I ... (see full review)
Jade of Yesteryear Green Jade "Heart" Pendant w/Chain
Most Recent Review
yoda55 6/7/2016
This is a nice size piece of jade. The workmanship on this is superb. Lots of silver and a nice weight too. I love hearts and the color of this is a very nice shade of green. Love ... (see full review)
Chaco Canyon Turquoise "Feather" Pendant
Most Recent Review
beachglass4 6/7/2016
Big, bold & beautiful. Really enjoy wearing it.