Tulip Scribbles 3D Fabric Paint - 20 Pack
Most Recent Review
crafty642 8/8/2016
Love this paint I've been using this paint for a long time on fabric it's great goes on well with the right brushes and material u can do anything I've done t-shirt and table cover ... (see full review)
Martha Stewart Crafts® Adhesive Stencils - Scrolls
Most Recent Review
Kellybloom 8/8/2016
Easy to use, clever!
Martha Stewart Crafts® Acrylic Paint Set - Satin
Most Recent Review
helkatz72 7/17/2016
Martha stewart paints are generally expensive in the stores, but to our surprise we found these in inventory in the crafts section and had to buy immediately as my wife does alot o ... (see full review)
Plaid Paint by Number Set 2-pack - Floral
Most Recent Review
butchtoni2 7/17/2016
Both are gorgeous, large and so easy to paint. Pure joy.
Royal Langnickel Junior Small Paint By Number Kit
Most Recent Review
Fancy Back Decor Canvas - 8 x 8 White
Most Recent Review
ShopperZero 6/13/2016
These tiny little canvases are cute! My five year old son is using them to paint his paintings and they couldn't be more adorable. I think the size is perfect for things like that ... (see full review)
Liquitex Basics Acrylic Paint - Assorted Colors
Most Recent Review
opheyward 6/2/2016
Got them for my daughter she was so excited to see all the various colors. Great price.
Paint Works Paint By Number Kit 9" x 12" - Frog Pileup
Most Recent Review
meleny 5/23/2016
Granddaughter loved it
Watercolor Painting Art Set with Tin
Most Recent Review
TylouLeDoux 5/16/2016
Excellent quality and reasonably priced.
One-Stroke Brush Caddy
HSN Price: $9.95
Average Rating 4.9 ( 7 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
bjsbluemax 5/15/2016
Bought one for a friend who loves to paint. Her 10 year old daughter commented on how "cool" it was, so I bought a second one for her. Very versatile little item!
Amitha Verma Transform 7-piece Paint Kit
Most Recent Review
Britten 5/8/2016
I was extremely disappointed to learn that after HSN told me the kit had shipped, I was then notified that UPS would not deliver it to Hawaii.I tried a second time and the same thi ... (see full review)
Deluxe Artist Aluminum Easel
HSN Price: $24.95
Average Rating 4.5 ( 2 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
Scarab8 5/6/2016
This is an inexpensive folding easel that I use on the table for my smaller paintings. It is easy to assemble (just place the slotted crossbar at the bottom) and you are off! The ... (see full review)
Plaid Paint by Number Set 2-pack - Birds
Most Recent Review
SFCLCALEX 5/5/2016
did not like it at all.
Martha Stewart Crafts® Grain Striping Comb 2-pack
Most Recent Review
sadeah 4/7/2016
I've not used it yet but just about any tool that is used for distressing will be useful in my projects I'm sure.
Martha Stewart Crafts® Sea Sponge Cubes - 6-pack
Most Recent Review
klmitchell1 3/22/2016
Works good for spending on different textures with different colors overlapping and also first in saline larger stencils. I'm sure I will think of other things to use for them beca ... (see full review)
Plaid Folk Art One-Stroke Palette
Most Recent Review
Poet53 3/4/2016
I love my new pallette. Nothing sticks to it. I did not receive the plaid one even though I ordered it. Just kept the one I received. 4 stars for wrong product.
Omni-Gel Transfer Medium 8 Ounces - Squeeze Bottle
Most Recent Review
SDL88 2/28/2016
I ordered two bottles of this for a Christmas gift for my daughter so we could mount some photos. We got everything in order and opened the bottles up and not one, but BOTH were u ... (see full review)
Martha Stewart Crafts® Detailing Brush Set 5-pack
Most Recent Review
Robinneer 2/25/2016
Great brushes for small or detail work.
Martha Stewart® Acrylic Paint Set-Pearl and Metallic
Most Recent Review
jellibeans 2/12/2016
This paint is perfect for the art projects that I am using it for
Pentel Arts Aquash Fine Point Water Brush - Large
Most Recent Review
chingching123 2/11/2016
Loved it. With prisma color it did its job. Brush painted great for small and large water color
Van Gogh Watercolor Tube Set - Set of 12
Most Recent Review
chingching123 12/31/2015
Great, colors was clear and bright. Nice set
Martha Stewart Crafts® Stencil Tape 3/4" x 30 Yards
Most Recent Review
chingching123 12/31/2015
Very good, held water color paper also. The size was good too
Foil Engraving 8" x 10" Art Kit Value Pack
Most Recent Review
meleny 12/28/2015
great product
Borden and Riley #234 Paris Bleedproof Pads - 40 Sheets
Most Recent Review
Hopebaby 12/8/2015
I do ink drawings as well as "tangling" and I bought this to have a nice surface in a large size for tangle inspired art. The price was good for the quality of the paper too.
Tulip Fabric Paint Starter Kit - Slick
Most Recent Review
horatio70 12/6/2015
What's not to like about this?Giving it to my step granddaughter who is really "in" to this kind of stuff. She will love the colors.
Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Standing Art Easel
Most Recent Review
Steeler7 11/12/2015
Box arrived damaged. The easel's white board and chalk board was bend.
Royal Langnickel Sketching Easel Kit with Storage Bag
Most Recent Review
friend2 10/27/2015
good product
Oil and Acrylics Bristle Brush Set - 8-pack
Most Recent Review
ValJapczyk 10/14/2015
Right out of the packet these brushes were losing bristles. Forget about the mess they made on canvas. I had to let my paint dry and pick off the bristles and start over again. Did ... (see full review)
Royal Langnickel Sable/Camel 10-piece Brush Set
Most Recent Review
bagladie 9/21/2015
for the price these are a great value. As a artist I'm always trying to find good brushes. I like the green handles very pretty
Craftwell eBrush Airbrush System with Siphon Kit
Most Recent Review
tracey178 9/12/2015
I use it for my cakes
Martha Stewart Crafts® Large Alphabet Stencil - Serif
Most Recent Review
passionateflame 8/16/2015
Have not used the stencils, they are not what I expected
One-Stroke Brush Set - 10 Brushes
Most Recent Review
bkagrams 6/26/2015
one stroke brushes are amazing, they really help make your paintings look professional! Wouldn't use any other kind!
Martha Stewart Crafts® Adhesive Stencils - Typewriter
Most Recent Review
Tigsmom1 5/11/2015
these are great stencils they come apart so u can stick them even on round items in very pleased thanks again hsn u guys rock!!!!!
Grumbacher 5-pack Oil and Acrylic Brush Set
Most Recent Review
rickiem 2/6/2015
A very nice set.
Travel Easy Artist Sets - Acrylic Paints
Most Recent Review
LisaSiLex 1/21/2015
This was a gift for my daughter and she loves it. Well worth the price. High quality bonus paper (almost canvas), good paint, great value.
Travel Easy Artist Sets - Watercolor Paints
Most Recent Review
debbi59 1/16/2015
These are really nice paint sets good for beginners or those who have painted before comparable to sets I have purchased before. Nice colors excellent for teaching children.
Martha Stewart Crafts® Acrylic Craft Paint Set- Glitter
Most Recent Review
Remi55 12/22/2014
Glad I bought it great assortment.
Martha Stewart Adhesive Stencils - Fair Isle Dots
Most Recent Review
too filmsy
Martha Stewart Crafts® Dauber 6-piece Set
Most Recent Review
after a few uses they fell apart
Martha Stewart Adhesive Silkscreen - Exotic Blossoms
Most Recent Review
too flimsy
Martha Stewart Crafts® Medium Stencils - Four Seasons
Most Recent Review
too filmsy
Martha Stewart Crafts® Large Stencils - Tapestry
Most Recent Review
whitedoves1 9/7/2014
Cant wait to stencil my patio glass door with white paint and these stencils its fun to stencil glass windows do the whole window for privacy
Liquitex 118ml 6-pack Basics Acrylic Paint - Assorted
Most Recent Review
susihop9 8/30/2014
Great brushes - love them.
Royal Langnickel 10-piece Sable/Camel Set
Most Recent Review
shaken2007 8/20/2014
These are nice brushes for all types of painting and all types of crafts.
Sew Ribbon Tool and Stencil
HSN Price: $14.95
Average Rating 4.9 ( 23 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
carolj17 5/31/2014
Very easy to work with. Gives a bit of extra sparkle to cards and banners.This company, We R Memory Keepers makes very solid products that are easy to use, with results that look v ... (see full review)
Royal Langnickel Gold Taklon 10pc Blue-Handle Brush Set
Most Recent Review
yankee49 12/27/2013
grandchild happy w/brushes.
Folk Art One-Stroke Brush Set
HSN Price: $15.95
Average Rating 5.0 ( 1 Review )
Most Recent Review
paper 5/26/2012
I'm a better painter with these brushes.
Martha Stewart Crafts® Large Alphabet Stencil - Italic
Most Recent Review
bunnie47 3/24/2012
I feel this should have been made from a plastic material. I don't know how long these will hold up. Design is great, they just won't hold up.
Donna Dewberry One-Stroke Brush Set
Most Recent Review
debdave 2/13/2012
Great brushes! Thanks!!
Tulip Fabric Paint Starter Kit - Crystals
Most Recent Review
Poopsie1994 11/14/2009
I have read alot of the reviews about how the paint spits out on a line! Well if you are having trouble you can use a wooden stick with a point on it. Paint in any form is unpredic ... (see full review)
Shiva Paintstik Brush Set Of 4 -
HSN Price: $12.95
Average Rating 5.0 ( 1 Review )
Most Recent Review
Fordsquaw 9/8/2009
Very nice brushes, but found out that they were a little overpriced! Oh, well!
Tulip Fabric Paint Starter Kit - Neon Glow
Most Recent Review
Anonymous 10/3/2008
I feel it is hard to use all the paint in the tube. Also, when you are trying to use the paint, it has a tendancy to spoutter and ruin your strait line. I had to keep shaking the b ... (see full review)