Kitchen Master Slicer/Dicer with Peeler Tool
Most Recent Review
mammatonya 12/8/2016
This made my prep time fly by... This is what I needed. It really works!
Allrecipes™ 5-piece Silicone Kitchen Tool Set
Most Recent Review
missie221 12/8/2016
Nicely made but eggs slide off spatula and I had to hold food on with my hand to get food to plate. Very slippery.
Wolfgang Puck Bistro Elite Foldable Digital Thermometer
Most Recent Review
grammyshops 12/8/2016
Simple to use and read the temperature
Core Kitchen Comfort Grip 6-Piece Nylon Utensil Set
Most Recent Review
Cyndi2727 12/7/2016
Nice set!!!
Starfrit Electric Peeler and Spiralizer w/Spare Blades
Most Recent Review
Squirrel12 12/7/2016
It missed more than it peeled. The fruit kept coming lose, no matter how hard I pushed it into place.
Wolfgang Puck Bistro Elite Battery-Operated Wine Opener
Most Recent Review
1mp 12/7/2016
Gave one and one for me. They Loved it, and so do I.So far they are great.
Curtis Stone Spill-Free Glass Oil Infuser
Most Recent Review
deana65 12/7/2016
Love ,love, love, this. I ended up buying 4 total. you , can make your own oil and it cost so much less!!
Wolfgang Puck Bistro Elite Cooling Rolling Pin
Most Recent Review
Mailene 12/7/2016
my daughter said it rolls good but bad on her hands so I got her the kind with handles that she kikes better. She has a home cookie business
Wolfgang Puck Stainless Steel Potato Ricer
Most Recent Review
Dealinbabe 12/7/2016
I bought this after watching the demo and after using it I loved it so much I ordered another one for my daughter. It makes doing mashed potatoes a breeze and so creamy and smooth. ... (see full review)
HSN Cares Curtis Stone Countertop Lid Rest
Most Recent Review
Southernfried 12/7/2016
The lid rest has been so handy ever since I bought one that I had to order one for my daughters. I always did hate the wetness on my stove or counter when I had to place a hot lid ... (see full review)
Curtis Stone Mix, Store & Look 6pc Bowl Set w/Lids
Most Recent Review
jimmyh 12/7/2016
Work as expected
Wolfgang Puck Bistro Elite 3-in-1 Peeler–Corer–Slicer
Most Recent Review
1mrsh 12/6/2016
I make a lot of fruit pies and looked fwd to help from my favorite celebrity chef. What a disappointment. The peeler gauged chunks of apple off with the peel. Could not adjust a ... (see full review)
Carving Board
HSN Price: $24.99
Average Rating 4.5 ( 22 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
sassygal1 12/6/2016
I bought two of these in different designs for Chrstmas presents. They look great. A no brainer for the cook or grill master.
Simply Ming Gourmet Electric Spice Mills 2pc Gift Set
Most Recent Review
feezels 12/6/2016
I was so excited to get these but did not see anywhere that I would need 12 triple A batteries to make them work. So it meant a trip to the store before I could use them.The light ... (see full review)
Chef Buddy™ Pancake Batter Dispenser
Most Recent Review
Brandy6 12/6/2016
The first one I received looked like it had been used. The bottom dispenser was scratched up and rusty. There were rust spot along the inside dispenser part. I returned it for a ... (see full review)
Thaw Claw Underwater Frozen Food Defrosting Device
Most Recent Review
mickeylyn58 12/6/2016
This is something that we will use on a regular basis. We tested the thaw claw in water and it does work. This item will be used a lot. No longer will we have to hold frozen items ... (see full review)
Curtis Stone Set of 4 Kitchen Scissors
Most Recent Review
deedee2227 12/6/2016
These are the worst scissors ever! The fall apart and are dull.
Wolfgang Puck Bistro Elite 12-piece Prep & Garnish Set
Most Recent Review
geema540 12/5/2016
Will take some practice, but so far I like how the garnish set is working for us.
Curtis Stone Set of (2) 9" Stainless and Silicone Tongs
Most Recent Review
nanarocky 12/5/2016
They look like they will do the jobs they are supose to do
Zyliss Pump Action Oil Mister
HSN Price: $14.99
Average Rating 3.9 ( 9 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
sd3126 12/5/2016
Great compliment to the air fryer. Bought another for a friend for Christmas.
Wolfgang Puck Bistro Elite 12pc Mixing Bowl/Prep Set
Most Recent Review
piotter 12/4/2016
very nice
Bell & Howell Set of 2 Nonstick Mesh Crisper Trays
Most Recent Review
birdiechick 12/4/2016
I bought this because they had a small basket the toaster oven. Otherwise I would have gotten it on a different website because it was cheaper. The mesh is pretty sturdy but it's s ... (see full review)
Prepara Herb Saver Pod 3-pack - White
Most Recent Review
Latingem 12/4/2016
This works! keeps the herbs fresh longer, as advertised.
Curtis Stone Countertop Lid Rest
Most Recent Review
nightkitten00 12/4/2016
Bought this as a gift for a friend and myself and we both absolutely love it it is the perfect solution on what to do with a lid while you're cooking
Simply Ming Stainless Steel Gourmet Tong and Skimmer
Most Recent Review
butterfly12 12/4/2016
Beautiful red utensils
Wolfgang Puck Bistro Prep and Garnish 12-piece Set
Most Recent Review
lenn 12/3/2016
Not what I expected. Many of the items were very small and the quality of some were just ok. I liked the idea of the pouch but not enough to keep. Some of the items I already had ... (see full review)
Mario Batali by Dansk Wooden Soup Spoon
Most Recent Review
NCnurse4 12/3/2016
purchased this with the slotted spoon and my sister loves it
Mario Batali by Dansk Slotted Wooden Spoon
Most Recent Review
NCnurse4 12/3/2016
purchased for my sister and she loves it
Simply Ming Bamboo Non-Skid Cutting Board
Most Recent Review
TrishW358 12/3/2016
This is an excellent weight such that it stays put when you are using it. And the drip groove is definitely good to have. Oiled it like the instructions said and it looks good. ... (see full review)
Zeroll Set of 2 Ice Cream Scoops
Most Recent Review
420susan 12/2/2016
How did I live without..must have.....
Wolfgang Puck Set of 3 Bamboo Cutting Boards
Most Recent Review
Tsivia 12/2/2016
Wolfgang Puck's products are the best.I love everything I've gotten from him and thesebeautiful cutting boards made of bamboo is nodifferent. When I oiled them as instructed, theg ... (see full review)
Wolfgang Puck Bistro Elite 3-piece Spatula Set
Most Recent Review
PaulaCO 12/2/2016
I own many spatula sets and the handles always break. I LOVE these stainless handles, thanks Wolfgang for a forever upgrade! I wish the heads were a little largermaybe you can desi ... (see full review)
Infusion Collection Triple-Burner Buffet Lid Rest
Most Recent Review
Shocat 12/2/2016
This is very nice but, It only holds (1) lid. If you want to rest the other lids, you must order (3) instead of (1).
Curtis Stone Stainless Steel Multipurpose Pizza Cutter
Most Recent Review
Bren41 12/1/2016
Like very much, great and multpurpose use in the kitchen.
Wolfgang Puck Spice Mill Duo with Adjustable Grinders
Most Recent Review
2100melanie 12/1/2016
right out of the box, this did not work, it does not grind, pretty disappointed!
PL8 Mandoline Slicer and 3-piece Snap-Fit Peeler Set
Most Recent Review
shopdaddy 12/1/2016
The PL8 Mandoline slicer is very sharp.Cuts through items extremely easily,Caution! Blades are very sharp so use of the slider should be mandatory.
Chopped™ 2-piece Chef's Essentials Tool Set
Most Recent Review
NanaPooks 11/29/2016
This is by far the best utensil set I've EVER purchased ! I've been searching for a spatula like this for almost 2 years now with no luck, I was SO happy to see this on the tv one ... (see full review)
Curtis Stone Topsy Turvy 2-in-1 Wash Bowl and Colander
Most Recent Review
Durh419 11/29/2016
With limited space, I appreciate a dual purpose item in the kitchen. I also use it to store fruit on the counter.
Bell + Howell Rotochop 3-blade Multi-Chopper 2-pack
Most Recent Review
MrsDAyers14 11/29/2016
I had to chop things up more than I thought I'd have to just to get them in there. Then it didn't work very easily or efficiently. Disappointed.
Wolfgang Puck Bistro Elite 6pc Stainless Steel Tool Set
Most Recent Review
body111 11/29/2016
All the pieces are very good
Allrecipes™ 6-Blade Mandolin Slicer/Dicer Prep Tool
Most Recent Review
Rousse16 11/29/2016
I would give this a review as asked by HSN but 16 days after ordering I still don't have my order and this is After I called to inquire about it. While I was ordering the agent add ... (see full review)
Curtis Stone Stainless Steel Pineapple Cutter
Most Recent Review
casequeen 11/29/2016
Not as easy as it appeared.
Trudeau Chop 'n' Clear Cutting Board
Most Recent Review
scarlett811 11/29/2016
Just what I have been looking for. Love the two drawers and it is just the right size totally protects my granite countertop. Highly recommend
Simply Ming Bamboo & Silicone 4pc Gourmet Utensil Set
Most Recent Review
Tony37 11/28/2016
I love wood handled utensils, but these need to be sanded down with more fine sand paper. They are kind of rough and may actually cause wood slivers to get stuck in fingers. The pa ... (see full review)
Personal Creations Personalized Wood Utensil Set
Most Recent Review
moniquesaucedo 11/28/2016
Bought these as a gift, the engravement came out really good.
Wolfgang Puck Bistro Elite Silicone Oven Glove Set
Most Recent Review
MydniteRavyn 11/27/2016
These are wonderful! No more slipping of the average pot holders! They make your grip more secure and reliable! Everyone should own a pair!
Prepara Herb Saver Eco - White
HSN Price: $19.99
Average Rating 3.5 ( 6 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
dfields 11/27/2016
This didn't do anything different than placing herbs in a glass of water. Did a side comparison and both the herb holding and a glass of water yielded the same results. Going ba ... (see full review)
Elite Bistro 4-piece Nonstick-Safe Utensil Set
Most Recent Review
LLKF824 11/26/2016
these have been really great for cooking with my Elite Bistro Pressure pot.They have really been handy when I needed them. I would recommend them for anyone.
Ming Tsai 6-piece Metallic Prep Bowl and Storage Set
Most Recent Review
Mycayenne 11/26/2016
Bought these bowls awhile back, only started using them for prep at Thanksgiving. What a shock when red paint specks started coming off. VERY disappointed in this product. Would n ... (see full review)
Perfect Sense Set of 2 Easy-Read Meat Thermometers
Most Recent Review
DoxyMom 11/26/2016
The dial on my old thermometer was so small, it was hard to determine the temperature correctly. I used this one on the turkey this year and it made checking the temperature so mu ... (see full review)
Kitchen Master Mandoline Slicer with 2 Blades
Most Recent Review
Sailor43135 11/26/2016
Very well made, nice and sturdy .. Very sharp blades and really nice adjustments.. I use mine most days. I have a big power slicer that goes on my Kitchenaid but this is so quick a ... (see full review)
Curtis Stone Burger Press and Meat Tenderizer Set
Most Recent Review
Tawanna 11/26/2016
It arrived. The handle is heavy, as you would expect, and the two clear "tubes" seems adequate - would probably feel more comfortable because sometimes I get heavy-handed and I don ... (see full review)
Curtis Stone Stainless Steel 4pc Utensil Set
Most Recent Review
peanut6915 11/25/2016
Love these stainless steel utensils. Very sturdy even the handle is wonderful to hold not heavy just perfect in weight & size. Fits just right in my kitchen & look great!
Curtis Stone Coffee and Spice Grinder
Most Recent Review
OSCARCAT 11/25/2016
This is a very good grinder. I use it primarily for coffee and am very pleased. Not only does the coffee not stick to the bowl, but there is almost no dust on the inside of the cov ... (see full review)
Kelsey Nixon Essentials 3-Blade Compact Grater
Most Recent Review
Jannie5511 11/25/2016
I just got it this past week and haven't had a need to use it yet. Can't say if it works well or not. we'll see.
Cuisinart Set of 7 Crock with Barrel Handle Tools
Most Recent Review
NCnurse4 11/25/2016
thats what my sister says she loves the utensils and they work well with ceramic pans too I got these for a present for her
Wolfgang Puck Bistro Elite Measuring-Bowl Digital Scale
Most Recent Review
DDog49 11/25/2016
You didn't tell us it needs batteries! Thank you for that! It is NOT microwavable either!
Excellent Chef 9-piece Multichopper
Most Recent Review
donnetta 11/25/2016
Just not good and sturdy. The large bowl is nice and can be used. However the blades are sharp as I cut my finger trying to clean this.
Curtis Stone Chop Chop All-in-One Prep Tool
Most Recent Review
ohno299 11/24/2016
I really wanted to love this this product however it broke the first time we used it which was last night while chopping potatoes. Good thing my daughter noticed the plastic piece ... (see full review)
Joseph® Joseph Elevate™ 6pc Utensil Set with Carousel
Most Recent Review
Sven24 11/23/2016
This set of Joseph Joseph untensils are just what I needed, they look nice in my kitchen and do not take up any space at all. Also, they have good weight to them I'm impressed with ... (see full review)
Debbie Meyer CakeCutter Trio™
Sale Price: $24.95
Average Rating 4.5 ( 47 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
Lois1933 11/23/2016
Looks like it will be good; fact is it will be a Christmas gift so could only give it 4 stars at this time.
Cole & Mason Derwent Pepper Mill
HSN Price: $39.99
Average Rating 5.0 ( 1 Review )
Most Recent Review
BobbieDoo 11/23/2016
Great shaker
Cole & Mason Derwent Salt Mill
HSN Price: $39.99
Average Rating 5.0 ( 1 Review )
Most Recent Review
BobbieDoo 11/23/2016
Great Shaker
Kelsey Nixon Essentials Set of 2 Silicone Whisks
Most Recent Review
JMM30 11/23/2016
Well, all I can say is: My kitchen is a happier place with Kelsey Nixon's colorful silicone whisks in it. I smile every time I see them and use them. While I LOVE cooking anyway ... (see full review)
Trudeau Stress Less Can Opener
HSN Price: $21.95
Average Rating 4.3 ( 29 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
Dee5123 11/23/2016
Yes CanOpener is really nice better than the other ones just put it on top and it goes around it opens a whole top for you that's what everyone wants and doesn't have does all the ... (see full review)
DASH Stainless Steel Spoon and Tongs Skillet Prep Set
Most Recent Review
teatree 11/21/2016
I ordered this set during a kitchen item promotion. Didn't give it much thought, just that I could use another pair of tongs, but these are excellent. The spoon is something I'd be ... (see full review)
Cuisinart 14-piece Deluxe Grilling Tool Set with Case
Most Recent Review
iam2tall1 11/21/2016
Very happy with this set.Was ship very fast.
Progressive Onion Chopper and Keeper Set
Most Recent Review
Chassdad 11/21/2016
Love it, it's a bit pricey but worth it.
Zyliss Easy-Pull Manual Food Processor
Most Recent Review
hockey0300 11/20/2016
love it- Really handy, easy to use & clean. going to be stocking stuffer for Xmas.
PL8 Gourmet Slicer and Professional Mandoline
Most Recent Review
JoKnee1 11/19/2016
Works ok but isn't easier then other methods of slicing. Like that it's dishwasher safe.
Maverick Redi Chek Versatile Remote Thermometer
Most Recent Review
LeeannDinGL 11/19/2016
I wished I bought this sooner. This thermometer is amazing! I LOVE that I don't have to babysit the BBQ or oven. I can actually sit and enjoy time with my family. The thermometer i ... (see full review)
Chef Art Smith Smartbowl Glass Cooking System 3-pack
Most Recent Review
FASTBALL2 11/17/2016