Elite Rotating Bundt Cake Maker
Most Recent Review
mowida 1/18/2017
After watching the video and reading the instructions, I cleaned the new cooker inside with vinegar, then oiled it up as instructed. I heated it up twice, oiling each time. Then ... (see full review)
Secure Meal Replacement - 100 Servings
Most Recent Review
Sherri31 1/18/2017
I got this in the coffee flavor. It's tastes awesome. Just like a fattening coffee shake. My husband and I liked it so much we bought the variety packets and the today's special th ... (see full review)
Hefty Clip Fresh 34-piece Food Storage Set
Most Recent Review
Helga19 1/18/2017
I just got the two sets I ordered and I am very happy with them.I am sending one set on to Florida where I have a condo.I always cook big and my neighbors always are the recipients ... (see full review)
Origami Folding Kitchen Island Cart with Casters
Most Recent Review
two2motown 1/18/2017
This cart is: easy to assemble, just unfold and put casters on, strong & sturdy, rolls easily but stays in place while using. I am so happy I bought this, if I had room I'd get ano ... (see full review)
Elite Bistro 2qt Electric Pressure Cooker with Recipes
Most Recent Review
finita2 1/18/2017
I have very happy with my pressure cooker.
Giannios 6 lbs. Assorted Chocolates in Signature Tin
Most Recent Review
lklem 1/18/2017
These are beyond belief. I can't stop eating them. One candy is better than the next. Don't hesitate to purchase Giannios candies. They are to die for.
Hale Groves Honeybell Oranges
Sale Price: $29.95 - $49.95
Average Rating 3.2 ( 16 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
grandmax6 1/18/2017
First let me say that I had ordered 2 trays, but only had 1 delivered. My honeybells that I did receive looked nothing like the ones they showed on HSN. Not pretty oranges at all ... (see full review)
Wolfgang Puck 3-in-1 Handheld Knife & Scissor Sharpener
Most Recent Review
delightfuldiva 1/18/2017
I now have a kitchen full of sharp knives and scissors. Easy and safe to use. Great buy!
Debbie Meyer UltraLite GreenBoxes™ 84-piece Set
Most Recent Review
patrick7442 1/18/2017
Great product
Curtis Stone Multipurpose Stainless Steel Steamer Tray
Most Recent Review
DebRoy1963 1/18/2017
cleans easy and holds a lot!
Curtis Stone DuraPan Nonstick 14" Multipurpose Pan
Most Recent Review
DebRoy1963 1/18/2017
Love this pan! Large cooking surface, cleans VERY easy!
WrapMaster Set of 3 Kitchen Wrap Dispensers
Most Recent Review
Miladykatherine 1/18/2017
These are a bit light-weight but fun to have and use all the same. I like them a lot.
Arctica Stainless Vacuum-Insulated 20 oz. Tumbler 2pk
Most Recent Review
Debish 1/18/2017
Maybe if you don't take a sip it will keep everything warmer, but that's not realistic. I haven't tried it with cold beverages yet. This tumbler keeps things warmer than the aver ... (see full review)
Curtis Stone Set of 4 Kitchen Scissors
Most Recent Review
lady52544 1/18/2017
that didnt want. But i think they are great and you dont know you will use scissors in the kitchen until you have aset
Mediterra Sweet Nutrition Bars Assortment
Sale Price: $24.95 - $39.95
Average Rating 5.0 ( 1 Review )
Most Recent Review
kangas 1/17/2017
I received these today. The individual bars were wrapped in red tissue & neatly packed in the shipping box (?) I'm wondering why they were not in their own box. I tried the Apricot ... (see full review)
Simply Ming 1800W Induction Burner and Free 9-1/2" Pan
Most Recent Review
CaAnt 1/17/2017
First time for an Induction Burner and was anticipating a new way to cook. The TV demos made this look easy.Well..the pan stinks - everything sticks ; used a dab of olive oil for t ... (see full review)
DASH Truglide Rapid Egg Cooker
Most Recent Review
CaroleAtl 1/17/2017
This DASH Rapid Egg Cooker does what it says. I have always wanted to cook hard boiled eggs without having the shell difficult to come off. Read the instructions and its easy. The ... (see full review)
Tony Little 12-count or 24-count All Natural Gobble Up Turkey Burgers
Most Recent Review
unhappy843 1/17/2017
This is approx. my fourth purchase of burgers, as it states above no good. To much salt and entirely to much grease . When I cook these burgers they swim in grease. WILL NOT PURCHA ... (see full review)
Curtis Stone DuraPan Nonstick 2pc Interlocking Fry Pans
Most Recent Review
Mystymoon 1/17/2017
Love everything about these! The nonstick surface is amazing, they cook nicely, they look nice! I had Green Pans before and love these so much better! Getting a whole set next!
Wolfgang Puck Bistro Elite 12pc Mixing Bowl/Prep Set
Most Recent Review
Dizzylynn 1/17/2017
This is a very nice set. It has been used constantly ever since I received it. Would recommend this to anyone.
Protein Sensations Bars - Chocolate Peanut Butter
Most Recent Review
luckylady2111 1/17/2017
I order 3 thinking I was going to give one as a gift it taste so good I keep them all, very healthy too
DASH Chef 1400-Watt Premium Digital Blender
Most Recent Review
janeite 1/17/2017
Received my blender yesterday. Had even gone to the store to stock up on milk and fruit and all good smoothie ingrdients ready to try it out. Blgger/taller than I expected so I re ... (see full review)
FreshPaper 3-pack of 8-count Bread-Saver Sheets
Most Recent Review
dicksgirl 1/17/2017
They work!!!! I have them for over a month now, and I am amazed how long the vegetables have stayed fresh. It works for the bread too. It saves so much money. Never want to be wi ... (see full review)
DASH Dozen Egg Cooker
Sale Price: $24.95
Average Rating 4.4 ( 206 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
Lucas12 1/17/2017
I love my egg cooker. No more frustration with the hard boing eggs Perfect every time. and I love that I can boil many at the same time. I also like the stainless. no plastic. It ... (see full review)
Lorena Garcia Skinny Mini One-Touch Cooker
Most Recent Review
honestly13 1/17/2017
Totally forgot this. Too small. But worse does not cook properly. Doesn't heat up enough to make a meal. Defective? Is this why it is.on clearance? Don't waste your money.
DASH 2.5-liter Iced Beverage Brewer
Most Recent Review
griller 1/17/2017
The tea it brewed was not good at all. I don't know, just tasted different. Another thing it does not shut off after brewing. Stick with the Mr Coffee Cafe tea maker.
Char-Broil Big Easy Fryer Cover
Clearance Price: $12.96
Average Rating 4.5 ( 15 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
Buke815 1/17/2017
Good quality, good fit.
XO Baking Co. 4-pack Gluten Free Pound Cake Mix
Most Recent Review
charger1 1/17/2017
I loved baking cupcakes with this mix and made a layered birthday cake too. Gave one as a gift after the raves of how delicious it tasted. GF was a plus for those who have a sweet ... (see full review)
Holstein Fun Collection 12-Cupcake Maker
Most Recent Review
yearwoodbiz 1/17/2017
Was a little skeptical buying this machine but when I first used it I love it. I received it on Friday and made cupcakes Sat, Sun and Mon. I even ordered two as gifts, one for my s ... (see full review)
NutriBullet 900 with Natural Healing Foods Book
Most Recent Review
nikkindan 1/17/2017
Very nice product
Bell & Howell Set of 2 Nonstick Mesh Crisper Trays
Most Recent Review
guevaragal 1/17/2017
Wolfgang Puck 3.5-Liter Digital Flash Fryer w/Oil Drain
Most Recent Review
BK24 1/17/2017
My husband uses this fryer for catfishHe loves it. Said it holds plenty and cooks evenlyI get the honor of cleaning it. It breaks down wonderfully for ease of washing and not havin ... (see full review)
Set of 2 Microwave Roasting Pans
Most Recent Review
guevaragal 1/17/2017
used it two times so far, dries out the hamburgers, cooks vegies ok but have other smaller micro dishes that also do that, so far i do not see ... (see full review)
Debbie Meyer GreenBags® 40-piece Storage Bag Set
Most Recent Review
Caitynana 1/17/2017
I love how excited the HSN crew gets during the airing of these products. I always try to be logical about the whole thing but this time, they got me.. The thought of not throwing ... (see full review)
Ultimate Oatmeal
Sale Price: $23.90 - $99.90
Average Rating 4.8 ( 192 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
CHOLLA 1/17/2017
We ran out of this oatmeal. While waiting for our order to come, we used a well known brand from the grocery store. I've come to the conclusion that Andrew's oatmeal has made us "o ... (see full review)
Curtis Stone Digital Read Meat Thermometer
Most Recent Review
taurusgirl49 1/17/2017
I bought the Curtis Stone Meat Thermometer because it looked like it was easier to read and it is! Still have to wear my reading glasses, but do not have to squint as much. Now ... (see full review)
"Delicious Meals Made Easy" Pressure Cooker Cookbook
Most Recent Review
Vonn129 1/17/2017
I ordered this cookbook when I ordered the 2qt Elite pressure cooker thinking that there would be conversions for the 2 qt. Wrong! The conversions were for 4QT and 6QT and recipe ... (see full review)
Zyliss Easy-Pull Manual Food Processor with Accessories
Most Recent Review
ria46 1/17/2017
I received this product and used it to chop chicken for salad. I didn't think it would work but it did a great job. I would recommend this to everyone.Marie
Infusion Collection 8pc Triple Burner Buffet Set
Most Recent Review
Trina123833 1/17/2017
Love this product so versatile
Set of 2 Microwave Multicookers
HSN Price: $24.95
Average Rating 4.0 ( 4 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
judy58 1/17/2017
I bought this product and I gave one to my daughter and the grandkids made rice in it it was delicious tasted real good they didn't believe it but when they tried it they where lik ... (see full review)
Improvements Clear Ice 30 lb. Capacity Ice Maker
Most Recent Review
Trina123833 1/17/2017
Used for holidays works great. Lots of ice all sizes You
Infusion Collection Triple-Burner Buffet Lid Rest
Most Recent Review
Trina123833 1/17/2017
Good product
Wrap Master Set of 2 Foil and Plastic Wrap Dispensers
Most Recent Review
sam05 1/17/2017
This set is my third set over many years. I've had to replace them only because the plastic locking mechanisms broke, but I could never live without these dispensers. They are on ... (see full review)
Debbie Meyer GeniusSponge with Scrubber™ - Set of 12
Most Recent Review
linn63 1/17/2017
I cannot believe these sponges!! they don't get mildewed and smell. they do everything they say they do! I have been searching for sponges like this forever! I really can't bel ... (see full review)
DASH 14" Extra-Large Nonstick Rapid Skillet with Lid
Most Recent Review
countrygirlwis 1/17/2017
This pan is wonderful. I use it for family Breakfast when I have my Daughter and her family over and I only have to use one pan. We do this several times a year and I also plan t ... (see full review)
Clever Cutter Deluxe Set of 2 Chopper and Slicer
Most Recent Review
bobbie261 1/17/2017
Was so excited to give these as gifts. Opened them so I could rewrap them. First no peeler, then thought I would try the cutters. One was super sharp and the other would not cut ... (see full review)
Char-Broil 22-piece Accessory Kit for Big Easy Roaster
Most Recent Review
Buke815 1/17/2017
Good quality, fits well.
Mind Reader Coupe 30-Coffee Pod Drawer
Most Recent Review
Crystal11285 1/17/2017
Works great. Good buy.
Lorena Garcia Skinny Mini™ Spice Mill Set with Stand
Most Recent Review
mikeB 1/17/2017
This product is the worst. Better have a salt and pepper shakers handy.
DASH 2-pack Mini Rice Cookers with Recipes
Most Recent Review
DocWhoSan 1/17/2017
I just used these for the first time and was not disappointed. I made brown rice in one and gandules in the other. It came out fantastic! I knew I'd love them. Best Christmas buy e ... (see full review)
Elite 8qt 16-Function Pressure Cooker with Rack & Lid
Most Recent Review
cassangel 1/17/2017
Been using this a lot. Makes mealtimes more efficient!
Giannios 1 lb. of Sea Salt Caramels in a Golden Box
Most Recent Review
peagee 1/16/2017
It love these sea salt and caramels. Originally purchased as part of a large tin, but loved this flavor so much I had to buy myself a pound. Highly recommend.
Origami Kitchen Cart Plastic Cutting Board
Most Recent Review
Doristoo 1/16/2017
for my other Kitchen Cart.Have a juicing machine on top, this stabilizes the Juicer and protects the beautiful wood top.
FreshPaper 3pk of 8-count Produce-Saver Sheets
Most Recent Review
truthbtold2u 1/16/2017
I didn't think these were going to work but gave it the time and fruit and veggies did last longer. I do recommend putting in fridge though. So much better then the green contai ... (see full review)
Debbie Meyer UltraLite GreenBoxes™ Choice of 24-piece, 48-piece or 72-piece Set
Most Recent Review
Mikeyj9 1/16/2017
They work exactly as advertised. I love them.
Curtis Stone DuraPan Nonstick 12" Frypan
Most Recent Review
christella 1/16/2017
Glad I purchased this. It's amazing and will probably get others in his collection. Wish it came with a lid! EASY Cleaning!!
Curtis Stone DuraPan Nonstick Double-Burner Grill Pan
Most Recent Review
arod167 1/16/2017
Very easy to use, does what it says will do, clean up is a breeze, food comes out perfect and no need for added oil. I would recommend this to anyone!! I'm truly a believer of this ... (see full review)
Wolfgang Puck Twist-and-Mix 2-Speed Hand Mixer
Most Recent Review
Vickie2690 1/16/2017
Got this for my daughter as a gift I had wrapped it for Xmas . By the time she used it she plugged the mixer up it gave a spark at the wall she didn't think anything pushed the bu ... (see full review)
Simply Ming Ceramic Nonstick 6-piece Cook Set
Most Recent Review
HowsYerMommaAnEm 1/16/2017
I love all of Chef Ming's products. I have never been disappointed. These are no exception. Cleans up like a breeze.
Wolfgang Puck Bistro Elite 13" Stainless Steel Skillet
Most Recent Review
Vickie2690 1/16/2017
Got this for my daughter her eyes lit up because it was so shiny and large. This was a well made skillet that she could not mess up like she had done with other pot and pan skille ... (see full review)
Wolfgang Puck 8-quart Pressure Cooker Pot
Most Recent Review
Vickie2690 1/16/2017
Stainless feels great place pot into pressure cooker worked well
Chopped™ 10-piece QuanTanium Nonstick Cookware Set
Most Recent Review
ziva5 1/16/2017
I am loving these pans. We use them daily. I bought them to replace my cheap pans. GREAT BUY! They are light enough for me to be able to cook with by myself. Have a hard time lifti ... (see full review)
Hamilton Beach 600-Watt Breakfast Sandwich Maker
Most Recent Review
FarmladySue 1/16/2017
I make Thomas English muffins with ham, cheeze, and egg...and it has become a favorite in this household...easy p-sy....very easy to clean...all in one step - love it.
Arctica Stainless/Color 20oz Tumbler 2-pack
Most Recent Review
FarmladySue 1/16/2017
Love these, and love the fact they have a top that closes....my dtr. has one but top cover is open and doesn't close.....well made
Lorena Garcia Skinny Mini™ Cooker with Steamer
Most Recent Review
namo06 1/16/2017
I am very disappointed and very frustrated because i purchased this mini cooker bundle in October of 2016 on flex pay, just finished paying for it in December and it has already s ... (see full review)
Curtis Stone Chop Chop All-in-One Prep Tool
Most Recent Review
bliss_carolina_1 1/16/2017
Let me first start off by saying we order all of Chef Stone's products and this is my very first compliant. The reason I am returning it is, I bought this product to turn potatoes ... (see full review)
David's Cookies Red Velvet Cookies 2 Dozen
Most Recent Review
Dori9 1/16/2017
Thought this cookie was going to be like a large soft piece of 'cake'; but, they were smaller & crunchy and a little too sweet for my taste with all the chocolate pieces. I used o ... (see full review)
Whirley Pop Original Popcorn Kit w/Real Theater Popcorn
Most Recent Review
swose 1/16/2017
Saves me a lot of money buy not having to buy bagged popcorn at lunch. Continue stirring throughout so it doesn't burn and use medium heat. Love this thing....wore the first one ... (see full review)
David's Set of 3 Crumb Cake Dessert Trays
Most Recent Review
giovi1 1/16/2017
These crumbcakes were delicious! More crumbs then cake worth the money! Would order again, first boxed cake that tastes like it comes stright from the Bakery!
Wolfgang Puck Foldable All-Wood Kitchen Cart
Most Recent Review
cielo300 1/16/2017
This looks very expensive .I love the fact that it's foldable. It is very useful in many instances.!
Curtis Stone Countertop Lid Rest
Most Recent Review
deniselynne19888 1/16/2017
this is so nice to hold my wet pot lids. Additionally it is just nice to have someplace to set ones lids
Lorena Garcia Steamer Insert for Skinny Mini System
Most Recent Review
funnyface35 1/16/2017
Placed small golf ball sized potatoes in but didn't cook completely