Storage & Accessories
Colleen's Prestige™ Croco-Emboss Everything Jewelry Box
Most Recent Review
NiteOwlShopper 7/29/2016
I purchased this in black and I love it. It doesn't hold everything, but, it's still a great box and I love the see through top! The sides don't come all the way out, so it's a l ... (see full review)
BlingGuard Dots Stabilizing Earring Supports
Most Recent Review
Andisu 7/28/2016
My daughter wanted bling ear rings without the bling cost. These guards keep them perfectly in place.
Quickclasp™ Bracelet Helper Set of 2
Most Recent Review
Jamie143 7/28/2016
This product is genius! I will order more
Colleen's Prestige™ Stackable Dragon-Skin Jewelry Box
Most Recent Review
GPP4 7/28/2016
nice box fits in any drawer good valueprobably find one cheaper at the flea market but not as well made
Mele & Co. Jordan Wooden Jewelry Box in Java Finish
Most Recent Review
GPP4 7/28/2016
Takes up too much room with little storage inside. Big rings will not allow lid to close. Should have return but postage too high(free shipping gimick). I see it its still sitting ... (see full review)
JOY Luxurious "Jewel Kit Trio" Plus Large Jewel Box
Most Recent Review
foxylou 7/28/2016
This was a total disappointment. The inserts don't fit well into the covers, so it is hard to access your items once placed inside. The material is cheap,. There is nothing posi ... (see full review)
Sparkle Sparkle® 16.9oz Jewelry Cleaner Refill Bottle
Most Recent Review
czflute 7/28/2016
This is a wonderdul jewelry cleaner and I use it on my jewelry quite frequently. It lives up to its name as my pieces sparkle after use. Sparkle Sparkle doesn't have any chemical o ... (see full review)
Over-the-Door Beauty Armoire with Full-Length Mirror
Most Recent Review
riggs16 7/28/2016
Levears™ Sterling Silver and Plastic Earring Lifts Set
Most Recent Review
JOYCE3 7/27/2016
Saw these and said there's what I need wow. Ordered it have used it a few times. It does make earring push up higher n not sag. Terrific
Colleen's Prestige™ 3-Drawer Necklace Box
Most Recent Review
Eyesee 7/27/2016
I have an older version of this necklace box that amounts to 2 sides of one sleeve. I wish you still offered that. This 3 drawer is bigger all the way around and takes up too muc ... (see full review)
BlingGuard Wraps Ring Guards
HSN Price: $15.95
Average Rating 3.0 ( 237 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
shag996 7/26/2016
I wear a size 4 ring but it has to be larger to go over my knuckle. I can not feel these wraps on my finger at all. My wedding ring is heavy on top and was always between my finger ... (see full review)
Colleen's Prestige™ Croco-Embossed Deluxe Everythng Box
Most Recent Review
peggy877 7/26/2016
I've have Colleen's jewelry boxes for years and have had great results, so I was thrilled to get this LARGE box so I could consolidate all my {almost} jewelry for easy access. Imag ... (see full review)
Improvements Spa Pro Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner
Most Recent Review
JewelryLover46 7/24/2016
My Jeweler told me to use an ultrasonic cleaner and this one was very affordably priced. I must say it really worked well with the included Sparkle Pak soap. My diamonds really s ... (see full review)
Colleen's Prestige™ 2-pc Distressed-Look Jewel Box Set
Most Recent Review
fancyflamingo 7/23/2016
These boxes are great. The one holds large necklaces or bracelets and the other holds earrings. Colleen, I wish you would make a large box in Croco. with small slots in the whole ... (see full review)
Over-the-Door Jewelry Armoire with Full-Length Mirror
Most Recent Review
vickivail 7/23/2016
Nice to look at, holds quite a lot. Many compartments. Don't have to put holes in your walls.
Clear Acrylic Hand-Shaped Ring Display
Clearance Price: $9.95
Average Rating 1.0 ( 4 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
clarcart 7/21/2016
Suffice it to say that HSN should be ashamed to even offer this to it's customers as a free bonus of some sort.
Liquid Gold 24k Gold Plating System
Most Recent Review
DeeLee360 7/20/2016
I had to throw both pieces of jewelry because they became dark, rusty looking metals away after "the system". At the very bottom of the instructions it states that you have to buy ... (see full review)
Colleen's Prestige™ Dangle Earrings Jewelry Box
Most Recent Review
karens4815 7/20/2016
nice looking box but not for the person strapped on time. have to hang up and hook every pair every time,then you have to re-do it again. would have enjoyed a plain earring box wi ... (see full review)
Liquid Silver Polishing and Plating Kit
Most Recent Review
Amyisyogismom 7/18/2016
I collect silver plated trays from thrift stores and such. Some are tarnished and ugly. This product is AMAZING for making them beautiful again. Love it so much I have ordered 3 bo ... (see full review)
Mele & Co. Lila Forty-Eight Section Jewelry Box
Most Recent Review
MARYALIS 7/15/2016
Used to spend time looking for particular earrings, finding one, then looking for the mate. Very frustrating! This jewelry box is great for my earrings because I can see them at a ... (see full review)
Colleen's Prestige™ Stackable Dragon-Embossed Ring Box
Most Recent Review
Grandmareader 7/15/2016
This is great. I have been using two smaller very nice ring boxes, but had run out of space. I love the size of this box; it holds so many more rings. It is made well inside but ... (see full review)
Jewelinx™ Set of 3 Jewelry Hanger Organizers
Most Recent Review
BeachBarbara 7/14/2016
This is such a great little invention -- a must for all jewelry girls!! I pick out my jewelry the night before because it can hold me up in the morning. I hang necklaces on the h ... (see full review)
Colleen's Prestige 4-Compartment Deep Jewelry Box
Most Recent Review
shan85 7/14/2016
This box was bigger than i expected it to be and it is absolutely gorgeous.
Levears™ 14K Yellow Gold Earring Lifts
Most Recent Review
cheryllynn8 7/13/2016
These earring backs are Amazing!!!! They really do work! I've tried other products like this, but these are the best.
Colleen's Prestige™ 2-piece Croco-Embossed Box Set
Most Recent Review
Phoenix5150 7/13/2016
Even better when it keeps you jewelry clean and have the ability to keep track of what you have.
Blitz® Set of 4 Jewelry Cleaning and Polishing Cloths
Most Recent Review
seeker62 7/13/2016
Emma Skye Crossover Crystal 2-Tone 7" Bangle Bracelet
Most Recent Review
mamh 7/12/2016
While this bracelet looked substantial on TV, it is rather flimsy and the interior is very sharp. I returned.
Engravable Heart Mirror Compact
Most Recent Review
moonglass 7/12/2016
I thought this would be better quality, I got it for my daughters birthday. She did like it and now carries it in her purse. With that said it was just ok.
Rara Avis by Iris Apfel Wrapped Knit 57-1/2" Necklace
Most Recent Review
A2Zin1 7/10/2016
Someone wrote this is not jewelry. It most definitely is, you just need to be an outside the box thinker and be able to think more creatively. I was not sure how I would like this ... (see full review)
Colleen's Prestige™ Dragon-Embossed Jewelry Box
Most Recent Review
LeeSnoopyT 7/8/2016
Thank you for bringing these separately from the double pack where one box is undivided. I have little use for those, but was asking you to bring these, and am so glad you did! T ... (see full review)
Colleen's Prestige Small Dragon-Embossed Jewelry Box
Most Recent Review
nojunk 7/7/2016
I really like this box and will probably get another one. I was disappointed that the plastic window was scratched but since it is going in a drawer and for the price I am not ups ... (see full review)
AMEDEO Handcarved "Colosseum" Cameo Cornelian Shell
Most Recent Review
dssewing 7/6/2016
This is absolutely beautiful. I bought both of the two scenes and they are wonderful. Thank you Amedeo.
Colleen's Prestige™ Stackable Dragon-Embossed Watch Box
Most Recent Review
Snookysart 7/5/2016
This box is very well made and so practical.I love the see through lid.I was able to store 30 cuff type bracelets.The only thing negative I can find about the box is that the cushi ... (see full review)
Mele & Co. Elaine Faux Leather Glass Top Jewelry Box
Most Recent Review
dkbee 7/4/2016
holds a lot!
Colleen's Prestige™ Side Door "Everything" Jewelry Box
Most Recent Review
Markelsteph 6/30/2016
This jewelry box is the ultimate way to store ur jewelry!! It has a huge upper compartment, with glass to see all, and fits all my rings, earrings etc, each in there cushioned spot ... (see full review)
Jay King Salmon-Color Mineral Composite Pen w/Case
Most Recent Review
albanycowgirl 6/28/2016
Beautiful pen by Jay King...classy & sleek & a home run!!!
Jay King Lime Green Mineral Composite Pen with Case
Most Recent Review
guznit 6/28/2016
Jay, I agree w/the comments from "too skinny" I have several of the fatter pens and the heft makes it much easier to write with... I chkd the size on this particular pen and it sta ... (see full review)
Sparkle Sparkle® Everyday Jewelry Care Set with Accessories
Most Recent Review
Jackdawg5 6/24/2016
Used it once since receiving, seems to work well on fine jewelry.At little nervous to try it on my pearls although they claim it is safe. What if it isn't.Thought the item was smal ... (see full review)
BAJALIA "Rekha" Embroidered Oversized Floral Tote
Most Recent Review
GirlyMia 6/22/2016
When this purse arrived, oh wow there was an awful smell from the purse! I aired it out and the next day my whole bedroom stunk just like this purse! I sent it back because of the ... (see full review)
Colleen's Prestige™ Croco-Embossed Watch & Bracelet Box
Most Recent Review
LISHON 6/22/2016
I love this watch case. The quality is great, the color beautiful and it's very eloquent! If you have several watches then you must purchase this case!
Colleen's Prestige™ Small Brushed Fabric Ring Box
Most Recent Review
Tam92 6/17/2016
I really enjoy these boxes, I have purchased for gifts and myself. I do wish we could get a box with like 24 slots for earrings. I will keep watching for it, maybe someday.
Colleen's Prestige™ Brushed Fabric Watch & Bracelet Box
Most Recent Review
Chris775977 6/15/2016
I love this box however the stuffing is way too much. I had to cut it open and take out about half of the stuffing and sew it back before my bracelets could fit over it. The first ... (see full review)
Jay King Cloud Blue Mineral Composite Pen w/Case
Most Recent Review
Pat125 6/14/2016
This Jay King pen cannot be easily returned. Don't buy it unless you are sure you want this expensive pen. I am very disappointed.
RK by Ranjana Khan Simulated Pearl and Crystal Comb
Most Recent Review
GoingGreen 6/13/2016
I am so glad that I took a chance on this comb even after the bad review. Yes, it is small BUT it is gorgeous! I'm very happy with my purchase for the clearance price. I'd value th ... (see full review)
Colleen's Prestige™ Croco-Embossed Small Ring Box
Most Recent Review
Cowgirl1378 6/13/2016
I luv this I can put all my rings in it and the look is great
Colleen's Prestige™ Croco-Embossed Small Jewelry Box
Most Recent Review
wonderfultwoday 6/13/2016
I have 7 of the larger stack-able boxes and one large watch box of the Prestige collection. They are great for silver jewelry - you rarely have to polish anything. I use to get s ... (see full review)
Colleen's Prestige™ Dragon-Embossed Deluxe Jewelry Box
Most Recent Review
Fifi1223 6/12/2016
I ordered this and I was amazed how beautiful it is. I have 3 of the earring boxes and these boxes really do keep your jewelry protected. I also ordered the necklace box as well an ... (see full review)
Mele & Co. Dana Faux Leather Jewelry Box - Black
Most Recent Review
MontanaFan 6/9/2016
I've been looking for a nice travel jewel box for workouts, I go to the gym straight from work and didn't have anything decent to put my good jewelry in. This is a perfect size an ... (see full review)
Michael Anthony Jewelry® Men's Lord's Prayer Bracelet
Most Recent Review
Treece98 6/9/2016
I saw this and fell in love with it. The only problem I have is that the person I brought this for has really large wrist.Lol so it's hard for him to put on without help.
AMEDEO 35mm "Clock" Cameo Hematite-Tone Mirror Compact
Most Recent Review
moneypet 6/7/2016
Returned this compact. Cameo was very dark and looked fake
Mele & Co. Lila Forty-Eight Section Jewelry Box
Most Recent Review
castlenv 6/6/2016
This fits the bill for me because I can fit all of my earrings in one box. Not too big on my dresser, like the ivory color. Perfect!
Jay King White and Black Mineral Composite Pen w/Case
Most Recent Review
mustangsal 6/5/2016
Love the mix of white, brown, and black. Reminds me of a Indian painted pony! There is much more dark brown with just tiny hints of black, but it is wonderful just the same.So if y ... (see full review)
Sparkle Sparkle® Jewelry Cleaning Travel Kit with Case
Most Recent Review
IRML01 6/4/2016
I expected to return this...however, it worked so well I do not want to ever run out. This makes my diamonds sparkle like they have just been cleaned by a jeweler. Wow, I cannot ... (see full review)
Michael Anthony® 3-1/4" Standing Vedele Papal Cross
Most Recent Review
MopsyII 6/2/2016
First off, I love crosses and have many. But this specific cross has beautiful workmanship which makes me proud to display it where everyone can see it.Thank you, Michael, for con ... (see full review)
Colleen's Prestige™ Croco-Embossed Art Jewelry Box
Most Recent Review
zzhhxf 5/29/2016
I want to love this box. I have several Prestige boxes and buy them as gifts.The size and style of this box are wonderful. But the inside is cheap, light foam that barely holds o ... (see full review)
Real Collectibles by Adrienne® "Squares of Light" Bag
Most Recent Review
GeeGee623 5/28/2016
You know , now it's a real shame when you have to WATCH YOUR BAG SITTING ON THE TABLE TO KEEP PEOPLE FROM STEALING IT. That was the case at a wedding I recently attended. I have 3 ... (see full review)
Colleen's Prestige™ Brushed Fabric Necklace Jewelry Box
Most Recent Review
VIgirl 5/23/2016
I needed storage for my many necklaces but the box doesn't seem tall enough and the pockets at the bottom are packed. It needs more height and more room for larger beaded necklace ... (see full review)
Colleen's Prestige™ Stingray-Embossed Earrings Box
Most Recent Review
NiceD 5/16/2016
Loved it, easy to slide in and out. Because it is clear in 5 sides makes it easy to spot what you are looking for.
Colleen's Prestige™ Dragon-Embossed Jewelry Box
Most Recent Review
Bren731 5/15/2016
Nice Jewelry box. Very roomy and stylish. Love it.
Mele & Co. Dana Faux Leather Jewelry Box - Ivory
Most Recent Review
kkcakelady 5/15/2016
I haven't used this yet, but can't wait til I am ready for a trip. It is very well made and a perfect size to fit into my carry-on as I do not pack my jewelry in checked luggage! I ... (see full review)
Real Collectibles by Adrienne® Wristlet Evening Bag
Most Recent Review
UpAllNitebas 5/15/2016
Nothing great but whose going for that
Colleen's Prestige™ Black Brushed Fabric Earrings Box
Most Recent Review
Trvlagent 5/14/2016
Excellent idea - however adding some more bars in between the others I was able to hand twice as many earrings. On the others I needed only the 2 provided because of the length of ... (see full review)
Heidi Daus "Ravishing Raven" Crystal Hair Comb
Clearance Price: $79.95
Average Rating 4.5 ( 2 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
turtlebird69 5/11/2016
I was really excited about getting this hair ornament. It is beautiful, but I didn't care for the white crystals irregularly placed in the chest area of the bird. I also found that ... (see full review)
Colleen's Prestige™ Stingray-Embossed Bracelet Box
Most Recent Review
pearly49 5/10/2016
I love my jewelry watch box it's a large size as are the soft yet stronge pillows i have the green one it's more than i could have hoped for.
JOY Expanding Jewelry Case with 2 Trays
Most Recent Review
Annette909 5/9/2016
This was to be a gift. It was of poor quality or had already been handled before. Lifting the insert should have been easier to do. I have many of Joy's products but did not like ... (see full review)
Colleen's Prestige™ Grain-Textured 2-Level Jewelry Box
Most Recent Review
POLLYSUE 5/5/2016
Love my new yellow box. Very bright warm yellow. I bought this just for my Amedeo. My other boxes are orange and cream. I collect 70's things looks great with all my retro stuff.
Colleen's Prestige™ Croco-Embossed Small Everything Box
Most Recent Review
Debrrich 5/1/2016
This is a good idea, but the size of the containers are limited as to what they hold. Necklaces can't be stored, because they don't fold, and the space isn't large enough to hold t ... (see full review)
Colleen's Prestige™ 2-pc Brushed Fabric Jewelry Box Set
Most Recent Review
Pennygirl28 4/27/2016
I love these jewelry boxes from Colleen's Prestige line. They are functional and really do keep my sterling jewelry pieces tarnish free. I also store all of my gold clad jewelry ... (see full review)
Jay King Red Dino Bone Mineral Composite Pen with Case
Most Recent Review
SXVA45 4/26/2016
I have ordered six of the composite pens with the intention of giving them for gifts to my children and their spouses. In the meantime I will use whichever one I choose. They a ... (see full review)
Mele & Co. Giana Plush Fabric Jewelry Box - Aqua
Most Recent Review
HONOR 4/23/2016
Very plush...small and compact. Lovely beige interior....much nicer than black as most cases. Good for travel or to keep special pieces in at home. Comes with dust cover and clas ... (see full review)
Colleen's Prestige™ Dragon-Embossed Necklace Box
Most Recent Review
Kimchase4 4/20/2016
The necklace box is very nice but I have to put a few necklaces on each hook. I have the big everything box and I just love it but for the price of this one I wish I had just bough ... (see full review)
Colleen's Prestige™ Floral-Embossed Jewelry Box
Most Recent Review
Idaisa 4/19/2016
I like my jewelry box and the set up for my items, my only disappointment is that the ribbon that holds the box open ---does not hold. I thinks this could be improved on.