Storage & Accessories
Colleen's Prestige™ Croco-Embossed Deluxe Everythng Box
Most Recent Review
donna9999 8/26/2016
Beautiful. It's my 2nd Prestige jewelry box. It's great. Really big
Sparkle Sparkle® Everyday Jewelry Care Set with Accessories
Most Recent Review
phylly265 8/26/2016
This product has lived up to it demostration. I have a least 5 other cleaners and none of them work as efficiently as Everyday Jewelry Care. I feel totally secure knowing I can u ... (see full review)
JOY Luxurious "Jewel Kit Trio" Plus Large Jewel Box
Most Recent Review
helenfoster1950 8/25/2016
the container is so tight it is a true struggle to get trays into it after use.... don't buy
Over-the-Door Jewelry Armoire with Full-Length Mirror
Most Recent Review
mnjconner7312 8/24/2016
Never received it
Levears™ Sterling Silver and Plastic Earring Lifts Set
Most Recent Review
Cyn52359875 8/24/2016
These work well, be sure to check they are snug on post before just putting them in, you don't want to loose the backs. Sometimes post thickness range.Glad to have found these, th ... (see full review)
Colleen's Prestige™ 3-Drawer Necklace Box
Most Recent Review
doggiemum 8/23/2016
One of the drawers came completely out, but other two did not. I don't think they are supposed to come all the way out. There is a space the entire length of the top drawer, so I h ... (see full review)
Colleen's Prestige™ Croco-Embossed Watch & Bracelet Box
Most Recent Review
bweiden 8/22/2016
I purchased 3 of these boxes to store my sterling collection. I would love to say that I would recommend these, but sadly I am going to spend more money having bracelets restrung ... (see full review)
Liquid Silver Polishing and Plating Kit
Most Recent Review
GERRILIZ 8/22/2016
Don't waste money
Colleen's Prestige™ Croco-Embossed Small Everything Box
Most Recent Review
brownley 8/22/2016
This is my second jewelry box and it has helped me to organize my jewelry so that its easier for me to find items. The color choices of these boxes are very pretty.
Quickclasp™ Bracelet Helper Set of 2
Most Recent Review
Bunnyh0p 8/21/2016
These are great. I have a straight one that works well but these are even better because they bend. Love them!!!
Over-the-Door Beauty Armoire with Full-Length Mirror
Most Recent Review
sharon24 8/21/2016
This deserves 10 stars for the awesome storage capacity and beauty! So happy it's made in the USA too! I
Improvements Spa Pro Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner
Most Recent Review
DMSRCS 8/21/2016
Colleen's Prestige™ 2-pc Brushed Fabric Jewelry Box Set
Most Recent Review
Cant_w8 8/20/2016
I'm using this box to combine my matching jewelry pieces in one place instead of several boxes. They stack nicely and have easy access.
Colleen's Prestige™ 3-iece Brushed Fabric Jewelry Box
Most Recent Review
Cant_w8 8/20/2016
I ONLY store my silver jewelry in Prestige boxes and I have a variety of the smaller sizes. I bought this box hoping I could combine a few by storing matching rings and pendants, e ... (see full review)
Colleen's Prestige™ 2-pc Distressed-Look Jewel Box Set
Most Recent Review
Goldpower 8/20/2016
These boxes are perfect for keeping jewelry visible and tarnish free. I have many in a variety of colors and sizes.Please Please give us a large flat box filled with small compartm ... (see full review)
Colleen's Prestige 4-Compartment Deep Jewelry Box
Most Recent Review
TLouiseT 8/19/2016
I have tons of sterling jewelry. Box helps with tarnish and lid is clear so you can see what's inside. Like the black, construction is adequate.
Colleen's Prestige™ Croco-Embossed Small Ring Box
Most Recent Review
BEEHAPPY 8/18/2016
Already have one of these ring boxes, got another one to accommodate my collection. Excellent storage box, does not take up much room. I also have the one for earrings, that too i ... (see full review)
Colleen's Prestige™ Croco-Embossed Art Jewelry Box
Most Recent Review
CATHYSUE 8/17/2016
The box itself was nice, but there was a scratch in the middle of the window. Thought that it might be superficial - in the plastic, but, sadly, no. The scratch was too noticeabl ... (see full review)
Liquid Gold 24k Gold Plating System
Most Recent Review
Carol927 8/16/2016
I was excited when I saw this on the air. I had a couple of chains I really wanted to plate. It did not work for me, I even watched the video to make sure I was doing it right, the ... (see full review)
Colleen's Prestige™ 2-piece Croco-Embossed Box Set
Most Recent Review
betita 8/15/2016
Happy with this purchase.The boxes are well made, and are exactly as described. They are a nice size but are not too big, which means they fit nicely in a drawer if you do not want ... (see full review)
Rara Avis by Iris Apfel Wrapped Knit 57-1/2" Necklace
Most Recent Review
geord 8/15/2016
I was sceptical when I ordered this but when it arrived I put it on and was very pleased. I doubled it and it nestled so easily in my neckline. I don't like to have to fuss with ... (see full review)
Mele & Co. Dana Faux Leather Jewelry Box - Black
Most Recent Review
desillussioned 8/14/2016
Mele's jewelry box is the perfect size for travelling, even including a small mirror, with sachet w/velcro attached to the extra storage area behind it. It's versatile since the di ... (see full review)
Colleen's Prestige™ Stingray-Embossed Earrings Box
Most Recent Review
legs5347 8/13/2016
This earring box is the best invention ever for earrings. Love it! So organized and I can see and find all my earrings anytime. Highly recommended.
Emma Skye Crossover Crystal 2-Tone 7" Bangle Bracelet
Most Recent Review
supapam 8/13/2016
I super-love this bracelet, though I have enjoyed most Emma Skye pieces I've purchased. It fits (I have a larger wrist) and it is easy for me to get on and off. The clasp seems ver ... (see full review)
Clear Acrylic Jewelry Box with Mirror
Clearance Price: $19.90
Average Rating 3.5 ( 2 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
TallUpStater 8/12/2016
I could not believe what I received when I opened the flimsy shipping container it arrived in! Back it went immediately! There is absolutely no way this is worth the HSN Price! I ... (see full review)
Sparkle Sparkle® 16.9oz Jewelry Cleaner Refill Bottle
Most Recent Review
Kyndal04 8/12/2016
I've been using Sparkle Sparkle Jewelry Cleaner for several years now. I love this product so much, I don't use anything else. The shine is fantastic and I can use it on all types ... (see full review)
Colleen's Prestige™ Dragon-Embossed Deluxe Jewelry Box
Most Recent Review
Flicka564 8/12/2016
This jewelry box is amazing and is larger then I expected. One complaint, the pillows to hold watches and bracelets are too large for my watches. Wish they would have been smalle ... (see full review)
Colleen's Prestige™ Floral-Embossed Jewelry Box
Most Recent Review
lynndb3 8/12/2016
What a fun box. And beautiful embossing. I love that it has all these hidden drawers. Although i hope they might come out with one that is a little deeper in drawers to hold watche ... (see full review)
Colleen's Prestige™ Stackable Dragon-Embossed Ring Box
Most Recent Review
Kimmer918 8/11/2016
Cute box, Ok, but needs improvements. 1) Inside base is HARD and rings slam into a hard surface; needs a fabric covering. 2) Extremely difficult to get wider banded rings in the s ... (see full review)
Just Solutions Hang It 3-pack Large Jewelry Organizers
Most Recent Review
patches3 8/11/2016
Thought they would make things more easily accessible, but that isn't so much what it does. Kind of in the way in the closet too. Will keep it but wouldn't buy it again.
Colleen's Prestige™ Divided Jewelry Storage Tray
Most Recent Review
sankaro 8/11/2016
I love this jewelry tray. I take my jewelry off at night before bed and was just laying it on the dresser where it was easily knocked off or misplaced. This tray is the perfect si ... (see full review)
Sparkle Sparkle® Jewelry Cleaning Travel Kit with Case
Most Recent Review
Cuchi2711 8/10/2016
I love this.as soon as I opened it, I tried it out cleaning my engagement wedding ring set.it sparkles like the day he put it on my finger.this is some really great cleaner.
BlingGuard Wraps Ring Guards
HSN Price: $15.95
Average Rating 3.0 ( 238 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
Byrdsnest3725 8/10/2016
I LOVE this product! I've tried so many similar products but none worked better. My diamond stands up for all to see. It's so comfortable and lasts for days!
Jay King White and Black Mineral Composite Pen w/Case
Most Recent Review
kayinoz 8/9/2016
I have several of Jay's pens and I just love them. I have several of the thicker ones as well as the slim line. I like them all. The specific pen - Wild Horse is very classy wit ... (see full review)
Colleen's Prestige™ Stingray-Embossed Large Ring Box
Most Recent Review
BABASUE 8/9/2016
Jay King Cloud Blue Mineral Composite Pen w/Case
Most Recent Review
Akita1228 8/8/2016
It is beautiful! I bought it for a thank you gift and she said wow! I believe Jay just got a new customer!
Colleen's Prestige™ Side Door "Everything" Jewelry Box
Most Recent Review
cass12 8/8/2016
Its just perfect for me. Now I have a way to put my jewelry in order. I am getting two more for friends. Every lady needs one of these. The fact that jewelry won't tarnish in this ... (see full review)
Colleen's Prestige™ Dragon-Embossed Necklace Box
Most Recent Review
mofree 8/8/2016
This is a great 3 drawer necklace jewelry box! Your necklaces won't get tangled or dusty and the jewelry box is beautiful! It's very sleek and looks great!!!
Michael Anthony Jewelry® Men's Lord's Prayer Bracelet
Most Recent Review
mw37 8/8/2016
My teenage son has worn this every single day since Christmas. Of course it has scratches on it by now, but that doesn't detract. He loves this bracelet and its significance. We ha ... (see full review)
Jewelinx™ Set of 3 Jewelry Hanger Organizers
Most Recent Review
maggie766 8/7/2016
This well designed product allows jewelry mavens to plan out what jewelry to wear with a particular outfit. For those of us with a lot of jewelry, it encourages us to find just the ... (see full review)
Clear Acrylic Necklace Cabinet with Drawer
Most Recent Review
MiamiGirL_13 8/7/2016
It's effect for a small space . I love it
BlingGuard Dots Stabilizing Earring Supports
Most Recent Review
Kay-1018 8/7/2016
I was very pleased the first time I used these. As we age, our piercing holes tend to droop along with everything else!! But these are awesome, the earrings look wonderful again!!!
Blitz® Set of 4 Jewelry Cleaning and Polishing Cloths
Most Recent Review
sweetcaroline66 8/6/2016
Like these ,they work well,good price I think
Colleen's Prestige™ Dragon-Embossed Earrings Box
Most Recent Review
cyndiet 8/4/2016
I gave this review 5 stars because . I have a ton of jewlery but I could not see what I had now I can!!! The only little issue is larger hoops don't fit unless you take out one or ... (see full review)
Colleen's Prestige™ Dragon-Embossed Jewelry Box
Most Recent Review
brownley 8/3/2016
I purchased the turquoise one and aside from being smaller than I anticipated, its quite nice and has freed up the congestion I have in my other jewelry boxes.
Clear Acrylic Hand-Shaped Ring Display
Clearance Price: $9.95
Average Rating 1.4 ( 5 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
Mel_B1 8/3/2016
This works fine for what I need. Especially after reading product reviews, I certainly wasn't expecting the item to be anything fancy, I just wanted something simple and inexpen ... (see full review)
Colleen's Prestige™ Stingray-Embossed Deluxe Box
Most Recent Review
Jeannettemo 8/3/2016
Love this box and I have quite a few. My only suggestion is that the bracelet "rolls" are too fat and fluffy. I would have preferred the type that is rigid and covered in velvete ... (see full review)
BAJALIA "Rekha" Embroidered Oversized Floral Tote
Most Recent Review
KYgirl131 8/2/2016
Love this bag!
Colleen's Prestige™ Stackable Dragon-Skin Jewelry Box
Most Recent Review
Honorable 8/1/2016
While the anti-tarnish feature is the whole story for me, I still think the price is too high for vinyl-covered cardboard with a plastic window. It is too light weight to be wood ... (see full review)
Colleen's Prestige™ Croco-Emboss Everything Jewelry Box
Most Recent Review
NiteOwlShopper 7/29/2016
I purchased this in black and I love it. It doesn't hold everything, but, it's still a great box and I love the see through top! The sides don't come all the way out, so it's a l ... (see full review)
Mele & Co. Jordan Wooden Jewelry Box in Java Finish
Most Recent Review
GPP4 7/28/2016
Takes up too much room with little storage inside. Big rings will not allow lid to close. Should have return but postage too high(free shipping gimick). I see it its still sitting ... (see full review)
AMEDEO Handcarved "Ponte Vecchio" Cameo Cornelian Shell
Most Recent Review
Littleboss1 7/25/2016
I bought "Ponte Vecchio" Cameo Shell to give as Birthday Present and My Friend Loved, Loved it He Collects Shells and so he had never seen anything like it, So I came back and boug ... (see full review)
Colleen's Prestige™ Dangle Earrings Jewelry Box
Most Recent Review
karens4815 7/20/2016
nice looking box but not for the person strapped on time. have to hang up and hook every pair every time,then you have to re-do it again. would have enjoyed a plain earring box wi ... (see full review)
Mele & Co. Lila Forty-Eight Section Jewelry Box
Most Recent Review
MARYALIS 7/15/2016
Used to spend time looking for particular earrings, finding one, then looking for the mate. Very frustrating! This jewelry box is great for my earrings because I can see them at a ... (see full review)
Levears™ 14K Yellow Gold Earring Lifts
Most Recent Review
cheryllynn8 7/13/2016
These earring backs are Amazing!!!! They really do work! I've tried other products like this, but these are the best.
Engravable Heart Mirror Compact
Most Recent Review
moonglass 7/12/2016
I thought this would be better quality, I got it for my daughters birthday. She did like it and now carries it in her purse. With that said it was just ok.
AMEDEO Handcarved "Colosseum" Cameo Cornelian Shell
Most Recent Review
dssewing 7/6/2016
This is absolutely beautiful. I bought both of the two scenes and they are wonderful. Thank you Amedeo.
Colleen's Prestige™ Stackable Dragon-Embossed Watch Box
Most Recent Review
Snookysart 7/5/2016
This box is very well made and so practical.I love the see through lid.I was able to store 30 cuff type bracelets.The only thing negative I can find about the box is that the cushi ... (see full review)
Mele & Co. Elaine Faux Leather Glass Top Jewelry Box
Most Recent Review
dkbee 7/4/2016
holds a lot!
Mele & Co. Dana Travel Jewelry Case
Most Recent Review
Hotshop2 6/29/2016
Nice for the price and just the right size for traveling.
Jay King Salmon-Color Mineral Composite Pen w/Case
Most Recent Review
albanycowgirl 6/28/2016
Beautiful pen by Jay King...classy & sleek & a home run!!!
Jay King Lime Green Mineral Composite Pen with Case
Most Recent Review
guznit 6/28/2016
Jay, I agree w/the comments from "too skinny" I have several of the fatter pens and the heft makes it much easier to write with... I chkd the size on this particular pen and it sta ... (see full review)
Colleen's Prestige™ Small Brushed Fabric Ring Box
Most Recent Review
Tam92 6/17/2016
I really enjoy these boxes, I have purchased for gifts and myself. I do wish we could get a box with like 24 slots for earrings. I will keep watching for it, maybe someday.
Colleen's Prestige™ Brushed Fabric Watch & Bracelet Box
Most Recent Review
Chris775977 6/15/2016
I love this box however the stuffing is way too much. I had to cut it open and take out about half of the stuffing and sew it back before my bracelets could fit over it. The first ... (see full review)
AMEDEO 35mm "Clock" Cameo Hematite-Tone Mirror Compact
Most Recent Review
moneypet 6/7/2016
Returned this compact. Cameo was very dark and looked fake
Mele & Co. Lila Forty-Eight Section Jewelry Box
Most Recent Review
castlenv 6/6/2016
This fits the bill for me because I can fit all of my earrings in one box. Not too big on my dresser, like the ivory color. Perfect!
Michael Anthony® 3-1/4" Standing Vedele Papal Cross
Most Recent Review
MopsyII 6/2/2016
First off, I love crosses and have many. But this specific cross has beautiful workmanship which makes me proud to display it where everyone can see it.Thank you, Michael, for con ... (see full review)
Real Collectibles by Adrienne® "Squares of Light" Bag
Most Recent Review
GeeGee623 5/28/2016
You know , now it's a real shame when you have to WATCH YOUR BAG SITTING ON THE TABLE TO KEEP PEOPLE FROM STEALING IT. That was the case at a wedding I recently attended. I have 3 ... (see full review)
Colleen's Prestige™ Brushed Fabric Necklace Jewelry Box
Most Recent Review
VIgirl 5/23/2016
I needed storage for my many necklaces but the box doesn't seem tall enough and the pockets at the bottom are packed. It needs more height and more room for larger beaded necklace ... (see full review)
Colleen's Prestige™ Dragon-Embossed Jewelry Box
Most Recent Review
Bren731 5/15/2016
Nice Jewelry box. Very roomy and stylish. Love it.
Mele & Co. Dana Faux Leather Jewelry Box - Ivory
Most Recent Review
kkcakelady 5/15/2016
I haven't used this yet, but can't wait til I am ready for a trip. It is very well made and a perfect size to fit into my carry-on as I do not pack my jewelry in checked luggage! I ... (see full review)
Colleen's Prestige™ Black Brushed Fabric Earrings Box
Most Recent Review
Trvlagent 5/14/2016
Excellent idea - however adding some more bars in between the others I was able to hand twice as many earrings. On the others I needed only the 2 provided because of the length of ... (see full review)