Rhonda Shear Seamless "Ahh" Bra Mystery 5-pack
Most Recent Review
deeswan 10/28/2016
I have scarring on my back due to surgery and normally do not use a bra at all since it is very uncomfortable for me, however, since I purchased the Ahh bra I can now comfortably w ... (see full review)
Rhonda Shear Printed Long Robe with Lace Trim
Most Recent Review
brendaray 10/28/2016
I love this robe. It is long and does not fit tight. I would recommend this for everyone.
Adrienne Landau Faux Fur Ruffle Angel Wrap w/2 Pockets
Most Recent Review
Sunsetgirlsf 10/28/2016
This wrap is just lovely. Perhaps a little extravagant on my part, but I have an Adrienne Landau coat, so I know the quality. This is a very luxurious cover for me to wear while w ... (see full review)
Copper Fit™ Zip-Front Seamless Sports Bra
Most Recent Review
DesertShopper 10/28/2016
It feels as supportive as a Rhonda Shear bra to me. Definitely not for a workout.
Rhonda Shear 3-pack Seamless Lace Overlay Bra
Most Recent Review
jewels144 10/28/2016
These are very pretty but do need to handle with care because can snag easily. Also if you are fuller busted and don't mind being smaller they are ok. Because they do flatten the ... (see full review)
Yummie by Heather Thomson 2-pack Slim Boyfriend Tank
Most Recent Review
alisaZG 10/28/2016
Boo to HSN on that though. there were only one in the pack. And I forgot hen I received the product that it had to be to pack. I would definitely urchase again thin tank
Soft & Cozy Plush Pajama Set with Sherpa Trim
Most Recent Review
Wahyantee 10/28/2016
If you're a comfort junkie like I am, these pj's are for you! I ordered them in white and will order another pair! They run large so order a size smaller. Oh so soft!
Concierge Platinum Cashmere and Cotton Long Robe
Most Recent Review
fullofdreams 10/28/2016
I really love this robe. It looks beautiful on and is also very warm, cozy and comfortable. It is not too heavy and not too light. The only thing I might change is to have the slee ... (see full review)
Soft & Cozy Robe
Clearance Price: $29.95
Average Rating 4.7 ( 18 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
Sandy9141 10/28/2016
This is the softest and most comfortable robe I've ever owned and it's very warm and light weight. I love it.
Rhonda Shear 2pk Seamless Tank with Shelf Bra
Most Recent Review
HSNMiss 10/28/2016
I loved the idea of this tank with shelf bra. Bought my normal Rhonda Shear Ahh bra size. This runs extremely small. Need to go up a size or maybe two. Come on, tell us if they run ... (see full review)
Rhonda Shear 2-pack Seamless Tanks
Clearance Price: $12.46
Average Rating 4.1 ( 26 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
Algee 10/27/2016
First year Rhonda did not make her Under-Wire seamless bra. Sad but I saved some from last time TG. Her best bra is the under wire bra - They are my favorite along with this a ... (see full review)
Cottage Collection Eyelet Trim Cotton Pajamas
Most Recent Review
Andorran96 10/27/2016
Too big
Rhonda Shear Cotton Blend Molded Cup Camisole
Most Recent Review
Kristianne 10/27/2016
Better than a bra as I don't have to keep tugging the back down!
Rhonda Shear 2pk Cotton Molded Cup Camisole
Most Recent Review
NANA945 10/27/2016
I have a severe curve of the spine. I love the aah bras but unfortunately they dig in under the curve. Tried these and they fit perfectly no digging I wear one every day. Totally s ... (see full review)
Rhonda Shear "Pin-Up" Lace Leisure Bra 3-pack
Most Recent Review
lacholaloca 10/27/2016
I have purchased so many bras of so many kinds! NEVER have I found one sooooo comfy, that makes me feel so free!!! and beautiful, too!! Thank You, Rhonda!! Perfect fit!!!Diana
Rhonda Shear Seamless "Ahh" Cotton-Blend Bra 3-pack
Most Recent Review
speed4 10/27/2016
I returned the item because it didn't fit. It is too hard to figure out what size unless you have a couple of sizes to try on.
Rhonda Shear Jersey Knit Cowl Neck Top
Clearance Price: $14.95
Average Rating 3.4 ( 17 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
maryshopper744 10/27/2016
the material is think and soesn't lay right around the neck and the body of the top is clingy. sent back
Yummie by Heather Thomson "Eva" Adjustable Tank 2-pack
Most Recent Review
Car24 10/27/2016
Love these tanks fit true to size I wear a medium in tops and this was perfect. Also ordered the leggings which were too tight and had to return.
Rhonda Shear Marshmallow Lounger with Slipper Socks
Most Recent Review
Kate80906 10/27/2016
It's true, you will never want to take this off. So cozy, comfy and soft. Love , love, love this!!
Rhonda Shear Printed Lace-Trim Long Gown
Most Recent Review
suzie203 10/27/2016
this is not only comfy, but beautiful. what I love most is the inter lining where the bust are. a slight support without being too much. would definitely buy again, probably goin ... (see full review)
Rhonda Shear Metallic Dot Printed PJ Set with Lace Trim
Most Recent Review
gkop 10/27/2016
These pj's are like all Rhonda Shear pj's - soft, comfy, wash well, fit comfortably. I have many pairs of her pj's and these are equal in high quality. A good purchase.
Soft & Cozy Pajamas
Clearance Price: $24.95
Average Rating 3.7 ( 20 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
nikkitoni 10/27/2016
HSN took over 10 days to ship but charged my credit card even though the item never shipped.I am still waiting on aan order from 20 days ago.
Rhonda Shear Molded Cup Bra
Sale Price: $24.90
Average Rating 2.2 ( 14 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
Tahoepines1 10/27/2016
This bra is comfy with support not a push up bra but I did not want that. I got black.happy with this purchase.thank you.
Rhonda Shear 3-pack Seamless Lace Overlay Brief Set
Most Recent Review
Jessie2448 10/26/2016
I didn't like the way they fit I sent them back
Rhonda Shear "Ahh" Seamless Bra 4-pack
Most Recent Review
Hannah130 10/26/2016
I regret these bras were too small. I would love to return them, however, I have been unable to find the return paper work. I really liked them but just too tight.
Foot Petals Faux Fur Slipper Boot
Clearance Price: $9.95
Average Rating 3.7 ( 45 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
MSBEAUTIFUL 10/26/2016
Yummie by Heather Thomson Seamless Essential 4-pack
Most Recent Review
catomi 10/26/2016
I wanted to like these but the waist rolls, slip does not stay put, keep pulling it down.
Rhonda Shear Molded Cup Bra
Sale Price: $24.90
Average Rating 3.5 ( 2 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
CircleGirl 10/26/2016
I loved the fit, feel and lightness of this bra. I felt if supported well and very comfortably, no pinching from under-wires. However, after wearing it for the first time, I not ... (see full review)
Jeffrey Banks Holiday 2-piece Cotton Capri Pajama Set
Most Recent Review
victory1 10/26/2016
I ordered 2 for me & sent 2 to my sister. We sent them all back. For me, I ordered Large & Extra Large. The Large was too small & the Extra Large was about 2 sizes larger. We a ... (see full review)
Rhonda Shear "Ahh" Brief Panty 2-pack - Basic Colors
Most Recent Review
ckm1 10/26/2016
I am surprised! I tried Rhonda's Rhonda Shear 2-pack Seamless Brief Panty with Lace Trim and wasn't that impressed. The material would get caught on my rough skin and the lace seem ... (see full review)
Rhonda Shear 2pk Fleece-Lined Legging Set
Most Recent Review
Rommie63 10/26/2016
These leggings are so soft and comfortable. They are not thin and see thru. The material is amazing.
Rhonda Shear Seamless Long-Sleeve Arm Smoother
Most Recent Review
Bebe742 10/26/2016
This arm smoother makes my arms look toned and trim. Great product.
Rhonda Shear "Pin-Up" Lace Control Brief 3-pack
Most Recent Review
instruct23 10/26/2016
I do not like these pants. They do not fit in the rise as they did before. I am sorry I bought them but after wearing the first time I won`t send them back. I will just throw them ... (see full review)
Soft & Cozy Sherpa Robe with Floral Trim
Most Recent Review
Lynnie3444 10/26/2016
Very soft but runs bigger to size.So worth it. 5. Star
Rhonda Shear 5-pack Pin-Up Panty Set
Clearance Price: $29.95
Average Rating 4.0 ( 1961 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
TISH67 10/25/2016
Rhonda Shear 3-pack Pin-Up Lace Leisure Bra Set
Most Recent Review
SWEETIE391 10/24/2016
I love the Bras,I love how they support you,and also how comfortable they are,no straps,fits well,looks good, and the padding can be worn on or off .I would recomment these bra for ... (see full review)
Rhonda Shear Lace-Trimmed Lounge Pant
Clearance Price: $19.95
Average Rating 4.0 ( 24 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
Trixie2U 10/24/2016
I bought these in large and they run big, but seem in line with other HSN sizing. They are also long. The material is soft but extremely lightweight and thin. I thought these would ... (see full review)
Jeffrey Banks Christmas Collection Plush Robe
Most Recent Review
Sardep1 10/23/2016
Lovely robe, Size was larger but I just wrapped it tighter around me. No chance of it showing bare skin!
Yummie by Heather Thomson 2-pack Slim Boyfriend Tank
Most Recent Review
LDB54 10/23/2016
I purchased this on sale and I'm glad I didn't pay full price. I'm disappointed now however at full price I would extremely angry. Yes there are going back. I really wanted them t ... (see full review)
HSN Cares Soft & Cozy Plush Robe
Most Recent Review
vm2 10/23/2016
love this; very nice
Rhonda Shear Printed Lace Detail Pajama Set
Most Recent Review
FRANNN 10/23/2016
These are wonderful. Loved them so much I purchased another pair. I'm not even a PJ wearer. The fabric is so soft and the fit it generous, but not too large.
Yummie by Heather Thomson Seamless Nylon Shortie 3-pack
Most Recent Review
jenn11265 10/23/2016
The plus..verry comffortable.i was looking for high waisted light control.so i sized up 2hsn sizes.the minus...waistband rolls slightly.my biggest conplaint is underwear can't acco ... (see full review)
Rhonda Shear Pin-Up Lace Camisole Tank
Clearance Price: $19.95
Average Rating 4.1 ( 19 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
bunny531 10/22/2016
I love this camisole! It is so comfortable. It gives you lift in the breast and slims the tummy area. Thank you Rhonda!
Yummie by Heather Thomson 2-pack Seamless Crossover Bra
Most Recent Review
TailorofKSt 10/22/2016
I found the bras to be very wearable and comfortable. They also have enough support for active use. All in all a good bra!!!
Rhonda Shear Printed PJ Set with Lace Trim
Most Recent Review
lucylue900845 10/22/2016
Rhonda's PJ's are the perfect items to sleep in. They feel great next to your skin, they are made in such a way that you can move in them as u sleep with no restrictions. You will ... (see full review)
Rhonda Shear Shimmer Trim Pajama Set
Most Recent Review
lucylue900845 10/22/2016
I made a purchase of Rhonda's PJ's a while back & fell in love with them. I was so happy to fine them on HSN marked down in price. They wash so nice & the color does not fade. If y ... (see full review)
Rhonda Shear "Everyday" Molded Cup Camisole
Most Recent Review
rvjudi 10/21/2016
Too tight and no support. I like the idea but it just won't work for me.
Rhonda Shear Pin-Up Lace Camisole Tank
Clearance Price: $34.90
Average Rating 4.2 ( 72 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
william429 10/21/2016
Bought this item in pink to match panty, looks so good together. Very comfortable and well fitting Camisole
Rhonda Shear "Everyday" Molded Cup Camisole 2-pack
Most Recent Review
booboobabie 10/21/2016
These are so nice comfortable and flattering! But as with all of Rhonda Sheers items don't forget to size up! Usually I wear a 1X but with Rhonda's a 3X always!
Rhonda Shear "Smooth Tootsie" Seamless Shaping Leggings
Most Recent Review
booboobabie 10/21/2016
These are really nice, but as with all Rhonda Sheers items, don't forget to size up! I usually wear a 1X but with Rhonda 3X always!
Rhonda Shear Seamless "Ahh Bra" 2-pack
Most Recent Review
melocar 10/21/2016
I wasn't happy with the bra. I need a more structure. I think for someone more toned it would be a great option.
Rhonda Shear "Ahh" Seamless Brief Panty Mystery 5-pack
Most Recent Review
Sherripie75 10/21/2016
They are wonderful. Fit really well. I bought one pack and after they arrived loved them so much I ordered 3 more packs. Love you Rhonda Shear ????
Rhonda Shear Cotton-Blend Seamless Panty 3-pack
Most Recent Review
MIchele39 10/20/2016
I have to say that I just love, love, love Rhonda Shear's Cotton-Blend Seamless Panty 3 pack!! They fit so well and are extremely comfortable!!! You will LOVE them!!! Thank you! Th ... (see full review)
Rhonda Shear Medium Support Longline Short
Most Recent Review
happysince1985 10/20/2016
I ordered this shapewear to wear for my son's wedding. They were surprisingly comfortable! I am quite heavyset and the short part stayed put, but the top tended to roll down. That ... (see full review)
Jeffrey Banks Whimsical 2-piece Pajamas
Clearance Price: $15.95
Average Rating 2.8 ( 42 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
elyse2007 10/18/2016
Very pretty and the fabric feels wonderful, bought these as a gift for Christmas for my daughter. The size seems to be what I expected. Jeffery you did it again!
Yummie by Heather Thomson 3-pack Seamless Briefie
Most Recent Review
thebeadfiend 10/17/2016
bought my size these are not for me they roll down wont stay put. the ordered 1x and still roll down good idea just doesn't work. sending them back
Rhonda Shear 2-pack Racerback Bra
Most Recent Review
mg33 10/17/2016
I have bought Rhonda's racer back bras in the past and so I was very happy to order these. I ordered the 2X as usual and although the band size fit a little small, it was still OK ... (see full review)
Rhonda Shear Power Mesh Bodice Tank
Clearance Price: $10.00
Average Rating 3.5 ( 37 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
debkerwin 10/17/2016
Haven't worn a bra all summer, I bought 3 of these and LOOOOOVE THEM! Supportive, comfortable, they don't roll up, and they provide enough foundation that I literally haven't worn ... (see full review)
The After Bra Tummy Tucker Supima® Cotton Top
Most Recent Review
alisaZG 10/16/2016
Smaller instantly...
Rhonda Shear 2pk Seamless Lace Overlay Brief Set
Most Recent Review
alisaZG 10/16/2016
Fit is awkward. Doesn't do much for my body. It could have been sizing. I am size 8-10. Ordered in M. It feels too loose...
HALFTEE™ Scoop-Neck Top 2-pack Set
Clearance Price: $22.95
Average Rating 4.1 ( 8 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
magsta 10/16/2016
Love half tees, they're a perfect pop of color without adding bulk. I think I'm up to 8 or 10 half tees, so you can tell that I'm hooked.
Rhonda Shear Smoothing Seamless Slip
Most Recent Review
LanChelle1 10/15/2016
I purchased for a special occasion and was comfortable the entire evening-even after a meal, 2-glasses of wine and 2 glasses of water! I wasn't uncomfortable and the garment wasn' ... (see full review)
Yummie by Heather Thomson "Cameo" High-Waist Brief
Most Recent Review
lamblips 10/14/2016
Would not recommend this item.
Rhonda Shear Printed Robe with Lace Trim
Clearance Price: $29.95
Average Rating 5.0 ( 3 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
lucylue900845 10/13/2016
I purchased 2 pair of Rhonda Shear's lace trim PJ's last year. They wash so nice and feel so good next to your skin when I was this robe with matching PJ's I had to jump at the pur ... (see full review)
Highgate Manor Kensington Lace Microfiber Pajamas
Most Recent Review
Bobby380 10/13/2016
Well made, not for a short person, they are yo long. May we have short?
HSN Cares Soft & Cozy Button-Down Pajama Set
Most Recent Review
AMYR 10/13/2016
These are super soft with a lovely blue color. They are very roomy also and light weight. Hope HSN continues to carry these outstanding pajamss. Soft and cozy describes them perf ... (see full review)
Highgate Manor Kensington Lace Zip-Front Kimono
Most Recent Review
floramour 10/12/2016
Very disappointed in quality of material. Also, sizing just not right for me. Returning.
Dreams by pj harlow Sleep Set
Clearance Price: $39.95
Average Rating 4.6 ( 9 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
BEACHGIRL17 10/10/2016
Lovely fabrics, comfortable, soft, well made. Would buy again.
Rhonda Shear Seamless Boyshort Brief 2-pack
Most Recent Review
helperperson 10/9/2016
I will be returning my two pairs of boycut underwear. The whole point of boycut is so they stay down in back and you don't have to keep pulling at them....these don't work:-( they ... (see full review)
Yummie by Heather Thomson 2pk Scoop-Neck Bra with Pads
Most Recent Review
scotty1 10/9/2016
I have gotten a lot of bras over the years but none compare to these. I went back and ordered two more of these. Love them
Rhonda Shear High-Waist Capri Shaping Legging
Most Recent Review
Donna731 10/9/2016
I do like it a little thickerthen a spank Shake very well true to size you could go up a size and still be nice
The Warm Up by Jessica Simpson Adjustable Sports Bra
Most Recent Review
polly401 10/8/2016
Jessica Simpson "gets" fitting a woman's body! The FIRST time I have ever been able to wear a pull on sports bra because it is designed to fit a woman with curves. There were two ... (see full review)