JOY True Perfection Bleach-Resistant 2 Head Towels
Most Recent Review
khb2dd 10/22/2016
I like the idea but these wraps aren't for long hair. My hair is long (well past my bra line) and when I try to twist it up the towel doesn't want to stay on my head. Also, it is ... (see full review)
TRUHAIR by Chelsea Scott® Color-n-Lift Thickening Fibers Refill
Most Recent Review
quido6184 10/22/2016
I actually by this product because I have thinning hair on top! and the thickening fibers really work to make my hair look fuller on top. I love this product ! Second time ordering ... (see full review)
Taya Inner Core Anti-Breakage 3-piece Set
Most Recent Review
CM14 10/22/2016
I have very fine, thin hair and have noticed less breakage since using this product. I want to order the mist to add to my collection. It also smells really good and a little goe ... (see full review)
Fekkai Endless Volume 3-piece Kit
Most Recent Review
CM14 10/22/2016
I have very fine, thin hair & was hoping to get some extra volume from this product. It smells wonderful but I did experience hair breakage since using this product. I have bette ... (see full review)
Martino by Martino Cartier You Complete Me Firm Hold Hairspray
Most Recent Review
Pixie1967 10/22/2016
I was a cosmetologist by trade...in passing was so excited to get this product. I love how Martino Cartier believes in his product but, it did not work for me. I have fine hair and ... (see full review)
Carol's Daughter Monoi Tahaa Style Primer
Most Recent Review
EToon1101 10/21/2016
I didn't know what to expect when using this, so I gave it a shot when I blew out my hair..OMG I had zero frizz. I tried it out when diffusing my hair when curly..zero frizz. Thank ... (see full review)
Fekkai PrX Reparatives Shampoo - Travel
Most Recent Review
EToon1101 10/21/2016
This smells amazing! I bought this along with the travel size conditioner to try out before committing to the full size. I find it doesn't lather as well if you use too much, and i ... (see full review)
Fekkai PrX Reparatives Conditioner - Travel
Most Recent Review
EToon1101 10/21/2016
First off, this is the best smelling line of products I have ever purchase..vanilla heaven!! I bought this along with the travel size shampoo to try out before I committed to the l ... (see full review)
Blow Brush Volumizing Dryer Brush
Most Recent Review
coco6262 10/21/2016
I like the concept of the drying/blowing drying together; however, I felt that the dryer was not strong enough. The maximum wattage was too low in order for the dryer to work effe ... (see full review)
Simply Straight™ Pro Straightening Styling Brush
Most Recent Review
Jangoforth 10/21/2016
I am very happy with this straightener. Heats up so fast for quick touch ups. Very easy to handle. Best I've ever owned!
Jose Eber Beaute Cheveux 5 Thermal Rollers - Large
Most Recent Review
blondie887 10/21/2016
Love these rollers
Martino Cartier Vibrating Brush with Dry Shampoo
Most Recent Review
NDNGUY73 10/21/2016
Horrible, Dont know if i got a defecitve or it doesnt heat up...
Taya Buriti Nut Intensive Repair Leave-in Mist
Most Recent Review
Crisco815 10/21/2016
Truth time. I am African American, and I sprayed this in my hair and a few minutes later I couldn't even comb it, it was so tangled! Shame because I like the ingredients and know t ... (see full review)
Secret Extensions® Secret Cover Volumizer
Most Recent Review
anatucumana 10/21/2016
I have gray-blonde hair that is nearly all white on top and above my ears. I can usually blend in a platinum or very pale blonde, in something like a scrunchie. I ordered the light ... (see full review)
TRUHAIR® Color-n-Lift Jumbo Size Root Cover Powder
Most Recent Review
flowers_2 10/21/2016
love it
Taya Copaiba Resin Volumizing Elixir BOGO
Most Recent Review
Novemba 10/21/2016
I have thinning menopausal hair and I've tried literally every product line offered at HSN and other places. Nothing has ever worked as well as this line. I use the Taya shampoo a ... (see full review)
Taya Buriti Nut Intensive Repair Oil
Most Recent Review
LALF0207 10/20/2016
I purchased this oil in hopes that it would help the texture of my hair. I have curly, coarse, colored hair and most products I have used have not helped. After the first applicati ... (see full review)
Carol's Daughter Monoi Repairing Dry Shampoo
Most Recent Review
Diva112 10/20/2016
Just ok
Taya Copaiba Resin Volumizing 4-piece Supersize Set
Most Recent Review
dlpjap 10/20/2016
This is the first volumizing shampoo and conditioner that I have used and it certainly meets all my expectations. I LOVE IT.
Carol's Daughter Lisa's Hair Elixir Scalp Oil & Spray
Most Recent Review
MsJ4 10/20/2016
1st time I used this my hair felt and looked so healthy. This has changed my mine about Carol's Daughter, I love this product
Taya Kinwa Grain Instant Styler
Most Recent Review
Smarine 10/20/2016
Love this stuff I just wish it came in a much bigger size :)
Secret Extensions® 16" Double Volume Hair Extension
Most Recent Review
thegreat68 10/20/2016
I couldn't get to use it because the band pulled out of it by trying to put in on very carefully. I send both orders back. It cost me 6 dollars and some cents. You had said there ... (see full review)
Tweak-d 2XL Fiber Lift Dry Volumizing Spray
Most Recent Review
montel20 10/20/2016
hard to comb after it sets
Tweak-d 2-piece Extreme Volume Collection
Most Recent Review
Marci1 10/20/2016
I have fine hair and thought it might work since it was recommended for baby hair but sadly like so many other products I have tried, nothing seems to really thicken soft baby hair ... (see full review)
FHI Brands Lightweight Ceramic Glamour Hair Dryer
Most Recent Review
ATLbaby 10/20/2016
It is not light weight...it's actually heavy. Watts did not seem to be as strong as indicated. I returned it.
Signature Club A Double-Up Hydrating Hair Capsules
Most Recent Review
malmoo 10/20/2016
I have used this product and it does make a difference with my hair. I have thin but very frizzy hair with some damage from coloring and heat...seems to make my hair look a bit he ... (see full review)
Taya Amazon White Clay Advanced Thickening Blend™ Amplifying Mist
Most Recent Review
TeeTee12641 10/19/2016
Love the body it gives to my hair!
Taya Amazon White Clay Advanced Thickening Blend™ Shampoo & Conditioner Duo
Most Recent Review
TeeTee12641 10/19/2016
I have used other Taya products and was very happy; I have received these 2 products and have used them successfully. My hair is soft and manageable and yet it has body. Thanks ... (see full review)
Jose Eber The Shampoo Cleansing Foam
Most Recent Review
Reen134 10/19/2016
I've been using this for a while and like the results. It cleans and I know exactly how much to use. Two squirts does it.
Carol's Daughter Monoi Head-To-Toe Miracle Oil
Most Recent Review
HisRib 10/19/2016
I love using this oil from my hair to my feet. This is great on African American hair,for preventing split ends and as a moisture barrier after a shower or bath. The softness lasts ... (see full review)
Taya Amazon White Clay Advanced Thickening Blend™ Amplifying Clay
Most Recent Review
GYPSY40 10/19/2016
the white clay makes my hair hold when I style it and make it look thicker. . my hair is ease to manage. I love what it does for my.
Jose Eber Beaute Cheveux 6 Thermal Rollers - Medium
Most Recent Review
rocket489 10/19/2016
I have highlighted hair and sometimes the curling iron will burn the ends. These rollers are great and I have so much body and fullness.
Taya Air Volumizer Dry Styling Hair Spray
Most Recent Review
jerrie340 10/19/2016
This is a second order and I am crazy about this hairspray.It does give the hair thickness as well as additional body.Will be ordering again.Thanks!
Fekkai Technician Color Care Conditioner
Most Recent Review
pookie1231 10/18/2016
this stuff smells so good although it didnt make my hair very soft
Carol's Daughter Monoi Healthy Styles 3-piece Set
Most Recent Review
Berniem4 10/18/2016
I have very fine, thin hair and tried this hair spray first. Really nice smell and soft. Next tried the shampoo and conditioner. They are both great. My hair feels softer and fulle ... (see full review)
Carol's Daughter Monoi Repairing Hair Set
Most Recent Review
ladyinblue23 10/18/2016
Why oh why did I wait so long to order this? I thought I needed another hair cut, I tried many, many other products but I just could not get my hair to look like I wanted. I bo ... (see full review)
Taya Inner Core, Hair Strong™ Mask
Most Recent Review
razz6 10/18/2016
Love this product got all inner core products I have fine blonde hair using all of these products makes my hair feel fuller and stronger and also less breakage
Fekkai Soleil Beach Waves Spray 5 oz.
Most Recent Review
wfuentes1988 10/18/2016
Great for volume and texture.
Keranique Marula Hair Oil
Sale Price: $26.95
Average Rating 5.0 ( 2 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
TimeFighter2 10/18/2016
I use the whole Keranique line and love their products! The like the Marula Hair Oil because it's so lightweight. It makes my hair feel soft, shiny and helps control the fuzzies w ... (see full review)
Tweak-d Restore Hair Treatment & Rev-d Mist
Most Recent Review
Cindi225 10/17/2016
This product is incredible. It gave my hair life again! After a bad haircut at my salon (she used a razor....I've since switched!), my hair was so thin and weak, I wasn't sure exac ... (see full review)
Hair2Wear Christie Brinkley Clip-In Ponytail Hairpiece - 13"
Most Recent Review
Cindi225 10/17/2016
Easy to wear and looks real! Not fake looking hair at all. Blends in with my cool tone blonde highlighted hair unbelievably.
TRUHAIR by Chelsea Scott® Color-n-Lift Thickening Fibers
Most Recent Review
AlexandrafromCA 10/17/2016
Have bought this twice hoping that the second experience would be better then the first experience. Never goes on like it does on live TV. In fact I have to fight to get the produ ... (see full review)
Taya Inner Core, Hair Strong™ Strengthening Mist
Most Recent Review
emgrove 10/17/2016
As soon as I put some of this on my ends, it detangled and NO hair came out. I am an African American with MANY allergies so I'm skeptical about products I use on my skin and hair. ... (see full review)
SCA Thinning Hair Powder Kit
HSN Price: $28.50
Average Rating 4.3 ( 1349 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
pw44herman 10/17/2016
This worked well for me. Similar to the X-Fusion that I buy at the salon.
Keranique Micro-Exfoliating Follicle Revitalizing Mask
Most Recent Review
Izorah 10/17/2016
I am extremely disappointed with this product. When applying the mask to my scalp I noticed that it had a very gritty texture. It did not feel like microbeads. It felt like sand. ... (see full review)
Jose Eber Beaute Cheveux 7 Thermal Rollers - Small
Most Recent Review
nancyab058 10/17/2016
I use two or three of these rollers on the top of my head to create height. They are so easy and quick to use. Better than hot rollers. After blow drying my hair with a round br ... (see full review)
Carol's Daughter 8 oz. Healthy Hair Butter - Single or AutoShip
Most Recent Review
heresdorothy 10/17/2016
This stuff has a horrible medicine like order. I can't believe anyone would put this in their hair. I feels like putting axle grease in my hair. Disgusting.
Taya  White Clay Advanced Thickening Blend 3pc Set
Most Recent Review
alisaZG 10/16/2016
I loved shampoo and the conditioner. I have twice volume of hair on my head after using it. The spray is so-so. I have not see the difference. Would not purchase is on its own.
Carol's Daughter Lisa's Hair Elixr Shampoo and Conditioner Set
Most Recent Review
LEATHER 10/16/2016
I use this.about once a month . It does a great job removing build up. Makes your scalp feel so clean. Great mint scent
Carol's Daughter Supersize Monoi Repairing Hair Mask
Most Recent Review
mrsmig 10/16/2016
After watching the show with the dramatic results on he models I purchased this product. I was not really pleased with the results. I don't have extremely dry hair, but I found co ... (see full review)
Taya Inner Core, Hair Strong™ Anti-Breakage Shampoo & Conditioner Duo
Most Recent Review
3377Beth 10/16/2016
I have very thin and weak hair, since I have been using this product I noticed that I have less breakage and stronger hair, it works wonders. Smells amazing, This is a great prod ... (see full review)
Sally Hershberger 24K Dry Shampoo & Texturizer Duo
Most Recent Review
GrammaBarb 10/16/2016
Neither one of these products worked for me, very disappointed, not at all as promised. I have thick medium length blond hair and I couldn't tell a difference with either product. ... (see full review)
Carol's Daughter Monoi Oil Hair Mask
Most Recent Review
GeminiG29 10/15/2016
LOVE ?? LOVE ?? LOVE ?? IT ???. What a feeling ????This mask made my hair feel like it did when I was younger. Head full of manageable hair. Woo hoo happy dance while shaking my ha ... (see full review)
Carol's Daughter 4 oz. Monoi Repairing Hair Mask
Most Recent Review
oznaz 10/15/2016
If your hair is breaking and damaged this is the hair mask for you. I put it on dry hair, put on a plastic cap, and let it sit for a hour or so, great results!
Fekkai Soleil Beach Waves Spray
Most Recent Review
Lynn439 10/15/2016
I have curly hair and am always searching for something that maintains curl, keeps it smooth and not frizzy, and helps with fullness. This is fabulous!!!! I got the travel size, bu ... (see full review)
Sally Hershberger 24K Root Envy Root Boost
Most Recent Review
bjoyful2 10/15/2016
I have used several of these produces now and just can't say enough about Sally's hair products. I especially love the Root Envy because it is the best products for fine hair and d ... (see full review)
Hair2wear Christie Brinkley Hair Extension - 12"
Most Recent Review
rexer1 10/15/2016
Doesn't stay secure in fine hair...
Fekkai Brilliant Glossing Styling Créme
Most Recent Review
dfosmer1 10/15/2016
This product made my hair so shiny and super soft I was amazed at how such a small amount could do so much. It is definitely worth a try. This product delivers!
Tweak-d Rare Treasures Hair Treatment Peaches and Cream
Most Recent Review
Mo1450 10/15/2016
I bought two Tweak-d Treasures Self-Cleaning Hair Treatment Peaches & Fresh Cream. I read all the reviews and thought it was the answer. However, each time I use it, it dries my ... (see full review)
Taya Inner Core, Hair Strong™ 3-piece Collection
Most Recent Review
jvybarra 10/15/2016
This product has destroyed my hair, It made the split ends the worst they have ever been in my lifeI had to stop using it. I have curly hair it might be bad to straighten it while ... (see full review)
Keranique Intensive Overnight Hair Repair Serum
Most Recent Review
3tsoleil 10/14/2016
I have used this in conjunction with the follicle stimulating serum for about 1 month. I use it twice a week. Nice light texture, no scent. My hair used to grow unevenly, fast on t ... (see full review)
FHI Brands Hair Veil Powder Hair Filler
Most Recent Review
Ladydonna99 10/14/2016
Tried this in Light Brown and Dark Blonde. Returned the Light Brown and just ordered two more in Dark Blonde because I don't want to run out of this product. I have tried four othe ... (see full review)
Sally Hershberger 24K Voluminous Dry Shampoo Mini
Most Recent Review
Sandy876 10/14/2016
This product didn't work for me. My hair is fine and soft and this spray only made it softer. I couldn't get the volume from it like demonstrated. I will pass it along to my daught ... (see full review)
Taya Copaiba Resin Volumizing 4-piece Discovery Kit
Most Recent Review
Jennilite 10/14/2016
This is a great kit to try Taya. I highly recommend it if you want fullness and volume in your hair. The shampoo and conditioner are wonderful and smooth for your hair and follo ... (see full review)
Sally Hershberger 24K Dry Shampoo with Teasing Brush
Most Recent Review
eagertoletuno 10/14/2016
The worst dry shampoo I've ever tried. it left my hair feeling worse than before using. I could not get a comb or brush through it afterwards. My hair felt like I used a hairspray ... (see full review)
Jose Eber Beaute Cheveux Self-Grip Thermal Rollers
Most Recent Review
85senora 10/14/2016
Because of limited mobility due to spinal surgery,doing my hair has been a challenge.When I watched Jose demonstrate with ease great,full results.The models must have had a lot of ... (see full review)
Fekkai Brilliant Glossing 3-piece Kit
Most Recent Review
CHICKI2020 10/14/2016
I used the Glossing cream years ago. I was able to buy it at Bath and Body , but they discontinued selling it. So glad to have found it again. This makes your hair so shiny. The s ... (see full review)
Carol's Daughter Monoi Ultimate Repair 4-pc Hair Set
Most Recent Review
Parrise 10/14/2016
My Stylist was really impressed with these products because we have been trying everything under the sun on my natural hair to see what works best and I must admit we were both hap ... (see full review)
Carol's Daughter Monoi Conditioner
Most Recent Review
granny300 10/14/2016
This conditioner does exactly what Carol's Daughter says it will. I love it and the shampoo!
Taya Copaiba Supersize 4-piece Volumizing Set
Most Recent Review
ASTRODIANA 10/14/2016
I do not like this product. I thought I would try it instead of the wonderful white clay shampoo and conditioner. I was impressed because it was advertised to give volume and body ... (see full review)
Hair2wear The Christie Brinkley Collection Messy Bun Hair Wrap
Most Recent Review
Carol42 10/14/2016
For the price, this works well, color matches good. I put my short hair in a pony tail and put this around it and looks cute. And fast and easy when in a hurry.
Carol's Daughter Monoi Conditioning Mousse
Most Recent Review
MSMEIKO 10/13/2016
This product made my hair very hard