Taya Amazon White Clay Advanced Thickening Blend™ Amplifying Clay
Most Recent Review
pajewelryno1fan 8/23/2016
First let me say I love Taya products all shampoo and conditioners, styling aids so I thought I would try the white clay thickening I watched it on tv and tried it fist on wet hair ... (see full review)
Taya Amazon White Clay Advanced Thickening Blend™ Amplifying Mist
Most Recent Review
tinker939 8/23/2016
I have a little natural wave to my fine hair. I thought this would add thickness. It made my hair so soft I could not do anything with it. Lost the curl.Going back
Healthy Hair, Skin & Nails
HSN Price: $16.90 - $119.90
Average Rating 4.5 ( 4664 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
kabuke 8/23/2016
I order the big bottle and gave my son some. He was reluctant to give them a try but about 2 weeks later he texted me his nails were really growing! He asked me for more so I boug ... (see full review)
Tweak-d Rare Treasures Hair Treatment Peaches and Cream
Most Recent Review
qqww 8/23/2016
This stuff is GREAT- I gave some to my Hairdresser for her clients with Thin hair! My hair is Twice the volume and stays clean for a week!
Taya Amazon White Clay Advanced Thickening Blend™ Shampoo & Conditioner Duo
Most Recent Review
yankees15 8/23/2016
Was so looking forward to receiving these products. I've used it twice and found no noticeable difference,Will go back to using my Tressemme which did give me more volume and for ... (see full review)
Martino Cartier You Rock My Curls Pro with Shine Spray
Most Recent Review
Monique07 8/23/2016
I was very happy to have received my product in a timely fashion.It is basically self explanatory and pretty easy to use except for getting the curler to stay on your head. The cur ... (see full review)
Taya Copaiba Resin Volumizing Shampoo
Most Recent Review
boloni 8/23/2016
Always loved this product but lately I noticed it is drying out my hair a bit to much. The magic is in the conditioner as I always said. Take a chance. Its not bad but not as g ... (see full review)
Keranique Lift & Repair Beauty Treatment Spray
Most Recent Review
dogloverno1 8/23/2016
I've tried this for about two weeks now and so far am very pleased. I am 70 years old and my once beautiful, thick, naturally curly auburn hair that used to make strangers come up ... (see full review)
Campbell McAuley Teasing Comb & Finish Spray
Most Recent Review
pfab25 8/23/2016
This hairspray is the best I've ever used. It makes my hair look fuller becaus I can "scrunch" it and it stays in place. I've ordered several times and my only negative is I wish ... (see full review)
Fekkai Hair Hangover Fortifying Weekly Ritual
Most Recent Review
kenziesga 8/22/2016
I was apprehensive about trying a clarifying shampoo, because I'm older, and my hair is more dry and doesn't have the body it had when I was younger. With the terrible heat and hum ... (see full review)
TRUHAIR by Chelsea Scott® Color-n-Lift Thickening Fibers
Most Recent Review
BorisB 8/22/2016
Love it!!
Tweak-d 3-piece Cleanse, Strengthen & Lift Kit
Most Recent Review
BL622 8/22/2016
I can usually go every other day washing my hair, but not if I use this. I have fine hair and this just made it feel dirty and greasy. I'll stick with my Tara Smith if I can find i ... (see full review)
TRUHAIR by Chelsea Scott® Color-n-Lift Thickening Fibers Refill
Most Recent Review
richmondgirl02 8/22/2016
Thought just another color deal, but this turned out to be the best I ever got, so easy to use and covers so fast and goes a long way, love it, I will never be with grey showing ... (see full review)
Taya Inner Core, Hair Strong™ Anti-Breakage Shampoo & Conditioner Duo
Most Recent Review
Pokie50 8/22/2016
Hair2wear Christie Brinkley Hair Extension with Brush - 12"
Most Recent Review
GERRILIZ 8/22/2016
Another waste of money. Hair tangles very easily. "Hair" burns when using curling iron and using a lower temperature than recommended color is good. Does not hold curl either. Sav ... (see full review)
JOY Ion Technology The Single Touch Hair Dryer™
Most Recent Review
Sharon1712 8/22/2016
I have long, thick hair and it only takes me about 10 minutes to dry it with this dryer. I also like the feature of it turning off if your hand is not on the back of the handle. ... (see full review)
Campbell McAuley Mane Changer Cleansing Conditioner
Most Recent Review
tlc5150 8/22/2016
this product was not worth the price i paid for it. it also was very hard to squeeze out of container.i will go back to using my vidal sassoon cleansing conditioner i get a bigger ... (see full review)
Taya Inner Core, Hair Strong™ 3-piece Collection
Most Recent Review
LadyCCL 8/22/2016
This product may be helpful for some hair types, but not for mine. I have fine hair and it didn't do anything to it either way. Also, the scent, while some may like it, was way t ... (see full review)
Carol's Daughter Lisa's Hair Elixir Restoring Oil
Most Recent Review
Morningsun1 8/22/2016
The odor of product not good
TRUHAIR® Color-n-Lift Jumbo Size Root Cover Powder
Most Recent Review
JoJo202 8/22/2016
Covers great, but comes off on clothes
Sally Hershberger 24K Beach Glam Wave Spray
Most Recent Review
ACherryinVA 8/22/2016
This is my new go-to product. My guy loves how my hair smells whenever I use it. Makes my hair soft and shiny. Gave 4 stars because I dont feel it works that great as a wave spray. ... (see full review)
Simply Straight™ Straightening Brush with Heat Mat
Most Recent Review
Angie1018 8/22/2016
I placed the heat setting at Maximum heat and pulled it through my hair several times.It did not work as advertised.
Fekkai Soleil Beach Waves Spray
Most Recent Review
dollusions 8/22/2016
I have naturally wavy hair I was looking for a good beach spray to put more texture into my hair and get rid of frizz. This beach spray is about the same as any drugstore Brands I ... (see full review)
Jose Eber Beaute Cheveux 5 Thermal Rollers - Large
Most Recent Review
dollusions 8/22/2016
I'm sorry but the models on the presentation had to have had something in their hair that held the curls once these rollers were taken out because they did absolutely nothing for ... (see full review)
Carol's Daughter Monoi Repairing Hair Set
Most Recent Review
toberkins 8/21/2016
Although I love the smell of all Monoi products, they did not keep my hair from breakage/loss of hair. The conditioner felt nice, but the shampoo seemed to tangle my hair. Returned ... (see full review)
Jose Eber Beaute Cheveux 7 Thermal Rollers - Small
Most Recent Review
renie01 8/21/2016
First, small rollers way too big for short hair. Second, after following directions, results were not even close to HSN sales demo. I didn't even get a wave much less a curl! Do ... (see full review)
Fekkai Creme Vanillee Hair Fragrance Mist
Most Recent Review
Gerri1950 8/21/2016
I had been searching for a hair fragrance for a while...this completes my search. The Creme Vanillee Fragance Mist is wonderful and I will be odering more.
Carol's Daughter Monoi Repairing Flexible Hairspray
Most Recent Review
CatloverDeb 8/21/2016
I love this hair spray. Fantastic and does everything the description says. Will buy always!!
Hair2wear The Christie Brinkley Collection The Natural Fringe Bangs
Most Recent Review
Lealea55 8/21/2016
I've ordered "golden brown " extensions before and this color is not even close. Returning
Hair2wear The Christie Brinkley Collection The Pony Hair Wrap
Most Recent Review
Lealea55 8/21/2016
There are two reasons I wouldn't recommend. One, it's hard to get a good color match. This is not the fault of the product, just a fact.The second is that the ponytail is hard to f ... (see full review)
Tweak-d Tame-d Bye-Bye Frizz! Flexible Finishing Mist
Most Recent Review
katybug7 8/21/2016
I have been looking for a replacement hair spray since Tunu. It seems they have improved the spray system. Tunu sprayer use to clog up. Thank you so much.
3-piece Wood and Boar-Bristle Brush Set
HSN Price: $34.00 - $38.00
Average Rating 4.3 ( 113 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
TexasRacer 8/21/2016
I think these are wonderful, except the comb doesn't do well with my long hair. Well worth the price.
Taya 6-piece Super Discovery Collection
Most Recent Review
TexasRacer 8/21/2016
I have bought several larger items of this set after trying it out.
Jose Eber Beaute Cheveux Va Va Voom Volumizing Cream
Most Recent Review
animalstars73 8/20/2016
Love, love this product! Never thought it would work but it completely fluffs up your hair and lasts! Gives so much volume! I was so surprised. Best volumizing product I've ever u ... (see full review)
Taya Boar Bristle Wooden Paddle Brush
Most Recent Review
savmedoe 8/20/2016
Awesome. Thanks for the great brush. I bought 2!!! One for me and one for my daughter:) no tug no pain . Great price. Best brush ever and im over 40. Thanks!!!!
Carol's Daughter Monoi Repairing Leave-In Conditioner
Most Recent Review
toberkins 8/20/2016
Love the scent, but that is all. This spray-water made my hair stiff and sticky. I had a hard time combing my hair after it dried. And, hair broke and fell out while combing. It wa ... (see full review)
FHI Brands Stylus Sphere Thermal Curling Brush w/Glove
Most Recent Review
graciesmama 8/20/2016
I've been looking for a new curling brush for some time now. This one is perfect! It's easy to use, versatile and gives my hair just the right amount of curl. Love it!!
Taya Amazon White Clay Jumbo Shampoo & Conditioner
Most Recent Review
gloko 8/20/2016
Wanted to love this for my thin, fine hair. Used it 3 times and did not think it compared to a shampoo and conditioner I by at the grocery store.Back it goes. :(
FHI Brands Blow Style Detachable Brush Set with Mesh Travel Bag
Most Recent Review
rjaupperle 8/20/2016
Makes blow drying my thin hair easier. Can blow dry the entire curl and then lock it in. Many of the tools available get to hot and burn my hair. I wish however the brushes were ... (see full review)
Fekkai Full Blown Volume Shampoo
Most Recent Review
Barbarfa 8/20/2016
I tried the travel size first and really liked the way it cleaned my hair and gave it a little more volume. I don't think I will ever find a shampoo that gives my baby fine hair v ... (see full review)
Martino Cartier FOURBIDDEN Ceramic Curling Wand Set
Most Recent Review
Marilyn132 8/20/2016
Good salesmanship and push on this product. You did absolutely nothing for my hair. Too expensive.
Fekkai Sheer Sculpt Styling Gel
HSN Price: $20.00
Average Rating 3.0 ( 1 Review )
Most Recent Review
Meggie50 8/20/2016
This product is not what I am used to. I don't like the feel of stiff and goopy in my hair but I realize to style it you have to use something. I usually just wash, brush and go ... (see full review)
Fekkai Technician Color Care Shampoo
Most Recent Review
Meggie50 8/20/2016
I have never spent a lot of money for my shampoo but I do have Loreal products that I love. This shampoo is just okay and the scent is not the best. Live and learn.
Hair2wear Christie Brinkley Hair Extension - 16"
Most Recent Review
5CT4 8/20/2016
I was very impressed how perfectly this matched to my own hair color. I don't get why the end combs are positioned vertically. It's very difficult get these to attach to the hair ... (see full review)
Taya Copaiba Resin Volumizing 3-piece Collection
Most Recent Review
Feet123 8/20/2016
I love this. It is great and it works great on my hair. And i have cruly hair.
Hair2Wear Christie Brinkley Hair Extension Brush
Most Recent Review
cherscat0514 8/20/2016
iIordered this thinking it was a standard brush but its not! When it arrived to my surprise it was a mini size brush. decided to keep it for travel or better yet, its a great si ... (see full review)
Taya Amazon White Clay Dry Cleansing Plumper
Most Recent Review
lungs 8/19/2016
The first time I used this I knew I'd never be without it. My hair looks and feels wonderful since using Taya hair products. If you're in a hurry and don't have time to wash n styl ... (see full review)
Martino Cartier You Had Me at Hello Flexible Hold Hairspray
Most Recent Review
Onthefritz13 8/19/2016
This product came in an outrageous box which is probably why it costs so much. I actually found that the Tresseme Hair Spray sample for 2 dollars worked better than this product. ... (see full review)
Tweak-d RESTORE Self-Cleansing Hair Treatment
Most Recent Review
saffron55 8/19/2016
Love this product and I've used almost all offered. It's not heavy/oily and my hair looks twice as thick and shiny! I would buy it on auto ship if offered.
Carol's Daughter Monoi Ultimate Repair 4-pc Hair Set
Most Recent Review
Prettycat1 8/19/2016
Taya Copaiba Resin Volumizing Mud
Most Recent Review
Oregonshopper16 8/19/2016
I have tried so many products for thin fine hair. I think I will enjoy using this product. It doesn't make my hair feel weighted down or dirty and a little goes a long way. Thank y ... (see full review)
Carol's Daughter Monoi 3-piece Hair Care Starter Kit
Most Recent Review
lajoy2 8/19/2016
tried it and first time I applied the mask it worked and the smell is amazing will be ordering the regular size next time I see the presentation.
Simply Straight™ Pro Straightening Styling Brush
Most Recent Review
Jackie861 8/19/2016
The Simply Straight Professional Straightening Styling Brush is an o.k. styling brush for my type of hair. I have very curly hair and the brush gets tangled in my curls. Also, i ... (see full review)
Taya Amazon White Clay Hair Plumper
Most Recent Review
anatucumana 8/19/2016
I have thick but fine hair and as I get older, it is getting thinner and flatter around the crown of my head. I didn't see the demo on TV so I was surprised when it sprayed a lit ... (see full review)
Martino Cartier Haute Stuff Turbo Pro Ionic Dryer
Most Recent Review
camiro 8/19/2016
This is an excellent dryer. Very effective. Only problem is it's very heavy. Not so good for people with shoulder or arm weakness. Anyone else, I'd say go for it.
Jose Eber Beaute Cheveux 6 Thermal Rollers - Medium
Most Recent Review
pens 8/19/2016
I bought these curlers thinking they would be quick and easy...not really. I have learned to go to the reviews on the products and check out the bad ones for content. Generally t ... (see full review)
Carol's Daughter 8 oz. Healthy Hair Butter - Single or AutoShip
Most Recent Review
ginny961 8/19/2016
Use it every time I wash my hair. In between washes, I am constantly using it. Very good for dry scalp.
Jose Eber Beaute Cheveux Self-Grip Thermal Rollers
Most Recent Review
tamham 8/18/2016
Would not stay in my fine hair, no clips were included in product as promised
Martino Cartier Vibrating Brush with Dry Shampoo
Most Recent Review
kaliv55 8/18/2016
Nice set ...if it really did what it shows on tv. I have thicker hair and my hair is curly..I was really disappointed when I used this brush.It looked like I had plugged into an el ... (see full review)
Keranique Scalp Shampoo
HSN Price: $30.00
Average Rating 3.0 ( 2 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
Cecestep 8/18/2016
This shampoo makes your scalp feel so good...Love Keranique!
Taya White Clay & Acacia Collagen Plumping Texturizer
Most Recent Review
veep3 8/18/2016
Love their stuff but this is too thick. No matter how lightly I spray it on, it remains wet and kinda thick on my hair.
Martino Cartier Glass Slippers Finishing Spray BOGO
Most Recent Review
deladybex 8/18/2016
A pretty way to be prettier, shine, soft sparkle , not brassy or too shiny. Very lovely when Imuse it n my hair
Taya Copaiba Resin Volumizing 4-piece Discovery Kit
Most Recent Review
Redhot50 8/18/2016
Only tried once but able to feels and see a difference. I will keep using. Like the smell too
Taya Gift of Beauty 5-piece Discovery Set
Most Recent Review
monmon7 8/18/2016
I have fine hair and taya I now have lots of volume. Also love the brush too.
Keranique Intensive Overnight Hair Repair Serum
Most Recent Review
calliel 8/17/2016
didn't notice any difference. In fairness, HSN should give us longer to use...perhaps it will work in time but too expensive to keep and hope it will work. Where is the return labe ... (see full review)
Keranique Micro-Exfoliating Follicle Revitalizing Mask
Most Recent Review
calliel 8/17/2016
don't like did nothing for hair or scalp. Why didn't HSN tell us there is no prepaid return label?????
IMAN Gorgeous Locks Layered Bob Wig
Clearance Price: $129.95
Average Rating 3.5 ( 212 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
caddy2me 8/17/2016
Love the oftness and look, but it needs bangs and a layered tyle, too blunt of a cut.
IMAN Gorgeous Locks Luscious Layers Wig
Clearance Price: $129.95
Average Rating 3.3 ( 347 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
caddy2me 8/17/2016
I just LOVE Iman's Luscious layers wig. It is so soft and looks so real I get compliments. The Cap is so comfortable and soft you forget it is on.I have to purchase MORE.
Taya Amazon White Clay Overnight Hair Plumper
Most Recent Review
tecko1 8/17/2016
Really does what it says, leaves hair with body and volume without weighing my hair down.
Jose Eber Beaute Cheveux Mediterranean Sea Spray
Most Recent Review
Dgranieri 8/17/2016
This product was like spraying regular tap water on me. oh well.... had to return. not worth the money.
Taya Kinwa Grain Finger Styler Duo
Most Recent Review
badgergirl 8/17/2016
I have used this only once and my hair was very soft! Great scent and you need very little this will last me a very long time! I am excited to try other products (shampoo). I ha ... (see full review)
Tweak-d Rise & Shine Self-Cleansing Hair Treatment Duo
Most Recent Review
522539 8/17/2016
Love this stuff!! Not easy to travel with so I use the Chocholate in a tube for travel! I have highlighted hair and this works great.