Char-Broil 3-in-1 Roaster, Smoker & Grill w/Rib Hooks
Most Recent Review
joyful1999 10/23/2016
This cooker is so awesome! I bought this earlier in the year for my husband who LOVES it. My Dad wants one so bad that I am getting him one for Xmas! The cookbook is very helpfu ... (see full review)
Char-Broil 3-in-1 Roaster, Smoker & Grill w/Rib Hooks
Most Recent Review
sticky444 10/23/2016
It great i just cooked two whole chickens they where juicy an fall off the bone tender i going to cook a turkey next sunday i would recommend this to my friends
Char-Broil Big Easy TRU-Infrared Oil-Less Turkey Fryer
Most Recent Review
MO977 10/23/2016
Very simply put.Product: excellentCompany: They are one of the worst companies that I have ever dealtwith. Their product is great and the price is great. That is where the rev ... (see full review)
Hamilton Beach 4-Burger Grill with Removable Grids
Most Recent Review
Furballz 10/22/2016
Fast delivery. Easy to remove plates to clean. Love it
Curtis Stone Burger Press and Meat Tenderizer Set
Most Recent Review
KyKonsNaNa 10/20/2016
I have to admit when I purchased this I thought it was kind of silly. Thought I would try it and send it back. Well I can say I will not be sending this back. I really like the ... (see full review)
Char-Broil TRU-Infrared Digital Electric Smoker
Most Recent Review
JewelryCreator 10/17/2016
Tried it for the first time yesterday and absolutely loved it. It does exactly what it says it does. I love the fact that you don't have to keep adding the chips. You do it once an ... (see full review)
Elite Gourmet 14" Round Indoor Grill with Glass Lid
Most Recent Review
rhonda83 10/16/2016
It fell apart
Living Well with Montel Microwave Grill Silicone Insert
Most Recent Review
Becky696 10/14/2016
Bought these to go with the grill. I love them and the grill. Perfect combo!
Char-Broil Kettleman Grill with Grilling Guide
Most Recent Review
bratmeyerv 10/14/2016
As far as grills go, one can do a whole lot worse. This grill cooks food the way you want grilled food to taste. Very satisfied. Uses less charcoal, too.
Char-Broil TRU-INFRARED 3-in-1 Smoker, Roaster & Grill
Most Recent Review
Shuzgal 10/14/2016
This took me about 2 hours to put together in the middle of hurricane Matthew. Luckily we didnt lose power and was a good project to keep me busy. Had the directions been more de ... (see full review)
Char-Broil "The Big Easy" Cover with Vented Sides
Most Recent Review
terristhreadart 10/9/2016
Very sturdy, well made cover.
Char-Broil Big Easy Fryer Cover
Clearance Price: $14.95
Average Rating 4.3 ( 12 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
Twister2 10/6/2016
THIS IS THE BEST! First thing we cooked was a Turkey it was unbelievably moist and tender!! 14 lbs in 2 hours!
Char-Broil Digital Electric Smoker Deluxe
Most Recent Review
TomTheGuitarGuy 10/5/2016
Not sure why I wanted to buy this smoker - I have a nice Traeger Pellet Grill, as well as the Char-Broil 3-in-1 Big Easy... But I'm glad I did.Very easy to use. Lots of space. T ... (see full review)
Char-Broil Stackable Oven for the Big Easy Grill
Most Recent Review
GrandIsland01 9/28/2016
I have the Char-Broil gas smoker that I use it in. I have all the extras for the smoker. We love it even if we are not smoking just backing or roasting in his pan.
Char-Broil Universal Rotisserie Grill Accessory
Most Recent Review
TomTheGuitarGuy 9/28/2016
The rotisserie is actually too small for my Cal Flame 4 burner grill (should have paid attention to the measurements), but I was able to use the motor and my old spit, so now I'm u ... (see full review)
De'Longhi Indoor Grill
HSN Price: $59.95
Average Rating 4.2 ( 64 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
klassykancer 9/27/2016
It cooks great and the clean up is easy! I love it
Holstein Fundamentals Metallic-Finish Panini Grill
Most Recent Review
yvette777 9/25/2016
Excellent gift for my niece at College! She loves it!!! I now have Best Aunt ever cred's
De'Longhi Contact Grill and Panini Press
Most Recent Review
EAM50 9/24/2016
It's great for teenagers after school. You can make two sandwiches at once. Great family gift
Cuisinart Multifunction Griddle, Grill & Panini Press
Most Recent Review
nurseJol 9/24/2016
Super easy to use & clean up is easy, my kids love it! Our family has been using every day since it arrived!!
Man Law Foldable Stainless Steel Pizza Peel
Most Recent Review
nettie000 9/21/2016
Char-Broil 22-piece Accessory Kit for Big Easy Roaster
Most Recent Review
marsufin 9/17/2016
I love all the accessories
Char-Broil "Everybody Grills!" Cookbook
Most Recent Review
Coach-270 9/17/2016
I received. Haven't tried it out yet.
Outset Grilling 8" Grill Press
HSN Price: $14.95
Average Rating 5.0 ( 1 Review )
Most Recent Review
Squirrel9 9/16/2016
I've needed one of these for years. It's great.. Every one should get one . If your thinking about it. Don't, get it. You will be glad you did.
Cuisinart All-Foods Roll-Away Portable Gas Grill
Most Recent Review
Franny85 9/13/2016
We are very pleased with our travel grill, my husband and I Love it!
Curtis Stone Digital Read Meat Thermometer
Most Recent Review
pipedigger007 9/12/2016
The magnetic back is not strong enough to hold the weight of the device so you can't put it on your fridge. The "L" shapes probe is awkward and hard to warp around it for storage s ... (see full review)
Char-Broil Bunk-Bed Basket for Big Easy Cooker
Most Recent Review
ROGERINAZ 9/8/2016
Char-Broil TRU-Infrared Electric Patio Bistro Grill
Most Recent Review
EH1 9/7/2016
i LOVE this grill.
Char-Broil Wireless Thermometer Grill Accessory
Most Recent Review
VLumetta63 9/1/2016
Great! Bought this a few months ago. Easy to use. Nice to be able to walk away and still be in touch with whatever you are cooking. Priced other tthermometers, this has all the goo ... (see full review)
Wolfgang Puck Bistro Elite Foldable Digital Thermometer
Most Recent Review
suewat 9/1/2016
Use this on bbqed food all the time! Easy to use, accurate and the long probe is great.
Man Law Durable Double Beer-Can Chicken Roaster
Most Recent Review
spuds366 8/30/2016
I have several Man Law items and love them all! The quality is great, II'm hooked on this brand and keep checking back for new items!
Chefs Basic Select BBQ Hot Dog Grill Top Roller
Most Recent Review
madbeauty 8/30/2016
These are perfect for our fire pit. Throw 5 hot dogs on at a time. The handle is easily removed and is also what you use to pick it up off the fire.
Perfect Sense 13-piece Grill Tool Set
Most Recent Review
savvymama22 8/28/2016
I know the color coordination is for avoiding cross contamination, but I love the study pieces and they are beautiful. Goes from grill to table. I've used them twice so far and cou ... (see full review)
Personal Creations King Of The Grill Sportula
Most Recent Review
Heathermae 8/25/2016
Bought this for my grandfather he loved it made very well personalization looked awesome I was very very happy with this product
Char-Broil 18pc Accessory Kit for Smoker/Roaster/Grill
Most Recent Review
DonnaHau 8/13/2016
Very nice and easy to use. Gives you the extra space for smoking multiple foods at once. A 'MUST' purchase for the Big Easy!!!!!
Char-Broil 480 4-Burner Gas Grill with Side Burner
Most Recent Review
jawag 8/11/2016
I was impressed by the price and features that came along with that price.
Char-Broil Silicone Grilling Gloves
Most Recent Review
Tammy729 8/2/2016
Love temperature use on gloves.
Cuisinart 3-piece Grilling Tool Set and Grill Glove
Most Recent Review
rose504 7/29/2016
very nice set. Goes with my new grill,also bought here.
Man Law Basting Brush with Holding Pot
Most Recent Review
spuds366 7/22/2016
Far better quality and craftsmanship than expected. Love it, and would recommend to anyone.
Maverick Redi Chek Versatile Remote Thermometer
Most Recent Review
stylesamust 7/19/2016
Load up the big easy grill, set the timer and watch the meat temperature from my air conditioned house. don't have to open my grill until it reads the right temperature for what I' ... (see full review)
Cuisinart Petit Gourmet Gas Grill with Versa Stand
Most Recent Review
Tomc1975 7/18/2016
This review has no reflection on HSN they are great! The grill however is cheap and a lot smaller than imagined. The legs of the grill broke in 2 places one unpacking and the othe ... (see full review)
Zeroll Ussentials Stainless Steel Meat Tenderizer
Most Recent Review
Viggie88 7/17/2016
Had a wooden one, but could not compair to this metal one ! Well worth the price and the metal is all one piece so it won't fall off. Love it !
Cuisinart Petit Gourmet Gas Grill
Most Recent Review
Marjan16 6/26/2016
Very good item ,work very well, good size for apartments or camping
Char-Broil Meat Claw Grill Accessory 2-pack
Most Recent Review
judiwonder 6/26/2016
Cooked a brisket and this made it so easy to prepare the meat for the table. Worth every bit of what I paid for it
Hamilton Beach Nonstick Searing Grill with Glass Lid
Most Recent Review
Brendalette67 6/23/2016
I was a little skeptical at first as to whether this would really be a good indoor grill. I used it first to grill hot dogs and have used it just about everyday. I love that you ca ... (see full review)
Flavor Fork Flavor-Infusing Grill Tool with Basting Brush
Most Recent Review
MOODYGIANT 6/23/2016
I bought a beautiful steak at my local butcher shop to use this product. To my displeasure, it did not work. I put the steak marinade in the vial, and when I tried to push the juic ... (see full review)
Cuisinart Everyday Portable Gas Grill
Most Recent Review
skyangel16 6/22/2016
I got this for my husband and he loves it!!!!!! He can not wait to use it for my grandson's BBQ for his high school graduation party
Personal Creations "King of the Grill" Apron
Most Recent Review
Slo-mo 6/20/2016
Great product. Dad really liked his Fathers Day gift!
Prepara Basting Plus BBQ Brush Set
Most Recent Review
nikki4360 6/20/2016
The handle of the brush fills with the basting sauce that you are using. When you want to baste your meat, you simply squeeze the silicone handle which pushes the sauce out onto t ... (see full review)
Char-Broil 365 Vertical Charcoal Smoker
Most Recent Review
Cherie62 6/19/2016
Use it many times a week makes mouth watering meals. Smoked ribs,than pressure cooker than on to BBQ. Smoked chicken boneless thighs.Home made shake & bake:2 cups bread crumbs, 1/8 ... (see full review)
Maverick Stainless Steel Fluorescent Grill Light
Most Recent Review
MzBillyJack 6/18/2016
Bought this for my dad for Father's Day and he went to go ahead and use it, followed all of the instructions, put the 4 AA batteries and it wouldn't turn on! My parents live in Cal ... (see full review)
Char-Broil 504 Vertical Black Electric Smoker
Most Recent Review
Yolanda36064 6/16/2016
Purchased for my husband for father's day. Of course, it is too large for me to lift and hide so he has it - just in time for Father's Day. He could not wait to smoke something. Ea ... (see full review)
Char-Broil Patio Bistro 180 Portable Electric Grill
Most Recent Review
Mari1369 6/13/2016
Great outdoor grill without the fuss of having to buy propane. My building does not allow gas or charcoal grills and this grill is perfect. We are very happy with it.
Cuisinart 14-piece Deluxe Grilling Tool Set with Case
Most Recent Review
Grammy330 6/11/2016
I am really pleased with this purchase and looking forward to using it for many years to come.
Maverick Pro Temp Folding Probe Thermometer
Most Recent Review
medic1 6/9/2016
I never took temp of any foods before, then I went to Culinary School, now a Culinary Grad, I have this Maverick Pro Temp. I cannot be without it. from cooking at home to profes ... (see full review)
Chef Buddy Portable Grill & Cooler Combo
Most Recent Review
SarrBear09 6/4/2016
I bought knowing it was small which was fine. but the legs do not support the grill.Also it was scratched on the bottom like the legs were put on many times
Kalorik 2-Slice Stainless Steel Panini Grill
Most Recent Review
Advice2 6/3/2016
Well, not exactly calorie free, but close. I fried bacon on it and it was done in no time. Sandwiches are great on this. Have not tried cooking meat like chicken, steak, etc. Prett ... (see full review)
Char-Broil Thermos 480 4-Burner Grill with Side Burner
Most Recent Review
francanacca 6/2/2016
works and performs excellent!
Man Law 12.2" Nonstick Skillet Basket
Most Recent Review
SweetIrene 6/2/2016
I'll be using this skillet basket for BBQ'ing vegetables or fish. I really like the long folding handle.
Man Law Durable Barbecue Fish Basket
Most Recent Review
SweetIrene 6/2/2016
This is a real sturdy good quality stainless steel BBQ basket that fits a good sized whole salmon or salmon steaks but could be used for other items too like chicken pieces. I'll ... (see full review)
Char-Broil 360 2-Burner Black Gas Grill w/Side Burner
Most Recent Review
Lilmspriss80 5/27/2016
Once put together I was proud of the hard work that went into putting it together! I may be slow, but even with 2 people putting it together it took about 2 1/2 hours! Other than t ... (see full review)
Char-Broil Set of 4 Accessory Rib Hooks
Most Recent Review
lrg25 5/8/2016
Need to return them. Saw them for 4.99 And they're not big enough not satisfied with this product
Waring Pro Hot Dog Griller
HSN Price: $69.95
Average Rating 4.6 ( 8 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
cindyluewho21 5/8/2016
Fantastic to use...easy to prep and safe enough for my 7 year old to help out...no worries of hot boiling water because this griller does all the work as if you are at an actually ... (see full review)
Char-Broil 280 2-Burner Black Gas Grill with Shelves
Most Recent Review
Deebland 4/24/2016
When you put it together the grill part does not line up with the rest of the grill.not happy at this point in time
Myron Mixon Pitmaster 3-in-1 Grill Tool
Most Recent Review
MrsJordan 3/27/2016
Purchased for my husband and he loves it! The only needed tool for his grilling.
Wolfgang Puck Bistro Elite 2-piece Slotted Tongs Set
Most Recent Review
Lynaria 3/11/2016
These are so nice to have as they not only pick up the food but strain it at the same time. We love them.
Holstein Everyday 2-Slice Panini Griddle
Most Recent Review
Adelaida3 3/4/2016
I like it and my kids love it! they use it the most to make sandwiches. Nice size and it does heat up fast. I recommend it.!
Char-Broil 190 Charcoal Outdoor Grill
Most Recent Review
Arod26 2/22/2016
I had been looking for a grill for a while, I barely cook but when I do I use this little fellow and works perfectly you can fit up to six standard size patties at the time. Great ... (see full review)
Char-Broil 200 Portable Stainless Steel Gas Grill
Most Recent Review
Verna28 1/28/2016
I have bought and used many tabletop gas grills. All of the previous ones I used were not very good quality although not cheap in cost. This is a wonderful grill that I believe w ... (see full review)
Elite Gourmet 14" Round Indoor Grill with Glass Lid
Most Recent Review
stvbri 1/21/2016
This is a wonderful little grill. I purchased as a gift for my Son who is just setting up house. He loves to cook out. But doesn't get to in winter as much as he would like. He sa ... (see full review)
Cuisinart Digital Temperature Fork with Light
Most Recent Review
crissy5 1/6/2016
My husband liked using the Cuisinart Temperature fork and I liked him being able to grill a medium steak instead of a well done one! The only drawback is that the light is very dim ... (see full review)
Cuisinart Sandwich Grill
HSN Price: $19.95
Average Rating 4.2 ( 5 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
TFORTEXAS352 12/26/2015
Purchased for granddaughter to use in dorm. Grills two sandwiches at a time. Red light monitors warm up and cooking. Green light shows when sandwich is ready. GD will use for grill ... (see full review)
Whetstone 20-piece Stainless Steel BBQ Grill Set
Most Recent Review
KC1965 12/19/2015
I ordered this for a Christmas gift. When I opened it one of the straps was broken to hold the tools in place. I don't have time to return it for a replacement before Christnas