Anna Griffin® 12-piece Watercolor Markers
Most Recent Review
Nancy97 2/23/2017
Colors were pretty but markers were too dry to use. I was surprised because all other products that I have from AG are of the highest quality.
Sweet Sugarbelle Shape Shifter Cookie Cutter Set
Most Recent Review
Luv2Craft9 2/23/2017
I am not a cookie baker, but the presentation made me feel like it was so easy & I could do it with little effort. You need a lot of practice. These are high priced cookie cutters. ... (see full review)
Crayola Portfolio Series Oil Pastel Set of 24
Most Recent Review
madrinaconcha 2/22/2017
They are nice crayons but a bit oily , my preference is a dryer pastel . I am enjoy them.
Crafter's Companion Ultimate Tool Bundle
Most Recent Review
wyrlwind 2/20/2017
I've used this several times. And I have enjoyed it so much. Makes card making so enjoyable.
Spectrum Noir AquaBlend 96 Watercolor Pencils w/Paper
Most Recent Review
frhldmom 2/19/2017
As a non-professional, who stamps, and makes cards for the enjoyment, I can honestly say they are the best watercolor pencils I have ever used. Rich color, full coverage, ease of ... (see full review)
Anna Griffin® DecoFlock Transfer Kit - Everyday Colors
Most Recent Review
germfin 2/19/2017
This kit is very interesting but easy to use! Great for when you want something flocked for a special card or project...very pretty flocking colors!
Spectrum Noir 24-piece Marker Set with DVD - Characters
Most Recent Review
lesa9 2/19/2017
I'm getting back into art after 30 years to help control stress. I'm disabled and have Addison's disease so controlling stress is crutial to my quality of life. These markers are g ... (see full review)
Spectrum Noir Colorista 20-piece Marker Set
Most Recent Review
chris1220 2/18/2017
I bought these with the glitter and foil cards and I am having so much fun coloring with them! I finished one card the first day I got them and now I'm working on another one. Th ... (see full review)
Sizzix Accessory Planner Kit
Clearance Price: $17.95
Average Rating 4.5 ( 2 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
squeekymama 2/18/2017
Not a planner but find the various little stamps for scrapbooking and cards very useful and fun.
Sticky Thumb Cordless Glue Gun with 24 Sticks
Most Recent Review
TaziRowdy 2/17/2017
I haven't tried this yet but seems a quality item. Fits in hand nicely and a light and no cord. Can't wait to try it.
Spectrum Noir Colorista Kit Pencil Sets - 48 Pencils
Most Recent Review
cinnaminnies 2/17/2017
I am quite familiar with many different types of colored pencils and NEVER EVER would I recommend these pencils to anyone EVER!!!The lead is soft so the color does go on smooth bu ... (see full review)
Liquid Gold 24k Gold Plating System
Most Recent Review
CAM7161988 2/16/2017
I followed the directions as stated. Heat liquid in microwave for 50 sec. And it did nothing. Very disappointed. The Jewelry cleaner and polish is nice. Wouldn't buy as a set, but ... (see full review)
Martha Stewart Crafts® Glitter Markers Set
Most Recent Review
RocksGalore 2/16/2017
Martha Stewart's Glitter markers are great! I ordered both the cool & warm sets, and they are wonderful. I have been using them to color some butterfly diecuts that had dull colors ... (see full review)
Hemp Jewelry It's Knot Hard Softcover Book
Most Recent Review
Leemm 2/14/2017
Hsn continued to change amount I owed based on shipping discounts that took several days to finalize and now has changed again. Beware the wolf in sheeps clothing!
Spectrum Noir Ultimate Marker Kit with 72 Pens
Most Recent Review
Junebug508 2/11/2017
One word for this------Fantastic! Everything you need.
ShotBox Collapsible Photo Studio with Accessories
Most Recent Review
Fallon27 2/10/2017
I received for Christmas and love it. I been using it to photograph items I have to sell on auction sites and it really makes a big difference in presentation. I wouldn't photograp ... (see full review)
Decorator Preferred Cake Pan - 10" x 2" Heart
Most Recent Review
CoffeeCarol 2/9/2017
I was really disappointed in this cake pan and sent it back. It is very thin compared to my other cake pans. I was just expecting something much more substantial and was surprised ... (see full review)
Spectrum Aqua Stackable Marker Storage Trays 4-pack
Most Recent Review
nukewidoe 2/9/2017
love the quality and the way they attach when stacked together. makes keeping my markers organized and easy to get tol
Spectrum Noir Sparkle Glitter Brush Pens 12-piece Set
Most Recent Review
linda1338 2/8/2017
These pens are wonderful. Great colors and the sparkle really adds to your project.
Liquid Silver Kit with 2 Silver Storage Bags
Most Recent Review
BAM545 2/8/2017
No better than any silver cleaner you can get at the store. Did not see any evidence of silver plating and tried on several different items. Save your money.
PenBlade Precision Craft Cutting Tool 6-pack
Most Recent Review
Viksfan 2/7/2017
Excellent tool for crafting!
Sweet Sugarbelle  Cookie Cutter Bundle w/Boxes
Most Recent Review
bzbz 2/7/2017
Love the versatility of these cookie cutter. The ideas are endless. They are GREAT!!!HOWEVER, I can not say anything good about their Customer Service. I have had a simple question ... (see full review)
Spectrum Noir 24-piece Alcohol Marker Set
Most Recent Review
RocksGalore 2/6/2017
There's no doubt that these are quality markers, but I find that they do not serve my purpose. I had ordered them after seeing them presented along with Paper Wishes foiled die cu ... (see full review)
Anna Griffin® 6-piece Paper Flowers Collection
Most Recent Review
cd2dolly 2/6/2017
I like the convenience of not having to go all over town to find the color paper I need.
6-piece Beading Tool Kit with Zippered Case
Most Recent Review
rhondbo 2/3/2017
Everyone needs these tools sometime. Great to have around.
We R Memory Keepers Goodie Bag Ruler Bundle
Most Recent Review
craftylady35 2/3/2017
OK I've had this for couple of weeks and made a few of the bags. I'm not impressed with the cutting part. Some heavier cardstock doesn't work well with it and believe if you just ... (see full review)
Armour Etch Deluxe Glass Etching Kit - Age 14 To Adult
Most Recent Review
Tez9 2/2/2017
Kit has patterns that are not already cut out - not worth it.
Excelle Elite 3-Tier Non-Stick Cooling Rack
Most Recent Review
review123 2/2/2017
Have never owned a cooling rack before. I do bake alot and I have been missing out. Love the stacking option to save space on my counter. Baked 5 dozon of cookies and they all fi ... (see full review)
American Crafts 5-piece Marker Bundle
Most Recent Review
VENTUROUS 1/28/2017
Love it!
Perler Bead Creative Kid Activity Kit
Most Recent Review
GreatBUT 1/27/2017
I remember playing with perler beads as a child they were one of my favorite things to do. I got this as a gift for my younger sister. She absolutely enjoyed crafting.
Spectrum Noir 72pc Marker Set with DVD and Cardstock
Most Recent Review
suzg 1/26/2017
I've always loved the look of alcohol marker colored cards but the popular brand was expensive and off brands were poor quality streaky blending. I tried these when a friend brough ... (see full review)
Melissa & Doug Stamp-a-Scene Farm
Most Recent Review
mjdilla512 1/24/2017
A present for my granddaughter who loves arts and crafts...she loved it!
Manuscript Masterclass Calligraphy Set
HSN Price: $20.95
Average Rating 3.1 ( 7 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
Lindamn781 1/24/2017
I ordered this after my daughter showed an interest to calligraphy. It came with no instructions as to how to load the ink cartridge and we googled similar pens and no luck. needle ... (see full review)
Gelly Roll Glaze Pens 10-pack - Assorted Colors
Most Recent Review
RocksGalore 1/24/2017
I was pleasantly surprised with these pens. I ordered 2 sets and hoped for the best....Well, I found these do apply smoothly and do leave a "wet glazed look" after drying. I also ... (see full review)
SkyWriter3D Handheld Pen with Bundle
Clearance Price: $49.95
Average Rating 2.0 ( 10 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
lclass003 1/24/2017
This is machine hard to use. I bought this for my niece and I was disappointed in her experience. Do not recommend it at all
Heidi Swapp 8" Marquee Love Shape with Lights
Most Recent Review
Stacey32 1/22/2017
I got this for my daughter and she loved it. It came out really cute and looks greatl on her wall.
We R Memory Keepers Chalkboard 2pk for Craft Armoire
Most Recent Review
raemeetsworld 1/22/2017
Great for organizing any keepsakes from vacations, graduations, school years, craft projects and many more.
Colorama Coloring Books with Coloring Pencils
Most Recent Review
DeeDee10112 1/21/2017
I bought a couple of your coloring book sets and gave one to a friend and found its a perfect way to go over and visit, relax and color together. Her Grand daughter colors with her ... (see full review)
Sweet Sugarbelle Holiday Fun Cookie Platter Set
Most Recent Review
Nixgaga 1/21/2017
I really thought these would be small cookie cutters that I would just be OK with, no, they are nice sized cutters that I am very happy with!! Looking forward to the holidays of 20 ... (see full review)
American Crafts Smooth Writing Gel Pens 48-pack
Most Recent Review
BJ703 1/20/2017
Like coloring with the gel pen. Makes you project look so great.
Cricut® Explore Pen Set
Sale Price: $9.95
Average Rating 4.8 ( 5 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
73OLATHE 1/20/2017
Just as they show and the color show up so pretty on card stock paper going to buy the other colors .
Plaid Folk Art One-Stroke Palette
Most Recent Review
ladynoise 1/20/2017
I love this palette I can use it left or right handed and I have my main brushes with me when I need to grab one. Easy clean up too. I loved it so much I got one for my sister. Try ... (see full review)
Liqui Sew No-Sew Kit with On-the-Go Applicator Bottles
Most Recent Review
Reddog9388 1/19/2017
I wanted to fix my jacket zipper. Turned out to be a rubbery mess that doesn't work with my zipper pull. I wanted to "glue" the little "finger" back on the bottom so it would fit ... (see full review)
Spectrum Noir 24-piece Marker Set with DVD - Floral
Most Recent Review
GodBlessU 1/13/2017
Spectrum Noir Marker set provides just enough shade variation to make the end result of your project look professional. The DVD is helpful in showing how to shade and combine color ... (see full review)
GoGo Gift Bag 8-piece Set with Built-In Tissue Paper
Most Recent Review
JETSTAR 1/11/2017
I don't like to spend a lot of time wrapping presents and I could not believe how easy and gorgeous these bags were to work with. I even added my own little bows and decorations t ... (see full review)
Rock Pets Paint Kit -Garden Frog
Most Recent Review
Carlykins 1/10/2017
My grandson is seven and we gave it to him for Christmas. He was very excited about it when he opened it. Our son & daughter in law will work with him on it at home and I will wri ... (see full review)
Brite N' Brilliant Tarnish Blocker and Remover Kit
Most Recent Review
Citycat 1/9/2017
I have brass on furniture and lamps. Used this on several of the items. Not very impressed. Made some things look brighter but others did not really look any better. Did not do ... (see full review)
Wilton Even-Bake Insulated Cookie Sheet - 16" x 14"
Most Recent Review
BakingMonkey 1/9/2017
I love this cookie sheet. Best one I have ever owned. Everything comes out perfect on it. Loved it so much I just bought another one!!
Classic Snap Point Interchangeable Picture Frames
Most Recent Review
JMM30 1/8/2017
Well, I'd give the Classic Snap Point Interchangeable Picture Frames 100 stars, but, the powers that be will only allow a maximum of 5. :-D Needless to say: We loved the concept ... (see full review)
Liquitex Basics Acrylic Paint - Assorted Colors
Most Recent Review
Lovebird1 1/8/2017
I expected better colors but overall the product is good. The colors are pretty basic there should be a whole row of black and white and was hoping there was, but I like them. The ... (see full review)
Darice Clear Plastic Craft Tote
HSN Price: $14.95
Average Rating 5.0 ( 3 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
BLACKSHOES225 1/8/2017
I got two of them for myself. One for sewing items and the other for craft items and very happy I did.
Armour Bottle and Jar Cutter
HSN Price: $39.95
Average Rating 1.7 ( 3 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
Tboy2005 1/4/2017
It worked great for a little while than it seem like the plastic parts around the wheel were warping and not making contact with bottle I followed the instructions to the tee with ... (see full review)
Melissa & Doug Easel Accessory Set
Most Recent Review
shop245 1/3/2017
My Granddaughter Loves drawing and painting so this comes in handy when she runs out of her products. Also the price is fair.
24 Assorted Watercolor Pencils
Most Recent Review
ChellePotapillar 1/2/2017
Good starter set for a good price! Comfortable to hold, most are erasable if you haven't used a lot of pressure. I use these to do pre-sketching of pictures for watercolor inste ... (see full review)
SkyWriter3D Refill Filament 20-count
Clearance Price: $14.95
Average Rating 5.0 ( 1 Review )
Most Recent Review
Pooh0125 1/2/2017
My niece & nephew loved the writing tools and it work great. A gift they will never forget
Melissa & Doug Alphabet Stamp Set
Most Recent Review
sade498 12/28/2016
My grandkids will love this set.
Design Originals: Wedding Bliss Book
Most Recent Review
RubyD3 12/27/2016
Tells one how to make this book, cards, and invitations, thank you cards and bookmarks.It does not show you different styles of weddings, or any styles.This booklet, only gives you ... (see full review)
WHAM-O Magic Pens Deluxe Coloring Kit
Most Recent Review
mikencara20 12/26/2016
Within half an hour, 2 marker tips broke right off, with normal pressure. Will not waste my money again. Wonder how many I'll have to toss out due to this problem.
My First Sewing Kit
HSN Price: $30.95
Average Rating 4.0 ( 6 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
Ras1hsn 12/26/2016
I purchased this item for my granddaughter who wants to learn to sew so that she can make a quilt. I thought that this would be a good starting place. Since she does not live nea ... (see full review)
Colorama 51-piece Coloring Kit
HSN Price: $16.95
Average Rating 3.7 ( 68 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
shoplifter 12/24/2016
I already have this and the books to color and my daughter at first laughed at me and said it was childish, but after she joined me one day, she realized that it was fun and relaxi ... (see full review)
Wilton Metal Cookie Cutters Set of 6 Bug Buddies
Most Recent Review
debra798 12/24/2016
My sister do cookies so she is loving it
Liquid Gold and Silver Polishing and Plating Kit
Most Recent Review
Wif 12/23/2016
Cannot review at this time, gift not yet opened.
Anna Griffin® Watercolor Pencils 24-piece Set
Most Recent Review
cocodav 12/22/2016
Perfect for Bible journaling.
Vintaj Round Nose Pliers with Cutter
Most Recent Review
KMIrish 12/19/2016
Handy tool, but was disappointed it did not have some sort of mechanism to keep them closed. Warning! these only look closed because of plastic packaging. They stay in an open p ... (see full review)
Colorama Coloring Books with 51-piece Coloring Kit
Most Recent Review
Dtotheizzy 12/18/2016
Both of the coloring books are fantastic, heavy , single side printed with beautiful fun designs for all skill levels. The 51piece set that comes along with it has great variety an ... (see full review)
Spectrum Noir 72pc Marker Set w/Trays, Cardstock & DVD
Most Recent Review
Lady_Arub 12/17/2016
These are my favorite pens... I am so happy with this purchase. I was on the lookout for a nice set of alcohol pens in the mid price range when I came across these. I am so glad I ... (see full review)
Acrylic Painting Art Set with Tin
Most Recent Review
firebrand011 12/12/2016
I travel with my hubby a lot and like to take along my paints ! he would always complain about the extra baggage, i'm not a light packer, but with this kit you can slip it and a ... (see full review)
Signing Mat Frame
HSN Price: $6.95
Average Rating 1.0 ( 1 Review )
Most Recent Review
grannyjones51 12/11/2016
I received a Silver vase like lapel pin. I did not have time to call as was dealing with family emergency! My daughter donated it to the church
Hot Off The Press 4pk Colorist Books w/Colored Pencils
Most Recent Review
DCrafter 12/10/2016
Absolutely love each and every adult coloring tablet. Makes great card fronts.
ArtBin Bakers Cupboard Decorating Supply Case
Most Recent Review
Lala881 12/7/2016
It was just not what I was expecting it to be so I returned it. It will be good for someone who needs to store all of their decorating supplies but it was just too small.
Flip, Spiral, Blank Sketch Book - Mandarin
Most Recent Review
Su25 12/5/2016
This is a small sketchbook which is perfect for taking in your bag or purse with colored pencilsfor whatever inspires you. I got this for a teen-artist to use. The size and paper ... (see full review)
Cousin Christmas Trinket Bead Kit - Gift Charm
Most Recent Review
reviewer11717 12/3/2016
this is very small for the price