Thinkfruit 15ct All-Natural Dried Fruit Variety Pack
Most Recent Review
hollyhh 6/24/2016
Certified Organic Peppermint "Tea"
HSN Price: $24.90 - $64.90
Average Rating 4.7 ( 80 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
hlmitchell 6/24/2016
Very pepperminty and soothing. Great for relaxing or if you want to get rid of a tension headache.
Wise Company 1-Month Food Kit with Water Bottle
Most Recent Review
Sylv787 6/24/2016
I believe in being prepared if possible. Some things are out of control, but just having this in home makes me feel a little better. For the price, nicely put together, and is a ... (see full review)
David's Cookies 32-piece Brownies & Crumb Cakes in Fireworks Tin
Most Recent Review
Whet 6/24/2016
The items arrived quickly. However the brownies seem undercooked and doughy. The streusel is too thick on the cakes. But the cake is moist and good without it. The blondies were pe ... (see full review)
David's Cookies Teal Clock Jar with Sugar Cookies
Most Recent Review
turtlrunr 6/24/2016
Lovely Teal color. Cookie Jar is larger than i anticipated. I love it! Intend to use it for a container jar on a counter.The clock comes with batteries. Absolutely am enjoying it. ... (see full review)
Tony Little Body by Bison 35-count or 70-count Cookout Combo with VIP Trainer Card
Most Recent Review
Toples13 6/24/2016
I just love this large package of bison. I have repeatedly ordered it. Great variety of products.
Wakaya 1 lb. Organic Ginger Powder with Recipe Book
Most Recent Review
JannW1 6/24/2016
Just as soon as you open the container, you can smell the difference. Very aromatic unlike what you get off the store shelf. I repackaged mine using my Foodsaver into small jelly ... (see full review)
Greensbury Market 8 or 16ct Organic NY Strip & Ribeye Steaks
Most Recent Review
andycat 6/24/2016
Sorry, these are awful. Gristle and tough as a boot. I cooked them exactly as recommend, uck!!!! Returned.
Wakaya Perfection 1 lb. Organic Fijian Turmeric
Most Recent Review
JannW1 6/24/2016
Just as soon as you open the container, you can smell the difference. Very aromatic unlike what you get off the store shelf. I repackaged mine using my Foodsaver into small jelly ... (see full review)
David's Cookies  Elegant Individual Desserts 12-pack
Most Recent Review
Mickieh514 6/24/2016
Didn't care for the red velvet but the rest soooGood if I could get all chocolate and lemon raspberry so good
Tony Little Body by Bison 36-count or 72-count Cookout Combo with VIP Trainer Card
Most Recent Review
wimpy1234 6/24/2016
Ferris (3) 1 lb. Cherry, Berry and Nut Raw/Unsalted
Most Recent Review
bath_goddess 6/24/2016
So fresh and addictive. I gotta be the biggest squirrel in the garden.
David's Cookies 20 oz. Pecan Meltaways in Red Tin
Most Recent Review
Jay-Debbie1972 6/23/2016
Every one must try these. My hubby just keep eating these, can you make a larger pkg also bought davids nuts so big so good.... Give me more of both
David's Cookies Chocolate Chunk Cookie Dough
Most Recent Review
silvergirl228 6/23/2016
several years ago i placed my first order for this product. very happy. then could not find on this website. called and inquired. no luck. then about a year or so ago i found ... (see full review)
The Crispery 24pk Mini Crispy Cakes Party Assortment
Most Recent Review
JoaninWA 6/23/2016
Not even my 10 year old granddaughter could eat them. They did not taste like marshmallow & had no crisp. They are light, but taste more like artificial sugar with weird texture. ... (see full review)
Ferris (3) 1 lb. Cherry, Berry and Nut Roasted/Salted
Most Recent Review
MTriolo 6/23/2016
Excellent product. Very Fresh & just the right combination of salty & sweet...plus a healthy snack ?
Wicked Whoopies Classic Flavor Whoopie Pies - 12-Count
Most Recent Review
MTriolo 6/23/2016
Arrives quickly & packaged well. Very fresh and delicious...addicting!!! I need intervention lol!!!
Stur All-Natural Water Enhancer Variety 10-pack
Most Recent Review
PastorBarb 6/23/2016
I ordered because of the good reviews. I don;t use them very much. Not crazy about the taste.
Giorgio Cookie & Biscotti Sampler
Most Recent Review
flw64 6/23/2016
Maybe it was because the delivery was not in the coolest weather, and the cold packs were extremely HOT, but these cookies were not the best that I was expecting...somewhat melted, ... (see full review)
Certified Organic Egyptian Chamomile "Tea"
HSN Price: $24.90 - $64.90
Average Rating 4.6 ( 49 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
FranTampa 6/23/2016
This was ordered at least three times for my husband. He is very happy with it.
Simple Kitchen 8-pack Meal Variety
Most Recent Review
sd4mk 6/23/2016
Very bland and chewy. I guess ok for emergency.
Gourmet du Village 8-pack Cold Dip Refill Mixes
Most Recent Review
I got these dips a couple of days ago. All 8 dips have a tag on them that says that they expire on 7/15/16!! In the description it says that they have a shelf life of 2 years, so ... (see full review)
David's Cookies 10" Carrot Cheesecake
Most Recent Review
visitor0766 6/22/2016
Question: "What do you get for the 15th anniversary of two people who love five-star eats?" Answer: "This decadent Carrot Cheese!" The taste and texture were described as "divine ... (see full review)
David's Cookies Stacked Teapot Jar with Pecan Meltaways
Most Recent Review
Dgray1953 6/22/2016
This tea pot is so darn cute!! I can't wait to find the perfect spot to display it. I've already showed it off before it was unpacked. Everyone loves it! As for the cookies that ca ... (see full review)
David's No-Sugar-Added Marble Truffle Cheesecake
Most Recent Review
visitor0766 6/22/2016
I had this shipped to Idaho as an 80th birthday surprise for someone following a diabetic diet. She was extremely pleased with the cheesecake as were her guests. The product was ... (see full review)
David's Cookies White Teapot Jar with Pecan Meltaways
Most Recent Review
SuziQ1945 6/22/2016
This product was everything I expected. the cookies are delicious. I bought this one for a gift and and bought myself the stacked teapot. They are charming and so worth having and ... (see full review)
Taste of Home Great Flavors 3-count Stock Concentrates with Cookbook
Most Recent Review
Curcat1 6/22/2016
I like this product very much. I made excellent gravy following its instructions exactly. I appreciate the recipe booklet. I recommend it.
Ultimate Oat Bran
HSN Price: $34.90 - $164.90
Average Rating 4.7 ( 65 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
GlorLanz 6/22/2016
I add a 1/4 cup of oat bran to my protein shakes. Love it.
Tony Little Selects 6pk No-Salt Spices by Spice Hunter
Most Recent Review
loveterry 6/22/2016
I bought these last year as I only use no salt seasonings and getting good flavor can be a challenge if you are not using fresh herbs. There is not a dud in the bunch. They are p ... (see full review)
PUR Breath Mints 15-pack Variety
Most Recent Review
not2shy 6/22/2016
Enjoying the few flavors I have already tried. Great product and the price was good.
David's Cookies White Clock Jar with Sugar Cookies
Most Recent Review
Suzkpt3 6/21/2016
The clock is nice enough, although the lid"s clear coat finish was rough on both jars I ordered. I loved the vivid blue color and the white was beautiful. However the cookies are q ... (see full review)
Secure Meal Replacement - 100 Servings
Most Recent Review
oneday2014 6/21/2016
I bought this because I am diabetic and my blood sugar is out of control. I am using this for breakfast and lunch and eat a good dinner. I needed something low carb so this works g ... (see full review)
ChocoNuvo Dark Chocolate
HSN Price: $109.90
Average Rating 4.4 ( 1056 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
zep 6/21/2016
Excellent product. Taste and texture perfect
David's Cookies Teal Teapot Jar with Pecan Meltaways
Most Recent Review
Pasm 6/21/2016
I really love this item, so pretty, and of course the cookies are delicious!!
Lucks 24-piece Alice Sugar Charms
Most Recent Review
Pasm 6/21/2016
i bought this item because I thought it came with the teacup and saucer! It doesn't, and even though the sugar cubes are decorative I don"t think there worth $23.00. I return them.
ROWDYDOW bbQ 4 lbs. Fully Cooked Smoked Pulled Pork
Most Recent Review
Betsy112 6/20/2016
I've had my share of pulled port but this is the best I've had. The flavor is savoring and my guests kept asking for more. Also purchased a second order! LOVE IT.
Secure Complete Meal Replacement
HSN Price: $19.90 - $69.90
Average Rating 4.2 ( 3831 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
KoolKat48 6/20/2016
This is very good, but so expensive. I only buy Andrews products when there is a price reduction and free shipping.
David's Cookies 32 oz. Butter Pecan Meltaways
Most Recent Review
tutun 6/20/2016
Cookies arrived in excellent condition. Great taste.I recommend this product to everyone
Montana Mex Avocado Oil & Seasoning Blend Trio
Most Recent Review
patty482 6/20/2016
Oil is great for non coated pans, burnt stuff comes right out. excellent product.
David's Cookies 12pk or 24pk Assorted Classic Muffins
Most Recent Review
Norval98 6/19/2016
Well worth the money I ordered these and I've also have them on autoship
Ultimate Oatmeal
HSN Price: $29.90 - $139.90
Average Rating 4.8 ( 152 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
LadyEl 6/18/2016
My doctor told me that I need to lower my cholesterol so I started eating this great tasting oatmeal. I will have to go back for a check up and will write an update.
Nana's Original Stromboli with Marinara
Most Recent Review
Norval98 6/17/2016
But I'm sure glad I did there so good and the sauce that comes with it makes them even better. Yes I would recommend them to everybody
David's Cookies 2 lb. Assorted Candy Bar Cookies
Most Recent Review
Zimmyishaa73 6/17/2016
These Okies are so good, we can't get enough of them
David's Cookies B-Day Box with Brownies and Crumb Cakes
Most Recent Review
chencha59 6/17/2016
Moist, tasty-box was beautiful-delivery was fast-will be using again-would recommend to everyone
Tortuga Coconut Rum Cake and Golden Rum Cake
Most Recent Review
Flygirl2164 6/17/2016
I love these cakes! Have had the original and coconut and can't wait to try the chocolate. Does not have an overpowering rum flavor like most rum cakes. Only problem is stopping yo ... (see full review)
Montana Mex Seasoning Salt Trio by Chef Eduardo Garcia
Most Recent Review
gracieks 6/16/2016
Each one is unique in its flavors. I can't decide which is my favorite, I put them on and in everything. Try it, you'll like it..Mikey
Donatella Arpaia Salmon Burger 12-pack
Most Recent Review
MZPAT1 6/16/2016
I cooked one from frozen just like the direction stated 6 min on each side. I used my Chef Ming frying pan it came out great. Love them.
Ferris Company 3-pack of 1 lb. Bags - Summer Nut and Fruit Variety
Most Recent Review
single36 6/16/2016
I don't think it was worth the moneyI would not buy it again.The fruit was like rubber.
David's Cookies 1 lb. Cranberry White Chunk Cookies - BOGO
Most Recent Review
Anonymous 6/16/2016
these cookies are very tasty moist fresh i gave some to my neighbor and they loved them . i will be buying many more
Jeffrey Banks Lighthouse Jar with Pecan Meltaways
Most Recent Review
curly0 6/16/2016
I was thinking of buying this JB lighthouse since it came around (with red stripes) last year and decided to go for it when I saw it pop up this year. As well, I love those cookie ... (see full review)
Donatella Arpaia Short Rib Burger 12-pack
Most Recent Review
Virginiarose12 6/16/2016
Really excellent quality. Easy take right out of freezer on to grill
Ferris Company (3) 10 oz. Bags of Honey Bee Mix
Most Recent Review
swtemolyn 6/16/2016
love love love this item.. love these kind of mixes and this was perfect , the sesame sticks, nuts and banana chips with the honey flavor.. and I am a big banana chip fan but they ... (see full review)
Nana's 5-pack Cheese Steak Stromboli w/Marinara Sauce
Most Recent Review
BrooklynDiva1 6/16/2016
Just now finished my last Cheese Steak Stromboli and it was great, My second order of this one to be exact. It's an excellent breakfast, lunch or dinner meal. I will definitely ... (see full review)
Donatella Arpaia 5 lb. Hot Italian Sausage Links
Most Recent Review
savid 6/16/2016
I have not tried these yet. I received them unfrozen with no sight of any type of ice being used to preserve them. I can only assume they are already smoked and did not need ice.
David's Cookies Ginger Molasses Cookies - BOGO
Most Recent Review
Kiara 6/16/2016
I usually can only find these ginger molasses cookies around Christmastime. I was SO HAPPY to have found them not only after the holiday season, but at a 2 for 1 price!They are a f ... (see full review)
David's Cookies Grand Deluxe 5.8lb Dessert Assortment
Most Recent Review
LilyinRI 6/15/2016
Bought on sale and worth it others said the cookies were dry, mine where o.k. but they don't last long because they are freshly baked and no preservatives. I will buy again at sale ... (see full review)
Monte-Carlo 6-pack Teacup Floral Cookies
Most Recent Review
Patsy500 6/14/2016
shame shame shame for selling these cookies with a expiration date of 1-5-15 . They are beautiful and will just use as decorations, yes decorations
Tortuga 16 oz. Chocolate Rum Cake and Golden Rum Cake
Most Recent Review
Boogie01 6/14/2016
I love rum cake so I decided to give it a try. The Chocolate rum is good and you can taste the rum in that cake. The Golden rum not a lot of rum taste. They were both moist they ar ... (see full review)
Wicked Whoopies 17-Count Whoopie Pies - Classic
Most Recent Review
Msyellow52 6/14/2016
The whooped were great! But the chocolate chip was very sweet
Margaritaville Lime and Mango Margarita Mix & Salt Set
Most Recent Review
DJC2014412 6/14/2016
The mixes are great- having both the mins and the salt set makes it better.
David's Cookies Chocolate Chip Cookies BOGO
Most Recent Review
verykp 6/13/2016
The David's Chocolate Chip Cookies were enjoyed by all. There were definitely enough chocolate chips in them and we liked the crunchier outside, and softer inside combination.
David's Cookies Double Chocolate Chip Pecan Meltaways
Most Recent Review
Renee- 6/13/2016
I decided to try these because everyone 'raves' about the pecan meltaways, and I love chocolate so this seemed like a win. The good news is that they made it here safely and not as ... (see full review)
Tony Little Body by Bison 40- or 80-count Eat Well Combo with 3 Bonus Items
Most Recent Review
coinman64 6/13/2016
This is the worst bison I've ever tried. T fed some of the meat to my dog and he buried it in the back yard after playing with it for awhile. WAY TOO MUCH MONEY FOR THIS.
Ecolution with Ryan Scott 32oz Teapot with 6 Teas
Most Recent Review
HedgeHoggery 6/13/2016
Bought this a while back as a gift for my mother and her fiance. They are tea drinkers and it's hard to find gifts that are something different and new for them. No broken teapot, ... (see full review)
Wakaya Perfection 1 lb. Turmeric with Recipe Book
Most Recent Review
jesme 6/13/2016
Purchased this and the Ginger. Both smell and taste amazing! My mother has dementia, so I am increasing our consumption of turmeric for health benefits. The quality of this spic ... (see full review)
SECURE Complete Meal Replacement
HSN Price: $39.90 - $104.90
Average Rating 4.1 ( 482 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
GermanChocolate 6/12/2016
What more can I say? I ordered the coffee flavor and it taste so good.
David's Cookies Snickerdoodles Cookies BOGO
Most Recent Review
RebeccaB23 6/11/2016
I ordered Snickerdoodles again and they were delicious again! They were soft, beautiful, and had a light cinnamon flavor. I highly recommend David's Cookies!
Wolfgang Puck All-Natural Pizza Dough Mix 3-pack
Most Recent Review
metoo1000 6/11/2016
We tried this last night and were very pleasantly surprised.....
Giorgio Signature Biscotti Sampler
Most Recent Review
Belgianlace 6/10/2016
Don't waste your money. These are soggy, no crunch at all. And way too sweet. Not pleased at all. I can't submit this review unless I give a star. Pretend you don't see it.
Kahwa Coffee Sirocco Blend Ground Medium Dark Roast 3-pack
Most Recent Review
bobthelob 6/10/2016
good coffee for those that like a bold taste
Tortuga Caribbean Rum Cake and Chocolate Rum Fudge
Most Recent Review
trapper448 6/10/2016
Cake is good,but the chocolate rum was to much didn't care forit
Wakaya Perfection Fijian Turmeric & Ginger Tea 20-count
Most Recent Review
Rosieg8 6/10/2016
Just love this tea. Makes my tummy happy.