HD Vision 2-pack High Definition Sunglasses
Most Recent Review
familyov5 6/25/2016
My husband and I love the glasses. So clear and the sun doesn't bother us now. Very satisfied.
JOY 20pc Couture SHADES Readers with Smart Lenses
Most Recent Review
Shabeen450 6/25/2016
I love them all
JOY SHADES Readers 11pc Set Designed for Men
Most Recent Review
WesmanLV 6/25/2016
This was a great value -so many pairs. I have a pair of readers at my fingertips whether in bed, on the sofa, in the kitchen etc. And they are attractive and fashionable.
Curations Caravan Embroidered Ruana
Most Recent Review
SnowWhite13 6/25/2016
I ordered this for myself in the black in womans and I ware a 1x sometimes a 2x depending on the designer and it fits well ,i,wished I had gotten another color before the price wen ... (see full review)
Slinky® Brand Printed Brushed Knit Infinity Scarf
Most Recent Review
MLALLEN 6/25/2016
Color not as vibrant as photo, but very happy with the fabric and flexibility in fabric. Nice weight.
Sigrid Olsen Studio Pom Pom Scarf
Clearance Price: $8.00
Average Rating 4.5 ( 4 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
MLALLEN 6/25/2016
I love the color - very rich - excellent quality and pom-poms sewn well. Great purchase.
Foot Petals Adjustable-Band Slipper with Flower Detail
Most Recent Review
piggies 6/25/2016
love um, wearing them now!
Jeffrey Banks Wyatt Collection 4pc Soft Touch Readers
Most Recent Review
RTRICKY 6/25/2016
I've have gone through readers from the drug stores...etc and they are pricy. This by far is the best price and they last! I work in the customer service industry and I get complim ... (see full review)
JOY Croco SHADES Readers Set with Better Beauty Case
Most Recent Review
terran6 6/25/2016
glasses are very nice and good quality.
Margaritaville "Delilah" RFID Protection Crossbody Bag
Most Recent Review
Schweik 6/25/2016
I have eclipsed numerous compliments on this bag (and the fact it offers RFDI protection is a real plus. Yes, it is small-but it can handle everything I need to carry with me.
Rhonda Shear "Ahh" Long-Sleeve Comfort Wrap
Most Recent Review
Claire58 6/25/2016
I own quite a few, perfect over leggings and for lightweight throw when going out. I use extra ones as a robe. You cant have too many.
JOY Chic & Shimmery Beach Bag with Cooler
Most Recent Review
dory3 6/24/2016
Took this to a convention,we needed to bring out lunch each day. All my books,papers,make-up fit great.Then this great insulated pocket held my sandwich, yogurt, chips and two bot ... (see full review)
IMAN Global Chic Ombre Scarf
Clearance Price: $19.95
Average Rating 3.7 ( 11 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
Tahoepines1 6/24/2016
Just received my beautiful iman ombr scarf in green.perfect for warm summer nights in California.will get lots of use with my iman maxi dress, jeans ,etc will order more colors. Lo ... (see full review)
Zacasha Kung Fu Panda 3 "Beaded 37" Tassel Necklace
Most Recent Review
JTDB 6/24/2016
This probably cost less than a dollar to have made in Indonesia. Cheap looking and feeling. A department store has tassel necklaces everywhere for 10 bucks!
Liz Lange Embellished Stretch Belt
Clearance Price: $24.95
Average Rating 4.5 ( 2 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
researcherdoc 6/24/2016
The stretchy fit works for many sizes up and down the decoaration adds to the outfit
MarlaWynne Oval Station Double Cord Necklace/Belt
Most Recent Review
Gaga16 6/24/2016
Love it. Very chic both as a necklace and belt. Will look great with so many outfits.
IMAN Global Chic Luxury Resort Glam Aviators
Most Recent Review
footballfan 6/24/2016
The sunglasses look pretty good online and I took a chance. I didn't like the silvertone. Priced too high even on sale for $19.95.
IMAN Global Chic Signature Sunglasses
Most Recent Review
lynmcki 6/24/2016
I have had many compliments on the lovely look of these glasses. They sit well on my face and give me that little bit of chic that I like.
Samantha Brown 6-piece Travel Survival Kit
Most Recent Review
LavenderJade 6/24/2016
I could not get over how much I could pack on the return trip. Took my carry on, these make it so nice. Love the wash me side. Try it and you won't go back!
JOY & IMAN Simply Glamorous Peacock-Print Silk Scarf
Most Recent Review
fashionbeau 6/23/2016
This custom silk textile from Iman is stunning. Can be used with all garments and accessories from her entire collection.
IMAN Platinum Luxe Leather Gloves with Faux Fur Trim
Most Recent Review
fashionbeau 6/23/2016
As always, Iman's taste is impeccable. The gloves are beautiful and very well made.
Vivian Lou Insolia Weight-Shifting Insole 2pk
Most Recent Review
123456258 6/23/2016
They hold your heel up in the stiletto so the impact of the ball of your foot does not burn! It works!
Jeffrey Banks Set of 4 Whimsical Readers
Most Recent Review
kem1124 6/23/2016
Love these readers! Whimsy and function a perfect fit, spring hinges adjusts and fit comfortably on the face. I usually wear a square frame but love these rounded frames, very flat ... (see full review)
IMAN Global Chic Woven Straw Sun Hat
Clearance Price: $9.95
Average Rating 3.7 ( 7 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
DivaDivine001 6/23/2016
I wish I could send a pic. Wore it on the hottest day last Sat.6/19 in the Park, in the Sun. Shielded me from Sun.Many compliments. Love love it!!
Sporto Half Cushion No Show Sock 6pk - Multi
Most Recent Review
jaf1 6/23/2016
wear and fit well
Sporto Half Cushion No Show Sock 6pk - Heathered
Most Recent Review
jaf1 6/23/2016
fits and wear well
IMAN Global Chic Luxury Resort Braided Belt
Most Recent Review
qunicy 6/22/2016
I love this belt, I ordered a M/L and it was to large needed a small unfortunate there are not any more.
Lyric Culture Janis Joplin Skinny Scarf
Most Recent Review
Mandycane1979 6/22/2016
I bought all three of these scarves and they are beautiful. The gray/black is probably the easiest to read the words on, but the red.. Oh the red. I bought a beautiful blue under ... (see full review)
JOY 15pc Couture SHADES Readers w/Smart Lenses -Classic
Most Recent Review
AndreaAdoria2 6/22/2016
Aetrex Lynco® Women's L100™ Fashion Orthotic Insoles
Most Recent Review
shannon14068 6/22/2016
My doc wanted me to add an instep which I tried and was to painful to lift my arch on a broken foot that happened one year ago. I gave this a try and immediately I got relief from ... (see full review)
Margaritaville Unisex Aviator Bifocal Reader Sunglasses
Most Recent Review
jlw2007 6/22/2016
These are not the usual style I wear but they are so comfortable I am enjoying for sure!
ThinOptics Flex-Grip Reading Glasses 2pk with Pod Cases
Most Recent Review
ltldeb 6/22/2016
These glasses are great for what they were designed for...quick access, short use
Samantha Brown Sleeveless Striped Tank
Most Recent Review
GBGBEC1 6/21/2016
I found the material was on the thin side and not seen very well. The middle front did not sit flush with material. I ordered 2, they were both sewn the same. The second one was ... (see full review)
JOY Memory Cloud™ Warm & Cool Travel Pillow
Most Recent Review
Sweetie67 6/21/2016
I originally used this pillow after I had wrist surgery and had to elevate my hand/arm. I would put this next to my bed pillow, sleep on my side and keep my hand out to the side on ... (see full review)
Foot Cardigan Women’s Houdini No Show Sock - Auto-Ship®
Most Recent Review
DS915 6/20/2016
The socks are well made and very comfortable. Not sure if I like the surprise as to what I will get in the mail. And I think $9 for one pair of socks seems alittle high.
Curations Caravan Printed Pom-Pom Trimmed Ruana
Most Recent Review
smokeyeye1 6/20/2016
Very thin but perfect for summer. Wore this for the first time Father's Day and my husband said Wow!!! you really look good. Also, my Mom was impressed too. Wore it with DG denim ... (see full review)
MarlaWynne Paisley Printed Scarf
Most Recent Review
Jjc28031 6/20/2016
Nice quality and looks great with the solid tops she has to match. For me, I am short and it may just be too much for my short frame
Margaritaville Beaded Band Floppy Hat
Clearance Price: $29.95
Average Rating 4.5 ( 2 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
lalalauralouisa 6/19/2016
One of the very few hats that I have found that fit my small head! I love it!
Hot Headz 6-in-1 Fleece Hood
HSN Price: $19.95
Average Rating 3.8 ( 1430 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
Angelamk 6/19/2016
I got this for my fianc back in the winter and sorry to say he did not like it.First of all the material is way too stiff and rough.It was not very warm either.Disapointed cause I ... (see full review)
Pair of 2-Way Wooden Shoe Stretchers with Relief Pods
Most Recent Review
tyru 6/19/2016
I wanted to like these but they broke immediately. Sent them back the first day I had them. The wood is quality but the mechanism is junk. I still hope to find some that work
Samantha Brown RFID Purse with Portable Charger
Most Recent Review
706Lily1Wrangler 6/18/2016
Too small for me. If it had been a couple of inches longer, it would have been great . It was a,pretty purse. I bought 3 of them and sent them back...
Samantha Brown Travel Scarf
HSN Price: $19.90
Average Rating 4.0 ( 3 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
HSN_1FAN 6/18/2016
I purchased this scarf recently in blue. Although I had purchased other Samantha scarfs in the past and loved them, I found this one didn't wrinkle as much as previous scarfs. I ha ... (see full review)
Clever Carriage Paris Lace Scarf/Wrap
Most Recent Review
CoralJean 6/18/2016
Truthfully these scarfs are very expensive but they are so unique. I was lucky enough to purchase five of them after having them in my wish list for over two years at an incredibl ... (see full review)
Margaritaville Polarized Women's Aviator Sunglasses
Most Recent Review
BPinc 6/18/2016
Great sunglasses, Great Price. Everything is so clear. Does not distort colors !
N Natori Acacia Wood Tie Belt
HSN Price: $59.90
Average Rating 5.0 ( 1 Review )
Most Recent Review
jackiebouvier 6/17/2016
I am wearing this on the fringe dress as well as some other tops. It is classy and well made. Of course Natori being one of the finest fashion houses I would expect nothing less. E ... (see full review)
Sigrid Olsen Studio Mini Floral Print Tassel Scarf
Most Recent Review
U 6/17/2016
Actually, I will admit that I thought the lovely floral print was a turtle print--and that charmed me. Then I looked closer. This is lightweight cotton, a substantial six-feet long ... (see full review)
Margaritaville Printed Crinkle Scarf
Clearance Price: $6.95
Average Rating 4.8 ( 12 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
ladumond 6/17/2016
My daughter wears scarves with almost every outfit. I bought this for her & she loves it. The fabric is soft and drapes well. Will most likely get her more from here... Can't go w ... (see full review)
Sharif Leather Handpainted Glasses Case
Most Recent Review
Fooney 6/17/2016
This little lovely matches one of Sharif's handbags and it is large enough to accommodate a large pair of sunglasses, let alone readers.Sharif pieces seldom disappoint. I have com ... (see full review)
JOY SHADES Readers The Perfect Fit Couture Case
Most Recent Review
TexasRacer 6/16/2016
It is a great way to keep sun shades cool, in the car. Well made, and inexpensive. I need a few more of these.
IMAN Global Chic Aviator Style Luxe Sunglasses
Most Recent Review
shunti 6/16/2016
Iman, thank you. i love this chic cool aviator sunglasses. look great on me. I bought 2 different colors but I am thinking to buy another pair now.
JOY 15pc Couture SHADES Readers w/Smart Lenses -Fashion
Most Recent Review
betsey 6/16/2016
Joy does everything very well... the glasses are great!
Curations Caravan Braided Panama Hat
Most Recent Review
Neetzer 6/16/2016
This hat is great! Especially the fact that the band is adustable which makes for a perfect fit no matter head size. I love this hat which I bought in the straw color. Great purcha ... (see full review)
Sporto No Cushion No Show Sock 6pk - Gray Multi
Most Recent Review
baronsmom 6/16/2016
These are exactly what I was needing! Perfect for summer and all seasons.
Tony Little Cheeks® Sock 3-pack
Most Recent Review
MizBuffie 6/15/2016
These socks rock. My son wants some so Tony make them in darker colors for the boys so that I can buy many more!
Rhonda Shear "Ahh" 3/4-Sleeve Comfort Wrap
Most Recent Review
Sterlingal 6/15/2016
I got the red and it is a beautiful color!! Can't beat the price (clearance!!). Next time I will size down one size - it runs a little big. I just might have to get the lavender ... (see full review)
Sporto Half Cushion No Show Sock 6pk
Most Recent Review
JoJoUKnowIt 6/15/2016
they do the trick for gym trips and kiking walks in the neighborhood. Not any different than department store socks really, however the price is extremely reasonable for the amount ... (see full review)
Margaritaville 3-pack Loafer Sock with Non-Slip Heel
Most Recent Review
JoJoUKnowIt 6/15/2016
darling little socks for the gym, a nice walk, inside your athletic shoes, keep your feel cool. Great bargain and cute too.
Clever Carriage Leather-Covered Magnifier with Tassels
Most Recent Review
BRUMRILL 6/15/2016
I personally find this pendant terrific! To me, the leather is lovely, magnifier is sturdy, very well made and the best for reading menus without using readers. Very handy in place ... (see full review)
Margaritaville Polarized Cateye Sunglasses
Most Recent Review
MuffinLovesADeal 6/13/2016
Nice polarized glasses, not very dark which is what I wanted. Love the print. They do seem to fit smaller than other sunglasses, but still comfortable.
Slinky® Brand Reversible Colorblock Knit Infinity Scarf
Most Recent Review
Canyon_Cayote 6/13/2016
The color contract of this two-tone scarf is striking. The scarf looks great and the fabric feels luxurious.
Jessica Simpson Retro Sunglasses
HSN Price: $55.00
Average Rating 5.0 ( 1 Review )
Most Recent Review
KellyS3 6/12/2016
So many complements and they are well made. Case is awesome too!!!
HD Vision Foldaways Sunglasses 2-pack
Clearance Price: $19.95
Average Rating 1.8 ( 34 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
LuvLaffter 6/12/2016
Excellent craftsmanship, really light weight & great UV protection along with a great look for men AND women, but, on our first day out, my husbands pair of sunglasses broke into t ... (see full review)
TravelSox® CoolMax Compression Sock 2-pack
Most Recent Review
2beaches 6/12/2016
I have tried other compression socks that are cute and more patterned but they don't breathe as well as these. Even though they are fair,y thick, my feet are not hot and 12 hour sh ... (see full review)
Rhonda Shear "Ahh" Chiffon Trim Comfort Wrap
Most Recent Review
ashpoo 6/11/2016
Didn't know exactly how I'd wear this, in or out of the house but since I got the pink, it begged to be used as a PJ coverup-- perfect!! Fabric just doesnt seem like "outside" wear ... (see full review)
N Natori Printed Knit Textured Tie Obi Belt
Most Recent Review
efreeland2556 6/11/2016
I am really disappointed that what I thought was a cute Obi Belt, was not cut like one at all. A wide strip of printed fabric in the front that does not meet in the back, with two ... (see full review)
GOOD+ Watercolor Floral Wrap
HSN Price: $29.90
Average Rating 4.4 ( 8 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
mrshosmer 6/11/2016
Very nice scarf- large enough to be a shawl, pretty colors, nice quality for the price, material is not too flimsy and is soft. I was on the waitlist for this and am glad I got it! ... (see full review)
Foot Petals Tip Toes 3-pack
HSN Price: $18.95
Average Rating 5.0 ( 9 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
serengeti 6/11/2016
I frequently purchase these foot petals.they feel good on the foot.soft and ease when walking.
GOOD+ Windowpane Wrap
HSN Price: $29.90
Average Rating 4.8 ( 4 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
jenilee 6/11/2016
Bought this in pink and I love it!! It is very large. Would've been great as an infinity scarf
ADA Collection Classic Wrap Argentinean Leather Belt
Most Recent Review
JackieToombs 6/10/2016
Love this belt however it is too short to do most styles as shown. I purchased the red and love it just with it was offered in more sizes. Good job!
Margaritaville Bag in a Bag Tote and Crossbody Set
Most Recent Review
rorolinda 6/9/2016
Excellent Quality - love it. I will get a lot of use out of this bag. The smaller bag fitting inside tote is pure genius. Glad I found it on Sale too. Bought to go with my summ ... (see full review)
Jessica Simpson Oversized Sunglasses
Most Recent Review
Rocker17 6/9/2016
The sunglasses looked cheap. It's seem like your paying your money for the case it comes in. The lens to glasses was starting to pop out. Needless to say I returned it!
Slinky® Brand Printed Scarf
HSN Price: $19.90
Average Rating 5.0 ( 5 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
Tinkerbel4 6/9/2016
This scarf looks much more beautiful and expensive than it is on TV. I love it! And I'm not really a scarf person, but this one I like.