BetterBrella 48" Jumbo Reverse Open and Close Umbrella
Most Recent Review
Bigfan67 2/28/2017
I really had a chance to put this umbrella to the test today. I got caught in gusty winds and rain which is unusual for San Diego. Anyway, the wind pushed up the umbrella twice and ... (see full review)
JOY 20-piece SHADES Readers Best of the Best Edition
Most Recent Review
aqua60j 2/27/2017
Love these glasses. Especially like the computer & transition glasses. Very comfortable fit. If I had my druthers- since I am a petite person would love to have not so boxy lookin ... (see full review)
Soft & Cozy Plush Angel Wrap with 2 Pair of Socks
Most Recent Review
PrincessAna 2/27/2017
I love this product because it is soft and warm, however, I washed it and it started shedding. It was all over my sofa, pants, etc. It is okay but don't wash and dry it.
Bzees 3-pack Low-Cut Mesh Socks
HSN Price: $12.90
Average Rating 2.2 ( 5 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
DOLLIE13 2/27/2017
Serena Williams Fringe Wrap
HSN Price: $59.90
Average Rating 4.6 ( 367 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
chickie7899 2/27/2017
The softest best fitting sweater i have ever owned. Love it! I got the cream color and it goes with everything.
Rhonda Shear "Ahh" 3/4-Sleeve Comfort Wrap
Most Recent Review
Sabe4 2/27/2017
I love the fabric of this wrap. So soft and comfortable. It looks high quality and looks nice with every outfit I've worn it with.
Serena Williams Lightweight Women's Heating Gloves
Most Recent Review
Bunny1022 2/27/2017
Love these gloves. I allows me to to use my cell phone without having to take the gloves off thanks to the special fabric on the tips of two of my fingers
Antthony "Just in Time" Ruana
Clearance Price: $9.95
Average Rating 3.5 ( 2 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
molly690 2/27/2017
Very comfortable. Bought one on sale & came back & bought the other 2 colors. Even my co-worker wanted me to order 2 for her.
Soft & Cozy Animal Hoodie Scarf
Clearance Price: $8.00
Average Rating 4.6 ( 5 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
divamac 2/27/2017
Arrived with color as stated, softest material ever. Such a cute gift, can't wait to gift it. Excellent brand, this soft & cozy, never disappointed.
The Smart Umbrella
HSN Price: $19.95
Average Rating 3.7 ( 49 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
maxie292 2/27/2017
Copper Fit 8pr Sport & Gripper Unisex Performance Socks
Most Recent Review
AGAPE8 2/27/2017
I love these socks. They are comfortable and a great value for what you get. I bought another set for my husband.
JOY 11-piece Men's SHADES Readers Collection
Most Recent Review
Ezcella19 2/27/2017
Great Readers I'm able to see so clearly.
Vivian Lou Insolia Shimmer Weight-Shifting Insole 2pk
Most Recent Review
JAWS13 2/27/2017
I haven't worn heels in a long time because I'm out of practice and the discomfort, but decided to try these insoles. I went out for a night on the town with my girlfriends & my ne ... (see full review)
Soft & Cozy 3-pack Faux Sherpa Cuff Socks
Clearance Price: $7.95
Average Rating 4.4 ( 53 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
Judy49 2/27/2017
Got my socks and just love them! I got to put up for gifts next Christmas but just had to try a pair and they feel so soft and yummy! Love them, love them!!
JOY 20pc Couture SHADES Readers with Smart Lenses
Most Recent Review
BTET 2/27/2017
Cup runners overvsith perfect glasses. Nice quality. Very pretty colors.
Rara Avis by Iris Apfel Rare Bird Fringe Shawl
Most Recent Review
irish1910 2/27/2017
Luxurious and generous fabric. Absolutely love this shawl. Please make more in different prints!!
BetterBrella Deluxe Reverse Open and Close Umbrella
Most Recent Review
Adelaida3 2/27/2017
I always receive great compliments about my umbrella. Very happy with it.
MarlaWynne Graphic Scarf
Clearance Price: $19.95
Average Rating 4.5 ( 21 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
simplei 2/27/2017
Marla Wynne's choice of fabrics and designs is beyond artistic. Nothing can outmatch this beautiful work of art. Great scarf.
IMAN Platinum Fringe and Faux Fur Dramatic Wrap
Most Recent Review
Dikki2 2/27/2017
Beautiful elegant looking wrap. Nice length and shape that wraps around entire body perfectly, warm, light weight, soft material, and a fur collar that can be removed. I love it!
Samantha Brown RFID Purse with Portable Charger
Most Recent Review
wendygail11 2/26/2017
What a lot for a great price.
Rara Avis by Iris Apfel Faux Fur Pompom Keychain
Most Recent Review
NotGonnaTakeIt 2/26/2017
This is so cute and brings a smile to everyone who sees it. A great gift for anyone to brighten their day.
Comfort Click Perfect Fit Adjustable Leather Belt
Most Recent Review
KBOARD13 2/26/2017
Works perfectly, looks sharp
French Rendez Vous Ecrin Stars Inset Gloves
Most Recent Review
woodie197 2/25/2017
I have small hands and the medium size was tight. Go up a size but the gloves are cute.
Pair of 2-Way Wooden Shoe Stretchers with Relief Pods
Most Recent Review
changovasque 2/25/2017
These shoe stretchers work perfectly. I had order a pair of shoes online kept saying was going to mail them back, long story short I didnt. I ordered the shoe stretchers from here ... (see full review)
IMAN Global Chic Signature Sunglasses
Clearance Price: $9.95
Average Rating 4.2 ( 38 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
H2343762 2/25/2017
I love Iman's products especially the hats and the glasses.It goes with everything.
Curations Caravan Fashion Print Scarf
Clearance Price: $6.95
Average Rating 4.3 ( 19 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
seymore3 2/25/2017
looks beautiful.
BEARPAW® Button Cuff Knee-High Knit Sock
Most Recent Review
alexis29 2/24/2017
So soft and cozy I wish I ordered more
JOY SHADES Readers The Perfect Fit Couture Case
Most Recent Review
Catsemh 2/24/2017
If your looking for a larger glass case this is good if you want something to fit in your purse way to big.
JOY 15pc Couture SHADES Readers w/Smart Lenses -Classic
Most Recent Review
Catsemh 2/24/2017
Way to expensive for what they are could have bought cheaper readers at the Dollar Store
Corinne McCormack "Pamela" Readers
Clearance Price: $9.95
Average Rating 4.7 ( 7 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
Catsemh 2/24/2017
Good for being sunglasses and readers.
MarlaWynne and Margot Rozanska Multicolored Scarf
Most Recent Review
CHIP62 2/23/2017
Since the sizing with Marla is quite unpredictable, at least her beautiful scarves are always safe.
Copper Fit 7pr Sport & Gripper Unisex Performance Socks
Most Recent Review
decbaby 2/23/2017
These were a gift for my son. He works at the hospital and is on his feet all day. He loves these socks.
IMAN Global Chic Luxe Sequin Wrap and Soft Knit Wrap
Most Recent Review
Williams2018 2/23/2017
Love the look and feel of it. Can't wait to wear these.
Corinne McCormack "Sydney" Readers with Carrying Case
Most Recent Review
Denise1801 2/23/2017
Great pair of readers, well made and not flimsy like some. Love these!
MarlaWynne Printed Scarf
HSN Price: $54.90
Average Rating 4.5 ( 4 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
tulips18 2/23/2017
This was the BEST "packaged item from any network or retailer. Folded beautifully with tissue and could not wait to open!I purchased 2 colors. The pattern is interesting as the co ... (see full review)
IMAN Global Chic Woven Straw Sun Hat
Clearance Price: $4.95
Average Rating 3.7 ( 45 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
cameo2moon 2/23/2017
The hat fits toooo large. Would fit a giant-sized head. Won't sent back, as it isn't cost effective to do so.
Adrienne Landau Faux Fur Hat and Fingerless Glove Set
Most Recent Review
dragon222 2/23/2017
This one looked cute on the web site, but the hat fits very small on your head. Had thought I would keep the set and give the gloves to my daughter. Not sure if this one is going b ... (see full review)
Hot Headz 6-in-1 Fleece Hood
HSN Price: $19.95
Average Rating 3.8 ( 1621 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
DebiNDoug 2/23/2017
A bit stiff and uncomfortable. Wouldn't buy again. Sorry
Soft & Cozy 2-pack Pom Pom Socks
Clearance Price: $7.95
Average Rating 5.0 ( 5 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
DebiNDoug 2/23/2017
Heats quickly and we love the look. Very happy
easy spirit 6-pack No-Show Socks with Arch Band
Most Recent Review
kattjump 2/23/2017
BEARPAW® Terry Knit Boot Sock
Clearance Price: $7.00
Average Rating 5.0 ( 6 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
I love these socks the stay up not thick so when I wear & put my boots on their not tight.The price isn't bad
twiggy LONDON Plaid Ruana
Clearance Price: $19.95
Average Rating 4.7 ( 3 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
Mamavon 2/22/2017
Being a seamstress I have to comment on the fact that you never leave a seam serged and not turned back ~ That is not a finished seam ~ ALSO pulls on the neck and stresses it in ... (see full review)
JOY & IMAN Fashion Meets Function Leather Wallet w/RFID
Most Recent Review
DBARNZ 2/22/2017
Wallet with phone carrier is very nice and sturdy. Matches the handbag beautifully! Love it.
Jeffrey Banks Set of 4 Holiday Snowman Readers
Most Recent Review
MOJOPUPPY__9791 2/22/2017
Perfect size. Stylish!
VIDA Artist Series Infinity Scarf
Clearance Price: $19.95
Average Rating 4.7 ( 12 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
LipGlass 2/22/2017
I purchased this scarf for a Christmas gift. The person loved the vibrant colors.
Serena Williams Heating Scarves & Gloves Gift Set
Most Recent Review
buckeyenan 2/21/2017
The couple time I've worn them the gloves do seem a little warmer than my other dress gloves. The weather here warmed up so haven't been able to test them in really cold Temps. Lik ... (see full review)
Soft & Cozy 3-pack Socks
Clearance Price: $7.95
Average Rating 4.3 ( 33 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
Missy20086 2/21/2017
I love theses socks. They are so soft and very comfortable too
Soft and Cozy Plush Throw and  Socks Set
Most Recent Review
ShopN55 2/21/2017
The throw sheds awful even after washing even all over the socks. I kept but disappointed and glad I didn't buy as gifts. I was excited about this item since loved the look just do ... (see full review)
MarlaWynne Resin Necklace
HSN Price: $69.90
Average Rating 4.1 ( 30 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
calidoll 2/21/2017
I received this necklace last week, I wore it to a funeral today with a Tiana B geometric print dress I've had and it looked great. This necklace looks heavy but it is very light. ... (see full review)
Jeffrey Banks Chenille Sock 3-pack Set
Most Recent Review
CinnamonGirl8 2/21/2017
I am glad I purchased two sets to give at Christmas and as a Birthday gift for someone in the summer months when the air conditioning comforts cold feet.
A by Adrienne Landau "Trolls" Faux Fur Pompom Key Ring
Most Recent Review
HSNaddicted57 2/20/2017
Nice colors!
MarlaWynne Mix Rib Cowl
Clearance Price: $12.96
Average Rating 4.3 ( 8 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
gabbyswolf 2/20/2017
Terrific cowl. First ordered the sand/black. Liked it so much that I went back and ordered all of the colors. I wanted the length/width cowl that was the size of the cowl that g ... (see full review)
My Maggies The Original Fashion Magnet 2-pack Set
Most Recent Review
Dolly8888 2/20/2017
I just want to say that I am extremely satisfied with this product. I read other reviews complaining it didn't hold for heavier materials. Went to Maggies website and found that s ... (see full review)
OFF AIR by Giuliana Artist Series Scarf with Gift Box
Most Recent Review
doodah61 2/20/2017
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this scarf. It is so "ME". This is one-of--a-kind scarf. A real winner.
IMAN Global Chic Luxurious Sequin Gloves
Most Recent Review
jenseedz 2/20/2017
I bought the blue gloves. They are an odd length that has to be tucked up inside jacket sleeve. The sequins are so pretty but not visible if you wear these with coat or jacket. The ... (see full review)
Sporto® Faux Fur Hat and Scarf Set
Clearance Price: $29.95
Average Rating 3.3 ( 10 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
theamon 2/20/2017
I ordered this in 2 colors and returned. Was nice for the sale price of $30, however, My wife's head was too small and they did not make her look like the Diva she is!
TravelSox® Soft-Padded Compression Sock 2-pack
Most Recent Review
AzJadzia 2/20/2017
I have fibromyalgia for 30 yrs and have had non pitting edema around my ankles which doctors could never explain. For the last few years I could not sleep because of aching pain fr ... (see full review)
NEKZ Unisex Neck Wrap
HSN Price: $19.95
Average Rating 4.2 ( 51 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
Melva33771 2/19/2017
I love this neck wrap so much we purchased 3 of them. The material is so soft and warm, I even on cold nights have slept in it. Love it!
Tibetan Socks Himalayan Handknit Long Socks
Most Recent Review
StephenieZ 2/19/2017
Reminds me of slippers when I was a kid. Nice colors and stitching. Lining is very soft. I really bought them to help the ladies in Himalayas. But these are so sweet for a g ... (see full review)
The Looks of Love Book by Hal Rubenstein
Most Recent Review
Quebarenze 2/19/2017
It's stories NOT enough fashion and not enough minorities in it that makeup America.
Betsey Johnson Open Your Heart Cuffed Hat
Most Recent Review
Tami2 2/18/2017
Sorry, but this cute hat in the picture isn't worth a fraction of what it costs on sale. It is made with very, very thin yarn and runs soooooo small. The pom pom on top of the hat ... (see full review)
DG LUXSPORT Leopard-Print Scarf
HSN Price: $39.90
Average Rating 3.0 ( 2 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
Bkpauly 2/18/2017
This scarf/wrap is so big I could not find a way to wear it, without it overtaking my look. It could almost be a bed spread. I ordered it in red animal print, but fabric is not w ... (see full review)
twiggy LONDON Printed Georgette Wrap Scarf
Most Recent Review
SandyGood 2/18/2017
Beautiful. The material is nice.
A by Adrienne Landau "Trolls" Reversible Faux Fur Snood
Most Recent Review
yzshopper 2/18/2017
Love A by Adrianne style. I'm usually a black or black/white outfit person. What a great punch of color to add to an outfit (sweater or coat). Nonconstricting, lightweight, easy ... (see full review)
Corinne McCormack "Lexi" Readers
Clearance Price: $12.96
Average Rating 4.0 ( 7 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
pumula 2/18/2017
Really cute glasses with snazzy bling
Rhonda Shear "Ahh" Half-Sleeve Comfort Wrap 2-pack
Most Recent Review
ROTHROCK 2/17/2017
Just didn't like it on me sented it back
Color Change 44" Diameter Umbrella with Storage Case
Most Recent Review
cmritz11 2/17/2017
I initially thought that this was super cute and a must have, but after receiving it, I decided to return it. The mechanism to hold the umbrella open is very difficult to get into ... (see full review)
Rhonda Shear Marshmallow Infinity Scarf with Pockets
Most Recent Review
Tahoepines1 2/17/2017
I got the coffee.It is soo soft and the pockets keep my hands warm.I love this infinity scarf.It is lovely.
The Ultimate Umbrella 48" Diameter Folding Umbrella
Most Recent Review
healed796 2/17/2017
Can't comment too much because it belongs to my teenage daughter who loves the umbrella. The strap is very convenient. Can carry on shoulder. Much larger than normal umbrellas.
Phonetic Eyewear Blue Light Reducing Computer Glasses
Most Recent Review
mamamia71 2/16/2017
Nothing to write home about!! But its ok I guess.
Wendy Williams Cozy Velveteen Turban
Clearance Price: $19.95
Average Rating 4.6 ( 10 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
myrna33 2/16/2017
great for bad hair day, or wet hair
My Maggies The Original Fashion Magnet Deluxe Set
Most Recent Review
Catwoman1000 2/16/2017
The magnets are incredibly strong. Looking forward to wearing these!