JOY 20pc Couture SHADES Readers with Smart Lenses
Most Recent Review
Car24 9/29/2016
I have ordered Joy's glasses in the past and never had an issue. However with these I bought mainly for the computer glasses. Don't know why but they broke almost immediately could ... (see full review)
Rhonda Shear "Ahh" 3/4-Sleeve Comfort Wrap
Most Recent Review
Murphysmama 9/29/2016
I have three of these, and ALL three are longer in the front on one side than the other. They are comfortable and just the right weight for the office, but this obvious pattern pr ... (see full review)
ADA Collection "Soga" Argentinean Leather Classic Woven Belt
Most Recent Review
Micknumberone 9/29/2016
Betsey Johnson "Good Vibes" Crinkle Wrap
Clearance Price: $14.97
Average Rating 4.0 ( 1 Review )
Most Recent Review
jazzy33 9/29/2016
It is just okay will give as A gift to someone really not my style but daughter may like it
Curations Caravan Printed Pom-Pom Trimmed Ruana
Clearance Price: $17.47
Average Rating 4.5 ( 19 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
jazzy33 9/29/2016
nice may keep it may not
Sigrid Olsen Studio Mini Floral Print Tassel Scarf
Most Recent Review
jazzy33 9/29/2016
nice for price
Serena Williams Fringe Wrap
HSN Price: $59.90
Average Rating 4.6 ( 269 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
Whammy1 9/29/2016
This is a sharp top! Love the color and the fit is great! Thank you for bringing stylish clothes that fit a larger body and made so very well! Thank you, Pam Ruwe
MarlaWynne Graphic Scarf
HSN Price: $54.90
Average Rating 4.0 ( 1 Review )
Most Recent Review
Marianne60 9/29/2016
Nice but very expensive.
Foot Petals Pressure Pointz Spot Cushions 6-pack
Most Recent Review
mstravelnut 9/28/2016
These are tiny, tiny little things. Not sure what good they will do but I put them in my boots any way on the pressure point. I just thought they were the regular petals and I wa ... (see full review)
Pair of 2-Way Wooden Shoe Stretchers with Relief Pods
Most Recent Review
Mamacorleone 9/28/2016
I love shoes so this item works fantastic very happy with my purchase :)
JOY 15pc Couture SHADES Readers w/Smart Lenses -Fashion
Most Recent Review
VS_4_lb1 9/28/2016
perfect item allows me to keep a pair everywhere I may need them love the color options well worth the price
Curations Caravan Laser Cut Fringe Wrap
Most Recent Review
bettina12 9/28/2016
ample size, soft fabric will be perfect for the cooler months coming up
IMAN Global Chic Runway Glam Perfect Plaid Luxury Wrap
Most Recent Review
Pendy1996 9/28/2016
Love it, as beautiful as it appears online. GREAT GIFT! Perfect for fall weather! Thank you!
Slinky® Brand Elastic Belt with Gold Disc Buckle
Most Recent Review
neeLLorac 9/28/2016
I loved this belt! It's cute, stylish, however I strongly recommend a thorough check upon receiving. I tried it on, it buckled, it fit, I was very pleased and looking forward to we ... (see full review)
Curations Caravan Multistripe Wrap
Most Recent Review
yolanda0116 9/28/2016
Comfortable, versatile and beautiful. Great quality! Would buy more.
Phonetic Eyewear Blue Light Reducing Computer Glasses
Most Recent Review
abeerriv 9/28/2016
I use one pair at work and my husband uses the other when hes on the computer intermittently. He loves them and thinks they work and help with less strain on his eyes. I do like t ... (see full review)
IMAN Global Chic Woven Straw Sun Hat
Clearance Price: $4.95
Average Rating 3.7 ( 27 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
hsnreward 9/28/2016
I luv this big hat. Can't wait to wear it on vacation next year. However, the brim could be a little larger for my preference.
JOY Chic & Shimmery Beach Bag with Cooler
Clearance Price: $19.95
Average Rating 4.3 ( 198 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
lamblips 9/28/2016
Soooo pretty. Can't wait till summer to use it. So practical. I do need to get ice packs for it though.
Curations Caravan Faux Suede Hat
Sale Price: $29.90
Average Rating 2.6 ( 5 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
Lynn439 9/27/2016
The brim on this hat is thin and scrunched up. It's like a cheap Halloween costume hat. Sad. The shape is nice and the top is lovely, but the brim ruins the hat.
Margaritaville Unisex Mirrored Soft Touch Sunglasses
Most Recent Review
mommajayne 9/27/2016
Didn't like these. They were too stiff and hard to open. The idea was nice I just wish they were more flexible.
HD Vision 2-pack High Definition Sunglasses
Most Recent Review
topdaug 9/27/2016
Victoria's jewelry is always beautiful and this watch is no exception.I just wish watchmakers would make the band smaller because even after you take out on the the clasps, I still ... (see full review)
IMAN Global Chic Runway Glam Luxury Plaid Scarf
Most Recent Review
janna12 9/27/2016
Pretty & soft.
JOY SHADES Readers 11pc Set Designed for Men
Most Recent Review
babaeileen 9/27/2016
I purchased on two prior occasions Joy;s readers and have been extremely satisfied. I was in need of another set at the 3.0 magnification so I decided to purchse this set "design ... (see full review)
Curations Caravan Fashion Print Scarf
Clearance Price: $6.95
Average Rating 4.2 ( 11 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
deutch 9/27/2016
I am building my stocking for Christmas. Super deal. Thank you HSN!
Serena Williams Chunky Cable Knit Scarf
Most Recent Review
Head2Toe 9/27/2016
great color matches my dress well.
Corinne McCormack "Sydney" Readers with Carrying Case
Most Recent Review
Mosamms 9/26/2016
I purchased almost every pair of Corrine McCormack readers. The frames are an excellent quality and the lenses is very clear, I highly recommend them.
Sporto No Cushion No Show Sock 6pk - Zig Zag
Most Recent Review
GWENIE93 9/26/2016
These no cushion socks are not too thick and feel great inside your shoes or sneakers. they are very soft.
Rhonda Shear "Ahh" Chiffon Trim Comfort Wrap
Most Recent Review
Prutza 9/26/2016
HSN sent me the incorrect item, so I never received this item to review--I returned the wrong item after reporting it to the customer service dept
Serena Williams Double Wrap Belt
Sale Price: $24.90
Average Rating 1.5 ( 2 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
Kdthomas1 9/26/2016
I ordered the S/M - it is Soooooo Long, I would have to get extra holes done for the buckle and then it is still not appearing to be able to lay in a flattering manner.Then, when I ... (see full review)
Curations Caravan Fingerless Fair Isle Gloves
Most Recent Review
Cindykay6 9/26/2016
These gloves keep hands warm but have the Flexability of having your fingers free to pick up things or drive without hands slipping off steering wheel.
JOY 15pc Couture SHADES Readers w/Smart Lenses -Classic
Most Recent Review
Joanne31 9/26/2016
Nice size and shape. Very happy with these glasses
Colleen Lopez Heart Print Infinity Scarf
Clearance Price: $7.00
Average Rating 4.3 ( 3 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
VickieJo503 9/26/2016
This is a beautiful scarf, nice fabric and weight without feeling like you have a muffler on. The color is not as bright as shown but is more of a cobalt blue. Looks really nice ... (see full review)
Clever Carriage Leather-Covered Magnifier with Tassels
Most Recent Review
ellen56085 9/25/2016
This really isn't easy to use. I bought it to use more than looks good. If you were to read a menu with it you can only go over a few words at a time due to the curve of the glass ... (see full review)
IMAN Global Chic Signature Sunglasses
Clearance Price: $9.95
Average Rating 4.2 ( 13 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
Bobby380 9/25/2016
Fashionable, stylish, love these glasses
Sporto No Cushion No Show Sock 6pk - Gray Multi
Most Recent Review
Leta1 9/25/2016
Very comfortable wear
Sporto Half Cushion No Show Sock 6pk
Most Recent Review
Leta1 9/25/2016
It gives great comfort
JOY & IMAN Simply Glamorous Peacock-Print Silk Scarf
Most Recent Review
glongshorewoman1 9/25/2016
love this scarf
Slinky® Brand Elastic Belt with Goldtone Toggle Closure
Most Recent Review
2GreenEyes7 9/25/2016
This belt makes me look slimmer in my clothes. Please, please bring belts in different colors like Navy, Taupe, Camel, Grey, Wine, and Olive. It would be nice to see Rose gold and ... (see full review)
Heated Hand-Warmer with USB Charging Cable
Most Recent Review
flyme65 9/25/2016
Purchased two, and glad l did. One for each hand. Just enough heat to warm up your hands on a cold day. Plus a great price. Thank you!
Vivian Lou Insolia Weight-Shifting Insole 2pk
Most Recent Review
bhappy4 9/24/2016
This product had so much hype but it is the most disappointing product.
Margaritaville Beaded Band Floppy Hat
Clearance Price: $9.95
Average Rating 4.7 ( 6 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
Julie125 9/24/2016
got this on sale in the black. so glad i did. this is not a floppy hat in the true sense, however, the brim is somewhat moldable so it hangs over a little. this is a great sun hat ... (see full review)
MarlaWynne Paisley Printed Scarf
Clearance Price: $19.98
Average Rating 3.8 ( 8 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
CHIP62 9/24/2016
Much better on TV, all scarfs had a very peculiar smell and the polyester was too obvious. Sorry Marla I will keep on trying but this is not up to your standards
Clever Carriage Company Tuscan Suede Scarf with Tassels
Most Recent Review
mary10417 9/24/2016
The black one turned my skin and clothes black. I had black smudges all over me.
Margaritaville Multistrand Glass Beaded Necklace
Most Recent Review
deen47 9/23/2016
This is a very nice necklace. I was in a pinch for a birthday gift, so ended up gifting it & she loved it as well.
Rhonda Shear Hooded Sweater Wrap Shrug
Clearance Price: $29.95
Average Rating 4.3 ( 9 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
bn1 9/23/2016
I was expecting a lighter weight product. Heavy & bulky.
Emma Fox "Diva" Embroidered Leather Strap
Sale Price: $19.90
Average Rating 4.4 ( 7 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
cincar 9/23/2016
I love this strap from the moment I saw it. I purchased the floral embroidered strap. It was on waitlist and I was notified it was ready to ship within a few days. I would love for ... (see full review)
Slinky® Brand Elastic Belt with Toggle Closure
Most Recent Review
ebony46 9/23/2016
This belt is vinyl and elastic. I got the Med/Lrg. and it fits but I prefer my belts to hang lower than on the natural waist. The belt looks inexpensive which it is and I'd rathe ... (see full review)
Serena Williams Extra Long Chunky Cable Knit Scarf
Most Recent Review
Nancy764 9/23/2016
Serena Williams knows how to put zest in a wardrobe. I love the chunky extra long scarf. You can do so many things with it when you wear it. The colors are neutral and can be used ... (see full review)
JOY SHADES Readers The Perfect Fit Couture Case
Most Recent Review
GaPeachy 9/23/2016
I purchase this item and thought it was great until it fell apart due to the sun. I leave my sunglasses in my vehicle and since the vehicle does become hot during the day. I went t ... (see full review)
BCBGeneration Embellished Western Straw Hat
Most Recent Review
sade498 9/22/2016
I am getting quite a collection of hats of different colors as I like shading my face when outside. This hat can be worn several ways, and matches just about everything.
Tony Little Cheeks® Sock 3-pack
Most Recent Review
Moodier 9/22/2016
I watched these on HSN numerous times. I have diabetes and need to keep socks on my feet. Diabetes socks are expensive and I usually pay about $10. A pair . Well I bought these and ... (see full review)
Jeffrey Banks Printed Scarf
Sale Price: $29.90
Average Rating 4.0 ( 3 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
bfostermme 9/22/2016
I loved this scarf, but it is made from a double layer of material and is just too heavy! I am "past 50" and have my own, internal "summertime", so just could not wear it. Am sad ... (see full review)
BCBGeneration Feather Chain Straw Floppy Hat
Most Recent Review
DebbieD45 9/22/2016
Love this hat...My favorite in my small hat collection.
Margaritaville Engraved and Beaded Bangle Bracelet Set
Most Recent Review
Lindalou47 9/22/2016
I ordered this ensemble for the beaded bangle. I have a dress that I planned to wear it with. I'm sorry, the bangle (and the rest of the ensemble) were disappointing. They all look ... (see full review)
ThinOptics Flex-Grip Reading Glasses 2pk with Pod Cases
Most Recent Review
CUTEDOGMOM 9/22/2016
These are fabulous. Very portable and stay in place on your nose. I would recommend these to anyone needing readers.
Peace Love World Panda Print Scarf
Clearance Price: $14.95
Average Rating 4.0 ( 7 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
GEMMA1951 9/21/2016
This scarf is quite large and the design is very unique. I just wish the colors were darker. It is a little difficult to read the print. Other than that, it is well made and a nice ... (see full review)
Hot Headz 6-in-1 Fleece Hood
HSN Price: $19.95
Average Rating 3.8 ( 1437 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
JKFP 9/21/2016
I had bought several of these for gifts. Two went to my parents who use them in the winter on the farm. They seem to like them a lot. They complimented them on how warm they are.
Slinky® Brand Elastic Belt with Metal Studs
Most Recent Review
1tigergirl 9/21/2016
Inferior in every way.
Color Change 44" Diameter Umbrella with Storage Case
Most Recent Review
Cherie62 9/21/2016
Had a nice windy deluge(pouring rain). Had to walk my dog. My compact umbrella's always reverse on me in extreme wind. This one did not. Yes its a cute umbrella but its also functi ... (see full review)
twiggy LONDON Printed Georgette Wrap Scarf
Most Recent Review
Winner0527 9/20/2016
I love it
Samantha Brown RFID Purse with Portable Charger
Most Recent Review
louise_berry 9/20/2016
Love this, I use this for my everyday wallet, everyone really needs to be protected from the scammers out there, my friend just got scammed last week at the local grocery store, th ... (see full review)
Foot Petals Adjustable-Band Slipper with Flower Detail
Most Recent Review
gaytee 9/20/2016
These are soft and cute for sure, but gave me zero support, so, back they go.
Foot Petals Technogel® Tip Toes Reusable Cushions
Most Recent Review
selinda1961 9/19/2016
these cushions the balls of my feet, but i like the ones with the sueded cover better
Foot Petals Tip Toes Assorted 3-pack
Most Recent Review
selinda1961 9/19/2016
i wear high heels and these are just right to cushion the balls of my feet
Margaritaville Women's Classic Retro Sunglasses
Most Recent Review
rayamy 9/19/2016
Cute good price
IMAN Global Chic Ombre Scarf
Clearance Price: $10.00
Average Rating 3.9 ( 24 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
anniesez100 9/19/2016
Poor quality. Got it on clearance and it was not even worth that low price. It was returned.
GOOD+ Bias-Cut Travel Wrap
Clearance Price: $10.00
Average Rating 3.6 ( 14 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
melissa59 9/18/2016
I wore mine today with a black sleeveless dress. I ordered the off white. It stayed put on my shoulders and looked very elegant. It covered my arms and even had enough length to co ... (see full review)
twiggy LONDON Felted Wool Fedora
Most Recent Review
grams524 9/18/2016
I love this hat! Quality felt, well made, color perfect. However ; its WAY too small, I can't even get over any part of my head. It just sits on top. I'd like to keep if can figure ... (see full review)
Sporto No Cushion No Show Sock 6pk
Most Recent Review
JHGood05 9/18/2016
Great colors glad soles are not white.Perfect for slip on athletic shoes.Sporto just makes good quality everything.
Sporto Half Cushion No Show Sock 6pk - Multi
Most Recent Review
Sharster01 9/18/2016
These socks are amazing in my feet..the technology they've used is very unique ..it obsorbs the perspiration and doesnt make your feet sweat. The cushion is great. This is my 3rd o ... (see full review)
Betsey Johnson Split Personality Knit Muffler
Clearance Price: $19.98
Average Rating 3.6 ( 5 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
Tootiecat135 9/18/2016
I bought this scarf in the beige color first, I liked it so much that I bought the black and white one too. I got it at such a great price. I have over a hundred scarfs ( I reall ... (see full review)
Samantha Brown 6-piece Travel Survival Kit
Most Recent Review
Ruby199 9/17/2016
This kit is very functional for organization when packing for travel. I'm thinking I might get another one.