Cookware Sets
Wolfgang Puck Bistro Elite 18pc "Favorites" Cookware
Most Recent Review
Jennadty 7/1/2016
I was so disappointed with this set. Every single one of these pots stick to EVERYTHING and completely ruin the food. I tried everything from waiting for the pan to heat up on sl ... (see full review)
Simply Ming 10-piece Technolon+ Mega Cook Set
Most Recent Review
sunrise716 6/30/2016
Used for the 1st time last night and it was a breeze all the way around.
Simply Ming Diamond Series 6-piece Cookware Set
Most Recent Review
kay551 6/28/2016
All I can say is that this is a great set to own. Love love love it!!,
Wolfgang Puck Bistro Elite 27pc Stainless Cookware Set
Most Recent Review
BetsM1 6/27/2016
Yes, this cookware is shiny & pretty but, I hoped it would be a heavier gauge, thickness of stainless steel. As far as the cooking ability: because of the thin metal, we are usin ... (see full review)
Cuisinart Chef's 10-Piece Hard-Anodized Cookware Set
Most Recent Review
skeedel 6/27/2016
I would highly recommend this set. I bought it as a gift for my parents and they are highly impressed at the way they hold heat and how easy clean up is. However, read the cleani ... (see full review)
Lorena Garcia 9-1/2" Ceramic Nonstick 2pk Fry Pan Set
Most Recent Review
Troy357 6/12/2016
The food stuck in this pan the 1st use. I would not recommend at all. I will be giving them away.
Cuisinart Nonstick 11-Piece Aluminum Cookware - Black
Most Recent Review
MOJOPUPPY__9791 6/12/2016
Nice selection of sizes. Good weight and non stick is fantastic! My daughter loves the set.
Curtis Stone DuraPan 9pc Forged Nonstick Cookware Set
Most Recent Review
gearbox 6/12/2016
Curtis Stone My First I love This Healthy Eateing
Lorena Garcia 11-piece Cook Set with Technolon+
Most Recent Review
KPBZ3 6/12/2016
This is a wonderful set! I love to cook a lot of the new and modern healthy foods requiring little or no oils and this set is perfect. Nothing sticks!! I have also purchase the ... (see full review)
Cuisinart Advantage Non-Stick 11pc Cookware Set
Most Recent Review
Dino66 6/11/2016
Cuisinart MultiClad Unlimited 12-piece Cookware Set
Most Recent Review
PaintedHorses337 6/9/2016
what a bargain for these high quality pots and pans. they cook and clean like a dream, no stick most of time, with an oops stick, it came right out after short soak. First time usi ... (see full review)
Cuisinart Chef's Stainless 14-Piece Cookware Set
Most Recent Review
charlie55553 6/7/2016
I'm obsessed with the Todd English Greenland but HSN no longer sells them. So for the price I got these. Happily I am not at all disappointed. They cook very well and are fairly ea ... (see full review)
Cuisinart Chef's 7-piece Stainless Steel Cookware Set
Most Recent Review
nickyp 6/3/2016
Not happy at all, everything I cook sticks and then it's super hard to clean.
Anne Burrell CorVex Collection 7-piece Cookware Set
Most Recent Review
Blueye7 5/30/2016
Will continue to purchase with HSN
Allrecipes™ Sizzle Sensor 8-piece Cookware Set
Most Recent Review
jerfano 5/23/2016
got the set here, but disappointed when it came to cleaning. I set in a sink, with washing liquid and came back a coupe hours later, to find the Orange color changed. Just dish was ... (see full review)
Cuisinart Professional 13pc Stainless Cookware Set
Most Recent Review
Leola07 5/18/2016
Love my pots & pans ??
Simply Ming 7-piece Technolon+ Healthy Cook Set
Most Recent Review
NY2710_15985 5/14/2016
i guess this is one of the item i ordered in HSN that im actually happy. get them!
Cuisinart Chef's 17-Piece Hard-Anodized Cookware Set
Most Recent Review
Buffy0114 5/13/2016
I love this cookware. I cooks evenly, heats up fast, and can go from stove to oven in a matter of minutes. It's also easy to clean.
Allrecipes™ Set of 2 Sizzle Sensor Fry Pans
Most Recent Review
Ikehogan 5/2/2016
Just started using these pans so its hard to say if they will hold up against daily use over time. But....right now they are working beautifully; nothing sticks and everything coo ... (see full review)
Cuisinart Chef's Classic 10pc Stainless Cookware Set
Most Recent Review
purple2253 4/27/2016
the person I sent these too got back to me w/ great reviews..she says they are awesome..
Cuisinart Elements 10-piece Nonstick Cookware Set - Red
Most Recent Review
Jennb277 4/18/2016
I used one of the pans. Washed it by hand per the directions. When I used it, it was wonderful. Nothing stuck to it. Everything washed out. When I laid it to dry, saw there were ... (see full review)
Cuisinart Chef's 14-Piece Hard-Anodized Cookware Set
Most Recent Review
awald89 4/12/2016
These pans to me are the best out there unless you get a set of high quality cast iron
Cuisinart Classic 10pc Stainless French Cookware Set
Most Recent Review
netti50 3/11/2016
Made in France is what first caught my attention. It's the perfect size set for my husband and I. I've made my sauce for pasta and pasta. Low heat is key. Boiling water super fast ... (see full review)
BergHOFF® Cosmo 12-piece Cookware Set
Most Recent Review
mike2887 1/14/2016
Returned product. Just to expensive for what you get
Cuisinart Contour 13-piece Stainless Steel Cookware Set
Most Recent Review
kimiah12286 12/30/2015
I recently purchased this cookware set and must say I am very impressed. The cookware is absolutely beautiful. I have not had any problems with staining or food sticking. As m ... (see full review)
T-fal® Professional 10-piece Cookware Set - Black
Most Recent Review
TexasDiva121 12/23/2015
I have not cooked a lot in these pots, but I have not experienced any sticking. I like their weight and their thickness. Follow the instructions and treat the pots before use. They ... (see full review)
Cuisinart GG-10 GreenGourmet Hard Anodized 10-Piece Cookware Set
Most Recent Review
GMB602 12/13/2015
These are great. Well made, nice size sturdy. I'm loving them!
Calphalon Tri-Ply 14" Stainless Steel Roaster Set
Most Recent Review
car253 12/6/2015
this pan is way to tiny good for chickens and not turkeys
Cuisinart Chef's 7-Piece Hard-Anodized Cookware Set
Most Recent Review
Sandy6343 11/23/2015
Great purchase. Cooks beautiful and easy clean up. Already had a Cuisinart skillet for my morning eggs, not purchased on HSN, but cleans up nice also.
Cuisinart Chef's Classic 11-piece Cookware Set
Most Recent Review
LadyGee_Orlando 11/14/2015
I have replaced all my coated pots and pans with this new set. Started cooked as soon as I received them! Food tastes amazing! Getting more soon!
Cuisinart Chef's Stainless 17-Piece Cookware Set
Most Recent Review
mleewp 10/22/2015
They arrived and were beautiful, but I was unable to use as I have an induction range. I had put in cookware for induction and they came up in the search. I had to return them and ... (see full review)
Cuisinart Chef's Classic 11-piece Cookware Set
Most Recent Review
rbabikan 9/3/2015
I bought these for my Son and future Daughter In Law. When they opened their package they loved them and took some of the pans out right away. They are just gorgeous.This a great p ... (see full review)
Cuisinart MultiClad Pro Triply 7-piece Cookware Set
Most Recent Review
pineapple100 7/17/2015
These pots and pans are very useful in making a complete set for independent bought Stainless Steel Pans or partial pots and pans. It heats up very quickly on an induction burner - ... (see full review)
Cuisinart GG-12 GreenGourmet Hard Anodized Non-stick 12-Piece Cookware Set
Most Recent Review
grammy61111 4/24/2015
These are great pots and pans. They are heavy duty and worth the price.I would recommend to every cook out there.The variety of in the pans in the set is wonderful!
Swiss Diamond 10-piece Ultimate Kitchen Kit
Most Recent Review
Yadhi4 9/2/2014
I love this cookware set, not so heavy so easy to clean up just with a paper towel lids are wonderful also I will recommend this one to anyone!
Simply Calphalon Stainless 10-piece Cookware Set
Most Recent Review
Gina42141 12/30/2013
Nice cookware