Cookware Sets
Curtis Stone DuraPan Nonstick 13pc Forged Cookware Set
Most Recent Review
dogdays2 2/21/2017
This is by far the best cookware I have ever used in terms of cooking performance and easy cleanup. I first tried his multi purpose pan and loved it so much I had to get the set!
Starfrit "The Rock" 10-Piece Cookware Set
Most Recent Review
ings984 2/21/2017
My mom loves these pan. She is difficult to please.
Simply Ming Diamond Platinum Ceramic Nonstick 8pc Set
Most Recent Review
1-2_percenter_23 2/21/2017
Bought these on sale because I was ready to try something new. I have a set of KitchenCraft that if they didn't cost so much I'd give then away, but then someone can take them aft ... (see full review)
Wolfgang Puck Bistro Elite 5qt Essentials Pan
Most Recent Review
mima8 2/21/2017
Divino,este sarten me encanta.tengo que comprar el juego completo.se lo recomiendo.gracias, Wolfgang.
Curtis Stone 3-piece DuraPan Nonstick Frypan Set
Most Recent Review
MeeshyH 2/21/2017
These are hands down the best pots and pans I have ever used. Thank you Curtis for thinking about all of the things that we need with a great pot! You really can use metal on the ... (see full review)
Curtis Stone DuraPan Nonstick 12pc Chef's Cookware Set
Most Recent Review
maddieandgage 2/20/2017
I've ordered different sets of pots over the years but Curtis Stones DuraPan nonstick are the best I've ever used, I absolutely love them
Curtis Stone DuraPan Nonstick 2pc Interlocking Fry Pans
Most Recent Review
shopper123755 2/20/2017
I love my fry pans. The interlocking lids make cooking a lot faster and easier.I am glad I purchased these.
Wolfgang Puck Bistro Elite 14pc Stainless Cookware Set
Most Recent Review
2454246 2/19/2017
The quality of the 5 qt Essentials pan was not very good. It had some sort of marks on the inside. I decided not to send it back due to waiting for another to be shipped. (Wait tim ... (see full review)
T-fal® Professional 10-piece Cookware Set - Black
Most Recent Review
1003Mart 2/18/2017
Was very pleased with the weight, the look, the ease of clean up and the price. Would recommend, based on my short time; as everyday cookware. Thank you MCummings
Simply Ming Ceramic Nonstick 6-piece Cook Set
Most Recent Review
bevysue52 2/17/2017
Perfect size pans and cleanup a breeze makes me a fan. I have an induction cooktop and these pans do so much better then the other brand because I can use them on my larger burner ... (see full review)
Cuisinart Advantage Non-Stick 11pc Cookware Set
Most Recent Review
Mvermuth 2/16/2017
beautiful good quality and a great price
Wolfgang Puck Bistro Elite 17pc Stainless Cookware Set
Most Recent Review
shoppinfun 2/16/2017
I bought this for my son and his friend who is a top chef in Texas gave the pots and pans a hands up. Good quality pans with a great price!
Cuisinart Professional 13pc Stainless Cookware Set
Most Recent Review
Gunnersmom37 2/15/2017
I LOVE this cookware set!! When I used the frying pan I was expecting to chicken to stick to it like with every other stainless steel pans I've used and it didn't stick at all! Not ... (see full review)
Ming Tsai 3-piece Diamond Cookware Set
Most Recent Review
ricky1113 2/13/2017
Love. I've been wanting to try ceramic so I started with this lovely set. I was so impressed with it, I bought the accompanying 8 piece set, as well. This cookware replaced my v ... (see full review)
Anne Burrell CorVex Collection 7-piece Cookware Set
Most Recent Review
KJP13 2/12/2017
I took a chance and I wish I could return. It doesn't heat up faster. I have scratches in the surface of the pan even though I never used metal. I have rust between the glass and m ... (see full review)
Lorena Garcia 10pc Lightweight Ceramic Nonstick Cookset
Most Recent Review
Rachel479 2/2/2017
I've only been using this set for about a month and they already have chips and scratches on them. I have been really careful with them too. Im extremely disappointed and upset tha ... (see full review)
Cuisinart Nonstick 11-Piece Aluminum Cookware - Black
Most Recent Review
DruT 1/27/2017
These are really nice pans for the money. Good weight to them. I was vacillating between these and another famous brand at the same price and I am glad I got these. Most sets on ... (see full review)
Swiss Diamond 10-piece Ultimate Kitchen Kit
Most Recent Review
ChooseLife 1/14/2017
I already had the small fry pan so I was familiar with this brand. Honestly this is the very best cookware I have ever used. It is so easy to clean and it cooks your food evenly, ... (see full review)
Simply Calphalon Stainless 10-piece Cookware Set
Most Recent Review
jenn1226 1/10/2017
I bought these and every single one of them stuck. I made homemade chocolate milk and it stuck which has never happened to me in any pot. I soaked it for two hours and still couldn ... (see full review)
Cuisinart Chef's Classic 10pc Stainless Cookware Set
Most Recent Review
Norma985 1/10/2017
This set is beautiful I love it ??
Cuisinart Classic 10pc Stainless French Cookware Set
Most Recent Review
naiyma 1/10/2017
This cookware set had great review but I had a horrible experience with it. My food constantly sticks and it's hard to clean. I will never buy a cookware set from Cuisinart again. ... (see full review)
Cuisinart Chef's Classic 11-piece Cookware Set
Most Recent Review
Jrallen 1/2/2017
This is a nice set it u don't cook with them. I bout two sets for myself and the red has pealed off most of them...I sent one pot back they sent a replacement I had to go through a ... (see full review)
Allrecipes™ 4-piece Stackable Sauce Pan Set
Most Recent Review
claire1211 12/31/2016
Like the way these stack neatly. I have limited kitchen cupboard space.
Cuisinart GG-12 GreenGourmet Hard Anodized Non-stick 12-Piece Cookware Set
Most Recent Review
Branden802424 12/27/2016
Pans are dishwasher safe, sturdy and good appearance.
BergHOFF® Earthchef 10" Covered Deep Skillet
Most Recent Review
Legs5678 12/11/2016
Got this as a gift for my sister. She says it works great and cleans up nicely.
Cuisinart Contour 13-piece Stainless Steel Cookware Set
Most Recent Review
Cruz645 12/7/2016
I am keeping the set, however, not totally satisfied. I dislike the fact that the pots are very lightweight, and prints are tough to remove. I used wooden spoon, and after one week ... (see full review)
Cuisinart Chef's Stainless 10-Piece Cookware Set
Most Recent Review
Lambmeat 11/28/2016
Pots cook evenly and easy cleaning.
Allrecipes™ Set of 2 Sizzle Sensor Fry Pans
Most Recent Review
Craftlovermom 11/26/2016
Love them the non stick is really non stick. They clean up like a breeze. Good value
Cuisinart Chef's 10-Piece Hard-Anodized Cookware Set
Most Recent Review
gregsplace777 9/23/2016
I have nothing but good things to say about this set. Build quality, finish and cleanup all top notch. I plan on buying more of this set as soon as my finances will allow. These pa ... (see full review)
Cuisinart Elements 10-piece Nonstick Cookware Set - Red
Most Recent Review
Barb2878 9/18/2016
I never had ceramic cookware before buying this product. I just love it. Red is my favorite color, so that is why I selected it. I would like to have 1 more 2 quart saucepan, b ... (see full review)
Chantal Induction 21 9pc Stainless Cook Set/11" Frypan
Most Recent Review
regiwild 8/31/2016
We purchased a new gone with a beautiful cook top. I refused to use my old cook ware, even though it's only 2 years old. I did some research and found this set. Needless to say I ... (see full review)
Cuisinart GG-10 GreenGourmet Hard Anodized 10-Piece Cookware Set
Most Recent Review
sfthrt52 8/5/2016
Bought this for my son for Christmas. He loves the cookware and would recommend it to others.
Cuisinart MultiClad Unlimited 12-piece Cookware Set
Most Recent Review
PaintedHorses337 6/9/2016
what a bargain for these high quality pots and pans. they cook and clean like a dream, no stick most of time, with an oops stick, it came right out after short soak. First time usi ... (see full review)
Cuisinart Chef's 7-piece Stainless Steel Cookware Set
Most Recent Review
nickyp 6/3/2016
Not happy at all, everything I cook sticks and then it's super hard to clean.
Allrecipes™ Sizzle Sensor 8-piece Cookware Set
Most Recent Review
jerfano 5/23/2016
got the set here, but disappointed when it came to cleaning. I set in a sink, with washing liquid and came back a coupe hours later, to find the Orange color changed. Just dish was ... (see full review)
BergHOFF® Cosmo 12-piece Cookware Set
Most Recent Review
mike2887 1/14/2016
Returned product. Just to expensive for what you get
Chantal 5-piece Copper-Fusion Enamel on Steel Pan Set
Most Recent Review
Ccat717 12/18/2015
My husband and I love the Chantal pan set. It is a little more than the other sets at HSN, but the quality of how each piece is made and the copper-fusion is the real thing. They ... (see full review)
Calphalon Tri-Ply 14" Stainless Steel Roaster Set
Most Recent Review
car253 12/6/2015
this pan is way to tiny good for chickens and not turkeys
Cuisinart Chef's 7-Piece Hard-Anodized Cookware Set
Most Recent Review
Sandy6343 11/23/2015
Great purchase. Cooks beautiful and easy clean up. Already had a Cuisinart skillet for my morning eggs, not purchased on HSN, but cleans up nice also.
Cuisinart Chef's Classic 11-piece Cookware Set
Most Recent Review
LadyGee_Orlando 11/14/2015
I have replaced all my coated pots and pans with this new set. Started cooked as soon as I received them! Food tastes amazing! Getting more soon!
Cuisinart MultiClad Pro Triply 7-piece Cookware Set
Most Recent Review
pineapple100 7/17/2015
These pots and pans are very useful in making a complete set for independent bought Stainless Steel Pans or partial pots and pans. It heats up very quickly on an induction burner - ... (see full review)