Samsung Galaxy Sky 5" 16GB TracFone + 1350 Minutes
Most Recent Review
9272 2/21/2017
Like phone, I didn't get Google music that was to be included
ZTE Android Flip TracFone w/1200 Minutes Texts and Data
Most Recent Review
leopardfeet 2/21/2017
Bought this for my husband and he really likes it. It is a little larger than your old style flip phone, but that's fine. We have been TracFone customers for years and this phone w ... (see full review)
LG Stylo 2 4G LTE 16GB 5.7" Android Smartphone – Boost
Most Recent Review
flameee 2/20/2017
Don't waste your money. HSN said it's after their 30 day guarantee.It took me about 5 days to get a hold of Boost to just get it activated. The phone number provided kept on connec ... (see full review)
Samsung Galaxy 5" Android TracFone with 1350 Minutes
Most Recent Review
blueeyes1953 2/20/2017
This has been the worse tracfone I have ever purchased and I have had many. I had to send the first phone back because it was defective. They sent me a new phone in October and i ... (see full review)
LG 5” 4G Tracfone w/Upgraded Cameras & Year of Service
Most Recent Review
jaybee619 2/20/2017
Some what disappointed in the new LG. The volume and on and off buttons are hard to use through the cover..I may send it back and buy the Samsung..
Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime 5" TracFone w/1350 Minutes
Most Recent Review
monika111 2/20/2017
This phone keeps putting itself in silent mode. It is lying on table and when I go to make a call I realize I have missed calls. No vibration or ring. Before I put the phone down i ... (see full review)
ZTE Quartz 5.5" Android TracFone with 1200 Minutes
Most Recent Review
Eaglelyn 2/20/2017
Called the activation number, and even tried activating online without any luck. Wasn't able to get 1200 minutes. It was Christmas gift for a friend that she can only use in an e ... (see full review)
Samsung Galaxy 5.5" No-Contract J7 Smartphone - Virgin
Most Recent Review
Fortuneschild 2/19/2017
I enjoy my new phone.. The speed is great. But it has too many adds that just pop up. For this reason I do not recommend this phone.
LG Lucky Android TracFone + 600 Min, Texts, Data & Case
Most Recent Review
Homey1977 2/16/2017
The phone has been wonderful and it was a fair deal.thank God. and Country. I like it. Respectfully SFC Ret. Jamie L. Johnson
BlackBerry Z30 5" HD 16GB Unlocked GSM Smartphone
Most Recent Review
Scooterboo5 2/16/2017
The box came timely but , phone used, no guide with instructions for phone and I'm just not happy...
LG Treasure 5" Android TracFone Bundle w/1200 Minutes
Most Recent Review
NanaR7 2/16/2017
Phone good for what I needed.
ZTE ZMAX2 16GB Android TracFone with 1200 Min/Text/Data
Most Recent Review
Keiki1 2/16/2017
Kids love it
HTC One A9 5" No-Contract 32GB Smartphone w/13MP Camera, Case, Car Charger and App Pack
Most Recent Review
jonshad 2/16/2017
ALCATEL 5" TracFone w/1200 Minutes/Texts/1200 MB Data
Most Recent Review
PuzzlePiece112 2/16/2017
I sent it back you should receive it today,I can't use it with my phone provider. Sorry,and Thank you
Samsung Galaxy A5 DUOS Unlocked GSM Android Smartphone
Most Recent Review
ManiManiMAAAAAAA 2/13/2017
It took about 7 days to get here ( basic shipping aka Free lol) and I was very anxious lol, but it was totally worth the wait. It is light, beautiful and is the perfect size, not t ... (see full review)
BLU Energy M 5" IPS 8GB Unlocked GSM Android 6.0 Phone
Most Recent Review
Dusty2692 2/13/2017
Cell keeps shutting down web sites when searching. Very slow not happy with this cell at all.
BLU Energy X LTE 5" IPS 16GB Unlocked GSM Android Phone
Most Recent Review
Milieg 2/13/2017
complete garbage from day one,thinking that it would change but nothing.Don't waste your hard earn money on this garbage.i have protection on the phone so i am sending it back to t ... (see full review)
LG Tribute 5" No-Contract 16GB Quad-Core Phone - Virgin
Most Recent Review
sherry438 2/13/2017
Wal-mart has the same cell phone for half the price I could have brought two cell phones for the price of this one. But this is where I draw the line with HSN No More of my hard ea ... (see full review)
Virgin Mobile LG X Power Smartphone w/Month of Service
Most Recent Review
Pepito48 2/12/2017
The speakers they are no that good
Samsung Galaxy 5.5" No-Contract J7 Smartphone - Boost
Most Recent Review
1st_lastbuyer 2/8/2017
Ordered this phone as a Christmas present specifically because the gift card came with it, that way the person I gave it to could open it and be set for the first month.The $50 nev ... (see full review)
LG Rebel 4.5" 4G LTE Android TracFone w/1200 Minutes
Most Recent Review
From the 1st month, can't hear well the other caller, can't connect, many disconnection, long beep in the middle of a call, then disconnection and now can't even make any call desp ... (see full review)
LG Stylo 2 5.7" 4G LTE Android 6.0 Smartphone - Virgin
Most Recent Review
redkat66 2/4/2017
The features are amazing the picutre quility is also outstanding.
LG Tribute 5" No-Contract 16GB Quad-Core Phone - Boost
Most Recent Review
seatacjohn 2/2/2017
o.k. , I am a 57 year old male. I am not lost in todays tech world , but I am a long ways from being an expert or even comfortable.All that being said and noted , I really like thi ... (see full review)
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 32GB Phone+2-Yr Contract-Sprint
Most Recent Review
user825 1/29/2017
Terms of monthly payment not disclosed then overpriced. Changed my phone plan without consent. FINALLY, phone would NOT even activate. RIP OFF!!!!!!! SCAM!!!!!!!!
Apple iPhone® 6s Unlocked GSM 4G LTE Advanced Smartphone
Most Recent Review
marco63 1/22/2017
the iPhone is very good I recommended to every body really good I love to shop at hsn is the best place for everything
Samsung Galaxy S7 32GB Unlocked GSM Phone
Most Recent Review
beckyp1220 1/20/2017
I bought this phone for my son and it started smoking when it was plugged in. I called Samsung for a manufacturer warranty but since this is an international model there is no warr ... (see full review)
Samsung Galaxy J3 No-Contract Android Smartphone -Boost
Most Recent Review
Mj115 1/20/2017
Liked the phone at 1st than ended up not liking it it doesn't hold alit of storage but a nice sz phone and color
Apple iPhone® 6 Unlocked GSM Smartphone
HSN Price: $629.95 - $769.95
Average Rating 3.4 ( 10 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
happy_shopper5 1/13/2017
I don't understand why everyone gives this phone such a bad wrap???? I purchased 2 of these and they have been nothing short of Perfection! I did enjoy the iPhone 5s very much, but ... (see full review)
Apple iPhone® 7 Unlocked GSM 4G LTE Quad-Core Smartphone
Most Recent Review
puchi1234 1/13/2017
Will be returning for refund.
Samsung Galaxy S5 5" TracFone w/1200 Min, Texts & Data
Most Recent Review
magie5454 1/8/2017
Nice phone
Samsung Galaxy S5 16GB Unlocked GSM Android Smartphone
Most Recent Review
beckyp1220 12/3/2016
Doesn't work right had to return for an exchange. When making phone calls other caller can't hear can't set up my email this is an at&t phone but supposed to be unlocked I have T-M ... (see full review)
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 32GB Unlocked GSM Phone
Most Recent Review
ladyskull 10/27/2016
Alot of gaps in talking. Can not hear other person talking. No issues with emails and text but why keep a phone that does not pickup good reception
Apple iPhone® 6s Unlocked GSM 4G LTE Smartphone with Starter Kit
Most Recent Review
luv2h8te 9/16/2016
Bought for my granddaughter as a birthday gift. Needless to say, she was very surprised. Love the phone and accessories. She says I'm the best grandma ever.I did think it was pri ... (see full review)
Apple iPhone® 6s Plus Unlocked GSM 4G LTE Advanced Smartphone
Most Recent Review
Luke63 9/9/2016
This I a great phone. I love the size. It works great takes great pictures just a small computer in your hand. You can do everything on it.
Blackberry PRIV Unlocked GSM Slider Smartphone
Most Recent Review
redajean 6/24/2016
I simply love this phone!!
BLU Win JR 4.5" IPS 4GB Unlocked GSM Windows Phone
Most Recent Review
jeanshep52 4/7/2016
I bought this for my nine year old granddaughter. It is very easy to set up and use. She really liked the color. She has a Windows computer so there was no learning curve for her.
Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Smartphone - Sprint Prepaid
Most Recent Review
intlpuck 3/3/2016
The phone is a little to small and the OS is old, but the firmware will update you !