Samsung Galaxy 5.5" No-Contract J7 Smartphone - Boost
Most Recent Review
dlittl1 7/24/2016
I love my new Samsung phone. It's nice size,& great features. I was really impressed with the free month Service, it was really easy to get the freebies. ?????? Oh did I mention, t ... (see full review)
Samsung Galaxy S5 5" TracFone w/1200 Min, Texts & Data
Most Recent Review
Dottoe 7/24/2016
This Tracfone Samsung was the easiest cell phone I have ever set up. I did it on the internet The Samsung GalaxyS5 is very well made and us not bulky. It feels nice in your hand an ... (see full review)
LG Sunset 4.5" 4G LTE Android 5.0 TracFone Bundle with 1200 Minutes/Texts/Data + Portable Charger
Most Recent Review
lollipop23 7/24/2016
I am very pleased with my new phone. I switched from my flip phone to the Android so I could text with Grandkids! The phone does that a whole lot more that I haven't learned yet.
ZTE Quartz
5.5" Android TracFone with 1200 Minutes
Most Recent Review
RekhaDoc 7/24/2016
I liked this smartphone for the easeof accessibility of all the functions &its multitasking ability. Looks great,works great & great price deal that fits m ... (see full review)
BLU Studio XL 6" IPS 8GB Unlocked GSM Android Phone
Most Recent Review
diva646 7/24/2016
I love this phone.It has all the bells and whistles you might find on a high end phone, at a fraction of their cost. I love the large screen, and the thinness of the bezel. I have ... (see full review)
LG Stylo 2 4G Android TracFone w/1200 Minute/Text/Data
Most Recent Review
RedRoses_61 7/23/2016
Best phone ever & charges fast too....not to mention that u can't beat the price with 1200 everything for a year...
LG Tribute 5" No-Contract Quad-Core Android Phone-Boost
Most Recent Review
Pipersfun2 7/23/2016
it showed by the map that I was right on the edge of coverage. NOT they cut you off after 50min of roaming! Went with Tmoible much better not to meantion the perks! Free stuff ever ... (see full review)
Samsung Galaxy S6 Android TracFone Bundle
Most Recent Review
Lynnie4art 7/23/2016
This phone is excellent. I love it; I have been a TracFone customer for years, and now that are really offering high end cell phones. It is so worth it......And the apps that ar ... (see full review)
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Unlocked 4G GSM 32GB Phone
Most Recent Review
tmcrowder 7/22/2016
I love my new phone and i'm learning how to use it. so far, its very nice
Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime TracFone w/1350 Minutes
Most Recent Review
sashie01 7/22/2016
It was a gift and the recipient is very satisfied with the phone.
Samsung Galaxy Core Prime TracFone w/1200 Minutes
Most Recent Review
honeybearbaby 7/22/2016
Still learning how to install certain things, but I love it! Thank you
LG G Stylo 5.7" Android Smartphone w/$40 Month - Virgin
Most Recent Review
missmo27 7/20/2016
I needed a new phone and shopped HSN and got a great deal luv this phone easy to setup and easy phone to function so happy I found what I was looking for!!
Samsung Galaxy S4 5" No-Contract Quad-Core Android Lollipop Smartphone with 13MP Camera Bundle
Most Recent Review
Vad4ever2 7/20/2016
We really love the Samsung brand but the sound on this phone was too low. Got this for my mom but it's volume was too low even on full volume. Had to return on 7/13/16and it's stil ... (see full review)
HTC Desire 626s Virgin Smartphone with App Pack
Most Recent Review
Cmully 7/17/2016
This phone was an excellent replacement for my last HTC phone, much clearer pictures. Smaller screen than the other phone, but lots of great features and fun themes and add one.
ALCATEL 5" TracFone w/1200 Minutes/Texts/1200 MB Data
Most Recent Review
blackeye 7/16/2016
Love what it can do
LG Lucky Android TracFone + 600 Min, Texts, Data & Case
Most Recent Review
rose893 7/16/2016
when I got this phone it more than I thought, gets going to take me sometime to learn it all
BLU Studio C 8GB Unlocked GSM Android Smartphone
Most Recent Review
zilla34 7/15/2016
the phone worked okay, but could not handle the uber and lyft apps that i needed it for.
LG Flip Android TracFone + 120 Min, Texts, Data & Case
Most Recent Review
Lorene1 7/15/2016
I bought this phone for my Uncle who is in his 80's and has never had a cell phone before. It was simple for me to set up and I did get all 120 minutes on the phone. My Uncle jus ... (see full review)
Sony M4 Aqua 5" No-Contract Waterproof Smartphone
Most Recent Review
coupah 7/12/2016
I really like the size of the phone, easy to hold.there's enough storage on the phoebe for me. Still learning what all I can do with the phone. The pictures I have taken aren't th ... (see full review)
Samsung Galaxy S7 32GB Unlocked GSM Phone
Most Recent Review
mboyenga 7/11/2016
Be aware!!! This is the international version. Look that up online before you buy... certain things are not available on this phone, for example Samsung Pay. I attempted to d ... (see full review)
ZTE Warp Elite 4G LTE Android Smartphone w/5.5" Display
Most Recent Review
bigjohn997 7/11/2016
The telephone is a great unit the only difficulty I had was going through the company to get it set up so it's not the phone's fault LOL
Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Unlocked GSM LTE Octa-Core Android Smartphone
Most Recent Review
ButterflyQueen1 7/10/2016
I love this phone; Samsung galaxy note 5, great features, the silver color is beautiful and sleek. Thanks to HSN I get to purchase an expensive updated phone but pay monthly on my ... (see full review)
Sony Xperia 6" Unlocked GSM 16GB Android Smartphone
Most Recent Review
EGMIsi 7/2/2016
Excellent flex pay and cell phone.
Apple iPhone® 6s Unlocked GSM 4G LTE Advanced Smartphone
Most Recent Review
Maridsa5 7/2/2016
This phone was purchased because my iPhone 4 was dying a slow death. I was with VZ and didn't want to upgrade so as not to lose my unlimited data. Then I saw this phone on HSN an ... (see full review)
Samsung Galaxy S6 Octa-Core Unlocked GSM Android Smartphone
Most Recent Review
scottykitty 6/26/2016
OK I tested this phone out I did like it till I called best buy and they said Octa- core was just a little faster the the reg s7 thats it then, I watch some reviews on you tube the ... (see full review)
Blackberry PRIV Unlocked GSM Slider Smartphone
Most Recent Review
redajean 6/24/2016
I simply love this phone!!
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 32GB Unlocked GSM Phone
Most Recent Review
Andy1989 6/23/2016
I absolutely love this phone it does everything perfect. battery and camera are excellent I can't kill the battery in a day and it's blazing fast. And hsn's shipping was really fas ... (see full review)
Alcatel Popstar TracFone Android Smartphone Bundle
Most Recent Review
cyrilla 6/19/2016
got my phone tried to get activated, they said they would but they did not.claimed it did not have any free minutes or texts or anything or 10 hours later they finally showed and ... (see full review)
Apple iPhone® 5c 8GB Unlocked GSM Smartphone
Most Recent Review
ItMe 6/8/2016
Never had a problem, until now. I sometimes buy phones from this website. Now Boost mobile says they can not activate the phone because it was not a Boost mobile phone. So question ... (see full review)
Apple iPhone® 6s Plus Unlocked GSM 4G LTE Advanced Smartphone
Most Recent Review
titans138 6/8/2016
Excellent phone...love how easy it was to set up with a carrier. Thank you HSN!!!
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 32GB Unlocked GSM Android Phone
Most Recent Review
tato48 6/2/2016
verry good product
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Octa-Core Unlocked GSM Android Smartphone
Most Recent Review
gldngrm 5/12/2016
I purchased this phone 6 months ago and was satisfied. That all changed 3 days ago when it just stopped working. The phone had a 55% charge on the battery. I sat the phone down and ... (see full review)
Apple iPhone® 6 Plus Unlocked GSM Smartphone with Starter Kit
Most Recent Review
pinky644 5/6/2016
I like the phone, but you should know that HSN is probably selling phones as new that have previously been activated or used! I cannot get insurance on the phone that I received (w ... (see full review)
Alcatel OneTouch Idol 3 5.5" Unlocked GSM Android Phone
Most Recent Review
YesItsFast 5/5/2016
Looks good,feels good, battery life is really bad,drains about 40 percent of juice while using a navigation app for about 40 min commute to work,by noon battery is at 15%...so need ... (see full review)
Samsung Galaxy J3 No-Contract Android Smartphone -Boost
Most Recent Review
gpeace982000 5/5/2016
This phone is way better than my previous phone. I would definitely recommend this phone to other people.
BlackBerry Z30 5" HD 16GB Unlocked GSM Smartphone
Most Recent Review
windychi 5/1/2016
I received this phone ready to get it set up and running.WWEELLLL.... not so much, it came in the box ALREADY OPENED, the FILM COVERING had already been peeled off and had all thos ... (see full review)
POSH Titan Pro HD 5" Unlocked Dual-SIM Phone
Most Recent Review
AlexisGavidia 4/19/2016
Love it so much I ordered one for e too....
Motorola MOTO G 4.5" IPS Touchscreen Quad-Core Unlocked U.S. GSM Smartphone - Black
Most Recent Review
stratus3578 4/8/2016
Was looking looking for a replacement for my original phone and after reading reveiws this was the best option. love the way it functions and east to operate.
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ Unlocked GSM Android Smartphone
Most Recent Review
maryo749 4/5/2016
Love this phone, it is really worth the price, does everything and more.. I'm still learing new things everyday.. would recommond (you get what you pay for..)
Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Smartphone - Sprint Prepaid
Most Recent Review
intlpuck 3/3/2016
The phone is a little to small and the OS is old, but the firmware will update you !
LG G3 5.5" Quad HD Unlocked GSM 16GB Android Phone
Most Recent Review
Battle1 2/28/2016
I love my new phone. I just have to get used to the buttons being on the back of the phone.
Alcatel OneTouch Idol 3 4.7" Unlocked GSM Android Phone
Most Recent Review
TSDstar 2/23/2016
This phone is great no problems so far. Nice and thin.
LG G4 5.5" QHD Unlocked Hexa-Core 32GB Android Phone
Most Recent Review
lottabody2 12/17/2015
I was buying this phone as a Christmas gift but it was to price so I sent it back because I found one a little cheaper. but I love the phone but just got one of my own.
BLU Advance 4.0 Unlocked GSM 4GB Android Smartphone
Most Recent Review
Naenae2591 10/30/2015
I order this for my fiance n he loves it. Considering ordering me one.
Apple iPhone® 6 Unlocked GSM Smartphone
HSN Price: $874.95 - $1,026.95
Average Rating 3.7 ( 6 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
osu1241 8/14/2015
This is a bad design. It gets hot and is not good at all
BLU Samba TV Dual-SIM Unlocked GSM Cellphone
Most Recent Review
sweetpea712 6/1/2015
just did not like it, not enough info
Nokia Lumia 1020 Unlocked GSM 32GB Win Phone 8 Phone
Most Recent Review
Kti 1/8/2015
Fantastic camera and maybe phone too. Loved the features and apps available. Unfortunately, I could not get it to work consistently on a T-Mobile network. It worked sometimes but ... (see full review)