Brooches & Pins
Heidi Daus "Divine Messenger" Crystal Angel Pin
Most Recent Review
Sheila44 12/5/2016
I wanted an angel especially now at Christmas time and this one is so beautiful. Heidi has such a gift of elegance and creativity it is an honor to own her pieces!
Heidi Daus "Untamed Beauty" Crystal Unicorn Pin
Most Recent Review
Sheila44 12/5/2016
I LOVE this pin! I wore it this weekend and received many compliments on it and how beautiful it is! People wanted to know where I found something like this! I was glad to tell th ... (see full review)
Heidi Daus "Doggone It" Crystal Pin
Clearance Price: $89.95
Average Rating 5.0 ( 2 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
kayster58 12/5/2016
This little guy is too cute for words. He is whimsical and so totally adorable. I LOVE dogs and this is my fourth Heidi Daus dog pin. You certainly won't find another one like h ... (see full review)
Heidi Daus "Sparkle Strong" Crystal and Enamel Pin
Most Recent Review
JerseyCookie 12/3/2016
Well executed and can be used in so many ways.Will speak for many causes and am happy that it benefits others.Thanks Heidi!
Heidi Daus "For Thee I Sing" Crystal and Enamel Pin
Most Recent Review
TREATS4CON 12/3/2016
This lovely, patriotic pin is much nicer in person. It has the right amount of bling, while still looking elegant. The size is perfect too. It is a substantial piece, not too small ... (see full review)
Jeffery Banks Limited Edition Heidi Daus Pin
Most Recent Review
Jan500 12/2/2016
I love this pin but it was too large - like a lot of Heidi's jewelry. I wish she would make smaller pieces - not so much over the top all the time. I would purchase more of her p ... (see full review)
Heidi Daus "Harlequin Pumpkin" Crystal and Enamel Pin
Most Recent Review
KittenLeBon 12/2/2016
This brooch is a stunner. I loved the harlequin pattern over black enamel; it really stands out. I wore this brooch as an accent pin on a dress and I've received numerous complimen ... (see full review)
Heidi Daus "Feathers From Heaven" Crystal  Pin
Most Recent Review
lynne69 12/2/2016
not as dazzling as i hoped. sent it back.
Heidi Daus "Collector's Edition" Pin Set - Safari Chic
Most Recent Review
TIFFANY5537 12/1/2016
This was my first piece from hiedi and I haven't stopped! I love that there is an enhancer on one I truly wish tho that Heidi would consider putting them on all pins so that we cou ... (see full review)
Heidi Daus "Collaboration of Freedom" Pin/Pendant
Most Recent Review
nanbail 12/1/2016
I love this pin/pendant! I am wearing it right now as a pendant with a T shirt, just because it makes me feel good. I know I will want to wear it for any special time like inaugu ... (see full review)
Heidi Daus "Endless Summer Sparkle" Pinwheel Pin
Most Recent Review
wolf3214 11/30/2016
I don't usually like HD pins/jewelry because they scream "Made in China." But, this pin is adorable and very nicely made -- not overly heavy or clunky. I like to wear as a pair f ... (see full review)
Heidi Daus "Happy" Crystal Cosmo Flower Pin
Most Recent Review
NWJONES1 11/30/2016
I thought this would have alittle more fire and sparkle but it fell flat. Sorry to say this is going back.
Heidi Daus "Snowman Dandy" Enamel and Crystal Pin
Most Recent Review
NWJONES1 11/30/2016
so cute but the white finish on the snowman was uneven and looked bubbly and defective. I had to send it back
Heidi Daus "Queen of the Jungle" Crystal Stick Pin
Most Recent Review
cocoprimo 11/30/2016
This is a very pretty and elegant pin. It would work great as a hat pin, and it's not too heavy to be a scarf or brooch pin. I'm really pleased with this purchase.
Heidi Daus "Deco the Halls VII" Crystal Pin
Most Recent Review
Lynne111 11/30/2016
It is so beautiful. I will wear it as a pin and as a pendent. Love it.
Heidi Daus "Exotic Wisdom" Elephant-Design Crystal Pin
Most Recent Review
Kittys_mama 11/30/2016
Yes .. it makes you feel like ROYALTY when you wear this pin. It is STUNNING !!. Smaller than I thought it would be, as Heidi's designs are usually SO LARGE IN SIZE, but it is BEA ... (see full review)
Heidi Daus "Going Once, Going Twice"  Statement Pin
Most Recent Review
loveart 11/30/2016
This piece I think is one of the most stunning I have ever seen from Heidi. I missed getting the beautiful earrings, but I got the three little stud earrings in clear which would g ... (see full review)
Heidi Daus "Best in Show" Pavé Crystal Dog Pin
Most Recent Review
kayster58 11/30/2016
I love dogs and order most of Heidi's dog pins and this one is outstanding! I too don't own a hunting dog either but this guy is too good to pass up! He is truly beautiful and I ... (see full review)
Heidi Daus "Classic Carousel" Crystal Pin
Most Recent Review
Seraph 11/28/2016
This is so beautiful. It takes my breath away. The animals, the carousel, the dangling pearls!!! I just adore this one. Thank you, Heidi!!!Still your biggest fan and collector!!!
Heidi Daus "Pretty Pumpkin" Crystal and Enamel Pin
Most Recent Review
MARIEW 11/27/2016
This is a beautiful pin. The citrine colored stones just drip down from the top. And the use of the white and black Is appreciated by this Mackenzie Childs lover. This one will ta ... (see full review)
R.J. Graziano "Cool Clusters" 7pc Brooch Set
Most Recent Review
Car24 11/27/2016
Adorable pins but lack shine.
JAY Jay Strongwater "Delightful" Enamel  Bee Pin
Most Recent Review
Budgeteer 11/26/2016
Rich, even color in the enameling and great detailing with the crystals. Overall it is charming. It is a nice size, not too small so you can see everything. While the pin is sol ... (see full review)
Heidi Daus "Collector's Edition" Pin Set - Critters
Most Recent Review
csteele201 11/23/2016
Love my new pins. They are beautiful.
Heidi Daus "Shoot for the Stars" Crystal and Enamel Pin
Most Recent Review
mailladyrr7 11/23/2016
I was not impressed with this pin. It is not worth the amount of money that I paid for it, costs too much to send it back. Stuck with it.
Heidi Daus "All Wrapped Up" Pavé Crystal Ornament Pin
Most Recent Review
roxy79 11/23/2016
Such beautiful crystals and oh so cute , I bought the red ornament and went back for this one, perfect size and just adorable.
Heidi Daus "Rudy" Crystal-Accented Reindeer Pin
Most Recent Review
Pinecone7 11/22/2016
What a rack of antlers! This stately fellow will make any coat more fashionable and the pearl is the icing on the cake.
Heidi Daus "Straight To The Heart" Crystal Pin
Most Recent Review
triedit49 11/20/2016
I purchased this pin to wear on a black military inspited jacket and it is simply gorgeous. I got it on sale too! I would buy it again. You will not be disappointed!
Heidi Daus "Dapple Delight" Crystal-Accented Horse Pin
Most Recent Review
robynpen3 11/20/2016
In having horses, I had to order it!!! I won't be able to wear every day. But I will be wearing at this year at the NFR. Rodeo finals!! I have a texturedsilver omega to put this o ... (see full review)
Joan Boyce "American Sparkle" Star Brooch
Most Recent Review
shoshana9 11/19/2016
Very pretty and sparkly. A good size not too overdone.
Heidi Daus "Collector's Edition" Pin Set - Feathers
Most Recent Review
lisae1111 11/18/2016
These pins are outstanding! Can't even put them away when I'm not wearing them. Bought the critters box also & love it ~ i'm hooked!
Heidi Daus "Swirls of Sparkle" Enamel and Crystal Pin
Most Recent Review
jollyjoker 11/18/2016
A gorgeous start on the road to Heidi for my girls. A perfect adornment on the holiday napkin. Can't wait to see their faces.
Heidi Daus "Holiday Twist" Crystal and Enamel Pin
Most Recent Review
jollyjoker 11/18/2016
Another darling choice to start my girls with this year. They will bling up the Thanksgiving table as well.
Heidi Daus "American Swag" Pavé Crystal Pin
Most Recent Review
Rita197 11/18/2016
For some time , I was looking for someting different to express my love for this amazing country . And I got my wish ! Happy , happy , happy
Heidi Daus "Sparkling Snowman" Enamel and Crystal Pin
Most Recent Review
tourlady 11/17/2016
I just love this pin! It is absolutely precious! I bought it for myself to wear throughout the upcoming holiday season, and can hardly wait to wear it. It is SO cute that I may ... (see full review)
Heidi Daus "Sparkling Skates" Crystal Pin
Most Recent Review
northpole25 11/17/2016
This item did not disappoint. As usual, Heidi Daus exceeded expectations. The pin is beautiful and very sparkly. It is the perfect gift for my daughter, the ice-skater.
JAY Jay Strongwater "Delightful" Enamel Star Pins
Most Recent Review
Stylemaker 11/17/2016
His jewelry is so beautiful that I had to purchase these pins I was going to give them as a gift but I decided to keep them for myself and will wear it for my next eventTHANK YOU
Heidi Daus "Crowning Glory" Crystal Pin
Most Recent Review
nanjfrisco 11/17/2016
Many compliments.
Heidi Daus "What's Good for the Goose" Crystal Pin
Most Recent Review
ronjj 11/16/2016
I purchased this for my wife who has already worn it and has received compliments from many people. This pin is a beautifully made piece and well worth the purchase price
Heidi Daus "Vixen" Crystal-Accented Reindeer Pin
Most Recent Review
Pinechip1 11/16/2016
..says it all! But I would add the piece is lovely on my cream wrap from Iris Apfel. Wore it to a fundraiser and it was beautiful over my dress.
Heidi Daus "Great Catch" Pavé Crystal Fish Pin
Most Recent Review
claddah 11/14/2016
Gorgeous little Fish.....Heidi at her Beat !
Heidi Daus "Diamond in the Woof" Crystal Accented Pin
Most Recent Review
Laurabner 11/14/2016
I expected this pin to be nice, but I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was even better than I expected. Great quality, substantial size and beautiful crystals. Very happy wi ... (see full review)
Heidi Daus "Collector's Edition" Pin Set - Deco
Most Recent Review
sweetpea121 11/14/2016
all i can say (OMG)
Heidi Daus "Horn of Beauty" Enamel and Crystal Pin
Most Recent Review
lmfairygodmother 11/14/2016
This pin is so striking and magnificent a beautiful expression of Thanksgiving!
Heidi Daus "Pretty Package" Crystal and Enamel Pin
Most Recent Review
58derek 11/14/2016
Definitely a wow factor so beautiful and well made
Heidi Daus "Fu Fabulous" Crystal Pin
Clearance Price: $119.95
Average Rating 4.6 ( 5 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
NadiaFadia 11/14/2016
I loved the size...and it is a beautiful pin.. but i returned... i am an avid heidi daus collector and i have 2 foo dog pin of hers... i figured i didn't need a 3rd one.. so that' ... (see full review)
Heidi Daus "Magnificent Moose" Crystal Pin
Most Recent Review
jack10037 11/11/2016
Classic Heidi Daus pin: great proportions, perfect colorway, comfortable, and cute. The little bells that dingle-dangle are icing on the cake.
Heidi Daus "Penannular Cloak" Enamel and Crystal Brooch
Most Recent Review
christie570 11/11/2016
This reminds me of Viking jewelry I saw at Roskilde in Denmark and Yorvik in England.However it is bolder and more dramatic.I really think it is Boudica for today.D
Heidi Daus "Personal Effect" Lantern Pin and Earrings
Most Recent Review
Catherinescloset 11/10/2016
This is my favorite Heidi DOS ever!
Heidi Daus "Ho Ho Ho" Enamel and Crystal Pin
Most Recent Review
Sassygranny122 11/9/2016
The Santa toy sack is so full of sparkling crystals. Beautiful red color just screams Christmas! Well done Heidi
Heidi Daus "Harvest Moon" Crystal Pin
Most Recent Review
CRICKET20 11/6/2016
i am so happy i bought this pin. it is so beautiful..and i can wear it anytime..
Heidi Daus "Jack of All Trades" Enamel and Crystal Pin
Most Recent Review
CRICKET20 11/6/2016
oh i just love this pin. it so cute. cant wait to wear it next year . ifit is still out there to buy , buy it you'll love it
Heidi Daus "Captured in Beauty" Spider Web Crystal Pin
Most Recent Review
flof 11/3/2016
I am returning this pin although well made you cannot distinguish what it is when wearing it I bought it to wear on halloween but no one new what it was unless they really looked c ... (see full review)
Heidi Daus "Pink Lady" Crystal Pin
Most Recent Review
freemdor 11/1/2016
I ordered this for my husband's grandmother. We both share a love of pigs. When it arrived I opened the box and signed. I'm ordering another one. This pig is stinking cute! I have ... (see full review)
Heidi Daus "Marvelous Magnolia" Crystal and Enamel Pin
Most Recent Review
EnVogue28 11/1/2016
Yes my name is Magnolia and I do collect magnolia brooches and this one is by far one of the most beautiful pins I've ever purchased. Well made and worth the price point.
Heidi Daus "Hocus Pocus" Pavé Crystal Black Cat Pin
Most Recent Review
Sandy459 10/26/2016
My jaw dropped when I received it! I do agree with other reviews that the pin is very heavy thankfully the closure on the back is secure. It will certainly put a hole in a sweater. ... (see full review)
Heidi Daus "Collector's Edition" Pin Set - Floral
Most Recent Review
Kymbers 10/26/2016
I knew I would die for these pins as soon as I saw them, and trust me they are even more gorgeous in person. They all sparkle like crazy and as always crafted to perfection. I ca ... (see full review)
Heidi Daus "Fluttering Fantasy" Set of 3 Butterfly Pins
Most Recent Review
foodogwally1 10/25/2016
It's really a nice set, just priced a little higher than it should be
Heidi Daus "Alluring Amaryllis" Crystal Pin
Most Recent Review
kamahinaohoku 10/21/2016
It is truly an exquisite large, lovely pin. I've been dreaming about buying it forever...but I have so many exquisite pins that I never wear...and I thought, I really don't need an ... (see full review)
Heidi Daus "Beauty From the Sea" Enamel and Crystal Pin
Most Recent Review
Stardustcapr 10/21/2016
I have always been mesmerized by the wonder of mermaids. This pin is so very beautiful. I have quite a large collection of Heidi's jewelry pieces. This is truly one of my favorite ... (see full review)
Larisa Barrera "Garden of Delights" Bee Pin
Clearance Price: $35.95
Average Rating 4.8 ( 5 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
missv001 10/15/2016
I collect pins/brooches and this one is very nice. Sizable and looks to be well made. I ordered all that were available. May not keep all but like the look of this. Don't miss a ... (see full review)
Jewels of Istanbul .40ctw White Topaz "Beetle" Pin
Most Recent Review
DarcyEllen 10/12/2016
wonderful pin. So gorgeous, excellent quality. Big and definitely noticeable. I love it!!
Rara Avis by Iris Apfel Black "Dragonfly" Pin
Most Recent Review
JADiva 10/8/2016
I bought this online without seeing a presentation. it is large and lovely. i can't wait to wear it.
Heidi Daus "Monumental Sparkle" Crystal Eagle Pin
Most Recent Review
ncdee 10/6/2016
What a gorgeous pin. Colors amazing. I try to purchase of the patriotic theme pins from HD. Looking for new ones.
Homage "The Society" Simulated Pearl Pin/Pendant
Most Recent Review
SWEETYPIE701 10/5/2016
Very pretty, but, when I opened package 2-beads were already off. So I will just get me some super glue to fix.
Heidi Daus "Diamond in the Woof" Crystal Accented Pin
Most Recent Review
Louie777 10/2/2016
I was extremely happy to find a great scotty pin. The detail is exquisite. I have two Scotties and this looks like my Wheaton. I would love to have one done with black stones an ... (see full review)
Heidi Daus "Heidi Long Legs" Crystal Spider-Design Pin
Most Recent Review
meme12 10/2/2016
I am so happy to have been able to get this wonderful spider. Pictures do not do it justice. Oh my worn on black, well it is beautiful! I bought the bracelet too. I wear them both ... (see full review)
Heidi Daus "Captivating Cupcake" Crystal and Enamel Pin
Most Recent Review
LynnInLA 9/30/2016
This is so very cute. I gave it as a birthday present, and I don't even have to guess how much she'll love it! This is just her style. Perfect gift for a lady who who has style and ... (see full review)
Heidi Daus "Flippin' Fabulous" Pin and Earrings Set
Most Recent Review
review16 9/29/2016
This item arrived with several stones missing. If it flipflop was made like that on purpose, it made it look very cheap. The item was returned for a refund. I did not take a ch ... (see full review)
Heidi Daus "Tempting Tigress" Enamel and Crystal Pin
Most Recent Review
Ash17 9/28/2016
Wonderful detail and craftsmanship!
Heidi Daus "Deco the Halls VIIII" Crystal Pin
Most Recent Review
LizR1 9/27/2016
This is so beautiful.
Heidi Daus "Precious Pumpkin" Crystal Pin
Most Recent Review
gofreddygo 9/26/2016
That's what the name of this pin should have been because it's PERFECT!!! The size, the colors, everything. It's magnificent!!!
Heidi Daus "Squirreling Away" Crystal Beaded Drop Pin
Most Recent Review
gofreddygo 9/26/2016
Ok, this pin has jumped to the top of my list as one of Heidi's cutest pins ever!!! WOW! What a pin!!! The colors are gorgeous. I love the movement from the hanging acorns and that ... (see full review)