Brooches & Pins
Heidi Daus "Passion For Pretty" Crystal Bow Pin
Most Recent Review
Hatlady24 7/23/2016
Beautiful combination of colors. Believe it or not it goes well with browns.
Rara Avis by Iris Apfel "Koi Fish" Pin/Pendant
Most Recent Review
moonmagick 7/23/2016
This would be magnificent if only in a brighter finish. Very muddy looking in person and its such a beautifully done piece.
Heidi Daus "Captivating Cupcake" Crystal and Enamel Pin
Most Recent Review
monika730 7/23/2016
The enamel is silky and the colors pink and blue remind me of cotton candy. It is a smaller pin which made it perfect to pin on my chihuahua, Olive's, collar for her birthday. She ... (see full review)
Heidi Daus "Hallos-Eve" Black Enamel and Crystal Pin
Most Recent Review
sassygranni531 7/22/2016
This looks fantastic and to the latest Heidi TSV this looks fantastic panda to the latest Heidi TSV Shane chain. The one that came with the disc necklace. I'm getting ready for ... (see full review)
Heidi Daus "Fancy Ferris Wheel" Crystal Pin
Most Recent Review
sandy96815 7/22/2016
Though subtle in hue, the colors are quite beautiful.
Heidi Daus "Island Paradise" Crystal Pin
Most Recent Review
calicokitty1 7/22/2016
This pin is really nice. The pictures do not do it justice by half! It's much more sparkly and detailed than the pictures show.(The drink "pops" out where as in the picture you los ... (see full review)
Heidi Daus "Sparkle of the Sea" Crystal Pin
Most Recent Review
Sparkle-234 7/22/2016
Very pretty so far everyone thinksit is very pretty
Heidi Daus "Happy" Crystal Cosmo Flower Pin
Most Recent Review
bijou100 7/21/2016
This pin reminds me of the fine jewelry I see on European aristocracy. I love its beautiful colors, its size, and and its fine pave work. It would be elegant on the lapel of a su ... (see full review)
Heidi Daus "Mad Hatter" Crystal and Enamel Pin
Most Recent Review
Stonemountain550 7/20/2016
This is mind blowing to come up with this design. I am so glade I got it on sale the first day. Heidi you are outstanding.
Heidi Daus "Dame Tigress" Crystal Pin
Most Recent Review
Beaulah1962 7/19/2016
Non- descript looking pin. You can't tell it's a tiger. Gave it 2 stars because it's colorful. It's going back
Heidi Daus "Formal Fox" Crystal Pin
Sale Price: $159.95
Average Rating 1.0 ( 1 Review )
Most Recent Review
Beaulah1962 7/19/2016
The pin is very dark in color, not shiny and the pretty little face that shows in the description...IS NOTHING LIKE IT! It is hard and creepy looking. It's going back.
Heidi Daus "Endless Summer Sparkle" Pinwheel Pin
Most Recent Review
winner 7/19/2016
Haven't worn it yet, but it is sparkly. I was disappointed that the matching earrings are sold out. Buy the pin, you'll like it
Heidi Daus "Petal Pusher" Crystal Pin
Most Recent Review
lindalee12218 7/17/2016
I debated whether to get this lovely pin for a long time. I have a fairly good number of Heidi's pins and love them all. But truth be told, I only buy the large ones. I'm tall an ... (see full review)
Heidi Daus "Crowning Glory" Crystal Pin
Most Recent Review
VCGirl 7/17/2016
I gave this pin 3 stars because of the continual problem with loose closures. PLEASE replace the Supplier with better findings. If not for this issue, I would give it 5 stsrs based ... (see full review)
Heidi Daus "Smokey Elegance" Crystal Pin
Most Recent Review
MLALLEN 7/15/2016
Exquisite. Not too big and a beautiful accent piece. I always receive compliments when I wear this pin. I look forward to wearing in the cold weather with a scarf.
Heidi Daus "Sparkling Soldier" Crystal and Enamel Pin
Most Recent Review
flymeaway 7/15/2016
Too small for me to be seen.
Heidi Daus "Hope Springs Eternal" Crystal Drop Pin
Most Recent Review
flymeaway 7/15/2016
As I wear a lot of red, white and blue, this pin is outstanding. Nice size.
Heidi Daus "Sublime Serpent" Crystal Tassel Drop Pin
Most Recent Review
flymeaway 7/15/2016
Beautiful pin. Love everything about it. Colors of the serpent are beautiful, the fringe makes it stand out. Not a pin I would wear on a daily basis, but unique enough to wear for ... (see full review)
Heidi Daus "Love, Heidi Style" Crystal Enamel Pin
Most Recent Review
Lily-white 7/15/2016
The first thing I have say is Grandma... So beautiful and filled with sentimental charm vintage meets modern day with a flare that is over the top. LOVE IT.!!! The earings are jus ... (see full review)
Michael Anthony Jewelry® 10K 2-Tone American Flag Pin
Most Recent Review
Sophia247 7/14/2016
Pin is very pretty and is in fact 10k. The back to the pin, however is NOT GOLD (nor is it marked as gold). That should be made more clear in the item details online, and it was ... (see full review)
Heidi Daus "Star of David" Crystal Enhancer Pendant/Pin
Most Recent Review
GKIM-CHEE 7/12/2016
Heidi Daus "Petite Polar Vortex" Enamel and Crystal Pin
Most Recent Review
LadyA71 7/12/2016
It's a darling and cute pin - I love it.
Heidi Daus "Rose Sceptor" Crystal Pin
Most Recent Review
Tutti499 7/10/2016
As Heidi pins go, this is petite! Nice narrower style to grace a lapel or small clutch hand bag. Perfect Red Rose crystal petals with emerald green vibrant stem and gold thorns! ... (see full review)
Roberto by RFM Simulated Pearl Goldtone Flower Pin
Most Recent Review
copperear 7/10/2016
This is a really nice costume jewelry piece. The price is amazing. I'll have to look for more from Roberto.
Heidi Daus "Stick To It" Crystal and Enamel Pin Set
Most Recent Review
Hunt 7/8/2016
These stick pins are the hottest accessory for men.These are fabulous since they are three color ways.They look fantastic from a conservative look to a seersucker suit.My husband c ... (see full review)
Heidi Daus "Dutch Treat" Pavé Crystal Tulip Pin
Most Recent Review
Harley1992 7/7/2016
I am a hard core pin/brooch wearer. I like LARGE pins. While very pretty, this one just wasn't for me. I love Heidi'pins and they are made very well, but WHOA BOY they are price ... (see full review)
Heidi Daus "Acorns and Leaves" Crystal Pin
Most Recent Review
caddygal 7/6/2016
Wonderful representation of fall. Color scheme is muted, yet accented by the gorgeous yellow "canary diamond" crystals. Do not have to secure by attaching this pin to undergarmen ... (see full review)
Heidi Daus "Glowing Glamour" Crystal Pin
Clearance Price: $59.95
Average Rating 5.0 ( 9 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
bebopper532 7/6/2016
I have to agree with the other reviewers that thecandles really seem to glow. I'll have to wearthis pin the next time I go ghost hunting.
Heidi Daus "Master Fu" Crystal-Accented Pin
Most Recent Review
caddygal 7/6/2016
Love the theme. Size is just right. Color of stones are vibrant. Comfortable to wear. Doesn't sag when pined on a garment.
Heidi Daus "Duchess Bunny" Crystal Pin
Most Recent Review
mamadukes 7/3/2016
Very pretty pin. Beautiful colors. I purchased this and the cottage pin. I will be displaying them on pillows in my bedroom. These are a wonderful addition to my pin collection.
Heidi Daus "Maine Lobster" Crystal-Accented Brooch
Most Recent Review
DG2fan61 7/1/2016
I read the reviews about this so I decided to order it as a gift for a friend from Maine. I was underwhelmed surprisingly. I will get a second opinion to determine if I should go ... (see full review)
Heidi Daus "Tempting Tigress" Crystal Stick Pin
Most Recent Review
ministeev 6/30/2016
I am a man and I bought this to wear on the lapels of jackets and on vests that I wear. I have always loved the tiger and I thought this would be fun to wear. I'm considered a "h ... (see full review)
Heidi Daus "Glamorous Griffin" Pavé Crystal Pin
Most Recent Review
lv 6/30/2016
WOW !!! Bling & gorgeous alert ! This little guy is so much more spectacular in person. I really expected something very nice but this item is incredible. He is full of bling and ... (see full review)
Heidi Daus "Heidi Long Legs" Crystal Spider-Design Pin
Most Recent Review
lv 6/30/2016
WOW !!! Absolutely astonishing pin.Multi-color crystals throughout this adorable guy. High quality as well as versatile. Heidi constructed this pin so it can be worn as a neckla ... (see full review)
Heidi Daus "Elegant Disguise" Beaded Tassel Drop Pin
Most Recent Review
lv 6/30/2016
Wow ! This pin is even more lovelier in person. Very stunning and original in design. I love the Mardi Gras theme. The mask itself is adorned in multi-color crystals. The bead ... (see full review)
Heidi Daus "For Thee I Sparkle" Crystal and Enamel Pin
Most Recent Review
roxy79 6/29/2016
Heidi this is absolutely breath taking girls don't hesitate one second,I have several of Heidi pins and they just keep getting better and better. STUNNING.
Victoria Wieck Gemstone and Red Enamel Dragonfly Brooch
Most Recent Review
mduenas 6/28/2016
I love the design and color of this Dragonfly! The pearl adds class and style also! I pinned him onto a towel in my bathroom and he looks beautiful!!
Heidi Daus "Great Catch" Pavé Crystal Fish Pin
Most Recent Review
CA8 6/28/2016
This is another take your breath away brooch. So cute and the colors are amazing! I put the brooch on one of Heidi's neck ropes and it looks Georgeous. Thank you Heidi, you have a ... (see full review)
Heidi Daus "Belle Beau" Enamel and Crystal Pin
Most Recent Review
loveart 6/26/2016
This piece is a must have. Very elegant and versatile. I absolutely love it. Don't even hesitate. You won't be disappointed.
Heidi Daus "Shimmering Dragon" Crystal Pin
Most Recent Review
flymeaway 6/24/2016
Beautiful pin. The fact I have a ruby ring in a 14K gold setting is a plus. Solid color is a nice change from the other pins; however, I love them all.
Heidi Daus "Ele-Fantastic" Crystal Tassel Drop Pin
Most Recent Review
flymeaway 6/24/2016
As I wear plain tops and jackets, this gorgeous elephant matches my whole wardrobe with all of its colors. Love the color of the tassel.
Heidi Daus "Honey Bunny" Crystal Stick Pin
Most Recent Review
JerseyLilly 6/23/2016
Pin is really nice. The crystals and enameling are beautiful. Just the right size! Highly recommend this item
Colleen Atwood Crystal-Accented Crown Pin
Most Recent Review
JenmomRN 6/22/2016
My friends daughter graduated with a double major of science and chemistry. She is so smart and very creative, a huge fan of the Alice movies. So when she completed her undergrad, ... (see full review)
Jean Dousset 1.08ctw Absolute™ & Created Ruby Clock Pin
Most Recent Review
Stylemaker 6/21/2016
What a wonderful way to make a statement
Jean Dousset 3.55ctw Absolute™ Created Ruby "Flower" Pin
Most Recent Review
uppereastsider 6/20/2016
This pin is simple and elegant. Pins are absolutely essential especially for you gals that may not like your neck because your eye goes immediately to pin...eyes dance from your ea ... (see full review)
Heidi Daus "Monumental Sparkle" Crystal Eagle Earrings
Most Recent Review
Phillipthe122 6/20/2016
Bought these for Fourth of July upcoming holiday. Earrings have lots of sparkle, perfect red white and blue. They are not too heavy even though it's medium large. On my ear the sh ... (see full review)
Rarities 2.2ctw Zircon "Crescent Moon" Pin/Pendant
Most Recent Review
oliverliz 6/19/2016
This piece was poor quality and looked, I hate to say, cheap. Will not lay well as a necklace given the pin.
Heidi Daus "Doggone It" Crystal Pin
Sale Price: $159.95
Average Rating 5.0 ( 1 Review )
Most Recent Review
NotGonnaTakeIt 6/19/2016
This pin is beautiful. I love Heidi Daus and I collect dog pins. I discovered this online during the Alice event. This is a large piece, and it's really a work of art. You don't fi ... (see full review)
Heidi Daus "The Witzend Cottage" Crystal and Enamel Pin
Most Recent Review
misswhimsy 6/14/2016
I love this pin. I was a bit on the fence about ordering it, but very happy that I did. Imo it's prettier in person. Different than many of Heidi's pieces, with more enamel and lar ... (see full review)
Heidi Daus "Fabulous Fox" Pavé Crystal Pin
Most Recent Review
dollsndogs 6/14/2016
Pin is adorable! During "video" it was stated that the pin was larger than stated in description..and Heidi said it was at least 3"...No it is not...it is as small as was stated in ... (see full review)
Heidi Daus "Spotted Beauty" Crystal Stick Pin
Most Recent Review
Yannabird 6/13/2016
can wear on any outfit. Solves problem of pin on busy outfit.
Heidi Daus "Queen of the Jungle" Crystal Stick Pin
Most Recent Review
Yannabird 6/13/2016
you can ust this stick pin on any outfit.
Heidi Daus "English Enchantment" Crystal Drop Pin
Most Recent Review
tartinya 6/13/2016
Love at first sight when I opened the box. It is not just gorgeous, but a very original brooch design. I bought the multi color, and the colors & sparkle are stunning. I wore it ... (see full review)
Heidi Daus "Fluttering Fantasy" Set of 3 Butterfly Pins
Most Recent Review
MAXGEM 6/13/2016
Love. Love. Love. Pink hue was my choice. I have many of your critters. Get compliments. So I know others enjoy looking at them too!
Heidi Daus "Tom Turkey" Pavé Crystal Pin
Most Recent Review
lv 6/12/2016
So adorable. He is more sparkly and stunning in person. This little guy is so colorful with the right amount of bling. Also the sale price makes him extremely attractive... can't ... (see full review)
Heidi Daus "Star Sparkle" Crystal and Enamel Pin
Most Recent Review
Lily-white 6/9/2016
"Amazing" totally a must have... Stunning, I wish there were earrings and a bracelet... "Hint! Hint!"Thank you Heidi Daus your creative artistry is So appreciated...
Heidi Daus "Lots of Love" Crystal Heart Drop Pin
Most Recent Review
Sladochka 6/7/2016
Magnificent piece!
Jewels of Istanbul .40ctw White Topaz "Beetle" Pin
Most Recent Review
blade02 6/7/2016
nice, however you really can't see the white topaz, and the item is just not strong, I'm sorry I did return it and value needs to be a little better because it is a very nice item. ... (see full review)
Homage "The Society" Simulated Pearl Pin/Pendant
Most Recent Review
mamapod 6/6/2016
Very heavy pendant/pin. I , too, received the pin clasp broken. don't bother
Heidi Daus "Trembling Brilliance" Crystal Dragonfly Pin
Most Recent Review
Belia1 6/6/2016
Amazing! !
AMEDEO "Giardino di Fiori" 40mm Cameo Pin/Pendant
Most Recent Review
Theo0898 5/31/2016
I've noticed with some of Amedeo's pieces the carvings are rough and crude. I'm sure with the pricing being as low as it is they are not as intricate as they could be, so I avoid ... (see full review)
Larisa Barrera "Gilded 24/7" Cross Pin/Pendant
Most Recent Review
Kaningryta 5/29/2016
Thrilled to find a piece both handsome, fashionable, and rich looking! Each winter I spend a couple months in Europe and hate to travel with my real fine jewelry...this piece looks ... (see full review)
Homage "The Vanderbilt Rose" Rose Brooch
Clearance Price: $99.95
Average Rating 3.7 ( 3 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
GeeGee623 5/26/2016
I purchased both, pretty, pretty, pretty!!
Heidi Daus "Pink Lady" Crystal Pin
Most Recent Review
houtxgal 5/26/2016
Perched on a bed of flowers, this pink piggy is vibrant and sparkly! She will bring life to any otherwise drab garment. A wonderful addition to my Heidi Daus critter collection. I' ... (see full review)
Heidi Daus "Marquise Madness" Crystal Bird Pin
Most Recent Review
Izzy558 5/25/2016
This piece is massive but so fabulous! The colors are incredible on this pin, fabulous to brighten a rainy day!
Heidi Daus "Fu Fabulous" Crystal Pin
Most Recent Review
ljupka 5/2/2016
It is truly FABULOUS. Work of art and worth the asking price.
Heidi Daus "Easter Express" Crystal and Enamel Pin
Most Recent Review
DanaIndy 4/29/2016
I have quite a few of Heidi Days pins and this is a winner! It has wonderful color and the detail is superb. I love it, keep up the great work Heidi!
Heidi Daus "Standard Sparkle" Pavé Crystal Poodle Pin
Most Recent Review
kayster58 4/28/2016
I have never had a poodle but I love anything dogs so I took the plunge and brought it. It is so darling. Very cute. But really, I ask you is anything Heidi Daus not perfection? ... (see full review)
Nicky Butler Amethyst and Labradorite Hound Brooch
Most Recent Review
Mugs687 4/9/2016
A beauty in every way.More please!
Jean Dousset 1.68ctw Absolute™ & Black Spinel "Frog" Pin
Most Recent Review
Stupid8 4/5/2016
Cute pin, but alittle to small. Should have had light and darker green stones for the body and red eyes. The biggest problem with the pin was the pin closure . It was to thin and c ... (see full review)
Rara Avis by Iris Apfel "Magic Rabbit" Pin/Pendant
Most Recent Review
Cubbycat 4/2/2016
I was worried that the size of the rabbit was going to be heavy to wear but to my surprise it's not. This necklace is so pretty. I am so surprised how many crystals were used to ma ... (see full review)
Heidi Daus "Springs Eternal" Crystal and Enamel Pin
Most Recent Review
tobysrus 3/29/2016
I can't say enough about this pin! It is even more beautiful in person! An heirloom piece to be handed down!