Brooches & Pins
Heidi Daus "Autumn Accessories" Crystal Pin
Most Recent Review
wildflower336 9/25/2016
Heidi never disappoints. I now have six holiday pins and look forward to each holiday to see what she has new. They are all gorgeous.
Heidi Daus "Collector's Edition" 3-piece Crystal Pin Set
Most Recent Review
simmon 9/25/2016
they are so pretty I love them. i wish you would make sets for all the holidays. thank you great value ruby w.
Heidi Daus "Picked to Perfection" Crystal Pin
Most Recent Review
lyndyhen 9/25/2016
Heidi Daus "Monumental Sparkle" Crystal Eagle Pin
Most Recent Review
ArboretumGirl 9/25/2016
Coveted this for a while before I ordered it. Glad I finally did order it because it is just stunning.
Heidi Daus "Captivating Cupcake" Crystal and Enamel Pin
Most Recent Review
franniefran 9/24/2016
The first day I wore this pin, I got so many compliments on how cute it is. Beyond that, this pin is beautifully made. As a cupcake maker and a pin lover, I almost feel that Heidi ... (see full review)
Heidi Daus "Worth the Wheat" Crystal Pin
Most Recent Review
sylvin 9/24/2016
This pin symbolizes so many good things.Sucessful harvest,season of plenty.Plus it is beautiful. I can think of many occasions to wear it.Perfect for fall.
Heidi Daus "Walk Witch Way" Crystal Pin
Most Recent Review
bubbles121 9/24/2016
Heidi Daus "Standard Sparkle" Pavé Crystal Poodle Pin
Most Recent Review
Sassygranny122 9/24/2016
I've been waiting to buy this poodle pin for a long time and for the price to drop and it has stayed steady. It is adorable! Because it smaller I will probably wear it on my hat or ... (see full review)
Heidi Daus "Royal Allure" Crystal Pin
Clearance Price: $69.95
Average Rating 5.0 ( 4 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
Cayce 9/24/2016
Well made, as always by Heidi Daus, and looks like a piece you may have inherited. Very pretty and will make any outfit. You won't be sorry!
Heidi Daus "Fine Stein" Crystal Pin
Most Recent Review
Morgannak 9/24/2016
I loved this pin, and it really stands out, but couldn't imagine wearing anywhere. As much as I loved the colors it was not worth keeping just to sit on the dresser.,
Heidi Daus "Trick or Treat" Enamel and Crystal  Pin
Most Recent Review
bebopper532 9/24/2016
I like the fact that Heidi made this pumpkin black so the web would stand out. Love it!
Heidi Daus "Spooktacular Chateau" Crystal Pin
Most Recent Review
pebb 9/24/2016
This pin is beautiful. Another Heidi Daus exceptional pin.
Heidi Daus "Collaboration of Freedom" Pin/Pendant
Most Recent Review
GYMRAT 9/24/2016
Love my pin. I love Heidi smaller pins.the color is more subdued but when light hits it wow!
AMEDEO "Giardino di Fiori" 40mm Cameo Pin/Pendant
Most Recent Review
ddarling 9/23/2016
Absolutely stunning! Love it!
R.J. Graziano "Cool Clusters" 7pc Brooch Set
Most Recent Review
anate 9/23/2016
Although lovely, 2 of the post (backings) did not work. 1 never stayed on, the other 1 was bent. I sent back. Too bad I did like the set.
Heidi Daus "Island Paradise" Crystal Pin
Most Recent Review
jollyjoker 9/23/2016
Gorgeous pin. Makes me think i'm visiting the islands.
Heidi Daus "Pretty Pumpkin" Crystal and Enamel Pin
Most Recent Review
MissJudyJudyJudy 9/23/2016
If you were to type cast what type of collector I am of Heidi Daus, without a doubt you will title me the 'PIN COLLECTOR'. I can't say enough of Heidi's pins and about the options ... (see full review)
Heidi Daus "Squirreling Away" Crystal Beaded Drop Pin
Most Recent Review
sassygranni531 9/22/2016
I'm new to collecting Heidi pins and this is just so adorable and whimsical. This definitely was an impulse buy because I was going to wait for the price to drop but it was selling ... (see full review)
Heidi Daus "Precious Pumpkin" Crystal Pin
Most Recent Review
Debby8 9/21/2016
This pin is absolutely amazing! Gorgeousness in Abundance!!!! The pumpkin truly looks as though it is glowing!!!! Weighty piece.The only thing I wish Heidi made it a pin/enhance ... (see full review)
Heidi Daus "Shoot for the Stars" Crystal and Enamel Pin
Most Recent Review
maamoon 9/20/2016
This little pin stands on it own. I love it. I agree this pin is special for this year. Its stunning to me. On sale and flex pay rules.
Heidi Daus "Heidi in the Kitchen" Crystal Pin
Most Recent Review
nydee 9/20/2016
I love this witch pin, she is so glamorous. I wanted her last year, but couldn't justify the price and then it sold out so when it came back this year I had to have it. It is wel ... (see full review)
Victoria Wieck Gemstone and Red Enamel Dragonfly Brooch
Most Recent Review
sally10188 9/19/2016
Love this item but had to return because of broken clasp and a pearl had fallen out. Had to pay return of 7.95 and now I am on waitlist. I will be charged another 795 for shipping. ... (see full review)
Michael Anthony® Blessed Mother Virgin Mary Pin
Most Recent Review
JoJo202 9/19/2016
Another beautiful piece of jewelry with special meaning.
Michael Anthony® Mother Teresa Tie-Tack Pin
Most Recent Review
JoJo202 9/19/2016
Absolutely beautiful. I will treasure it.
Heidi Daus "Just Inching Along" Crystal Caterpillar Pin
Most Recent Review
LuCkYrUbY-16913 9/18/2016
This was my 4th Heidi pin....I bought him in the Pistachio Green Pearl..........he is the cutest pin ever ......he is not one of Heidi's largest pins, but, he still makes a stateme ... (see full review)
Heidi Daus "Harvest Moon" Crystal Pin
Most Recent Review
petesy 9/15/2016
I love this pin, it is gorgeous. The colors used in this design are so different, soft but sparkly. The size is perfect, it will be worn on my coat. Heidi's work is amazing, stu ... (see full review)
Larisa Barrera "Golden Lotus" Flower Pin/Pendant
Most Recent Review
umbria 9/14/2016
This is a beautiful pin to wear. Stands out & brightens up whatever you wear it on. A Showpiece and you can't beat the clearance price!
Larisa Barrera "Garden of Delights" Bee Pin
Most Recent Review
umbria 9/14/2016
It looked fabulous when I opened the box. Looks better in person. Got nice compliments on it. If you're looking for a conversation piece this is it!!Looks great with whatever yo ... (see full review)
Heidi Daus "Sincere Joy" Pavé Crystal Hummingbird Pin
Most Recent Review
malloy1 9/13/2016
My Mom was in the hospital and I sent this to her to raise her spirits. She says it is one of the most beautiful things she has ever seen. She sent itt home with my sister for safe ... (see full review)
Heidi Daus "Diamond in the Woof" Crystal Accented Pin
Most Recent Review
NotGonnaTakeIt 9/12/2016
This is another beautiful work of art from Heidi. The colors of the crystals are vibrant and it is large enough to attract admirers and be noticed. I love wearing mine on my hats. ... (see full review)
Heidi Daus "Master Fu" Crystal-Accented Pin
Most Recent Review
sunflower1946 9/12/2016
Heidi Daus "Mad Hatter" Crystal and Enamel Pin
Most Recent Review
margarethampp 9/11/2016
I must confess I took a big gulp before purchasing because of the price, but I was glad I took that leap of faith:)One of a kind, rare beyond my wildest expectations!!!!
Rarities 2.2ctw Zircon "Crescent Moon" Pin/Pendant
Most Recent Review
cutiepie77 9/11/2016
This piece is striking! When I opened the box, I couldn't believe it's sparkle! It does flop and turn when you wear it. But if you put the chain through the chain loop and the pi ... (see full review)
Heidi Daus "Rare Flare" Crystal and Enamel Pin
Most Recent Review
suesse 9/10/2016
What a disappointment! This pin looks crude.
Heidi Daus "Love, Heidi Style" Crystal Enamel Pin
Most Recent Review
hummer01 9/10/2016
I am never disappointed when I purchase from Heidi Daus,The pin is beautiful and quite large love that you can see it, really catches your eye, I like people to notice my jewelry
Larisa Barrera "Your Palace or Mine" Butterfly Brooch
Most Recent Review
16_steelme20 9/9/2016
Oh my goodness! I opened the box and fell in love with this beautiful butterfly. It is just gorgeous! I love it so much. I wish that it had been designed with an enhancer to put on ... (see full review)
KMO Paris Flower-Design Magnetic Brooch
Most Recent Review
saddie2011 9/8/2016
This is a cool idea! The magnet is SUPER secure. I put it on my felt hat, leather handbag, leather jacket lapel. No Problem!!! Please make MORE of this type of brooches!!!
Victoria Wieck "Seahorse" Chalcedony & Sapphire Brooch
Most Recent Review
Diane80 9/4/2016
This pin/pendant is very beautiful. The colors of the sapphires are so bright and the Chalcedony is the most beautiful denim blue color. The piece is just stunning! I have rec ... (see full review)
Bellezza Lira Coin and Cultured Pearl Multi-Drop Pin
Most Recent Review
Hunt 8/31/2016
I saw the host wearing it and I thought my husband would like it sans the pearl drops.I showed it to him and he said no way.Oh well I tried.
Heidi Daus "Beauty From the Sea" Enamel and Crystal Pin
Most Recent Review
LyriclovesHSN 8/31/2016
I am a huge Heidi fan and a lover of the sea and mermaids especially! The shades of pink look stunning against the enamel. I wear this as a pendant with Heidi's white cord from her ... (see full review)
Heidi Daus "Glamorous Griffin" Pavé Crystal Pin
Most Recent Review
ADermPA 8/31/2016
I wish reviews were more helpful. I like Heidi as she usually has insight and creativity to make her pieces versatile. I don't wear pins- as Im in my early 30s and find them too ma ... (see full review)
Victoria Wieck 1.84ctw Pink Tourmaline "Bow" Brooch
Most Recent Review
lovella 8/29/2016
I thought I had bought real jewelry at a great price. When I opened the package, the brooch was tiny. My fault for not reading the product description. I'm use to. another costume ... (see full review)
Heidi Daus "For Thee I Sparkle" Crystal and Enamel Pin
Most Recent Review
Lynette5358 8/25/2016
Very nice, not small,
Heidi Daus "Dutch Treat" Pavé Crystal Tulip Pin
Most Recent Review
Behar 8/24/2016
Less fancy than most HD pieces.
Heidi Daus "Tempting Tigress" Enamel and Crystal Pin
Most Recent Review
lv 8/18/2016
Absolutely lovely item. Exceptional piece. More stunning in person. The photos online do not give this pin justice. I love Heidi's critters. Another 10 stars for Heidi !!!
Homage "The Society" Simulated Pearl Pin/Pendant
Most Recent Review
Freegirl5 8/12/2016
I love love this pin!!!!. Looks the same as online.However received with 1 pearl loose in bag.only took a simple drop of glue to replace pearl.Got many compliments when I wore it o ... (see full review)
Larisa Barrera "Gilded 24/7" Cross Pin/Pendant
Most Recent Review
bibbins 8/11/2016
Wow - this is a beautiful statement piece! Larisa did a masterful job on this pin/ enhancer. I purchased her necklace and the two are perfect together.
Heidi Daus "Happy" Crystal Cosmo Flower Pin
Most Recent Review
Lizzie_C 8/11/2016
This pin is so incredibly beautiful! No detail was overlooked. The colors of the crystals are stunning from the flower to the stem and leaves. Another Heidi triumph!
Heidi Daus "Lovely Lighthouse" Crystal and Enamel Pin
Most Recent Review
sylvin 8/10/2016
I guess I should write a review since there aren't any on this lovely lighthouse. I was attracted to it because we spend a lot of time at the Oregon coast.Our. Little home away fro ... (see full review)
Heidi Daus "Turtle-tique" Crystal Pin
Most Recent Review
Anonymous576 8/10/2016
I purchased both colors. The olivine is my favorite but I'll wear both with my jeans and blazers. It's not too big, but big enough to hold it's own. It sits nicely when pinned to a ... (see full review)
Heidi Daus "Flippin' Fabulous" Pin and Earrings Set
Most Recent Review
Tamarindo 8/10/2016
Cute little summer pin ! A bit pricey for it's size I thought...but nice !
Heidi Daus "Fancy Ferris Wheel" Crystal Pin
Most Recent Review
joyeria 8/10/2016
One star off because the channel-set crystal baguettes at the bottom of my pin were not lined up straight and one pokes out. I was going to exchange it but noticed the same thing h ... (see full review)
Joan Boyce "American Sparkle" Star Brooch
Most Recent Review
Anonymous 8/7/2016
This is such a gorgeous brooch! It truly does sparkle and I love how patriotic it is. I'm looking forward to wearing it throughout the 2016 Olympics in support of Team USA, through ... (see full review)
Heidi Daus "For Thee I Sing" Crystal and Enamel Pin
Most Recent Review
141414Cal1 8/5/2016
I purchased both this pin and the "For Thee I Sparkle" pin and they're both lovely; however, I actually prefer this one and expect to get a lot more use out of it because the size ... (see full review)
Heidi Daus "Fu Fabulous" Crystal Pin
Most Recent Review
DakotaPhoenix 8/3/2016
The Fu dog pieces are just wonderfully made and very exotic. This pin is my favorite of all my FU pieces!!I luv luv this pin with the two Fu dogs together! Not too heavy given the ... (see full review)
Heidi Daus "Exotic Wisdom" Elephant-Design Crystal Pin
Most Recent Review
lyndyhen 8/1/2016
Heidi Daus "Tempting Tigress" Crystal Stick Pin
Most Recent Review
SueOC 7/30/2016
I bought this item because I love cats and also because I do not own any stickpins and thought it would be nice for a change of pace. The quality of the tiger is superb. He is wa ... (see full review)
Heidi Daus "Marquise Madness" Crystal Bird Pin
Most Recent Review
tootie99 7/28/2016
Gorgeous pin!! Love to wear on chain
Heidi Daus "Acorns and Leaves" Crystal Pin
Most Recent Review
Kly13 7/28/2016
Great fall design, love the craftsmanship.
Heidi Daus "Dame Tigress" Crystal Pin
Most Recent Review
Kly13 7/28/2016
Love this pin.
Heidi Daus "Endless Summer Sparkle" Pinwheel Pin
Most Recent Review
candy3459 7/27/2016
I think this is cute. I am going to try to buy the matching earrings.
Heidi Daus "Fabulous Fan Shell" Enamel and Crystal Pin
Most Recent Review
Tutti499 7/27/2016
Nice small seashell with a horizontal pin. I would like to see paired with another ocean pin like a seahorse or starfish. It is simple and lightweight, nice for summery outfits. ... (see full review)
Heidi Daus "Endless Summer Sparkle" Pinwheel Pin
Most Recent Review
JInez7 7/25/2016
This pinwheel is so much prettier in person and a good size. It will be my go to pin every Fourth of July....will probably bring it out on other occasions. A must buy family heirlo ... (see full review)
Heidi Daus "Pink Lady" Crystal Pin
Most Recent Review
Sparklegigi 7/24/2016
I am Heidi daus fan. This little pink piggy pin is sparkly and cuddly and sweet enough to wear anywhere. So darn cute!!!
Heidi Daus "Trembling Brilliance" Crystal Dragonfly Pin
Most Recent Review
kendall38 7/24/2016
This piece of jewerly is substantial in size. Beautiful colors and the wings move.
Heidi Daus "Sparkle of the Sea" Crystal Pin
Most Recent Review
Sparkle-234 7/22/2016
Very pretty so far everyone thinksit is very pretty
Heidi Daus "Formal Fox" Crystal Pin
Sale Price: $129.95
Average Rating 1.0 ( 1 Review )
Most Recent Review
Beaulah1962 7/19/2016
The pin is very dark in color, not shiny and the pretty little face that shows in the description...IS NOTHING LIKE IT! It is hard and creepy looking. It's going back.
Heidi Daus "Petal Pusher" Crystal Pin
Most Recent Review
lindalee12218 7/17/2016
I debated whether to get this lovely pin for a long time. I have a fairly good number of Heidi's pins and love them all. But truth be told, I only buy the large ones. I'm tall an ... (see full review)
Heidi Daus "Crowning Glory" Crystal Pin
Most Recent Review
VCGirl 7/17/2016
I gave this pin 3 stars because of the continual problem with loose closures. PLEASE replace the Supplier with better findings. If not for this issue, I would give it 5 stsrs based ... (see full review)
Heidi Daus "Sublime Serpent" Crystal Tassel Drop Pin
Most Recent Review
flymeaway 7/15/2016
Beautiful pin. Love everything about it. Colors of the serpent are beautiful, the fringe makes it stand out. Not a pin I would wear on a daily basis, but unique enough to wear for ... (see full review)
Michael Anthony Jewelry® 10K 2-Tone American Flag Pin
Most Recent Review
Sophia247 7/14/2016
Pin is very pretty and is in fact 10k. The back to the pin, however is NOT GOLD (nor is it marked as gold). That should be made more clear in the item details online, and it was ... (see full review)
Heidi Daus "Rose Sceptor" Crystal Pin
Most Recent Review
Tutti499 7/10/2016
As Heidi pins go, this is petite! Nice narrower style to grace a lapel or small clutch hand bag. Perfect Red Rose crystal petals with emerald green vibrant stem and gold thorns! ... (see full review)