Jay King Inlaid Sterling Silver Bracelet
Most Recent Review
schnee 2/24/2017
The bracelet was actually more purple colored than red so sent back
Sevilla Silver™ Blue Topaz Diamond-Accented Bracelet
Most Recent Review
ErichJohn 2/24/2017
A little stumped on what to get my sister for her 44th birthday. I went ahead with this bracelet. I'll copy/paste text msg she sent me after receiving it. I think she was very ha ... (see full review)
Jay King Micro Opal Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet
Most Recent Review
indynana1 2/24/2017
I was very disappointed in the item information that said this bracelet was good for up to a 7 1/2" wrist - it is not! My wrist is just under that so I ordered the bracelet, since ... (see full review)
Jay King Santa Rita Turquoise Inlay Bracelet
Most Recent Review
ShadowSissy 2/24/2017
Just loved the bracelet, but if I couldn't put it on by myself, I wouldn't wear it, sent it back. So why have it?Perhaps someone should have demonstrated how to put it on by thems ... (see full review)
Jay King Tiger's Eye Bead Stretch Bracelet with Charm
Most Recent Review
TexasLady27 2/24/2017
The picture does not do this piece justice. It has got so much depth! It's warm and rich and so comfortable to wear. I love it so much I'm going to get the necklace. Jay has do ... (see full review)
Real Collectibles by Adrienne® Cross Dangle Bracelet
Most Recent Review
moark2 2/24/2017
Very little sparkle in bracelet I received. Have other jewelry by Adrienne that I love but this one not so much. But if you like slide bracelets, this one is well made.
Joan Boyce "Double Trouble" 2pc Bracelet Set
Most Recent Review
Singing4Christ 2/24/2017
Very beautiful and comfortable. Highly recommend!
Joan Boyce "Edgy Chic"  Pavé Bracelet
Most Recent Review
Singing4Christ 2/24/2017
I love these bracelets! Bought in every color!
Joan Boyce "Black Tie Event" CZ Stud Line Bracelet
Most Recent Review
Singing4Christ 2/24/2017
I loved this bracelet so much but was so disappointed with how tight it was. Joan, please make more bracelets that are 8". Not everyone has skinny wrists.
Joan Boyce "Edgy Chic"  Faceted Bead Stretch Bracelet
Most Recent Review
Singing4Christ 2/24/2017
I love this bracelet! Beautiful and comfortable.
Jay King Amethyst Bead Stretch Bracelet
Most Recent Review
lotsofsparkles 2/24/2017
This bracelet is simple but has lots of presence due to the faceting, which makes it sparkle!
Jay King Red Coral and Multigem Floral Cuff Bracelet
Most Recent Review
PATI327 2/24/2017
This is a very unique bracelet - love all the different colors and stones. Fits nicely once I got it adjusted to my wrist which is I guess you would say average (71/4). It's so d ... (see full review)
Jay King Frosted Rainbow Tourmaline Bead Bracelet
Most Recent Review
RubyMitzy9 2/24/2017
First, I want to say that I am a fan of Jay King Mine Finds. I liked the closure on this bracelet and that it was not a stretch bracelet, but I found that the beads were really sm ... (see full review)
Rarities Sapphire Slice and Multicolor Bead 7" Bracelet
Most Recent Review
Redkat09 2/24/2017
I bought this bracelet last year and it was my spring and summer bling. Love the twinkle this beautiful piece gifts off!
Bali Designs 8.7ctw  Black Spinel 2-Tone Bangle
Most Recent Review
mjblake 2/24/2017
I love this bracelet, my first piece of Spinel. Very comfortable to wear and really makes a statement.
Michael Anthony Jewelry® 10K Rolo-Link 7" Bracelet
Most Recent Review
13CAROSES 2/24/2017
I really wanted a rolo link bracelet at an affordable price. This bracelet fit the bill. It's pretty and feminine. It is comfortable to wear and I thought my search for a rolo lin ... (see full review)
Roberto by RFM "Capri Girl" Enamel Bangle Bracelet
Most Recent Review
kcasti 2/24/2017
Tried to get matching ring was sold out
AMEDEO "Dama in Pizzo" Cameo Glass Bead Fabric Bracelet
Most Recent Review
BLONDEE36 2/24/2017
I got it on clearance, perfect for spring and summer!! It's a nice weight for the hotter months of the year----its a bold bracelet but not cumbersome at all!! I wear a 71/2 in brac ... (see full review)
Jay King Amber Stretch Bracelet with Heart Charm
Most Recent Review
purpleiris 2/24/2017
Really liked the amber in this bracelet. Only problem was it was so small wouldn't go over my hand.
Jay King 2-Strand Rhodonite Stretch Bracelet
Most Recent Review
purpleiris 2/24/2017
Loved this bracelet. It was flat on my wrist and the colors were beautiful. Only thing wrong was I could barely get it over my hand. Too small. Had to go back
Jay King Multicolor Coral Bead Stretch Bracelet
Most Recent Review
purpleiris 2/24/2017
This is a cute bracelet. Light weight. Would recommend it
AMEDEO Antico 40mm Cameo Bronzetone Bracelet
Most Recent Review
eggplantcrazy4 2/24/2017
This bracelet is a large beautiful piece. The cameo is lovely! The only problem I have is with the closure, I struggle with it as the clasp moves around, but I do finally get it cl ... (see full review)
Jay King Multi-Stone Kingman Turquoise Cuff Bracelet
Most Recent Review
spice1 2/24/2017
This is a very "petite" piece, I love that but it was a surprise just how petite it was. The stones are small but remarkable, love the Blue Basin included here which I think made ... (see full review)
Bellezza High-Polished Negative Space Cuff Bracelet
Most Recent Review
elsanth 2/24/2017
Too bad. Nice looking and something different but did not fit as described.
Jay King Turquoise Link Bangle-Style Stretch Bracelet
Most Recent Review
adede1 2/24/2017
I wear this bracelet with the heart stretch bracelet. They look great together. Love the stretch style. Make more.
Chaco Canyon Zuni Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Cuff
Most Recent Review
Carrera3 2/24/2017
perfect..fits in well with my other layered bracelets...like is so well decided to order another Chaco delicate cuff..can't wait to get it an put it with this one
Joan Boyce "Honey, Hug My Wrist" Multi Bracelet
Most Recent Review
Tinky0 2/24/2017
Gorgeous!This bracelet looks very rose gold with a hint of pink!
Sevilla Silver™ Chevron Design Bracelet/Ring Hand Chain
Most Recent Review
HAPPYLADY53 2/24/2017
I gave this to my daughter for Christmas and she adores it, and does her boyfriend. He said it's a sexy bracelet/ring set. :)
Sevilla Silver™ "Goddess" Bracelet-Ring Hand Chain
Most Recent Review
HAPPYLADY53 2/24/2017
I purchased this for my sister for Christmas and it's the first time in a while that I was actually able to give her a gift that she LOVES!!!!!!!!! It's stunning, comfortable and ... (see full review)
Jay King Australian Pink Opal Bead "Explore" Bracelet
Most Recent Review
okie60 2/23/2017
I'm entering in a new phase of my life and this bracelet as well as the "journey" and "discover" bracelets. I wear them stacked.
Jay King Reversible Turquoise and Amethyst Cuff
Most Recent Review
Terri312 2/23/2017
Bracelet is beautiful! Its a little big for my small wrists but it does bend. However I dont think it should be bent to much because of the stone settings. But its definately a kee ... (see full review)
King Baby Jewelry Locket Heart Charm Onyx Bead Bracelet
Most Recent Review
meme12 2/23/2017
I have the black onyx charm bracelet and had to buy this one too. I have a small wrist and appreciate the stretch in this one. I also love the matte onyx beads. Of course, it goes ... (see full review)
Heidi Daus "Easy Does It" Station Bracelet
Most Recent Review
Dollparts 2/23/2017
This is a very pretty, delicate bracelet, I assumed it was going to be larger. I sent it back only because I like larger pieces. I would have kept it if it weren't so delicate. It ... (see full review)
King Baby Sterling Silver Rose Charm Bangle Bracelet
Most Recent Review
mauid95 2/23/2017
Love my new sterling silver rose bangle! It's nice substantial bangle. I have at least 25 pieces of King Baby jewelry and love the high quality and wear them daily.
Garnet and Gray Marcasite Sterling Silver Line Bracelet
Most Recent Review
joylady40 2/23/2017
I was so sad to return this bracelet. I wear a 7 1/4", but sometimes a bracelet is not exactly the length mentioned, plus I hoped the width would make a difference, but it didn't. ... (see full review)
Heidi Daus "Conscious Coupling" Beaded Toggle Bracelet
Most Recent Review
cary959 2/23/2017
Well........like so many other Heidi pieces, I love this bracelet so much I have it now in every color........ still SPARKLE and Heidi classy and more simple. I love to just hold ... (see full review)
Joan Boyce "Please Hand Me My Ring" Bracelet Ring
Most Recent Review
PEEK-A-DO1 2/23/2017
WEAR WISE Mattel! Chain so itty bitty teeny, breakable.WEARABLE YES IF U PLAN ON HOLDING UR BREATH
Jay King Chilean  Turquoise Bracelet
Most Recent Review
Car24 2/23/2017
The color of the stones are beautiful just like the stud earrings. However too small in size and the bracelet was very difficult to get on and off.
Heidi Daus "Conscious Coupling" 3-piece Bracelet Set
Most Recent Review
DeniseH 2/23/2017
In love with this. I haven't worn the bangles yet, but wearing the link bracelet with the matching necklace and it's stunning. Not too big and not too small and the purple colora ... (see full review)
Jay King Malachite and Anhui Turquoise Bead Bracelet
Most Recent Review
714abc 2/23/2017
Online it states the bracelet is 7" long - mine was only 6 1/4" of beads, which means the rest is ugly chain and sterling findings. It was VERY hard to put on ( I am not old or ar ... (see full review)
Sevilla Silver™ Adjustable Byzantine-Link Bracelet
Most Recent Review
Michelle_H 2/23/2017
Granted, this isn't a white gold bracelet so I expected it to be light in weight. I have a white gold byzantine ankle bracelet that just doesn't compare. I knew it wouldn't be th ... (see full review)
Jay King Blue Sapphire Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet
Most Recent Review
decbaby 2/23/2017
This is a gorgeous silver bracelet with large sapphires and a nice weight, it is not flimsy. I love it.
Rara Avis Set of 2 Faux Fur Soft Cuff Bracelets
Most Recent Review
sweetpea777 2/23/2017
Really adds a great look to outfits, I like them. I order the tan.
R.J. Graziano "Glow On" 7pc Crystal Bangle Bracelet Set
Most Recent Review
Sandy876 2/23/2017
I have purchased and love R.J. Graziano bracelet sets in the past, always in silver tone because I thought the gold tones might look too fake. Caught these on sale so I figured I w ... (see full review)
Jay King Andean Turquoise and Blue Topaz Cuff Bracelet
Most Recent Review
kat11 2/23/2017
I bought the entire set of this style and love everything about it except the fit of this bangle. Because of the points sticking out on each end it must be placed higher on the wri ... (see full review)
Sevilla Silver™ Comfort Fit Byzantine Bangle Bracelet
Most Recent Review
designmaven 2/23/2017
this bracelet it was thin & flimsy. It would not take much to bend it. design good but not good for me.
Jay King Inlaid Rhodochrosite Cuff Bracelet
Most Recent Review
When I opened the box I was smiling, beautiful stones. Then as I looked closer all I found was rough edges along one side and white glue. Looked like someone was in too much of a r ... (see full review)
Jay King Barrel-Shaped Amber Bead Stretch Bracelet
Most Recent Review
Comfort, color, right size, perfection in every golden stone.
Joan Boyce "Honey, Hug My Wrist" Neutral Bracelet
Most Recent Review
ezlady 2/23/2017
What a gorgeous bracelet. I bought it in the goldtone and it sparkles like my real diamond tennis bracelet. I love it.
Jay King Red Skin Turquoise Contemporary Cuff Bracelet
Most Recent Review
maltese206 2/23/2017
i love this ,very lovely,would highly recommend
Colleen Lopez "Pretty Package" Peridot Line Bracelet
Most Recent Review
Legs5678 2/23/2017
This bracelet does not disappoint! Beautiful.
Real Collectibles by Adrienne® Evil Eye Circle Bracelet
Most Recent Review
mamapod 2/22/2017
I'm Pretty picky, and I love this bracelet. Nice size and colors! I recommend
Passport to Gold 14K "Love Knot" 8" Bracelet
Most Recent Review
Karebair 2/22/2017
I appreciate when an item looks in person as it does in presentations and photos. There were no surprises with this bracelet. Paul was exactly correct in the video where he state ... (see full review)
Bellezza Bronze Rope-Link 7" Tassel Bracelet
Clearance Price: $19.95
Average Rating 4.8 ( 11 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
SouthernBelle518 2/22/2017
This is expensive looking without being obvious. Tassle is perfect size. Not so long it gets in the way, but still noticeable. LOVE IT!
Sevilla Silver™ Graduated Bead Adjustable Bracelet
Most Recent Review
MissyD152 2/22/2017
Beautiful bracelet...Love the fit...
Imperial Pearls Cultured Pearl Wire Bracelet
Most Recent Review
AllisonS8 2/22/2017
Very feminine look, VERY easy to put on and take off, looks amazing on the wrist. Love this bracelet.
Chaco Canyon Kingman Turquoise Stamped Cuff Bracelet
Most Recent Review
MissBera 2/22/2017
We've traveled all over New Mexico and Arizona looking at and purchasing Native American Indian Jewelry, often from pawn shops. We've also purchased dozens of jewelry items from Ch ... (see full review)
Bali Designs 5.4ctw Amethyst 2-Tone Scallop Bracelet
Most Recent Review
3kitties2 2/21/2017
The scallops are pretty, but I did not like the look of the prongs holding the amethysts. Also, I could not find any matching ring or earrings in this pattern.
Bali Designs by Robert Manse Gemstone Scroll Design 2-Tone Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet
Most Recent Review
3kitties2 2/21/2017
This bracelet goes wonderfully with the Bali ring that I purchased & had the same leaf pattern. The petite size was a perfect fit.
Jewels of Istanbul Set of 2 Gemstone Hammered Bangles
Most Recent Review
ValleyGrapes 2/21/2017
I got the bangles with turquoise and love wearing them with my other jewelry items from Istanbul!!!I hesitate buying bangles over the net because most 'swim' on my small 6 1//4 wri ... (see full review)
Deb Guyot Designs 3-piece Herkimer "Diamond" Quartz Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet Set
Most Recent Review
sunshine845 2/21/2017
I was really upset when the cuff snapped in half. I only wore it three times. It was over the 30 day return limit. I have a necklace that I love, but I will never buy another brac ... (see full review)
Real Collectibles by Adrienne®  Weave-Textured Bracelet
Most Recent Review
sweetie699 2/21/2017
Just a beautiful bracelet. Looks so pretty on.
AMEDEO "Florentine" 30mm Cameo Resin Bangle Bracelet
Most Recent Review
happybather 2/21/2017
Would have been 5 stars. Measurements slightly off. Smaller than stated. Doesn't fit. But can't make myself return it. It will make a great gift. Really wanted for myself though.
Jay King Turquoise-Spiny Oyster Shell Stretch Bracelet
Most Recent Review
pnwgirl 2/21/2017
Love the color variation Jay!!!! Thank you for making jewelry that makes me feel special!!
Sevilla Silver Bold Byzantine Bracelet
Most Recent Review
trishdadish5276 2/21/2017
I loved my bracelet, and wore it everyday for about 2 weeks, then noticed it came apart, sent it back and wanted my money back.....So sorry, I did love it but not made for everyday ... (see full review)
Passport to Gold 14K Polished Bead Stretch Bracelet
Most Recent Review
val1590 2/21/2017
The price of this bracelet to me is a good buy for style and size of gold beads. I like it a lot and knew it was a keeper the moment I opened the box.
Jade of Yesteryear Multicolor Jade Adjustable Bracelet
Most Recent Review
NJ12345 2/20/2017
I really didn't like this bracelet - so, I returned it. I like adjustable bracelets but this one did nothing for me.
Emma Skye "Stacked to the Skye" Set of 5 Bangles
Most Recent Review
helenwalker1 2/20/2017
I get so many compliments on these.
Zacasha "Trolls" True Colors Beaded Bracelet Set
Most Recent Review
Debbie2031211 2/20/2017
Great bracelets grand kids love them. Thank you
Jay King Tyrone Turquoise Mosaic Cuff Bracelet
Most Recent Review
Scotty0923 2/20/2017
I just love it. The turquoise is so cool on this bracelet. If you want a mosaic turquoise bracelet I highly recommend this one. Bought the ring also, I love it too.
Heidi Daus "What a Croc" Hinged Bangle Bracelet
Most Recent Review
ALYOPP 2/20/2017
Love,love,love lt! Colors are perfect for everything.
Sevilla Silver™ Diamond-Pressed Round Station Bracelet
Most Recent Review
PrettyWitty 2/20/2017
Pretty design but I did not like its bright white color.