Danielle Nicole Compact Mirror
HSN Price: $14.90
Average Rating 4.0 ( 15 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
LilyinRI 10/21/2016
The design is really cute. Bought the one that says "were all mad".The quality of the mirror is great. Only one problem the edges on the compact are a bit sharp.Almost sent it back ... (see full review)
JOY Super Chic Jewel Kit and Better Beauty Case
Most Recent Review
ThinknPink 10/21/2016
I still have room for more and it is all neatly in the boxes! Great job, Joy!!
VIOlife Slim Sonic Toothbrush - Patterns
Most Recent Review
dora136 10/21/2016
so far so good.I just priced a sonic toothbrush that was 10 times the price of this one.I like the way my teeth feel afterwards. works way better than a regular toothbrush.So i'll ... (see full review)
Blow Brush Volumizing Dryer Brush
Most Recent Review
coco6262 10/21/2016
I like the concept of the drying/blowing drying together; however, I felt that the dryer was not strong enough. The maximum wattage was too low in order for the dryer to work effe ... (see full review)
PedEgg Powerball™ Callus Remover Set with Extra Roller
Most Recent Review
BarbieDollLV6016 10/21/2016
It is a great product and will extend the time between pedicures (or eliminate them). I love the nail clippers too. What a great bonus!!! A must have, so watch for it and get it ... (see full review)
Simply Straight™ Pro Straightening Styling Brush
Most Recent Review
Jangoforth 10/21/2016
I am very happy with this straightener. Heats up so fast for quick touch ups. Very easy to handle. Best I've ever owned!
Jose Eber Beaute Cheveux 5 Thermal Rollers - Large
Most Recent Review
blondie887 10/21/2016
Love these rollers
The Brow Shaper by Lilibeth of New York Set of 2
Most Recent Review
Wbinv 10/21/2016
These items are the best thing since sliced bread!!!! I'll buy them as long as they are produced!!
The Brow Shaper Solid & Leopard Print Duo
Most Recent Review
VickyS305 10/21/2016
This is the best beauty tool I have ever bought. A few years ago I bought the famous NO NO and I still use it but this little tool replaces it. I can now safely ditch my NO NO. ... (see full review)
The Brow Shaper in Chinese Porcelain Prints
Most Recent Review
SLY2 10/20/2016
be careful mine came with a piece that was bent on the part you put against face ended up with a nice scratch that bled! I have ordered these before but these seemed like they were ... (see full review)
Mineral Air Cordless Airbrush with Foundation - White Device
Most Recent Review
Mhuz429 10/20/2016
I always wanted to airbrush foundation and came across item. Read the reviews and most were positive so I decided to try. I Ann so glad i did! I love it! It is so easy to us ... (see full review)
PedEgg Powerball 3-piece Roller Refill Kit
Most Recent Review
ABSOLUTETEA 10/20/2016
I had been watching this product for a while and decided to order it thinking I would like it but not really.
FHI Brands Lightweight Ceramic Glamour Hair Dryer
Most Recent Review
ATLbaby 10/20/2016
It is not light weight...it's actually heavy. Watts did not seem to be as strong as indicated. I returned it.
Contours Rx™ LIDS BY DESIGN™ 5mm Eyelid Strips - Casual Look
Most Recent Review
Sony49 10/19/2016
I like the way this holds up my eyelids. It is invisible to others.
intelliWHiTE® Pro White Toothpaste
Most Recent Review
Perdue 10/19/2016
Don't bother
Contours Rx™ LIDS BY DESIGN™ 8mm Eyelid Strips - Maximum
Most Recent Review
runningdeerkd 10/19/2016
It wouldn't stick. Very hard to apply for me. So,disappointed.
ev32 50ct Effervescent Breath Freshener Variety Pack
Most Recent Review
eileen06 10/19/2016
sorry y'all. Might have well just eaten some pop rocks candy. SAME fizzle effect and minty flavor but last for a long time like it claimed.... NOT!
Too Faced Pro-Essential Teddy Bear Hair Brush Set
Most Recent Review
GoldDiamond12 10/19/2016
This is my first starter brush set. They r super soft and cute. I'm not a professional on brushes but they seem to work really well.
DERMABRUSH Cleansing System
HSN Price: $40.00
Average Rating 4.2 ( 427 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
NEAATSTUFF 10/19/2016
I've used this product for several months and get good clean results. This purchase was for my granddaughter who said she also likes this system a lot getting very good results.
Jose Eber Beaute Cheveux 6 Thermal Rollers - Medium
Most Recent Review
rocket489 10/19/2016
I have highlighted hair and sometimes the curling iron will burn the ends. These rollers are great and I have so much body and fullness.
Contours Rx™ LIDS BY DESIGN™ Eyelid Strips - Variety
Most Recent Review
longislander59 10/18/2016
I tried Contours Rx Lids by Design thinking they were better than the other brand but their not. They are hard to put on, they don't stick and they are not invisible. Its looks eas ... (see full review)
Silk'n FaceFX Anti-Aging Device
HSN Price: $149.00
Average Rating 3.2 ( 52 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
lovetotravel22 10/18/2016
I can,t believe the change in my skin!!!It is actually firmer. I have had it close to 30 daysand was pretty good about using it on a regular basis. My husband actually said i don't ... (see full review)
Serious Skincare Complete Liquid Laser Kit
Most Recent Review
nene2003 10/17/2016
Product didn't work as described.
no!no! PRO Hair Removal System
HSN Price: $249.99
Average Rating 1.7 ( 160 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
jmrobbi 10/17/2016
Does not work on facial hair!! I wish I had read the reviews because others have complained of this. Will return but mad that I wasted shipping and return postage on this.
PedEgg Powerball™ Pivoting Callus Remover Set
Most Recent Review
pmd123 10/17/2016
This is a good tool to have if you do your own pedicure or not.... it is easy to use. It is light weight. It is easy to handle and easy to keep clean. Easy to replace the roller b ... (see full review)
Amope™ Wet/Dry Rechargeable Foot File w/Refill Rollers
Most Recent Review
Dr-PrincessOne7 10/17/2016
I Love my Amope' foot file! It makes your feet feel like you just left a nail salon. .
Contours Rx Precision Point Stainless Steel Tweezers
Most Recent Review
3fl2shsn 10/17/2016
These really made a difference in the application of the strips. It kept the ends of the strips from getting "mangled" kept the edges sharp so the strips lay perfectly on the lid w ... (see full review)
Contours Rx™ LIDS BY DESIGN™ 3mm Eyelid Strips - Slight
Most Recent Review
3fl2shsn 10/17/2016
This works as well as they show on TV. It does take some practice. Get the metal tweezers too, I'm glad I did!!! I'm 52 and Size 3 was too small to see a difference, so I'll be ... (see full review)
Contours Rx™ LIDS BY DESIGN™ 6mm Eyelid Strips - Moderate Look
Most Recent Review
Inia 10/17/2016
It is not good to use if your eyelids are swollen for whatever reason (non-sleep, etc.). The swollen lids go up. Not a good sight.
Michael Todd Soniclear Elite Deluxe Cleansing System
Most Recent Review
coolchicamama3 10/17/2016
I love this Soniclear! I bought it in July so I have been using it for 3 months now. I love that it can go in the shower, I also love that it is cordless. The only negative thing I ... (see full review)
Jose Eber Beaute Cheveux 7 Thermal Rollers - Small
Most Recent Review
nancyab058 10/17/2016
I use two or three of these rollers on the top of my head to create height. They are so easy and quick to use. Better than hot rollers. After blow drying my hair with a round br ... (see full review)
Flip 'N Beauty Folding LED Vanity Mirror
Most Recent Review
John_KaBang 10/17/2016
Would I recommend this to a friend, No. But this is policy for me. I never recommend anything to anybody.I ordered the purple one and it's a dark purple. Which is good, as it was a ... (see full review)
JOY Travel-Sized Better Beauty Case
Most Recent Review
CHI_TOWN_GIRL 10/16/2016
I love how these hangers make my closet looks so neat and tidy. I bought my first set of hangers about two years ago and was sorry that I had not gotten more. I got a very good de ... (see full review)
beautyblender Micro Mini Makeup Sponge - 2-pack
Most Recent Review
Buzzy34 10/16/2016
When they arrived I laughed, and promptly sent them back. They are a little bit bigger then thumb nails. Disappointing. The larger ones are amazing. I would recommend ... (see full review)
SSC Reverse Cleanser w/PLUSH 80K Brush & Diffuse
Most Recent Review
8609 10/16/2016
Should have returned. Not a fan would t recommend or buy again. Much better cleansers out there even cheaper ones
DiamondBuff™ Microdermabrasion Exfoliation Tool
Most Recent Review
VictoriousInlife 10/16/2016
I really like having the ability to exfoliate in a simple way. This works great! I use it on my arms and legs also. I can see a difference in my skin immediately. I appreciate th ... (see full review)
Flip 'N" Beauty LED Compact Beauty Travel Mirror
Most Recent Review
jazzijazzy4 10/15/2016
I love the Flip "N" Beauty LED Compact Beauty Travel Mirror. It is lightweight, stylish, and has great visibility. It is a great unique gift.
JOY Hollywood Spotlight Mirror™ with Dual Magnification
Most Recent Review
darlinka 10/15/2016
I've had this mirror for almost 2 months and waited to write my review to make sure it was what video wanted and how it would hold up. This mirror clings perfectly to my bathroom m ... (see full review)
Ped Egg Power Platinum Callus Remover Kit - Prints
Most Recent Review
tleamax 10/15/2016
this does comes with extra head attachments that are for tough calluses but even though my feet aren't as rough as many I've seen (hubby for example) I had to spent quite a long ti ... (see full review)
The Brow Shaper by Lilibeth of New York - Single
Most Recent Review
liz5765 10/15/2016
After placing my orders I had buyers remorse. I did not use the Brow Shaper for a long time, one morning I thought it was time, I could not believe how easy was to use, shaped and ... (see full review)
Over-the-Door Beauty Armoire with Full-Length Mirror
Most Recent Review
TontosPrincess 10/15/2016
Fantastic way to get organized. I love that it matches my over the door jewelry armoire
JOY Genuine Leather Large Better Beauty Case
Most Recent Review
kimber921 10/14/2016
Joy always thinks of what we need every day. I have several of her cases. You will find uses for these cases that you never dreamed of. They are durable and hold so many things, ye ... (see full review)
Too Faced Mr. Right Powder Brush
Most Recent Review
nightowl100 10/14/2016
Large brush used for contouring. Nice and big. Works well. Good for blending. Soft bristles and conic shape seems to work well to avoid hard edges/lines.
Jose Eber Beaute Cheveux Self-Grip Thermal Rollers
Most Recent Review
85senora 10/14/2016
Because of limited mobility due to spinal surgery,doing my hair has been a challenge.When I watched Jose demonstrate with ease great,full results.The models must have had a lot of ... (see full review)
Martino by Martino Cartier Hot Revolver Dryer Brush
Most Recent Review
Renata816 10/13/2016
I just bought this and was so excited to try it out. I have very dry hair and always wear it in a bun so I couldn't wait to actually start styling my hair just as the video showed ... (see full review)
no!no! PRO Complete Hair Removal Kit
Most Recent Review
plumplum70 10/13/2016
I took a chance on this after reading the reviews. just doesn't get close enough to the skin for smooth results. funny how the product says to use for 6 months for results, howev ... (see full review)
Micro Touch One Classic Safety Razor
Most Recent Review
CiPaul 10/13/2016
Great shave, great price, who needs four,five or six blades,buying those other razors is a waste of $$$$$$$
simplehuman 8" Sensor Mirror
HSN Price: $199.99
Average Rating 4.4 ( 115 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
TheXFile 10/13/2016
This is a great mirror. Worth every cent.
Epilady Legend 4 Rechargeable Epilator
Most Recent Review
Cyn11 10/13/2016
One of the best purchases I have made on HSN! I do have coarse dark hair under my arms, legs, and bikini area. This baby does the job at removing the coarse hair as well as peach ... (see full review)
Woosh™ Beauty The MMS™ Mobile Makeup System Bag
Most Recent Review
Halape1 10/12/2016
I ordered the MMS because I travel for work and finally wanted to have all my products in one place. The bag is chic and so useful, especially with the lighted mirror. No more dig ... (see full review)
Martino Cartier You Rock My Curls Pro with Shine Spray
Most Recent Review
Macdolou 10/12/2016
I have terrible hair!Wavy, heavy and snarley.This curler set does two miracles.They are so easy to use and they tame this mane!Thank you!
IntelliWHiTE® CoolBlue Pro with Companion Pack
Most Recent Review
Tanzy45 10/12/2016
I just started using this product. My teeth were not sensitive before using this product, now since I have used it several times, my teeth have become sensitive to hot/cold product ... (see full review)
Martino Cartier FOURBIDDEN Ceramic Curling Wand Set
Most Recent Review
SuzyQ24 10/11/2016
This curling iron was real hard to work with. Because it does not have a clip to hold the hair, my thin hair kept slipping right out of the wand. I returned it. Maybe this would ... (see full review)
Trish McEvoy Wet/Dry Dual-Ended Brush
Most Recent Review
pkeb 10/11/2016
Great brush for applying liquid make up loose powder. Also cleans easily. Doesn't leave bristles on your face - at all.
Trish McEvoy The Power of Brushes Collection
Most Recent Review
Hil36 10/10/2016
Every one of these brushes is fabulous!!! I especially love the foundation brush. I love Trish's brushes and this set includes some of the best!! My makeup goes on like a breeze ... (see full review)
Serious Skincare Face Laser Gentle Hair Remover
Most Recent Review
AuntLucifer 10/10/2016
This is horrible. I have left it on up to 12 minutes and it does not remove hair. Also when it arrived the hole was closed and I had to poke a pin through the tip to open it up. $2 ... (see full review)
NutraStim Pro Laser Hair Comb
HSN Price: $279.00
Average Rating 3.3 ( 4 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
armani68 10/8/2016
I can't believe that this really works, after 3 month I saw results.. I recommend this product 100%
Keranique 30-Day Volumizing Kit with Deep Hydration
Most Recent Review
Kimbra 10/8/2016
Used once. The shampoo was ok, but the conditioner made my hair dry and I spent a lot of time combing the tangles out. I should have sent it back, but I waited to use it because I ... (see full review)
FOREO LUNA™ Mini Facial Cleansing T-Sonic™ Brush
Most Recent Review
bestnana62 10/8/2016
Well made. Works well for cleansing. holds a charge for about a month. I like it very much. easy to travel with.
Epilady Esthetic Battery-Operated Facial Epilator
Most Recent Review
bestnana62 10/8/2016
I bought the original epilady when it first came out many years ago. quality product. worked for years. This one did not remove hardly any hair. I returned it.
IntelliWHiTE® PM Restore Whitening Night Serum Kit
Most Recent Review
bestnana62 10/8/2016
This does what it says. easy to use. no sensitivity problems, and I have very sensitive teeth
Silk'n Glide At Home Hair Removal Kit
Most Recent Review
Linazogbi 10/8/2016
Somtimes it work and sometimes it doesn't
ev32 Effervescent Breath Freshener 80-count Peppermint
Most Recent Review
CEEBEE843 10/8/2016
I have bought this product before and really liked it. This time there was a little aftertaste the that I did not care for. Plus, they did not pop as much.I don't think I will buy ... (see full review)
DERMABRUSH Celebration Cleansing Kit
Most Recent Review
1970-1973 10/8/2016
I love this kit, all the brush heads included are perfect. Cleans beautifully, silky soft skin! Body scrub is amazing!!
Jay Manuel Beauty® Double-Ended Kabuki Brush
Most Recent Review
Miak9 10/6/2016
I watched Jay Manuel on HSN use this brush and thought I have brushes but this seemed to be better. The only problem I had was it too awhile for me to get the brush delivered af ... (see full review)
Bell & Howell Ultra Brite 6x Magnification Mirror 2pk
Most Recent Review
suzi13 10/6/2016
unfortunately the mirror do not stay upwell depending on the surface it placed on if its not a metal surface its falling down which distracts from the actual reason for using thi ... (see full review)
Michael Todd Sonic Eraser Device with Lip & Eye Duo
Most Recent Review
tattybrit 10/4/2016
My lines appear softened and the bags are much improved. Really am impressed with this , also the creams. For such a reasonable price I was unsure if this would work, but so far I ... (see full review)
José Eber Quick Shine Infrared Blow Dryer
Most Recent Review
nancy77171 10/4/2016
3/14/2016Poor Quality and Warranty for PriceI used theis dryer maybe twice a week. Limited 1yr Warranty you pay cost to send it for inspection, no guarantee you will get a new one ... (see full review)
ev32 Effervescent Breath Freshener 80-count Spearmint
Most Recent Review
Paulywally3 10/2/2016
Have not used yet....
Flip 'N Beauty Folding LED Beauty Mirror Set of 2
Most Recent Review
Susan51 10/2/2016
This mirror is of poor quality, as your reflection is blurred/blurry. I have used many magnifying mirrors in the past, and never had this issue. Also, the stand/handle of the lar ... (see full review)
Serious Skincare The Microcurrent EGG Clean & Tone Kit
Most Recent Review
gailstorm906 10/2/2016
never could get it to work
no!no! Professional Hair Removal Tip and Buffer Refill Pack
Most Recent Review
Johnna107 10/2/2016
returned No NO PRO so didn't use refills. Also returned these refills in same box. waiting on refund