Perlier Imperial Honey 3-Liter Bath Cream
Most Recent Review
TMW1974 10/28/2016
Received my package, could smell the frangrance before I opened the box. Sure enough it was busted. Same thing happened with the smaller version of this flavor,almost 15 months ago ... (see full review)
Perlier 3-Liter Gift Set
HSN Price: $129.00
Average Rating 5.0 ( 2 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
nanc225 10/28/2016
I took a chance with this scent and it definitely paid off. This is a nice, clean, fresh scent. Leaves my skin well hydrated. Great purchase!
PedEgg Powerball™ Pivoting Callus Remover Set
Most Recent Review
Beachy711 10/27/2016
I was disappointed in the quality of this pedegg powerball. It just feels so cheap. I have another brand which though made of plastic, is better quality . I liked the idea of the l ... (see full review)
Perlier Honey Camellia Bath Cream 16.9 fl. oz.
Most Recent Review
SEFDEF 10/27/2016
Just received this today. Just did a little sample on my hands. Nice scent. Creamy. Disappointed because when I opened the box the pump was broken. Can't use the pump. Poor pac ... (see full review)
Perlier Lavender 2-piece Body Butter Kit
Most Recent Review
Patton12 10/27/2016
I am really enjoying this set.I prefer the lavender and my daughter likes the lavender mint better.A little bit goes a long way!
Perlier Honey Lavaredo Shower Gel and Body Cream Duo
Most Recent Review
SEFDEF 10/27/2016
Beautiful scent. Creamy. Haven't used the bath cream yet. Package came damaged. Body cream not full. Otherwise nice scent and liked the body cream.
Sofia Vergara Love Creamy Shower Gel
Clearance Price: $8.00
Average Rating 4.0 ( 3 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
lamblips 10/27/2016
I use the shower gel and lotion and smell wonderful all night long. Thank you Sophia. I will buy again.
Nicki Minaj Minajesty 6.8 fl. oz. Body Lotion
Most Recent Review
lamblips 10/27/2016
Love this lotion. So thick and creamy and smells really nice.
Marilyn Miglin Pheromone Triple Body Butter Creme
Most Recent Review
kittikat2016 10/27/2016
Love,love,love this cream!I have extremely dry,pumpy and itchy skin to the point I was scarching so much I was causing myself to bleed, I also take blood thiners which made it wors ... (see full review)
Korres Greek Getaway Holiday 5pc Mini Body Butter Kit
Most Recent Review
barsuglias831 10/27/2016
I love the Korres body butters. I have very dry skin, some due to medication that I take. This product keeps my skin moisturized nicely. I carry these mini's with me in my purse an ... (see full review)
Korres Pure Cotton Body Butter Duo
Most Recent Review
Di0425 10/27/2016
I have tried all scents. Can't go wrong with any. They are all soft scents. Use on my face and neck at night. Not greasy.love love.
Perlier White Musk Foam Bath and Body Cream Duo
Most Recent Review
Jen27 10/27/2016
This is my second Perlier product I've tried. Years ago I bought one of the Almond scents and I liked it okay but wasn't impressed to go back. I saw the White Musk set and though ... (see full review)
Korres Mega Moisture Body Butter Trio-Mulberry Vanilla
Most Recent Review
Simon2010L1 10/27/2016
The product smells amazing and if your trying to do a product totally free of any chemical this is it but, that is it; my skin remains dry and after a few hours(3hr) i am applying ... (see full review)
Carol's Daughter Vanilla Marshmallow Bath & Body Duo
Most Recent Review
Ms_Ci_Ci 10/27/2016
This Carols Daughter Vanilla Marshmallow scent is a liter scent from the Vanilla Truffle scent. I was hoping for a more strong vanilla scent. I used to order Carols Daughter Va ... (see full review)
Korres Jasmine Shower Gel and Body Butter Duo
Most Recent Review
Angelcarern 10/27/2016
Great products! The cream really works to soften dry skin, even in Arizona!
Carol's Daughter Jamaican Punch Body Cleansing Cream
Most Recent Review
Aliandy 10/26/2016
I love this cleansing cream! It smells wonderful & I can hardly wait to take my showers each day! The best way I can describe this scent is ahhh, because it's so relaxing & sudsing ... (see full review)
Perlier Imperial Honey Body Cream
Most Recent Review
mitzybaby03 10/26/2016
Please do not discontinue this body butter . This scent is wonderful for those who have allergies and can handle simple organic scents. I have ordered this in the past and the lit ... (see full review)
Korres 3-piece Body Collection
HSN Price: $48.00
Average Rating 4.1 ( 79 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
namo06 10/26/2016
First things first, i love the korres pdts that i have tried so far, including this 3 piece set. But sadly i give this one 2 stars only because i am very disappointed with the quan ... (see full review)
Korres Water Lily Shower Gel and Body Butter Duo
Most Recent Review
Pippy16 10/26/2016
The reason for the 3 stars is the only thing I liked was the body butter. Felt good on my skin. Really didn't have much of a scent to me. Don't think I'll use this product again. S ... (see full review)
Korres Escape to Greece 5pc Shower Gel Set & Beach Tote
Most Recent Review
JOPAY 10/26/2016
I gave one to my daughter but am hogging the rest for myself. Love Korres.
Marilyn Miglin 8 fl oz Pheromone Super Rich Hand Crème
Most Recent Review
BroncoJude 10/26/2016
I absolutely love this product. It smells wonderful and is rich and creamy. Wish I could afford to use it all over my body on a regular basis.
Michael Buble By Invitation Body Lotion
Most Recent Review
lcarr0000 10/25/2016
I am very sensative to smells and was hesitant on buying without smelling this lotion first. Took a chance and glad I did, I love the smell!!
Perlier White Almond Absolute Comfort Bath Cream
Most Recent Review
angelmel 10/25/2016
This has been my go-to bath cream for years. I have tried many other brands and flavors; ultimately, returning to White Almond. It does not appear to compete with fragrances.
Professor Amos Signature Collection Hand Lotion
Clearance Price: $15.96 - $16.95
Average Rating 5.0 ( 3 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
SMG8 10/25/2016
This is better than the most expensive lotion ever! Keeps your skin soft and moisturized . GREAT BUY!
Korres Equisetum Deodorant
HSN Price: $18.50
Average Rating 3.7 ( 23 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
Stitch101 10/25/2016
For real. I have used other brands that claimed they would not leave white marks and they did. Korres does not. A very mild scent so it does not interfere with perfumes. Lasts and ... (see full review)
Korres Hydrate, Refresh & Smooth Trio - Basil Lemon
Most Recent Review
hgordon 10/25/2016
Korea is way better than perlie
Footlogix™ Rough Skin Formula Foot Mousse
Most Recent Review
rosie484 10/25/2016
Love this product. It does exactly what they say it will do. I love having smooth heals.
Korres Guava Shower Gel and Body Butter Duo
Most Recent Review
ScrapHappyTexan 10/25/2016
I was very disappointed in the product. The fragrance is not what I expected. The body butter did not have the texture or moisturize my skin as advertised. Went into the garbage as ... (see full review)
Korres Bergamot Pear Shower Gel and Body Butter Duo
Most Recent Review
ScrapHappyTexan 10/25/2016
I was very disappointed in the product. The fragrance is barely noticeable and it didnt meet my expectations based on the sales pitch when the item was featured on TV. Went into th ... (see full review)
Korres White Grape Santorini Body Trio
Most Recent Review
Fl62 10/24/2016
Best purchase I've ever made for my dry skin. Shower gel leaves your skin clean w/moisture, then the body butter is far beyond any I've ever used. No more dry skin, no sticky feein ... (see full review)
Korres Greek Yoghurt Skin Soothe 4-piece Set
Most Recent Review
deborah11844 10/24/2016
The products are so small u cant read the bottles. when i used the product my face broke out. I wouldnt get it again.
Korres Basil Lemon Shower Gel Duo
Most Recent Review
moomoo129 10/24/2016
I like this product my skin feels really so soft not dry, I would like more body butter in different scents I have 7 seven shower gels
Seaweed Bath Co. Soothing Seaweed Body Duo - Lavender
Most Recent Review
KalHar-2Score 10/24/2016
Was looking for a mild natural cleanser without perfume or sulfates. Like the body cream too
Vicky Tiel 21 Bonaparte 1964 Body Cream
Most Recent Review
VEGAS201 10/23/2016
from the reviews i thought this was going to be a happy smell. the pineapple and fruits that are in the notes lead me to believe that it was going to be a floral but instead it wa ... (see full review)
Korres Mulberry Vanilla Shower Gel Duo
Most Recent Review
MareBear14 10/23/2016
Been using this awhile and really cannot see a difference between this product and my much less exprnsive bath wash purchased at Walmart.
Carol's Daughter Pomegranate Rose Body Cream 15 oz.
Most Recent Review
Leila21st 10/23/2016
I did like the cream, but I am frustrated about the fragrance I ordered( two bottles) and orders take eons to deliver, and out of frustration of waiting , I did cancel altogether m ... (see full review)
Korres Mega Moisture Body Butter Trio - Basil Lemon
Most Recent Review
Birdy731 10/23/2016
This is my 2nd order of this basil/lemon I just love it and it is so refreshing. And it adds so much moisture to your skin when you put it on.
M. Asam Aqua Intense™ Hyaluron Hand Cream
Most Recent Review
dboots 10/22/2016
This hand cream makes your hands feel moisturized for a few minutes after you apply it then they feel dry again. I have tried several hand creams that are much better.
Perlier Honey & Mint Cuticle Oil Duo
Most Recent Review
breec6 10/22/2016
Oscar Body Powder
Price: $58.00
Average Rating 3.0 ( 3 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
breec6 10/22/2016
Margaritaville Getaway 4-piece Bath & Body Set with Travel Bag
Most Recent Review
lindalu319 10/22/2016
I am giving for gifts. Have not used the products. They look cute, but cannot rate them as to how they work on skin. Good thing they are not more than $10.
Korres Japanese Rose Shower Gel and Body Butter Duo
Most Recent Review
Junepearl 10/22/2016
I must say it took me awhile to order. Upon receipt I was excited and could not wait to try it. I was disappointed because there was no scent. I expected an exotic scent on the lig ... (see full review)
Korres Yoghurt Hydration Trio
HSN Price: $45.00
Average Rating 5.0 ( 1 Review )
Most Recent Review
EToon1101 10/21/2016
This is the best line Korres makes in my opinion. The scent is so mild and soothing, and I'm even able to use it on my daughter. I love all 3 products. I was excited when I saw thi ... (see full review)
PedEgg Powerball™ Callus Remover Set with Extra Roller
Most Recent Review
BarbieDollLV6016 10/21/2016
It is a great product and will extend the time between pedicures (or eliminate them). I love the nail clippers too. What a great bonus!!! A must have, so watch for it and get it ... (see full review)
Perlier Volcanic Thermal Spa 3pc Set with Sponge
Most Recent Review
irishgma 10/21/2016
I have been waiting for this to come back Simply love this, ordered one for my daughter in New York also, thank you for bringing it back
Carol's Daughter Buttercream Cocoa Body Cleansing Cream
Most Recent Review
kikib825 10/21/2016
I was so excited to get this since I love chocolate. I tried it in the shower, you can smell chocolate, but also something else and it's not very appealing. I will keep it, but won ... (see full review)
Marilyn Miglin Magic Body Creme
Sale Price: $16.50
Average Rating 5.0 ( 4 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
weezy1234 10/21/2016
Korres White Grape Anti-Aging Body Oil Duo
Most Recent Review
Debbie0717 10/20/2016
Gave this to my 6 year old grandaughter whom had gotton infintigo on her arm . It really helped and her mother also loved.
Korres Papaya Mango Body Butter & Shower Gel Duo
Most Recent Review
madam12 10/20/2016
I have purchased Korres multiple times and used several fragrances. To date, Bergamot Pear strikes me more. The Papaya Mango is OK but I would not purchase again. Even though I ... (see full review)
Perlier Avocado Hand Cream & Liquid Soap
Most Recent Review
Califgirl03 10/20/2016
I really love the hand cream and soap. They both smell nice and keep your hands soft. I bought another set when I saw the duo on sell. What a deal! Plan to give the Hand Cream ... (see full review)
Perlier Hydro-Zone Cleansing Micellar Water
Most Recent Review
sewcar 10/20/2016
I use this in the morning and every evening. I am always amazed at how much dirt is coming off of my face. My son is now using it also and he loves it too.
Perlier Olive Oil Bath and Shower Cream
Most Recent Review
Peggy998 10/19/2016
Love Perlier. Love their olive oil. End of story.
Signature Club A by Adrienne Argan Oil Cream Oil Lotion
Most Recent Review
elizabird 10/19/2016
I ran out a couple of months back and was hoping it would come back on sale.. it didn't and love it so much bought at full price.. I have the girls at my office hooked on it as wel ... (see full review)
Korres Vanilla Cinnamon Shower Gel and Body Butter Duo
Most Recent Review
SUNNY78 10/19/2016
This is so great and perfect for fall/winter, but honestly it's good in any season. Initially you notice the cinnamon scent which is a woodsy scent but it dries down to a deep, lu ... (see full review)
SCA by Adrienne Ounce of Gold Body Lotion
Most Recent Review
fyrmyt49 10/19/2016
I was using another now discontinued product and tried this when it was no longer available. I like it a lot. My skin doesn't show my age anywhere. Lol
Korres Amber Pear Eau de Parfum and Body Butter
Most Recent Review
Eizzme 10/19/2016
The body butter smells and feels great! The parfum scent is not feminine, smells like men's cologne :( I'm keeping it only because of the body butter.
Remedy Roll-a-Lotion Applicator
HSN Price: $16.95
Average Rating 4.2 ( 5 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
kmichaldavis 10/19/2016
...but I'm keeping the extra one for myself! Originally purchased for my Mother-In-Law to help with her very dry skin. Now she can put lotion on whenever she wants without having ... (see full review)
Carol's Daughter Monoi Body Moisturizing Cream-Oil
Most Recent Review
SuburbanGodess 10/18/2016
I use this product primarily, on my feet, legs and knees. I see immediate results, whenever I cover my feet with socks, upon applying; but most days I am rushing; I simply apply o ... (see full review)
Perlier Honey Lavaredo 3-piece Kit
Most Recent Review
deebee4 10/18/2016
Love Perlier products. This is one of the best smelling honeys. Right up there with honey chamomile. Always the best quality.
Korres White Blossom Body Trio
HSN Price: $48.00
Average Rating 4.1 ( 81 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
Pear1954 10/18/2016
This is the best softening thing I have ever put on my skin, My elbows are even silky. The shower gel is non drying. Love the mild scent. Its slightly floral with a hint of powder. ... (see full review)
Perlier Imperial Honey 4-piece Kit
Most Recent Review
mlky 10/18/2016
The products are good. The auto ship is never as advertised. When my shipment arrived without the talc, was told by customer service that the talc only was supposed to be in the ... (see full review)
Korres White Tea Bergamot Body Butter & EDP Duo
Most Recent Review
phaedra942 10/18/2016
I ordered because I thought it sounded like a very light, fresh scent. It is extremely heavy and strong. Returned.
Carol's Daughter Gardenia Body Cleansing Cream 16 fl oz
Most Recent Review
LinSue1950 10/17/2016
I'm a lover of the gardenia flower. Putting this fragrance in body cream couldn't be better. Love this cream and I get loads and loads of compliments.
Daily Concepts Your Exfoliating Gloves
Most Recent Review
jimandtammie 10/17/2016
I use these once or twice a week, depending upon my skin. And I can tell a difference after using them. Super easy to use, and works at taking all the dead skin cells off. Like the ... (see full review)
Korres Water Lily Blossom Hand Cream Duo
Most Recent Review
Beckster18 10/17/2016
Nice product. Keeps my hands soft. Also use other products and they do what they say they will do.
Korres Mulberry Vanilla Shower Gels & Body Butter Trio
Most Recent Review
Softtail18 10/17/2016
I never cused!!! I said all 3 of my korres shower gel and lotion all came to Oregon broken!! Squirted all over my clothes and accessories that I will return cuz of those broken top ... (see full review)
Perlier 8.4 fl. oz. Honey Shower Cream
Most Recent Review
piperoni 10/17/2016
I really like Honey and this smells so good & feels so good! I ordered 2 :) my fav Perlier product!!! wish it was bigger! LOL
Remedy™ Heat-Sensitive Remedy Memory Foam Sleep Mask
Most Recent Review
raybbaby2 10/17/2016
I love this mask, I use it every night. Never too warm.
AHAVA Deadsea Water Mineral Body Lotion
Most Recent Review
Bubbles6Bubbles 10/17/2016
I loved this lotion. It's light and absorbs into my skin without leaving a oily or greasy residue. It smells great to.
Korres Santorini Vine Eau de Cologne & Shower Gel Duo
Most Recent Review
Synnamongirl123 10/16/2016
I am a big fan of Korres products and this is a lovely fresh scent. Light and crisp for the fall. My only negative is that the scent fades fast--like, almost immediately fast. For ... (see full review)
Perlier Agrumarium Hand Cream Duo
Most Recent Review
southernlights55 10/16/2016
The first hand cream to give deep moisture and younger looking hands without greasy feeling hands. I love Perlier's hand creams and have bought many different scents. Agrumarium is ... (see full review)
Perlier Jumbo Hand Cream 16.9 fl. oz.
Most Recent Review
southernlights55 10/16/2016
Thanks Skip for offering a larger size hand cream. They're a great addition to my bathroom counters.I receive a lot of compliments from people who use my guest bathroom and try the ... (see full review)