Footlogix™ Callus Softener Exfoliating Formula with Foot File
Most Recent Review
bears66 3/22/2017
My feet was dry...cracked..really hard skin....but after one application....its soft and super smooth. I just love this product. Also, the foot file is wonderful.
Korres Jasmine Body Butter 3-piece Kit
Most Recent Review
cckksmom 3/22/2017
I love these ultra moisturizing body butters. This scent is a bit strong but I like it. Great bundle and value.
Korres Guava Hydrating Shower Gel
Most Recent Review
Splash12 3/22/2017
Great for me living in az. Great price, love easy payYou can't go wrong with this..
FLORA MARE™ Body Cream
HSN Price: $19.95
Average Rating 3.0 ( 2 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
olivertwist1 3/22/2017
I purchased the Flora Mare discovery kit....I loved everyone of the products....so will definitely buy in larger sizes....this body cream is also a great product....unlike some bod ... (see full review)
Korres Escape to Greece 5pc Shower Gel Set & Beach Tote
Most Recent Review
DeeDee5251116 3/21/2017
Torres love the fragrance always have, and I love my baths
Marilyn Miglin Pheromone Musk Body Butter Twin Pack
Most Recent Review
1aid 3/21/2017
I just love the scent of the pheromone musk. Had to look else where for the perfume as HSN doesn't carry it, hope they will soon.
Piper Wai Deodorant 2-pack
HSN Price: $24.95
Average Rating 3.8 ( 14 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
HealthyFood 3/21/2017
This is a rather "messy" product to use. I would not reorder. I like the fragrence & it seems to work just fine, however the application is what I object to & the major reason I ... (see full review)
Korres Pure Cotton Shower Gel Duo
Most Recent Review
saltymergurl77 3/21/2017
Second set of this bath wash lathers great and smells nice!
Korres Mulberry Vanilla Shower Gel Duo
Most Recent Review
saltymergurl77 3/21/2017
I never tried Korres before till this duo it works great the sent is just right not too much sent. lathers great also.Would recommend!
Korres White Blossom Body Butter Duo
Most Recent Review
kareliaanna 3/21/2017
I do not like the scent of this product. It is way too strong and not floral but it is a "heavy" scent. I have yet to find a Korres scent that I like but I still try because I lik ... (see full review)
Korres Basil Lemon Body Butter Duo
Most Recent Review
Shar525 3/21/2017
The scent of this is my favorite of the line. I's the only one I ever order. It took a long time for this to come back in a two pack.
Perlier Shea Butter Body Butter
Most Recent Review
FancyPance 3/20/2017
Use this at night time as it is so good that it takes awhile to soak in, so you dont want to touch items that you dont want to leave a greasy print, " like your new car door handle ... (see full review)
Korres Guava Body Butter Duo
HSN Price: $29.95
Average Rating 4.6 ( 119 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
FancyPance 3/20/2017
Just right not to greasy that you leave fingerprints all over everything, like some products do. Just enough to get you through the day feeling well moisturized all day long all ov ... (see full review)
Carol's Daughter Angel Food Cake Body Cream 15 oz.
Most Recent Review
Misscherry 3/20/2017
Love the body cream .A little goes a long way. I have very dry feet , and this works very well on dry heals. Love the scent also. I do recommend it. Great Body cream.
Korres Japanese Rose Body Butter Duo
Most Recent Review
VELVETIGER 3/20/2017
I didnt really smell too much rose scent. I gave my tubes away. Didnt want to pay the return postage.
AHAVA Deadsea Mineral Bath Salt BOGO - Eucalyptus
Most Recent Review
MSBOOP 3/20/2017
I ordered 2 sets but the smell was a bit over whelming and heavy to handle as I have arthritis. Then when I was at the store I went by another brand of salts that was way less so I ... (see full review)
Golden Door Soothing Cleansing Foam
Most Recent Review
cowgirlno1 3/20/2017
This smells great, but made my face breakout in pimples everywhere.
Korres Basil Lemon Shower Gel and Body Butter Duo
Most Recent Review
Izzzy7 3/19/2017
I love this invigorating fresh scent. Lathers up nicely. And the body butter is really nice too. I will be ordering some other scents to try also.
Golden Door Silk & Diamond Eye Cream
Most Recent Review
egyptiancharmer 3/19/2017
This is a nice cream that does the job. It is soothing and smells great. Doesn't hurt the eye if you get it in the eye. A little goes a long way.
Perlier Lavender Shower Cream and Body Butter
Most Recent Review
uasked 3/19/2017
Have been using for years. I love lavender and this is a go-to repeat and gift giving-sharing set for me. Would not like to be without. Usually purchase in duplicate for that rea ... (see full review)
Perlier Hydro-Zone Cleansing Micellar Water
Most Recent Review
5M 3/19/2017
I use this product all the time especially when I in a hurry. Love the fact I can use it anywhere doesn't require water. I like all Perlier products
Korres Greek Isle Florals Shower Gel 4-piece Kit
Most Recent Review
mima8 3/19/2017
muy rico, no es alergico, mucha espuma, gracias Korres, y a HSN.
Marilyn Miglin Bombshell Body Creme
Most Recent Review
lred 3/19/2017
Product is creamy, long lasting scent, makes you skin soft and velvety feeling. Lred, buffalo, ny
Korres Coconut Guava 3-piece Body Collection
Most Recent Review
GSZ55 3/19/2017
Love this body cream. The smell in this one is very mild to start and after 2 minutes I can't smell it at all.
Elysee YouthSpan™ Body Serum
HSN Price: $39.95
Average Rating 4.8 ( 13 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
tilliejunebug55 3/18/2017
Lovely product - it is light and feels good on the skin. it is elysee! it is lovely!
Korres Papaya Mango Body Butter Trio
Most Recent Review
tilliejunebug55 3/18/2017
OMG! - this is lovely. It gets softer the more you rub it on your skin. The family loves it - only need a little bit - it goes a long way! I will buy again and again. The fragrance ... (see full review)
Korres Papaya Mango Shower Gel
HSN Price: $19.50
Average Rating 5.0 ( 5 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
tilliejunebug55 3/18/2017
This product is so lush and luscious. I love it - the fragrance is light, it is so rich in the shower -you only need a little bit. Your skin feels smooth and hydrated. I would buy ... (see full review)
Perlier Honey Anti-Age Hand Cream AS
Most Recent Review
Yannabird 3/18/2017
I like this product
Perlier Shea Butter Body Balm with Coconut
Most Recent Review
shophappy856 3/17/2017
This was the first time I have tried this one and Ilove it. Goes on smoothly and has a very lightfragrance. Also the price is good.
Carol's Daughter Gardenia Body Cleansing Cream 16 fl oz
Most Recent Review
sugarpugh 3/17/2017
I really love the Scent.
Korres Body Butter and Shower Gel Duo - Yoghurt
Most Recent Review
kayjay7 3/17/2017
I got this for my employer for her birthday and she loved the smell...very pleased with this brand as welll
Pre de Provence Argan 100% Pure Oil
Clearance Price: $12.50
Average Rating 3.9 ( 29 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
for3babies 3/17/2017
Leaves skin soft & smooth. Oil is not greasy and penetrates the skin doesn't just lie on top of it.
Perlier Hydro-Zone Body Cream Duo
Most Recent Review
xlnt 3/16/2017
I had trouble believing it would moisturize for 24 hours. It didn't for me
Carol's Daughter Lavender & Vanilla Body Cream
Most Recent Review
COOKIE5200 3/16/2017
This smells great and feels so good on the body. Absorbs without being greasy. Lavender smells natural
PedEgg Powerball™ Callus Remover Set with Extra Roller
Most Recent Review
blessed329 3/16/2017
Works wel
Perlier Caribbean Vanilla Body Butter & Roll-on
Most Recent Review
Shuga777 3/16/2017
I've used the roll on before and was very pleased. This set was disappointing. The body butter didn't smell at all appealing, quite off.
Perlier Golden Almond Body Balm and Shower Cream
Most Recent Review
Shuga777 3/16/2017
I must admit I was a little skeptical about this product but decided to trust the reviews and I'm sooo glad I did. The shower gel has a lovely, soft fragrance and very moisturizin ... (see full review)
Elizabeth Arden Pretty 3-piece Set
Most Recent Review
go5 3/15/2017
M. Asam Resveratrol Premium Body Cream
Most Recent Review
mjdilla512 3/15/2017
I can't believe how much cream is in this jar...and a little goes a long way so it will last a long time.
Tweak-d Whipped Dhatelo Seed Oil Face & Body Butter - Vanilla Amber Scent
Most Recent Review
stephie812 3/15/2017
I have been pleasantly surprised by the nourishment this cream has given my skin. It has a wonderful smell, and provides hydration throughout the night. I can't live without this ... (see full review)
Carol's Daughter Vanilla Truffle Body Cream
Most Recent Review
Rustic_Glam 3/15/2017
The first thing I noticed about my cream is the strange almost rubbery texture. This is my first time trying Carl's Daughter line of products. Unfortunately I bought most of the li ... (see full review)
Carol's Daughter Monoi Shower Milk BOGO
Most Recent Review
jangirl 3/14/2017
Our family enjoys Monoi Shower Milk Duo. The smell is wonderful which is a big component for me to purchase again as well as non-drying. This product is creamy & seems to go far. ... (see full review)
Korres Vanilla Cherry Body Butter Duo
Most Recent Review
MandySue61 3/14/2017
I think I like the apple blossom scent I had previously a bit better, but this one is quite pleasant. I almost returned though as I wonder if Korres got a bad batch of caps. ... (see full review)
Dr. Jeannette Graf, M.D. Hyaluronic Skin Filler Hand Creme
Most Recent Review
Bigearswife69 3/14/2017
Great product. Great Doctor
Korres Vanilla Cherry Body Trio
Most Recent Review
lynnie19632 3/14/2017
I love Korres honestly it's a nice scent but very strong and the keynotes of cherry are not pronounced in the smell. Nice but very strong,Lynette M. Koloski
Perlier Golden Almond Bath & Shower Cream
Most Recent Review
CA_Trice 3/14/2017
I love starting my day with a nice hot bath in the Golden Almond, followed by the body cream. The fragrance is so light and pleasant.I enjoy how the fragrance from the bath scents ... (see full review)
Korres Guava 3-piece Body Collection
Most Recent Review
Esteeang 3/14/2017
best product in all scents. great all times of the year.
Marilyn Miglin Pheromone Musk Body Butter 8 oz
Most Recent Review
Windycity17 3/14/2017
The body butter itself is nice, but there is no fragrance. I will keep it because it won't interfere with whatever fragrance I wear that day.
Carol's Daughter Buttercream Cocoa Body Cleansing Cream
Most Recent Review
BoBunnyBoo8885 3/14/2017
Even though this is a cream cleanser... it is good to use as a bubble bath too.
Carol's Daughter Ecstasy Body Cleansing Gel
Most Recent Review
BoBunnyBoo8885 3/14/2017
My daughter loves using this as bubble bath and I love the Ecstasy body cream.
Carol's Daughter Monoi Body Moisturizing Cream-Oil
Most Recent Review
Bernadette65 3/13/2017
A wonderful Creme/Oil. Makes my skin soft and smooth. I love Monoi Oil from Tahiti.
Perlier White Honey Body Cream & Cream Bath Duo
Most Recent Review
michd 3/13/2017
The bath lotion did not any difference in my skin. The body cream is ok. For the money I have had better luck with other lotions
Perlier Body Butter
HSN Price: $40.00
Average Rating 4.6 ( 73 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
moop 3/12/2017
Perfect consistency one of my favorite Perlier products. Love Perlier it's always all they say and more
Carol's Daughter Ecstasy Shea Souffle
Most Recent Review
GoDivaImaDiva 3/12/2017
I tried Ecstasy Shea Souffle initially as part of a promotional offer, but I had to buy more! I love the scent; it's warm and pleasant without being overpowering. It goes on smoo ... (see full review)
Elizabeth Arden White Tea Hand Cream
Most Recent Review
Jessie564 3/12/2017
Beautiful smell, but beware it is Very expensive, & it is the size of a sample, I won't buy this again. It is a shame, but there are other hand creams out there. Sorry
Perlier Honey Magnolia Bath Cream 16.9 fl. oz.
Most Recent Review
kathy165 3/12/2017
I love the the smell and it is so soft on your skin.I love perlier products. They need too make a bigger size than 16.9 fl. oz.. just a tad bigger.
Pre de Provence Argan Hand Cream
Clearance Price: $10.00
Average Rating 3.3 ( 7 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
11donna437 3/12/2017
I love this hand cream! Very thick, yet rubs right in. Has a light orange scent. Very fresh. I have been using for just two days and my hands are no longer chapped! Great product.
Korres Japanese Rose Shower Gel Duo
Most Recent Review
katwar 3/12/2017
I have been using Korres Jasmine shower gel for a long time. I wanted to try the Japanese Rose for a change. It is a very light fragrance, certainly not strong or overwhelming. ... (see full review)
Elizabeth Arden White Tea Body Cream
Most Recent Review
cougar444 3/12/2017
I was first introduced to this scent by a sample from HSN. I ordered the perfume and body cream. I love the scent. The scent from the perfume doesn't last all day, but it's a go ... (see full review)
Perlier 3.3 fl. oz. White Almond Hand Cream
Most Recent Review
DLE5 3/11/2017
I already returned the Double Latte Hand Cream because it was runny and not the great smell it used to be. Should have returned this one too. It is very runny and not at all like ... (see full review)
Perlier Double Latte Hand Cream
HSN Price: $17.00
Average Rating 1.0 ( 6 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
DLE5 3/11/2017
Not the great smell it used to be. Apparently they changed the formula - for the worst. Also, the hand cream is runny now. Just not the same anymore.
Perlier Double Latte Bath & Shower Cream
Most Recent Review
DLE5 3/11/2017
The Bath & Shower Cream is okay but it's apparent they changed the formula. Not the great smell it used to be.
Carol's Daughter Angel Food Cake Body Cleansing Cream
Most Recent Review
ceecee210 3/11/2017
I tried this product for the first time and it's not bad - I love CD products - Not a big fan of this one I thought the scent would of been better but its ok -- Maybe because I lov ... (see full review)
Korres Pure Cotton Body Butter Duo
Most Recent Review
shopergrl 3/11/2017
Love Korres Body butter but I should have stuck with what I like! This is the worst smelling one I have purchased. The only way to describe it...it smells old
Carol's Daughter Jamaican Punch Body Cleansing Cream
Most Recent Review
supapam 3/11/2017
I really like this fragrance and CD needs to make a companion lotion available for it. Bottle arrived leaking in the box, which was not good.
Perlier 8.4 fl. oz. Shea Lavender Shower Cream
Most Recent Review
Audrey521 3/10/2017
I usually don't like a lavender scent, but this one is quite nice. The shower cream really leaves my skin soft and it lathers up really well.
Lancôme Trésor Perfumed Shower Gel
Most Recent Review
rockieshop 3/10/2017
This fragrance -- which I had not tried before -- is very light in the shower, which I was hoping for, but it has zero staying power for me. This is far too expensive for just a pl ... (see full review)
Perlier Honey Lavaredo 3-piece Kit
Most Recent Review
catlover100 3/10/2017
This is such a wonderful product. It smells so good and I love taking a bubble bath with the soap. Mmm smells so good!
Perlier Imperial Honey 4-piece Kit
Most Recent Review
Feet123 3/10/2017
Korres Yoghurt Hydration Trio
HSN Price: $45.00
Average Rating 5.0 ( 3 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
siamese36 3/9/2017
What can I say? Love everything about this!
Perlier Pink Peony Shower Cream
Most Recent Review
nokes123455 3/9/2017
Maybe I'm just not familiar with this scent but the last few perlier bath washes I've ordered I stopped using because the smell was just not pleasant. This one's scent reminds me o ... (see full review)
Korres Water Lily Blossom Hydration Trio
Most Recent Review
Michy55 3/9/2017
Will be returning this one - but did order the ones I know I love- but Korres is still my brand. Just Not this one