Korres Mega Moisture Body Butter Trio-Mulberry Vanilla
Most Recent Review
Jewels4ever 2/24/2017
wonderful product but so are several others on this and the other shopping channel
Perlier Golden Almond Body Balm and Shower Cream
Most Recent Review
Loveyz 2/24/2017
This is a different scent from any other Perlier I have tried. It has a lingering scent that is hard to describe, but I get slightly sweet and slightly floral. Very fresh and nice. ... (see full review)
Elysee YouthSpan™ Body Serum
HSN Price: $39.95
Average Rating 4.8 ( 12 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
skincarejunki 2/24/2017
On my second bottle with a little improvement. I will give it another bottle hopefully with more results.
Korres Basil Lemon Body Butter Duo
Most Recent Review
Reese5259 2/24/2017
Fresh and clean aroma and makes my skin feel hydrated but not greasy!!
Korres Vanilla Cherry Body Trio
Sale Price: $34.95
Average Rating 4.4 ( 37 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
spice1 2/24/2017
This stuff is really amazing! Leaves your skin beautiful just like in the presentations which are fun and informative to watch if you are fortunate enough to have a host that lets ... (see full review)
Korres Bergamot Pear Body Butter Duo
Most Recent Review
Brooke1083 2/24/2017
Wonderful scent and not greasy at all. After one use can tell the difference on your skin. Would highly recomment
Korres Guava 3-piece Body Collection
Most Recent Review
tngator 2/24/2017
I think I would like a stronger coconut fragrance, meaning no guava but it's very nice cream and softens skin.
Korres Basil Lemon Shower Gel and Body Butter Duo
Most Recent Review
PAULETTE 2/24/2017
I usually order everything unscented due to severe allergies but I thought I would try the Basil Lemon. Has a very mild scent which did not bother me at all.
Pre de Provence Quad-Milled Soap 3pc Butterfly Gift Set
Most Recent Review
FROSTY318 2/23/2017
it's elegantdoesn't quickly meltwould make lovely gifts
Pre de Provence Argan and Shea Butter Quad-Milled Soap Trio
Most Recent Review
FROSTY318 2/23/2017
Lovely soap, lovely price...leaves a wonderful scent and your skin feels soft after using it
Margaritaville Getaway 4-piece Bath & Body Set with Travel Bag
Most Recent Review
MsGrams1937JDR 2/23/2017
For the price, I thought this would be a good thought gift, especially if added with something else Margaritaville. Will not be using myself.
Perlier 20-piece Mini Hand Cream Set
HSN Price: $39.20
Average Rating 4.8 ( 72 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
Barbiedollqueen 2/23/2017
Always buy their hand cream. Shared with my friends
Perlier Hydro-Zone Body Cream Duo
Most Recent Review
irishgma 2/23/2017
hydrates my old skin in florida
SKIN&CO Citrus Amaro Shower Gel
HSN Price: $18.00
Average Rating 2.0 ( 1 Review )
Most Recent Review
Korres Papaya Mango Body Butter & Shower Gel Duo
Most Recent Review
NanaPLeigh 2/23/2017
This smells like fresh mangos. But the best thing about it is that it's gentle on my sensitive skin. Both the bath gel and the body butter are very hydrating.
Korres Escape to Greece 5pc Shower Gel Set & Beach Tote
Most Recent Review
tearie 2/23/2017
this product works so good! I suffer from dry skin and by using this product the dryness on my skin has reduced so much and the smells are great.
Marilyn Miglin Magic Body Creme
HSN Price: $35.00
Average Rating 4.4 ( 7 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
peace4earth 2/23/2017
I love the wonderful delightful smell of this Marilyn Migline Magic Body Cream that has a great smelling scent that lasts and moisturizes well.
Professor Amos Signature Collection Hand Lotion
Clearance Price: $10.00 - $12.95
Average Rating 4.0 ( 4 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
pique1 2/23/2017
Nice smell but not as rich as I thought it would be.He to reapply after less than half hour.
Perlier Golden Almond Hand Cream Duo
Most Recent Review
Nutritionist 2/23/2017
This is my new favorite hand cream. A real game changer for skin. I put a little on my hands . The smell and skin smoothing effects provided immediate gratification! I am hooked!
Perlier Honey Cream Bath
HSN Price: $20.00
Average Rating 4.1 ( 7 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
IamAnniM 2/23/2017
This bath treatment is so luxurious, creamy and provides plenty of bubbles. you don't need to use a lot! Definitely recommend!
Korres Guava Anti-Aging Body Oil Duo
Most Recent Review
PuzzlePiece112 2/23/2017
I Love it it goes with Korea's other item. I've bought many.
Meg 21 Age-Defying Hand Beauty Treatment Cream
Most Recent Review
bimage57 2/23/2017
So far so good with this hand cream. I have noticed less crepey hands and diminishes brown spots..Will contiinue to use.
Korres Bergamot Pear Moisture Trio
Most Recent Review
nanabear4u 2/23/2017
I purchased this trio to give to my daughter for her birthday. I have gifted Korres many times and it is always well received. I've been using their products for several years an ... (see full review)
Wrapperoo T-Shirt Hair Towel & Protective Styling Cape
Most Recent Review
RareReviewer 2/23/2017
I have purchased 4 Wrapperoos in total for me and family members. I love them. I have 4b/4c curly hair. It has really cut down on the frizz. I can wash my hair, wrap it up, go ab ... (see full review)
Korres Apple Blossom Body Butter Duo
Most Recent Review
TD4BLCC 2/22/2017
Very happy to finally get it again, because I had this before in the travel size and was just perfect, smells great and my skin feels soft and moisturize, definitely my favorite fr ... (see full review)
Korres Water Lily Shower Gel and Body Butter Duo
Most Recent Review
CORIBETH2 2/22/2017
I just recently tried this scent and it is very nice. I was a big fan of Lily of the valley but HSN doesn't carry it any more. If you like florals I would try this.
Daily Concepts Your Konjac Cloth Duo - Pure & Turmeric
Most Recent Review
marvatexas 2/22/2017
I am a big fan of the Daily concept line of products but this one is a no go for me. The cloths are very slippery when wet and it just seems to move the soap around and not remov ... (see full review)
SKIN&CO Rosemary & Verbena Zesty 2-piece Kit
Most Recent Review
marvatexas 2/22/2017
This set really appeals to me. It is different, but very clean smelling. It is becoming one of my favorites with the Rosemary.
SKIN&CO Umbrian Truffle Body Kit
HSN Price: $45.00
Average Rating 5.0 ( 1 Review )
Most Recent Review
marvatexas 2/22/2017
This set is awesome and the smell is so addictive and sensual. I got this in a trial kit and fell in love.
Remedy™ Heat-Sensitive Remedy Memory Foam Sleep Mask
Most Recent Review
amandath 2/22/2017
Great Product! i wear this every night to shut out the light!
Korres Yoghurt Body Butter Duo
Most Recent Review
shannick 2/21/2017
I buy this all the time especially the yogurt. It's not good for me but my husband likes it.
Perlier 13.5 fl. oz. Honey Anti-Age Body Balm
Most Recent Review
LEATHER 2/21/2017
Awesome deal on a great product. Makes my skin look and feel good. This size is fantastic.
Piper Wai Deodorant 2-pack
HSN Price: $24.95
Average Rating 4.1 ( 10 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
Luvtoski 2/21/2017
The charcoal deodorant works the way advertised. I like the way the smooth feel to the skin after application. My issue is with the application. I would like the product better ... (see full review)
Perlier Body Butter
HSN Price: $40.00
Average Rating 4.6 ( 70 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
kas6 2/21/2017
nice product and value
Korres Papaya Mango Body Butter Trio
Most Recent Review
boogiemugs 2/21/2017
Moisturizing, not over the top sweet/fruity heavily perfumed body butter. Just enough mildly scented mango for me to use daily.. My favorite and all age appropriate!!
Korres White Grape Santorini Body Trio
Most Recent Review
boogiemugs 2/21/2017
The butter is moisturizing as advertised and expected. However, the scent is not! I find no mild scent of citrus or peach, but a strong somewhat medicinal/sweet grape scent that is ... (see full review)
Elizabeth Arden White Tea Body Cream
Most Recent Review
SpecialK31684 2/20/2017
I love the scent and the feel of this cream! Very moisturizing and smells awesome! Can't go wrong with Elizabeth Arden products.
Perlier Honey Body Butter Trio
HSN Price: $59.95
Average Rating 5.0 ( 2 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
Rhotho 2/20/2017
PL Love these so much!
Perlier 3-Liter Gift Set
HSN Price: $129.00
Average Rating 4.0 ( 251 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
Karl5 2/20/2017
The fragrance is perfect. It smells of oranges,Lime any other fresh citrus. A great shower soap in general.
Perlier Honey Chamomile 3-piece Set
Most Recent Review
HSN-AHOLIC 2/20/2017
I have been dying to try Perlier..so when they were running their Valentine's Day special I got a few things ..I sent it all back I don't know about the quality of the brand becaus ... (see full review)
Korres Amber Violet Eau de Parfum & Body Butter Duo
Most Recent Review
zhavea 2/20/2017
After reading all the wonderful reviews I was looking forward to my new fragrance, however, it just did not do it for me. I have tried many of the Korres body butters in the variou ... (see full review)
Perlier Pink Peony Shower Cream
Most Recent Review
JETSTAR 2/20/2017
Pink Peony has always been my favorite Perlier scent. I am constantly looking for more products. I purchased four of these shower gels as I am afraid they will sell out and it is ... (see full review)
Golden Door Silk & Diamond Eye Cream
Most Recent Review
dink50 2/20/2017
I wanted to love this been using it morning and night and see no difference in tightness under eye or the obvious wrinkles and hydration will try for another couple of days if no c ... (see full review)
Carol's Daughter Ecstasy Shea Souffle
Most Recent Review
smileydipples 2/19/2017
This is my very favorite Carol's Daughter fragrance. It is feminine and sensual yet can be worn everyday. Not overbearing at all and can be layered. It is great hydration for you ... (see full review)
Perlier Shea Butter 9-piece Set
Most Recent Review
debs1958 2/19/2017
I have really missed the scents of acacai and tuberose and I was so excited to see them back. In fact I have the acacai on right now and I can't stop smelling my hands, it's such a ... (see full review)
Perlier Honey Lavaredo 3-piece Kit
Most Recent Review
Pamperedmolly58 2/19/2017
I absolutely love this and all of my Perlier products. Totally pleased.
Perlier Lavender Shower Cream
HSN Price: $17.50
Average Rating 4.0 ( 4 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
chiara127 2/19/2017
This lavendar shower cream smells like real lavender. I enjoy taking a shower with this cream it helps you to feel relaxed and like you are in a field of lavendar.
Perlier Olive Oil Bath and Shower Cream
Most Recent Review
chiara127 2/19/2017
Love this shower cream smells great and makes your skin feel soft.
Korres Jasmine Anti-Aging Body Oil Duo
Most Recent Review
netti50 2/19/2017
Feels great going on. Fragrance doesn't last on me. I wish it would. I ordered the Jasmine. I love the smell. I seemed to get it all over the place. I find I'm wiping it up from ov ... (see full review)
Perlier Shea Butter with Vanilla Bath Cream
Most Recent Review
bws1 2/18/2017
I was skeptical at first because I just thought this was a sweet scented body wash. The scent is not too powerful and I can feel the difference every time I shower.
Carol's Daughter Monoi Body Moisturizing Cream-Oil
Most Recent Review
Germ1 2/18/2017
Oh my this product is so amazing my skin felt so soft I have older dry skin finally found a cream oil that stays all day. smells great and you do not need to use to much thanks C ... (see full review)
Perlier Golden Almond 3-piece Kit
Most Recent Review
millie42 2/17/2017
have to buy more
AHAVA Sea Soft Body Trio 3-piece Set
Most Recent Review
Mar-one 2/17/2017
Nice cream, nothing to write home about but though it was overpriced. Lots of other creams that I like better.
Perlier Imperial Honey 2-piece Kit
Most Recent Review
joyful97 2/17/2017
Luv this set. I escape away to heaven in my own tub. Thk u
Carol's Daughter Angel Food Cake Body Cleansing Cream
Most Recent Review
scrapperpam 2/16/2017
I absolutely love the scent of this product. I also ordered the matching body cream. I would love for Lisa to make a body spray in the angel food scent so that the scent would la ... (see full review)
PedEgg Powerball™ Callus Remover Set with Extra Roller
Most Recent Review
stuffepooe 2/16/2017
I really like this product my feet look so pretty now use it all the time no more rough heels
Thymes Vanilla Ambrette Hand Cream
Most Recent Review
joan772 2/16/2017
Don't care for the smell, didn't smell much vanilla. Don't hate but don't love either, won't re-order.
Cloth in a Box Face-It Wash Cloths 3-piece Kit
Most Recent Review
5pinkstars 2/16/2017
Love these keep one in shower with holder at all times ... Perfect to help remove masks!!!!
Carol's Daughter Ecstasy Dry Oil Mist
Most Recent Review
honeymelons 2/16/2017
Whatever she has going on the web, I usually check it out & order it. I absolutely love this product and will continue to purchase it whenever I can. It's just a subtle frangrance.
SKIN&CO Love at First Sight 6-piece Collection
Most Recent Review
Sandy876 2/16/2017
I purchased a Skin&Co set before Thanksgiving thinking it would make a great holiday gift, instead I kept it for myself. I really like to pamper myself and this line left my skin f ... (see full review)
Dr. Perry's CleanThyme pH Balanced Cleansing Bar
Most Recent Review
BethFl 2/16/2017
Smells interesting. It lathers nicely but it sure doesn't last long. I am still making flexpays on it and it dissolved a week ago. Not worth the money to me.
Korres Pure Cotton Body Butter & Shower Gel Duo
Most Recent Review
AUSTELLT46 2/16/2017
Perlier Shea Butter Cream Shower with Citrus Extract
Most Recent Review
Emptycay 2/15/2017
The Perlier shower cream has a lovely citrus aroma and a rich lather that leaves my skin soft and moisturized. The scent is not too strong, and it stays on the skin for several hou ... (see full review)
Perlier Honey Langhe Body Cream
HSN Price: $40.00
Average Rating 5.0 ( 4 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
artymom 2/15/2017
This is absolutely my favorite Perlier scent! I can not find this anywhere-especially the body washes and shower creams. Does HSN still sell the liquid soaps, not just the lotion? ... (see full review)
Perlier Honey Lavaredo Shower Gel and Body Cream Duo
Most Recent Review
elizabeth999 2/15/2017
Don't particularly care for the fragrance. Hate the scoop-why not a pump bottle or even a tube?
Korres Escape to Greece Blockbuster 20-piece Set
Most Recent Review
Candyisaprinces9 2/15/2017
You can break this as gift sets or even have them in a basket for guests when they stay..
Perlier Honey & Spice Shower Gel
Most Recent Review
JCOLUMBO 2/15/2017
This is a soft honey spice fragrance with a touch of vanilla, pumpkin and hint of cloves. Please formulate a fragrance to go with this body wash. It would be wonderful. I colle ... (see full review)
Marilyn Miglin 112 Body Lotion - 12 fl. oz.
Most Recent Review
My sister smelled 112 on me and loved it. I was wearing the spray and the lotion. She likes just a little something so I bought just the lotion for her and she was smiling all over ... (see full review)
Perlier Hydro-Zone Body Cream
HSN Price: $40.00
Average Rating 4.3 ( 10 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
jzgirl55 2/15/2017
I'm a woman of a certain age with skin that becomes drier than the Sahara in the winter. This is a nice product to apply especially on damp skin out of the shower. I like the di ... (see full review)
Perlier Caribbean Vanilla Body Butter & Roll-on
Most Recent Review
ohio1206 2/15/2017
It makes my day complete with Princess Amanda and Prince Skip are on with their award-winning products. I have been purchasing them for many years, have a lot in my "stock closet" ... (see full review)
Korres Shower Gel Duos
HSN Price: $24.50
Average Rating 4.4 ( 952 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
gedwar 2/15/2017
You would not believe how great this is! Won't be without it! Threw away all my other shower gels and moisturizers!
Perlier Honey Anti-Age Hand Cream
Most Recent Review
Car24 2/15/2017
I normally use the olive oil line from another brand. However they were out so I gave this a try. Just didn't like I'm addicted to the smell of the olive oil.