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CarniSlim 1250 with Fat Burning Factors - 30 Servings

Support fat-burning metabolism and energy production with our Ephedra-free formula that provides 1,250 mg of liquid Carnitine.

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CarniSlim 1250 with Fat Burning Factors - 30 Servings
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Takes 6-8 Weeks for Results

I don't know if Andrew will read this & make a comment, but this type of product takes time to work. I did change my eating habits, but not drastically. I did not exercise. In the 3rd month of taking this product, the weight starting dropping very quickly. I only lost 8 lbs over the the first 2 months, but lost 12 lbs in the 3rd month alone. I stayed at my goal weight until I stopped taking it. Within 2 months, my weight starting going back up with most of it in my stomach area. I will be going back on this product without hesitation!

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champagnegirl4, FL
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Product Details

Andrew Lessman CarniSlim 1250 with Fat Burning Factors
Trying to control your weight? Andrew Lessman's CarniSlim 1250 with Fat Burning Factors can safely and naturally help you maximize your fat-burning potential while dieting.

This liquid dietary supplement is designed as a healthy means of supporting fat-burning metabolism, and does not contain the potentially dangerous Epedrine-containing herb, Ma Huang. CarniSlim 1250 provides high levels of carnitine (1,250 mg) - many times higher than any of our prior formulas. Pure carnitine is a liquid, so it only makes sense that the highest potency carnitine formula would be a liquid, and therefore eliminate the need to swallow several pills per day.

Carnitine is required for all fat metabolism to take place in your body because it is an integral part of the system that must move and transfer all body fat to the precise location in your cells where it can be burned. Not suprisingly, carnitine is found in the highest concentrations in those body tissues that have a high demand for energy, such as the skeletal and cardiac muscle tissues. In addition to helping facilitate fat metabolism and energy production, research has shown that carnitine is also beneficial in supporting cardiovascular health.

CarniSlim 1250 supplies chromium and vanadium to support healthy carbohydrate metabolism. Andrew also includes the B-complex vitamins for their role in carbohydrate and fat metabolism and to support energy production.

The sacrifices we make when dieting deserve the best results, and the high levels of pure liquid carnitine in CarniSlim 1250, along with a comprehensive array of fat-burning nutrients, are designed to help you maximize your fat-burning potential.

What You Get

  • 30-serving, 15.2 oz. bottle of CarniSlim 1250

Made in USA

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Healthy Metabolism

Weight Management

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