Slinky® Brand Border Print Long Tunic and Pant Set
Most Recent Review
shellyandmike 2/14/2016
This is very cheap quality and the top runs very small. I am a 1x and the pants were fine (although like a cheap polyester suit) but the top was a lot smaller than I expected.
Slinky® Brand 3/4-Sleeve Velour Long Tunic
Most Recent Review
Saribery 2/14/2016
I wish I would have purchased more when they still had a good selection in my size. This top fits perfect and feels good on - looks great!
Serena Williams Off the Runway 2-pack Sweater Set
Most Recent Review
ClarissaKB 2/14/2016
Love the material, but you can go down a size or you'll feel like you're swimming in the shirt. But I like the colors and I'll keep supporting Serena and her products
Slinky® Brand Sequin Cowl Neck Tunic and Pant Set
Most Recent Review
Cynbaby27530 2/14/2016
I am going on a cruise and was looking for a dressy outfit to wear to a captains dinner. I don't care for dresses or gowns but was looking at them anyway. Then I was channel surf ... (see full review)
Antthony "Hazel" 2pc Dress Set
HSN Price: $69.90
Average Rating 4.1 ( 18 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
Skye177 2/14/2016
Looked great on the model but horrible on me.
Liz Lange Ultimate Tunic Top and Slim 2-piece Pant Set
Most Recent Review
Trisha947 2/13/2016
I get so many compliments when I wear this. Wish I had got it in more colors!!
Slinky® Brand Colorblock Angle-Hem Tunic and Pant Set
Most Recent Review
bluecea 2/13/2016
I think this pant set almost requires heels to keep it from looking like pajamas. Since I almost never wear heels, I won't be keeping it.Also, the one I received smelled like ciga ... (see full review)
Slinky® Brand Colorblock Tunic with Pant Set
Most Recent Review
DJGOLFER 2/13/2016
I love SLINKY. Most of my wardrobe is SLINKY. I love the style, the comfort and affordability. It travels very well and is so easy care. The only negative I have is that SLINKY'S ... (see full review)
Slinky® Brand Sharkbite-Hem Tunic and Skinny Pant Set
Most Recent Review
bernie257 2/13/2016
To big, sloppy looking, not fitting good on me anyway.
Slinky® Brand Hanky-Hem Tunic and Pant Set
Most Recent Review
squeegee7 2/12/2016
pants are too big
Slinky® Brand Printed Tunic and Harem Pant Set
Most Recent Review
Barb816 2/12/2016
This set just perfect together. I recommend it to anyone.
Serena Williams "All-in-One" Cardigan and Tank
Most Recent Review
Shell2658 2/12/2016
Love this all in one set. I purchased 4 different colors. You can dress them up or dress them down. Fit is perfect.
IMAN Global Chic Simply Glamorous Top and Jewelry Set
Most Recent Review
marsha777 2/12/2016
Slinky® Brand 3/4-Sleeve Tee 2pk Set
Most Recent Review
Xanxan 2/12/2016
The tops pair arrived on time and in good condition. They are light weight and perfect for spring wear. Since I live in the deep South, I have little need for very wintery clo ... (see full review)
Rhonda Shear 2pk Fleece-Lined Legging Set
Most Recent Review
MerBoy 2/12/2016
Although at first I loved these, so soft warm and comfortable, after being laundered a few times they started to pill really bad. I guess I will just use them for working out at ... (see full review)
Antthony "Joyful" 2-pack Tees
Clearance Price: $29.95
Average Rating 3.8 ( 5 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
Ljldrn 2/11/2016
Love the fabric of these shirts, wonderful, I could of sized down but I do love the length of the shirt. One thing is, I noticed that there were silver dots all over my house but i ... (see full review)
IMAN Global Chic Luxury Resort Palazzo Pants
Most Recent Review
Kanaria 2/11/2016
palazzo pants are a great casual look and feel. I ordered XS they are a little too long but I can wear higher wedges.
Antthony "Kenzie Skye" 2-pack Tee and Vest Set
Most Recent Review
EZ32 2/11/2016
Wore the tee & vest and got many compliments on the style.
IMAN Platinum Suede Soho Jacket and Sexy Chic Scarf
Most Recent Review
FLORIDAGIRL89868 2/11/2016
The jacket was beautiful except it was two different colors. I ordered the blue. The body of the jacket lavender and the sleeves blue. Sending it back. I would of kept it, if it w ... (see full review)
Slinky® Brand Printed Keyhole Tunic and Skinny Pant Set
Most Recent Review
lotsofsparkles 2/10/2016
Love the colors of the tunic, but as short as I am, the style just didn't work - looked almost like a dress! Plus I would have had to cut off about4-6 inches of the pants and rehem ... (see full review)
Antthony "Gwenyth" 3pc Lace Duster, Tee and Pant Set
Most Recent Review
55plusdiva 2/9/2016
This 3 piece set is classy, timeless and sure to bring compliments. Dress it up or down. One of my favorite features of Anthony Designs is that he caters to women of ALL sizes. ... (see full review)
IMAN Global Chic 2 Tees and Jeweled Necklace Set
Most Recent Review
sirena1 2/9/2016
I gave these shirts and necklace to my sister for X-mas. She loved it. They are so soft and run large (no surprise since most HSN styles run large) and the necklace is pretty.
Antthony "Aurora" 4pc Wardrober Set
Clearance Price: $69.95
Average Rating 4.6 ( 8 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
gggjjjggg 2/9/2016
Wow what a great wardrobe builder and compliments from strangers and friends alike! Flattering 2X...flows and moves with you buy 2!
Slinky® Brand Sharkbite Sweater Tunic and Pant Set
Most Recent Review
Meledstick 2/9/2016
This has got to be at least the 3rd or 4th Slinky item I've had to send back because the pants are too short!! The details info on this item says the inseam is 9"..REALLY! 9"!! So, ... (see full review)
Antthony "Betty" Jacket and Tank with Crochet Details
Most Recent Review
Sunsetgirlsf 2/9/2016
This set is lovely. The princess seam in front of jacket gives a more dressy quality to the set. But usually the princess seam style is too fitted for me, not so with this jacket. ... (see full review)
Rhonda Shear 2-pack Seamless Tanks
Most Recent Review
sharoncj911 2/8/2016
Given as a gift and was so appreciated
Antthony "Alice" French Terry Jog Set
Most Recent Review
Sizing 2/8/2016
I was happy after receiving three of these outfits the colors were great and even happier when I put them on and worn them the fit was great. I was unhappy after washing them and ... (see full review)
Antthony "Sorcha Anne" Crochet Lace Top and Skirt Set
Most Recent Review
2dealisreal 2/8/2016
I live this outfit. It looks so good on me too. I went back to get one in another color, but I was out of luck because y size was gone. Thank you Antthony, Youn ROCK!
Slinky® Brand Poncho, Tank and Pant Set
Most Recent Review
wiggs99 2/8/2016
The suits are just marvelous the material moves when you move and feels good to the body and I love it.
Antthony "Eye of the Nile" 4-piece Wardrober Set
Most Recent Review
Huron 2/7/2016
I would like this very much if it had a different fabric. It seems old lady, polyester. cheap to me. Sorry, Anthony-you are a great designer, but the fabric needs to match.
Antthony "Amelia" Ruched Top and Skinny Pant Set
Most Recent Review
EveZB 2/7/2016
Love this and it has enough unique styling to be eye-catching.
Antthony Dunes of Sahara Hi-Low Chiffon Vest & Knit Top
Most Recent Review
jeb427 2/7/2016
I just received this in the mail . Tried it on, and it fits perfect to size. Like the fact that you can wear this 3 different ways !
Antthony Set of Knit Tees with Lace Shrug
Clearance Price: $14.95
Average Rating 4.3 ( 22 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
DRH59 2/6/2016
I purchased two sets for my mother at Christmas.Unfortunately they didn't fit her. Not the manufacturers fault. My mother is under five feet tall and they were extremely long on ... (see full review)
Antthony "Kringle" Lace Skirt Set
Clearance Price: $39.95
Average Rating 4.5 ( 15 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
MSLA 2/6/2016
Antthony "Stella" Bell-Sleeve Top and Pant Set
Most Recent Review
Gloria-Brooks 2/6/2016
I bought 3 different colors of this and love them all. Very comfortable and I can wear this to the gym or church.LOVE these new outfits.
Slinky® Brand Angled Tunic 2-pack
Clearance Price: $39.95
Average Rating 2.5 ( 4 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
Drwsmom 2/5/2016
Tissue paper thin. Not worth the money. Almost see through. So disappointing. Sending them back!
Antthony "Belle" Jacket and Dress Set
Clearance Price: $39.95
Average Rating 4.5 ( 14 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
sarky33 2/5/2016
I ordered this in black and raspberry 3X. I don't know what happened but they are completely different sizes (one was maybe xl) and the stitches were pulled in several places. I ... (see full review)
Antthony "Lorna Mae" Lace Detail Cardigan and Tank Set
Most Recent Review
Bensha 2/5/2016
Love the lace and colors! Fitting is amazing,,and to size.
Slinky® Brand Poncho, Tank and Gaucho Pant Set
Most Recent Review
evesjeep1 2/4/2016
Beautiful, elegant and comfortable. I purchased my first poncho set at the original priced, when I saw it in clearance I couldn't resist. HSN you made my day.
Slinky® Brand Belted Tunic and Palazzo Pant Set
Most Recent Review
2B61 2/4/2016
Top is too snug and pant is large and very long for the size. I am returning the suit.
Slinky® Brand Hanky-Hem Tunic and Palazzo Pant Set
Most Recent Review
buyloTS75 2/4/2016
I adore this set, which I got in black, and have now used for a number of events. Classy and dressy.
Antthony "Carol" Sequin Tank and Cardigan Set
Most Recent Review
KieKie 2/4/2016
I bought the black. The jacket is just a black jacket. Nothing to rave about. The tank, although very pretty to look at, was not comfortable as the sequins kept sticking me. I ... (see full review)
Rhonda Shear Seamless "Ahh Bra" 2-pack
Most Recent Review
Helen2415 2/3/2016
Great Bras but Rhonda I wish you would still include the modesty pads. Loved those bras. That's the reason for the stars.
Antthony "Heather Scota" 4-piece Wardrober
Most Recent Review
Flower6 2/3/2016
I got this set on clearance and am new to this brand. Great outfit and fits well. I lucked out getting this at a great price. Love his sweaters too!
Tiana B. "Best in Show" Hi-Low Tunic and Pant Set
Most Recent Review
PickyGal727 2/2/2016
I tried this outfit on and it is stunning!! I love how the top covers up any tummy bulges. It flows so beautifully and is so comfortable on. The only thing is I am 5'8" and the ... (see full review)
Antthony "Nessa Loche" Velour Jog Set
Clearance Price: $39.95
Average Rating 4.0 ( 31 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
elaine810 2/2/2016
This jog set is beautiful I look elegant in it I usually dress it up which makes me a hit thanks again Antthony.
Jamie Gries Collection Cardigan and Fringe Scarf Set
Most Recent Review
EEEMMM 1/31/2016
I absolutely LOVE this sweater scarf combo and would by it again if Jamie would bring more colors.I did have to size up but it looks amazing and does not like a bigger size on me.W ... (see full review)
Slinky® Brand Sequin Panel V-neck Tunic and Pant Set
Most Recent Review
dukedog99 1/31/2016
I ordered this and sent it back.It was very long and looked big and sloppy.It was a comfy pajama set / instead of a nice pants set. Made my behind look huge. Not slimming at all.I ... (see full review)
Antthony "Glynis Rose" 3-piece Set
Clearance Price: $19.98
Average Rating 4.2 ( 33 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
redgray 1/30/2016
I ordered two and went back and ordered the third one! Great outfits for mix and match.
Antthony "Garbrielle" 2pc Top and Pant Set
Most Recent Review
Giggles128 1/30/2016
Thanks for selling a comfortable and stylish alfit.
Antthony "Eleadora" Ruffle Top and Skirt Set
Most Recent Review
chezbeverly 1/28/2016
I am almost 6 feet and full figured and I have never found a designer to fit me properly. Absolutely everything Anthony does is perfect on me. My friends and family tell me to bu ... (see full review)
Antthony "Gemma" 3/4 Sleeve Tee and Vest Set
Most Recent Review
Iowashopper4 1/28/2016
1st let me say I love everything about this shirt expect I feel it was a little pricey. 2nd I noticed when I wore the vest with another color you could notice that one side of the ... (see full review)
Rhonda Shear Marshmallow Hooded Robe with Slipper Socks
Most Recent Review
Elle565 1/26/2016
I love this robe, I have never had a robe so soft and comfortable. It really is great. Love it
Slinky® Brand Sequin-Shoulder Tunic and Skinny Pant Set
Most Recent Review
BLKDIAMOND 1/25/2016
I sized down and order a small based on the sizing chart. I should have ordered my normal size medium. The pants fit great but the top is a little snug.
Tiana B. Printed Maxi Dress with Yoryu Scarf
Most Recent Review
Karenduke 1/25/2016
I got this in the multi and I love it! It fits perfectly, ( got the x-large).The design is bright and cheerful and will be pretty for the spring and summer. Soo glad I was able to ... (see full review)
Tiana B. Chiffon-Sleeve Pant Set
Clearance Price: $16.95
Average Rating 4.3 ( 10 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
skamom 1/24/2016
I got a large (5'4" 175 lbs) and it fits great and very flattering. I love the sheer sleeves and the length of the top. The pants are a bit long for me but I will roll them up at t ... (see full review)
Antthony "Isodore" Flyaway Top with Studs and Pant Set
Most Recent Review
Freklz 1/23/2016
Love this. The pants are so comfortable. The top is really neat being that it is partially open in the back. What a nice detail to have.
Slinky® Brand Cowl-Neck Tunic and Pant Set
Most Recent Review
laur232 1/22/2016
just how it lays on body.im short.the top is not overwhelming,as a matter of fact its sexy. I need to hem pants but that's easy.love love love..keep bringing the 3/4 sleeve Jackie. ... (see full review)
Rhonda Shear "Ahh Cutie" 2pk Seamless Racerback Bra
Most Recent Review
Lisa802798 1/22/2016
Bought for gym. No support at all. Plus you can see threw them explosing the nipples!
Antthony "Pretty Mama Bahama" Knit Dress with Shrug
Most Recent Review
Twitchy420 1/21/2016
This dress is very flattering no matter what size you are. Another winner from Antthony.
Slinky® Brand Embellished Tunic with Pant Set
Most Recent Review
Bombis 1/20/2016
This is one of those key pieces, like in the middle, when You need to wear something like not over the top, but nice and comfortable. Fits true to size. I bought the Royal blue, be ... (see full review)
Antthony "Holly" 3-piece Jacket, Tank and Pant Set
Most Recent Review
Preacherman183 1/19/2016
Antthony "Nora" Fringe Cardigan and Tee Set
Most Recent Review
Terry354 1/17/2016
The cardigan part of this set is a strange cut. Tight in the back and therefore uncomfortable to wear. I have other sets of his that are more comfortable. Still may return it.
Slinky® Brand Colorblock Twofer and Pant Set
Most Recent Review
298-1374 1/16/2016
The set was the style I thought it was but it seemed to run a bit large/tall. I had to send mine backCindyrenn
Antthony "Gillian Tavish" Jacket and Dress Set
Most Recent Review
JDI 1/14/2016
This outfit is very figure flattering because of the way the jacket, when in full length, comes to an elongating point. It's comfortable and the color is great. My only issue, an ... (see full review)
Antthony "Adeline" Maxi Dress with Removable Cape
Most Recent Review
glorym 1/14/2016
I loved this dress but the sleeves are too tight. I do not have very large upper arms. So disappointed because the sleeves should have been looser. Also, I could not try on the c ... (see full review)
Rhonda Shear "Ahh" Brief Panty 2-pack - Basic Colors
Most Recent Review
DeeDeeB613 1/4/2016
These are very comfortable . the fit is perfect everywhere will definitely order more.
Rhonda Shear Shimmer Trim Pajama Set
Most Recent Review
Barbie409 1/3/2016
I love these pajamas. They are a little big, but I do not care...I love them. I wish you offered these in an XS. I am a petite lady (5 feet tall). But I love silky and sexy thi ... (see full review)
Slinky® Brand Angle-Hem Tunic and Palazzo Pant Set
Most Recent Review
Margo4291 12/16/2015
No, I can't recommend this outfit, although it is very pretty. I ordered the XL to get the top large enough to flow prettily and the pants were big enough for two or three of me. ... (see full review)
Rhonda Shear Printed Jersey Knit Pajama Set
Most Recent Review
beatlefan7 12/13/2015
I have many of Rhonda Shear's pj sets. I always purchased medium and have since lost weight. These ran much smaller and I have to say I did not like the shimmer dots. Probably won' ... (see full review)
Antthony "Paloma Tropical Sunrise" 5pc Wardrobe Set
Most Recent Review
tddg 11/15/2015
The outfit is perfect for work with out the jacket and put the jacket on and you have a dressy outfit for a night out. The purse could be better, thee scarf goes great with the out ... (see full review)
Antthony "Nell" 4pc Knit Cardigan, Scarf, Tank and Pant
Most Recent Review
Strategydiva 6/19/2015
This set is very pretty and versatile. However, I found the pants (elastic waist and hip area) to be overwhelmingly too large for the size stated. And I sport some curvy hips! It ... (see full review)