No-Contract Cell Phones
Samsung Galaxy SIII No-Contract Smartphone - Virgin
Most Recent Review
wizardh2os 8/1/2014
Virgin Mobile Reef Waterproof No-Contract Smartphone
Most Recent Review
meleni 8/1/2014
I bought this because I was planning on getting rid of my other co. Good thing I checked this out before I cancelled my other phone! This phone had problems right out of the box! I ... (see full review)
Nokia Lumia 635 Windows Phone w/5MP Camera – T-Mobile
Most Recent Review
auctioneeral 8/1/2014
Great phone. First window phone and like it alot. I got it at a great price and shipping was fast 2 days.
Samsung Galaxy Centura Android TracFone w/1200 Minutes
Most Recent Review
andrea670 8/1/2014
I purchased this phone for my 11 year old daughter because she wanted a phone that had similar features as my S5. She loves that she is able to jump on our WiFi connection and not ... (see full review)
Samsung Galaxy S5 16GB Android No-Contract Phone -Boost
Most Recent Review
RoadRash4 8/1/2014
Got my phone a few days a go and I love it. Big great thanks to HSN for the flex pay.
LG Optimus Android TracFone w/1200 Minutes/Texts & Data
Most Recent Review
mrsmbb 7/31/2014
This is the 5th LG phone I have had. They are long lasting and reliable. The phone was easy to register and my minutes were there within 4 hours. I had to return the first phone ... (see full review)
LG 305 No-Contract Camera Phone w/1500 Minutes TracFone
Most Recent Review
singinchick 7/31/2014
I was disappointed with this phone. It was much smaller than it appeared and did not have a qwerty keyboard. I don't do well trying to text on the # letter type key pad. I had t ... (see full review)
LG Optimus Dynamic Black No-Contract Camera Phone with 1200 Minutes, 1200 Texts and 1200MB of Data
Most Recent Review
DeskGal 7/31/2014
This is my second tracfone from HSN. It was fairly easy to set up. Plan for it to take a day with lots of breaks, for instance- I set it up with tracfone and it was about 2 hours w ... (see full review)
Samsung Galaxy S5 16GB No-Contract Phone - Virgin
Most Recent Review
Holly_S 7/31/2014
Bought S5 for Virgin Mobile...can't beat the service and price...$35 for 300 minutes of talk time, unlimited text and data!! Switched from another Virgin Mobile phone...easy switc ... (see full review)
Samsung Galaxy Ring No-Contract Smartphone - Virgin
Most Recent Review
BrendaC55 7/31/2014
This phone is just perfect for me; I love it. I love it so much that I bought more for my family . No contracts, great price, excellent monthly rate for service, and all the cool f ... (see full review)
Samsung Galaxy Victory No-Contract Smartphone - Virgin
Most Recent Review
Iceprincess85 7/31/2014
Bought this for our 12 yr old as her first phone. Can't beat the price or features, no problems with activating on Virgin Mobile. Her only complaint is "after hanging up from a cal ... (see full review)
Motorola Moto G 4.5" Quad-Core No-Contract Smartphone
Most Recent Review
sheri17 7/30/2014
great my granddaughter loves it
Nokia Lumia No-Contract 4" Win Smartphone - T-Mobile
Most Recent Review
Victoria126 7/30/2014
This phone is affordable, not cheap looking actually very sturdy, it has the looks it has speed as well as storage capacity,memory, features and settings comparable to a any $500 c ... (see full review)
Samsung Galaxy Light 4G LTE No-Contract Smartphone
Most Recent Review
miggzz 7/30/2014
I bought 3 of these phones.I bought 2 SGH-T399 off of hsn when the price was 100 dollars and 120 dollars.I wish hsn would bring the price down, but still a good deal either way.Tha ... (see full review)
GoSmart 4.5" Android Phone w/5MP Camera & Month Service
Most Recent Review
truenorthgirl 7/30/2014
I've been a Trac Phone user for the past several years but I was starting to feel left out of the whole world of 'smart phones'. This phone has most of the features of phones my f ... (see full review)
LG 306G No-Contract Phone with 1500 Minutes - TracFone
Most Recent Review
706Lily1Wrangler 7/26/2014
This LG 306G No Contact Phone with 1500 minutes - Tracefone is all I need.. I was going to get a phone that one had to sign a contract - it was $50 a month. So glad I got this p ... (see full review)
T-Mobile Prism II No-Contract Android Smartphone Bundle
Most Recent Review
tc87 7/26/2014
I've only had the phone 1 week and now the screen has frozen and not able to access any of my applications. Will be returning and sticking with my flip phone. Old reliable.
ONETOUCH Evolve No-Contract Android Phone - T-Mobile
Most Recent Review
annie1321 7/26/2014
I received the phone it is great but I never received the free month of service which . Is like false advertisingiveould rate it a three because of the plan
Samsung Galaxy SIII No-Contract Smartphone - Boost
Most Recent Review
knbfunk 7/24/2014
Lives up to expectations and more. Best phone i ever owned. Highly recomend
LG Optimus F6 No-Contract 5MP Camera 4G LTE Smartphone
Most Recent Review
Hollyxgirl 7/21/2014
I am really pleased with this phone. I purchased it as a replacement phone on an existing post paid account. I am just not the person that is going to pay 500 plus dollars on a pho ... (see full review)
Motorola No-Contract Camera Phone with 2000 Minutes
Most Recent Review
4carrots 7/21/2014
I have owned a number of Trac Phones and been very satisfied. This little beast, however, has given me nothing but grief. I was hoping to make and recieve calls and texts and ta ... (see full review)
Big Easy No-Contract Cell Phone & 400 Minutes -TracFone
Most Recent Review
lovewigs123 7/21/2014
This phone was easy to set up and taught me how to text, something I was never taught. The keys are big. It has a flashlight and an FM radio. Good things to have in a crisis. S ... (see full review)
Samsung Galaxy Prevail 2 No-Contract Smartphone - Boost
Most Recent Review
Tee52 7/20/2014
I recently purchased my new Samsung Galaxy Prevail 2 Phone, I am Happy Happy, with all my new features(Skype, Memory Capacity, the ability to take Selfies) and continuing with my ... (see full review)
ONETOUCH Fierce No-Contract Android Phone - T-Mobile
Most Recent Review
LOVELYLADY86 7/19/2014
Phone looks and feels like one of the higher end ones ... However when you navigate through its features youll see its fit for a teenager. My daughters only complaints were short b ... (see full review)
TracFone Valet Android Phone -1200 Minutes, Texts, Data
Most Recent Review
DL1309 7/9/2014
I purchased the LG Optimus from HSN and loved it. I then purchased this one because it was cheaper. If you are comparing the two, go with the LG Optimus, which is far superior. Th ... (see full review)
Samsung Galaxy Centura Android Phone Bundle - NET10
Most Recent Review
beatta4801 6/23/2014
This is the 2nd phone I've purchased from HSN with Net 10 service. There is always a learning period with new phones/electronics but I quickly figured out how to successfully use f ... (see full review)
LG Optimus F3 No-Contract Android Smartphone - Virgin
Most Recent Review
mintpatty 4/15/2014
I am pleased with the purchase of this phone. It does everything I need it to do :) The price for this phone is worth it.