Prepaid Cell Phones
Samsung Galaxy 5.5" No-Contract J7 Smartphone - Boost
Most Recent Review
NZNY 5/3/2016
The phone is wonderful very quick and perky beautiful Screen Graphics technology is superior to any other phone I've ever used highly recommend buying it my whole family wants one ... (see full review)
ALCATEL Pop Icon 5"Android TracFone
Most Recent Review
sneaky-snake 5/3/2016
Samsung Galaxy Core Prime TracFone w/1200 Minutes
Most Recent Review
4gr8kids 5/3/2016
love that Tracfone now has these phones... Bought the S5 for myself a few months ago and fell in love with it... decided to get better phones for both my boys but did no want to s ... (see full review)
ZTE Quartz Android TracFone with Car Charger and Case
Most Recent Review
sugar2691 5/2/2016
Received package. Tracfone packing itself was open and not in a sealed plastic tamper evident stickers were missing. Turned phone on would not recognize my WIFI kept having an erro ... (see full review)
LG Sunset 4.5" 4G LTE Android 5.0 TracFone with 1350 Minutes/Texts/Data and Triple Minutes for Life
Most Recent Review
Polewinder 5/2/2016
Having trouble,lost my microphone for texting can't log on to google because there was a different number other than mine. Can't even check my minute balance.
LG G Stylo 5.7" Android Smartphone w/$40 Month - Virgin
Most Recent Review
SakeBlaze 5/2/2016
Bought this phone to replace my glitchy S3, and I'm not impressed so far. Out of the box it is noticeably slower than my beloved S3, and the apps would lag and crash on itself due ... (see full review)
Samsung Galaxy J3 No-Contract Android Smartphone -Boost
Most Recent Review
ale_1181 5/2/2016
Really easy to switch if u have already a contract.Really nice and slim, super chick, just the perfect size. On the ram and functions is super easy to understand and get used to i ... (see full review)
LG Flip Android TracFone + 120 Min, Texts, Data & Case
Most Recent Review
mondon 5/2/2016
I purchased my TracFone through hsn but I did not receive the 120 minutes and they did not transfer my minutes from my old TracFone. After I spent about six hours on the phone t ... (see full review)
ZTE Warp Elite 4G LTE Android Smartphone w/5.5" Display
Most Recent Review
MistyB83 5/2/2016
Have only had for a couple of weeks but I have no complaint about this phone. Highly recommend to others!
Samsung Galaxy S5 TracFone+1200 Min, Texts, Data & Case
Most Recent Review
spinner15 4/29/2016
Finally! !!!! A real phone for tracfone customers! I always hated the tracfone logo on the other phones for some reason, and this one doesn't have it! Yayy!! As far as the actu ... (see full review)
LG Lucky Android TracFone + 600 Min, Texts, Data & Case
Most Recent Review
Berlynn53 4/28/2016
Perfect size for my 8 year old grand daughter. She always gets the hand me down phones with no service. At least this way she can call us.
LG Ultimate 2 Android Smartphone Bundle - TracFone
Most Recent Review
bjpvce 4/28/2016
Got this phone for my teenage son. It is lightweight, but doesn't feel cheap like other tracfones. Easy setup. Simple to learn. Nice colors and pics. I love that I can install the ... (see full review)
HTC Desire 626s Virgin Smartphone with App Pack
Most Recent Review
lcm2012 4/27/2016
I chose this phone only because of the 5" screen claims but it's still only 4" of viewing once connected to the web or taking pictures. Navigational keys are opposite LG or Samsung ... (see full review)
LG Tribute 5" No-Contract Quad-Core Android Phone-Boost
Most Recent Review
pedro86 4/21/2016
I got the phone a few days ago still waiting for the blue case that was to be included in the shipping haven't gotten it yet ! A little bit upset because I walked into a Boostmobl ... (see full review)
LG G Stylo 5.7" No-Contract Android Smartphone - Boost
Most Recent Review
Charlieo911 4/19/2016
Just got this phone setup 2 days ago. Too soon to really comment on. I do know that as soon as I got this phone with only two games & Netflix on it, it was out of space. That woul ... (see full review)
Samsung Galaxy E5 TracFone w/1200 Minutes
Most Recent Review
cbbb 4/11/2016
I brought phone for nephew, He loves it..., however just make sore when you purchase additional minutes from Tracfone that they will triple. Tracfone Reps will sell you plan minut ... (see full review)
LG Volt 2 No-Contract 8GB Android Smartphone - Boost
Most Recent Review
upclose 4/8/2016
Thought I would upgrade but this is not the upgrade I intended. It is a good phone . Will be looking to purchase a new phone again when my funds are better. The thing that bother ... (see full review)
Sharp AQUOS 5" No-Contract Smartphone - Boost Mobile
Most Recent Review
picasoart42 4/2/2016
I saw reviews that said this phone was cheaply made because the back was a weak plastic, and that the memory only being 8gigs was poor. Those bad reviews are nothing but spin from ... (see full review)
Samsung Galaxy Prevail LTE No-Contract Smartphone-Boost
Most Recent Review
msmarsha 3/19/2016
This phone is wonderful! I thought it might be a little small for me to read, but it's not. I have implants in both eyes and the clarity of the screen is amazing. I changed the fon ... (see full review)
Samsung S4 Android Lollipop White Smartphone - Boost
Most Recent Review
Artieslette 3/10/2016
I've always liked Galaxy phones. I've been waiting a while to get this one. Even though it's outdated now I still like it. Very satisfied
Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Smartphone - Sprint Prepaid
Most Recent Review
intlpuck 3/3/2016
The phone is a little to small and the OS is old, but the firmware will update you !
Alcatel OneTouch 4.5" No-Contract Android Phone - Boost
Most Recent Review
fanta48 10/16/2015
Love the phone but came with poor instructions, ie no instructions as to how to install batteries or suggestions a bout downloading Apps. I figured it out but I am computer savvy. ... (see full review)