Prepaid Cell Phones
LG Ultimate 2 Android Smartphone with Car Charger, Case, 1200 Minutes and Triple Minutes for Life
Most Recent Review
smilingblonde 10/8/2015
Perfect phone for me! I wanted a good smart phone without a contract. Buying this phone is going to save me so much money vs. having a contract. I love the 1200 minutes with 365 da ... (see full review)
Samsung Galaxy Centura Android TracFone +600 Min & Case
Most Recent Review
JanethM1229 10/8/2015
This is a great phone. Bought it for my dad, who really doesn't need an expensive phone just to make calls. Simple and easy. he says. Triple minutes make it even better, he saves ... (see full review)
LG Power Android TracFone +1200 Min, Texts, Data & Case
Most Recent Review
Drumgould1959 10/8/2015
Very pleased with this phone. Much better coverage in my area.
Samsung Stardust w/1200 Minutes, Texts & Data-TracFone
Most Recent Review
Lidenise 10/7/2015
I love this phone and the cover is real cool also
LG 305 No-Contract Camera Phone w/1500 Minutes TracFone
Most Recent Review
Dale276 10/6/2015
For her first phone she is 12 years old this is perfect for her the triple minutes for life is great because we all know how much a young girls like to talk with there friends. It ... (see full review)
Samsung Galaxy S5 16GB Android No-Contract Phone -Boost
Most Recent Review
khamler7 10/5/2015
I have been wanting this Galaxy s5 for some time now! I saw it listed and by the time I had made up my mind, it was sold out. I needed a phone asap, but I was tired of getting an ... (see full review)
Samsung Galaxy Centura Android TracFone w/1200 Minutes
Most Recent Review
Smallangel 10/4/2015
??????nephew loves this item .We just needed someway to keep in touch with him for after school this item 100% did the trick great way to keep in touch thanks hsn from Jeanette in ... (see full review)
LG Sunset 4.5" 4G LTE Android TracFone w/1200 Minutes
Most Recent Review
faye773 10/4/2015
my first smart phone and I love it
TracFone Wireless 400 Minute Prepaid Card - 1 Year
Most Recent Review
rosie484 10/3/2015
This was so easy. I would recommend this card highly. It was so easy to add my minutes on my phone. Thanks HSN do not stop offering this card, I will order more.
Moto E Android TracFone w/1200 Minutes, Texts and Data
Most Recent Review
Yodusti 10/1/2015
My husband and I bought two Tracfones last year and the deal was so great we just had to do it again this year. We chose the Moto E phones, and they are terrific. Love the screen ... (see full review)
Tracfone 200-Minute Prepaid Card w/90 Days of Service
Most Recent Review
ggc7 10/1/2015
I love getting the minutes I need when I need them and from the comfort my home.
Samsung Galaxy S III No-Contract Smartphone - Sprint
Most Recent Review
bag8904 9/29/2015
Had a S2 prior to this phone, so no problem getting used to new features. Great phone, easy to use and clear reception. Great battery life also.
HTC Desire 816 No-Contract Android Smartphone - Virgin
Most Recent Review
LotusFlower_1265 9/28/2015
Phone is amazing. The cover in the pic looks kind of turquoise but my cover came in royal blue, my favorite color! Also, the phone immediately updates to the new Android so up to ... (see full review)
ALCATEL Pop Icon 5" Android TracFone with 1200 Minutes
Most Recent Review
Airwolf242 9/27/2015
Bought 3 of these for my grand kdsThey all love them.well worth the money
LG 306G No-Contract Phone with 1500 Minutes - TracFone
Most Recent Review
Brantie 9/23/2015
The time and date cannot be programed into this phone. Phone protection plan was purchased and they would not honor a replacement. They said, you can make a phone call so phone i ... (see full review)
Nokia Lumia 635 Windows No-Contract Smartphone–T-Mobile
Most Recent Review
Jigsawlee 8/16/2015
Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Smartphone - Sprint Prepaid
Most Recent Review
rch7 7/19/2015
Nice phone.
Sharp AQUOS 5" No-Contract Smartphone - Boost Mobile
Most Recent Review
debbyw559 5/5/2015
Fabulaously easy smartphone to use, crisp clear sound, fast data processing and easy to update, easy to learn . Its size is just perfect. not too big and not too small, the screen ... (see full review)