Prepaid Cell Phones
LG Sunset 4.5" 4G LTE Android 5.0 TracFone with 1200 Minutes/Texts/Data and Triple Minutes for Life
Most Recent Review
RGS11 11/26/2015
Great phone no problems activating. No problem transferring phone number and minutes over from old phone. Price is alittle high but if you consider the cost of buying a year of ser ... (see full review)
ZTE Quartz 5.5" Android TracFone +1200 Min, Texts, Data
Most Recent Review
dixiechickin 11/26/2015
I'm very happy with this phone, the size of the screen is great for texting with these old hands. Had no trouble activating, have had it for a week now and no complaints! Like it ... (see full review)
LG Ultimate 2 Android Smartphone with Car Charger, Case, 1200 Minutes and Triple Minutes for Life
Most Recent Review
victoryrider 11/25/2015
Just activated the phone. Can't believe how easy it was. Took 5 minutes. Got the 1200 min plus all the minutes on my old trac fone. Great purchase!!
HTC Desire 816 No-Contract Android Smartphone - Virgin
Most Recent Review
lopas 11/23/2015
This is my first smartphone. I love it! It was easy to set up and get started. I read other reviews before I bought mine and was impressed . The quality was excellent.
HTC Desire 626s Virgin Smartphone with $50 Rebate
Most Recent Review
Blondegeek 11/22/2015
Love this phone except ran out of space for apps on 2nd day as it's listed as having SD card slot but it does not. Returning phone for this reason.
Samsung Galaxy Centura Android TracFone +600 Min & Case
Most Recent Review
Sug-e 11/21/2015
I have gone without a cell phone for a while, as I work from home now. I really did not need to use one as I have a lap/top and tablet I also have been using my daughters cell ... (see full review)
LG G Stylo 5.7" No-Contract Android Smartphone - Boost
Most Recent Review
thelovely 11/20/2015
This is my take on the phone that I've purchased. The delivery was pretty fast(4 days). The phone itself, I'm still learning how to maneuver it but so far, I'm able to operate jus ... (see full review)
Moto E Android TracFone w/1200 Minutes, Texts and Data
Most Recent Review
ScurvyMartian 11/20/2015
First off, the bloatware on these phones is huge and the internal memory is not very big. Be ready to either give up on installing your own apps or disable most of the Moto and Goo ... (see full review)
ZTE Warp Elite 4G LTE Android Smartphone w/5.5" Display
Most Recent Review
G33k2Th3M4x 11/20/2015
I've had this phone for a couple of weeks now, been on it everyday. I could not recommend this phone any higher than I already do. I so wanted a Nice Fancy SmartPhone but they alwa ... (see full review)
LG Volt 2 No-Contract 8GB Android Smartphone - Boost
Most Recent Review
Reymar7 11/19/2015
I truly love this phone,it is very easy to use and the size is very compact. I don't need any other expensive models that has all the great features out ther. For me, this phone is ... (see full review)
Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Smartphone - Sprint Prepaid
Most Recent Review
gameday60 11/16/2015
After going into a Sprint store in the mall and asking questions about the Galaxy S 4 mimi that I just received from HSN I will be returning it because I was told the Galaxy S 4 mi ... (see full review)
Alcatel Onetouch Sonic 4.6" 4G Android Phone -TracFone
Most Recent Review
thomas73 11/16/2015
I think the communication could have been a lot better. I had to buy extra airtime for my phone because I was going out of town. You were having issues the week of 11/6/15. I thoug ... (see full review)
Samsung Stardust w/1200 Minutes, Texts & Data-TracFone
Most Recent Review
technophobe 11/13/2015
I was disappointed when I received this phone. The keypad is very small and hard to see. Also, the screen is super-sensitive for me. I preferred my previous trac phone from a diff ... (see full review)
Sharp AQUOS 5" No-Contract Smartphone - Boost Mobile
Most Recent Review
joann760 11/13/2015
This phone is definitely a sleeper. Phone is beautiful, clear, crisp screen, easy to navigate. I've had several very expensive phones and must say this is my absolute favorite!
ALCATEL Pop Icon 5"Android TracFone with $20 Rebate
Most Recent Review
rickster311 11/8/2015
bought two of these phones one in July for wife which seems to be working correctly and then bought one in Oct for myself since she was having decent service with hers. We both sit ... (see full review)
Samsung Galaxy Centura Android TracFone w/1200 Minutes
Most Recent Review
BrendaInSavannah 11/7/2015
This phone and I are not friends. My last phone from HSN was also a Samsung and Tracfone, but it was much better than this. This phone seems like it is made more for the other uses ... (see full review)
Samsung Galaxy Prevail LTE No-Contract Smartphone-Boost
Most Recent Review
Dave1961 10/30/2015
This phone blew me away!! I was expecting a cheap.plasticy know frills smart phone, but this phone was just the opposite. My nephew has the Samsung s4 and you can hardly notice a d ... (see full review)
Alcatel OneTouch 4.5" No-Contract Android Phone - Boost
Most Recent Review
fanta48 10/16/2015
Love the phone but came with poor instructions, ie no instructions as to how to install batteries or suggestions a bout downloading Apps. I figured it out but I am computer savvy. ... (see full review)
Samsung Galaxy S5 16GB Android No-Contract Phone -Boost
Most Recent Review
Liriosh2009 10/10/2015
My daugher love this phone. With no contract its perfect for the budget affordable and easy to activate. Love it....