Automatic Coffee Makers
Brim Size-Wise 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Station
Most Recent Review
tinasf_33 9/2/2015
I love it! It makes coffee in just minutes, and the coffee is delicious from it. I also love that I can just make a cup, if I want to. I also love the looks of it, on my counter ... (see full review)
Cuisinart Perfect Temp Programmable 14-Cup Coffee Maker
Most Recent Review
Laurant 8/20/2015
Easy programmable coffee pot- "hot" coffee,which I was not used to from my other coffee maker-great product.
Wolfgang Puck Single-Serve/12-Cup RapidBrew Coffeemaker
Most Recent Review
MikeR372 8/20/2015
Great value for the money Brews fast great flexibility in brewing , for everyone in the house. Can really only be used with coarser ground coffees, and it stats uses Pids but only ... (see full review)
Cuisinart 12-Cup Coffee on Demand
Most Recent Review
Miche2015 8/16/2015
Okay, this is the best thing since sliced bread. I'm an avid coffee drinker and love to have my coffee easy to get to at a moments notice. This does it, nice tasting coffee and r ... (see full review)
Cuisinart Brew Central Programmable Coffee Maker - Red
Most Recent Review
Califgirl03 8/6/2015
This coffee maker is not only beautiful but makes coffee that taste good. I traded in my Keurig for a regular coffee maker and I am not disappointed.The money I save will pay for ... (see full review)
Bunn ThermoFresh 10-Cup Thermal Carafe Coffee Maker
Most Recent Review
MntnLady 8/6/2015
Always been happy with this brand of coffee maker, we were even gifted a Keurig & after a few months went back to BUNN....
Cuisinart Programmable, Thermal 12-Cup Coffee Maker
Most Recent Review
L_sh3 7/30/2015
I like the coffee maker ok, but when I pull out the carafe even after it has beeped at me saying it is ready, it drips so I have to place a cup under it until it stops.
Cuisinart 12-Cup Coffeemaker with Hot Water System
Most Recent Review
elliot2 7/25/2015
I needed to return this coffee system and was told that UPS had to come pick it up. They have within 21 days. I have this big box sitting in my entrance area.....waiting and wait ... (see full review)
Hamilton Beach Flex Brew Coffee Maker
Most Recent Review
Bubba7047 7/25/2015
I bought a Hamilton Beach Flex Brew on June 4th 2015...it is July 25th and I have coffee brewing all over my counter top! I purchased the protection plan at time of purchase. I c ... (see full review)
Bunn Classic 10-Cup Home Coffee Brewer
Most Recent Review
yarddog58 7/23/2015
great coffee maker and very fast
De'Longhi 12-Cup Drip Coffee Maker with Frontal Access
Most Recent Review
Cam324 7/10/2015
Horrible!!!! Leaks coffee when brewing all over counter! Want to return but I believe its been to long of time. Only worked for a month...very poor quality
Cuisinart Automatic Grind-and-Brew 12-Cup Coffee Maker
Most Recent Review
Naturalgapeach 7/5/2015
I have finally found a replacement coffee pot. I am a coffee snob so much so that I had a keurig and a Mr Coffee coffeemaker on my counter. So my quest for the perfect replacement ... (see full review)
Elite Cuisine 3-in-1 Breakfast Center - Black
Most Recent Review
leesha204 7/3/2015
This item is easy to clean. The coffee maker is very fragile. The heat element on the bakery is not too good either. I kept this item simply as a back up if needed. The price was i ... (see full review)
BUNN High-Altitude 10-Cup Classic Coffee Maker
Most Recent Review
honeyfields 5/29/2015
The minute I got my pot in the mail I opened it and read the instructions on how to start it up. I made the best pot of coffee I have ever had in less than an hour. I love the desi ... (see full review)
iCoffee 7.5-Cup Steambrewer w/iGrinder and iBrew Basket
Most Recent Review
WashingtonNemo62 4/24/2015
coffee was good but was nothing to flip over so really not worth $200.00Too much work involved :( sent it back
Cuisinart Grind-and-Brew Programmable 12cp Coffee Maker
Most Recent Review
Steph63 4/2/2015
I read the reviews before purchasing, and love, love, love this grind and brew coffee pot! I enjoy not having to grind coffee with my single coffee grinder. For coffee lovers this ... (see full review)
Bella Dots 12-Cup Coffee Maker - Purple
Most Recent Review
Jules727g 3/30/2015
It does not have an automatic shut off .
Cuisinart Perfec Temp 14-Cup Coffee Maker with SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS
Most Recent Review
khlm 3/25/2015
Purchased this appliance in June of 2014. It makes very good coffee. I did have an issue with one of the hinges on the lid breaking, but I did contact the manufacturer today, and ... (see full review)
Cuisinart Grind-and-Brew Automatic Thermal Coffee Maker
Most Recent Review
sampson394 1/25/2015
The coffee pot is easy to set up and easy to use and as stated above it makes a great cup of coffee.
Cuisinart Grind-and-Brew Automatic 12-Cup Coffee Maker
Most Recent Review
hottumali 12/31/2014
I like the coffee pot but there are a lots of parts to keep clean. I plan to return it, not the best valje for the price.
Melitta 10-Cup Coffeemaker
HSN Price: $69.95
Average Rating 3.8 ( 6 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
moms1968 10/28/2014
This a very good coffee maker, we like the way you can switch between brews. We also like the timer easy to set!
Cuisinart Brew Central Programmable 12-Cup Coffee Maker
Most Recent Review
mommala26 10/27/2014
Beautiful, high quality, easy to use, would recommend!
De'Longhi 10-Cup Drip Coffee Maker with Front Access
Most Recent Review
Anthony1 11/8/2013
I have a De Longhi espresso machine and I love. I thought if I got a De Longhi coffee pot I would enjoy it just as much. This coffee pot is the worse pot I've ever owned. My Mr C ... (see full review)
Cuisinart Programmable 12-Cup Coffee Maker - White
Most Recent Review
chilloutatdabch 10/27/2013
I dislike using the word horrible and Cuisinart together, but with no true “automatic” shut-off on this model, it’s a pain and potentially costly to your kitchen countertop. Let ... (see full review)