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Tony Little Gazelle Performance 300 with Workout DVD Reviews

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More than I expected... sophia25, NJ Rating 12/2/2009
I purchased the Gazelle approximately 8 months ago. This was the best investment I have ever made. At first I was disappointed as when it was delivered one of the handles was broken and I couldn't get the monitor to work. Well, I contacted the company and was promised replacement parts, I really did not expect to see them. I did receive them and this machine really has me moving. My knees are really bad and this is great as I don't have to bend them and I feel I really am accomplishing something. All I can say is this has helped to maintain my sanity as well as helping me to get my body moving again. Thank you....This is a life saver.....
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Very good one!... Gwengwen, FL Rating 11/10/2009
This one took my husband about an hour and a half to put together. He told me that he did not follow the instruction, other wise it would take longer. This item helps toning, stretching, and burn calories. I need my whole body to work out on this, especially when leaning forward or backword. It might take a few minutes to get use to it. Low impact on joints. It is a great way to lose weight and look better.
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awesome!!!!!!!!... northcalichic, OK Rating 9/5/2009
I love this thing its so easy to do and its so fun it makes you want to get on it unlike other machines you dread them
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NOT GOOD QUALITY... Anonymous , CA Rating 6/25/2009
I have bought Tony's products in the past and was really disappointed in this one. It arrived in a tattered box and one side had a piece missing where the cable connects at top. Glued the piece back on but believe the frame is bent and the unit doesn't glide smoothly. Too heavy to return so I'm stuck with it and very dissastified. Will purchase a glider from somewhere else and try it out first before I buy. This was an expensive mistake.
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Have to do the work... Anonymous , NY Rating 5/4/2009
I agree about the monitor not working, but haven't tried a better quality battery yet. They did not advertise resistance bands so I didn't expect them. I have really bad knees and this is great. I don't feel the pounding. If you watched the video presentation you can squat while doing this to get more of a burn in your butt and thighs or stand on your toes to work your calves. It does slide but I have worked around that.
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Tony Little Gazelle Performance 300 with Workout DVD

Item: 375-161
HSN Price: $224.95
or 2 payments of $112.47
Shipping & Handling: $22.95
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44 Reviews )
Shipping Info
Whether you're a fitness newbie or a workout junkie, Tony Little's Gazelle Performance 300 with Workout DVD gives you the tools you need for a comfortable, time-saving total-body workout. The latest incarnation of Tony's original, low-impact workout machine features Soft-glide technology to help lesson the impact on your joints even more, while our patented dual-pivot system provides a greater range of movement during exercise.

Tony Little Gazelle Performance 300 with Workout DVD Includes:

  • Tony Little Gazelle Performance 300 
  • Water bottle with holder 
  • Total Body Workout DVD 
  • Owner's Manual 
  • Tony Little VIP Card 
  • Fitness Quest Eating Plan
Product Features:

  • Hand grip pulse sensors - monitors your heart rate to help you stay in the proper training zone for your fitness goals
  • Battery-operated console - large digital readout tracks calories burned, distance traveled, time and speed
  • Sturdy construction - constructed with the same heavy-duty, high-tension steel cables used in aircraft construction
  • Wide foot platforms - create a wide base for support and help control movements 
  • Self-centering design - provides greater user stability 
  • Reliable, low-maintenance machine - no weights to change or motors to maintain
  • Water bottle with holder - helps you stay hydrated during your workout 
  • Folds flat for storage - stores easily under bed or behind a door
  • Total Body Workout DVD - learn how to use your Gazelle to work both upper and lower body for strength training and muscle toning. For all fitness levels 
  • Fitness Quest Eating Plan - 40-page eating guide includes sample menus and daily eating plans
  • Tony Little VIP Card - entitles you to call and talk to a certified personal trainer about your fitness-related questions as often as you like. Good for 1 year after purchase
  • Measures approx. 40"L x 27-1/2"W x 53"H (assembled)
  • Made of steel and plastic
  • Power source: 2 AAA batteries
  • Maximum weight: 275 lbs.
  • Made in China
  • Comes with a manufacturer's 1-year limited warranty

NOTE: Assembly required. It should take one person approximately one hour to assemble the Gazelle Performance 300

Success Stories:

  • Send in your before and after success photos and if Tony uses your photos on the air, you will receive a check for $500
    • Send photos and contact information to:
      Gazelle Performance: Attn: BFA
      268 Fitness Quest Plaza
      Canton, OH 44750
  • Purchase of your Gazelle Performance 300 must be made by February 1, 2009 and May 31, 2009. Photos must be received by September 30, 2009
  • Caution: Consult your physician before beginning this or any weight loss or exercise program.



About Tony Little
Get motivated and have fun with America’s Personal Trainer Tony Little’s enthusiastic approach to fitness, exercise and life. Tony’s line of low-impact exercise equipment and instructional videos that provide an interactive atmosphere in the comfort of your own home demonstrate his one-on-one approach to fitness. Going even further, Tony brings you a delicious array of high-protein foods that perfectly complement your active lifestyle. When it’s time to unwind, his extensive line of personal care and wellness items help you relax the day away.
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