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Rotary Paper Trimmer - 12" Surface Reviews

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Love it... chriswooten57, NC Rating 3/18/2010
I have no trouble with mine cutting straight. for the customer who did, I sure hope you did not get someone's return. Maybe it is warped and you can not see it. It they get bent just a little I heard any trimmer will then not cut straight. i am sorry you had trouble. Mine cuts so great that I have to learn to not put so much pressure on it. It is really sharp.
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Safe and Easy... Meekie, VT Rating 11/13/2009
Love this cutter! The paper edges are clean even when cutting more than one sheet. Lining up the cut sizes is fantastic. With the Fiskars Rotary, I don't have the safety issue I that I have with the lever arm paper cutter. I could cut paper all day with the Fiskars. I wish a token blade was included in the package for that price. I feels a lot of money for a piece of plastic measure board and a cutter.
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Cuts, but not very accurately.... Anonymous , TX Rating 10/3/2007
I've owned this trimmer for about 3 years and have yet to see it cut a straight line. I've tried positioning whatever I'm cutting many different ways and always get a slanted cut! I also had the plastic blade holders break on me early on. Now, I am finding it difficult to find a cutting strip replacement. After reading the other reviews, I think I may have just received a faulty product. I gave it 3 stars only because it's lasted me this long without having to replace the blade.
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MUCH safer than the guillotine-type paper cutters!... Anonymous , OH Rating 6/25/2007
This trimmer was purchased nearly ten years ago, before the scrapbooking craze boomed. Although the little corner blade holder covers fell off long ago, the cutter has been functioning well for the entire time. I use it for cutting card stock for greeting cards and for tickets. I've even purchased the "Perforating Blade" to use for two-part tickets. I wouldn't have attempted some of the projects I've completed if I hadn't had this trimmer.
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Easy to use, precise cuts!... Anonymous , MI Rating 11/11/2006
The paper trimmer is very easy to use and always cuts a straight line. I am very pleased with this purchase and use it for all my scrapbooking.
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Rotary Paper Trimmer - 12" Surface

Item: 764-576
HSN Price: $69.95
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Shipping & Handling: $7.22
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Fiskars Rotary Paper Trimmer - 12" Surface
Fiskars unique 12" rotary countertop trimmer features a razor-sharp, rolling blade that cuts accurately and efficiently. Balanced, non skid and lightweight base. Easy to read 1/8" scale and 1/2" grid on base helps to align cutting material. Interchangeable with all Fiskars decorative blades.

What You Get

  • Paper trimmer

Fiskars Rotary Paper Trimmer - 12" Surface Features 

  • Approx. 21"L x 14"W  x 4"H
  • Made in Mexico

About Fiskars

Turn your creative ideas into reality with selections from this leader in craft product innovation. A global marketer and manufacturer of craft and garden products, Fiskars and its engineers understand the painstaking effort customers make to preserve their precious memories.

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