1925 Uncirculated Silver Peace Dollar
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1922 Uncirculated Silver Peace Dollar
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1924 Uncirculated Silver Peace Dollar
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1878 Uncirculated Tail-Feather Morgan Silver Dollars - Set of 3 Reviews

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BAIT + SWITCH... Seve, FL Rating 1/12/2010
I recently ordered the 3 coin set of " "UNCIRCULATED"" tail feather Morgans. First the coins are CIRCULATED, not one bit of luster on any of the three. Plus a collector friend of mine said the coins were cleaned. And I agree. There was so much wear on the breast feathers it was shameful they would sell them as BU coins. Sorry HSN Better luck next time. SEVE
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1878 Uncirculated Tail-Feather Morgan Silver Dollars - Set of 3

Item: 791-770
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Trace the history of the first Morgan silver dollars with a set of 1878 Uncirculated Tail-Feather Morgan Silver Dollars. The Morgan dollar, long the favorite silver coin of the "Wild West" because of its large size and massive amount of pure silver, is the largest United States silver coin ever made for circulation. The Morgan dollar remains a favorite of today's collectors because it contains over 3/4 ounce of pure silver. In 1878, the United States Mint produced the eagle on the reverse with 7, 8 and an overpunched 7/8 set of tail feathers. This set includes examples of all 3 coins.

1878 Uncirculated Tail-Feather Morgan Silver Dollars Includes:

  • 1878 P-Mint 7 tail-feather Morgan dollar
  • 1878 P-Mint overpunched 7/8 tail-feather Morgan dollar
  • 1878 P-Mint 8 tail-feather Morgan dollar
  • 3 presentation lenses
  • 3 wrap books
Product Features:
  • Morgan Silver Dollar - named after its designer George T. Morgan, an engraver with the U.S. Mint
  • Obverse (front) portrays Lady Liberty wearing a slave's cap (an ancient symbol of freedom) with the word "Liberty" inscribed on a ribbon
  • Reverse features an American eagle holding both the olive branch of peace and arrows of war
  • 3 tail-feather reverses - 7, 7/8 and 8 tail feathers; a bald eagle has only seven tail feathers. When patterns for the Morgan Dollar were designed and struck, the eagle on the reverse displayed the correct number of tail feathers - 7. For some unknown reason, the dies for the first Morgan Dollars were engraved with an incorrect number of tail feathers - 8, to be exact. After a substantial number of coins were struck, the error was detected. By then, it was too late to recall any of the coins that had already been struck, but the remaining 8 tail feather dies were corrected by over-punching them with a 7 tail-feather hub, resulting in the 7/8 fail feathers varieties.
  • First year of issue - 1878 was the first year that Morgan Dollars were produced
  • Uncirculated condition
  • Measure approx. 38.1mm (1-1/2") in diameter
  • Weigh approx. 26.73g (0.943 oz.)
  • Contains approx. .77344 troy ounces of silver (90% silver) 
  • Produced by Philadelphia Mint
  • All coin items considered for return must be in their original condition as sold. Seals and cases contribute to the value of the coin and currency collectibles and must remain intact and unbroken. This applies but is not limited to: grading cases, Mint and Proof cases and packages, bag seals, original government sealed packaging and/or any other special packaging or containers.

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