Tamara, born in Inglewood, CA , first appeared on HSN in 2006. Tamara is an accomplished jazz, modern, and ballet dancer, and incorporates golf and yoga into her exercise regimen…and she collects unique chess sets and loves to play!
Tamara Hooks
 date  time (est)  show title
May 26  7am  HSN Today: Do It Yourself 
May 26  8am  HSN Today: Robert Irvine Kitchen Possible 
May 27  10am  Italian Shoemakers 
May 31  5am  Samantha Brown Travel 4th Anniversary 
May 31  6am  Truhair by Chelsea Scott / Tweak-d Haircare 
May 31  7am  Body Solutions by Rhonda Shear 
Jun 01  3pm  Technibond Jewelry 
Jun 01  4pm  Technibond Jewelry 
Jun 02  11am  Tiana B. Fashions 9th Anniversary 
Jun 02  12pm  Tiana B. Fashions 9th Anniversary 
Jun 04  11am  Liz Lange Fashions 
Jun 04  12pm  Liz Lange Fashions