Originally from Miami, Marlo first appeared on HSN in 1997. She is active in several charities and serves as a volunteer guardian ad Litem. She enjoys saltwater fish, coral aquariums, loves to go dancing with friends… and she’s a make-up junkie.
Marlo Smith
 date  time (est)  show title
Aug 22  9pm  Tony Little Body by Bison 7th Anniversary / Healthy Cooking 
Aug 22  10pm  Tony Little Body by Bison 7th Anniversary 
Aug 23  4pm  Professor Amos 10th Anniversary / Home Solutions 
Aug 23  5pm  Highgate Manor / Concierge Collection 
Aug 23  6pm  Electronic Connection 
Aug 24  4pm  IMAN Platinum Collection 
Aug 24  5pm  IMAN Platinum Collection 
Aug 29  5pm  Organized Living 
Aug 29  6pm  Household Helpers 
Aug 29  7pm  Lawn and Garden featuring HGTV HOME 
Aug 30  1pm  As Seen on TV 
Aug 30  2pm  Kitchen Innovations 
Aug 30  3pm  Electronic Connection 
Aug 31  6pm  Home Solutions 
Aug 31  7pm  Electronic Connection 
Aug 31  8pm  Game Day Grilling and Entertaining 
Sep 01  1pm  Electronic Connection 
Sep 01  2pm  Electronic Connection 
Sep 01  3pm  Home Solutions