Originally from Miami, Marlo first appeared on HSN in 1997. She is active in several charities and serves as a volunteer guardian ad Litem. She enjoys saltwater fish, coral aquariums, loves to go dancing with friends… and she’s a make-up junkie.
Marlo Smith
 date  time (est)  show title
Oct 21  9pm  Adrienne Landau Home 
Oct 21  10pm  Adrienne Landau Home / Concierge Collection 
Oct 22  4pm  Football Fan Shop Gifts 
Oct 22  5pm  Football Fan Shop Gifts 
Oct 23  6pm  Vern Yip Home 
Oct 30  5pm  Electronic Gift Connection 
Oct 30  6pm  Electronic Gift Connection 
Oct 31  9am  Gifts for Him 
Oct 31  10am  As Seen On TV featuring Heat Surge Fireplaces 
Oct 31  11am  Winter Solutions featuring Heat Surge Fireplaces