Tamara, born in Inglewood, CA , first appeared on HSN in 2006. Tamara is an accomplished jazz, modern, and ballet dancer, and incorporates golf and yoga into her exercise regimen…and she collects unique chess sets and loves to play!
Tamara Hooks
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Apr 02  1pm  Donald J Pliner Shoes 
Apr 02  2pm  NUTRiBULLET Pro with David Wolfe 
Apr 02  3pm  Maximize Your Space 
Apr 05  5am  Diane Gilman Fashions 
Apr 05  6am  Diane Gilman Fashions 
Apr 05  7am  M. Asam Beauty 
Apr 05  8am  M. Asam Beauty 
Apr 06  7am  HSN Today: Healthy Innovations 
Apr 06  8am  HSN Today: Fast, Fresh and Healthy Cooking featuring Philips 
Apr 07  7am  HSN Today: Laundry Room Solutions 
Apr 07  8am  HSN Today: Ready To Wear Beauty 
Apr 09  9am  Curations Caravan Fashions 
Apr 09  10am  Technibond Jewelry 
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