Tamara, born in Inglewood, CA , first appeared on HSN in 2006. Tamara is an accomplished jazz, modern, and ballet dancer, and incorporates golf and yoga into her exercise regimen…and she collects unique chess sets and loves to play!
Tamara Hooks
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Apr 21  8am  HSN Today: Dress and Sandal Event Preview 
Apr 22  9am  Emma Fox Handbags 
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Apr 26  5am  Serious Skincare 20th Anniversary 
Apr 26  6am  Grilling with Char-Broil 
Apr 26  7am  HP Innovations 
Apr 27  5am  Portable Electronic Innovations 
Apr 27  6am  Elysee Scientific Cosmetics 
Apr 28  5am  Chef Ming Tsai`s Healthy Cooking Spring Event 
Apr 28  6am  Do It Yourself 
Apr 29  9am  FHI Heat Hair Tools / Jouer Cosmetics 
Apr 29  10am  Concierge Collection