Tamara, born in Inglewood, CA , first appeared on HSN in 2006. Tamara is an accomplished jazz, modern, and ballet dancer, and incorporates golf and yoga into her exercise regimen…and she collects unique chess sets and loves to play!
Tamara Hooks
 date  time (est)  show title
Jul 26  6am  Joy Mangano Celebration 
Jul 26  7am  Liz Lange Fashions Celebration 
Jul 27  5am  Electronic Connection Celebration featuring Hp 
Jul 27  6am  Gazelle Freestyle Pro with Tony Little Celebration 
Jul 27  7am  Home Solutions Celebration 
Jul 29  9am  Household Helpers Celebration 
Jul 29  10am  Healthy Innovations Celebration / Chair Gym Fitness Celebration 
Aug 02  7am  Healthy Innovations 
Aug 03  6am  no!no! Professional Hair Removal 
Aug 03  7am  Benefit Cosmetics 
Aug 03  8am  Professor Amos 10th Anniversary / Home Solutions