Helen, a native of Vestal, NY, made her HSN debut in 2008. Once the winner of a disco competition, HSN’s dancing queen still has Saturday Night Fever dreams, but you are more likely to find Helen driving her daughter to a playdate.
Helen Keaney
 date  time (est)  show title
Apr 26  2am  Innovation Month featuring Lg 
Apr 26  3am  Home Solutions Featuring iRobot 
Apr 26  4am  TanTowel / BECCA Cosmetics Premiere 
Apr 30  2am  FHI Heat Hair Tools / MD Solar Sciences Skincare Premiere 
Apr 30  3am  Studio Barse Jewelry Collection 
Apr 30  4am  Studio Barse Jewelry Collection 
May 01  2am  Silk`n Hair Removal / Dermablend Cosmetics 
May 01  3am  Moonlight Markdowns 
May 01  4am  Moonlight Markdowns 
May 02  2am  Coin Collector 
May 02  3am  Coin Collector 
May 02  4am  Bedroom and Bath Essentials 
May 03  2am  Yummie by Heather Thomson 
May 03  3am  Victoria Wieck Absolute 
May 03  4am  Victoria Wieck Absolute