Body By Bison - Tony Little, America's Personal Trainer
"I’m a big believer in bison. And folks, I’m not just an endorser of it, I eat it every day."
tony little’s story
By switching from beef to leaner, bison, eating healthy and increasing his physical activity Tony:
lost weight
lowered his total cholesterol by
25 points
lowered his bad cholesterol from
135 to 106
raised his good cholesterol from
45 to 61
bison beef benefits
Low-calorie bison is lower in fat than regular ground beef and is a great source of protein and iron.
why bison beef?
A steak from bison has no added hormones and can have fewer calories and lower fat than a steak of equal size from an animal whose diet was mostly grain.
history of north american bison
Prior to the 1800s, American bison (commonly known as buffalo) flourished with a large population. Bison herds were hunted almost to extinction in the 19th century, and by the 1890s fewer than 1,000 remained. Thankfully, through legislation and the creation of wildlife preserves, the bison population experienced an amazing comeback. The herds continue to grow, and today it is estimated that nearly 1 million bison exist throughout the United States and North America.
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