It is love at first sight: a gorgeous bangle that fits your style, wardrobe and budget. But…will it fit? How do you know a bangle will slip on effortlessly or come to a grinding halt at the knuckles? Order the right size bangle the first time by using this bangle fit guide.
About Bangle Sizing & Fit
Many variables influence how a bangle will fit. Characteristics like material, shape and interior finish can prevent slip-on bangles from comfortably sliding over the hand and staying on the wrist.

The fit of a bangle – snug, average or loose – is determined by the wearer’s wrist size and hand size. These measurements are needed to purchase the correct size and be satisfied with your new bangles.
Measurements Needed
How to Measure Wrist Size
  • Carefully wrap a soft measuring tape around your wrist so it fits comfortably without feeling snug. Print this measuring tape if needed.
  • The number where the measuring tape overlaps is your wrist size
How to Measure Hand Size
  • Position your hand as if you are putting a bangle, with your thumb extended across your palm and reaching towards your pinky finger.
  • Carefully wrap a soft measuring tape around your hand’s widest part - at the knuckles and thumb. The number where the measuring tape overlaps is your hand size.
Buying the Right Sized Bangle
Bangles with Hinges
Bangles with Hinges
  • The wrist size is the only measurement needed to buy bangle bracelets with hinges.
  • The nearer your wrist size is to the lowest bangle measurement, the tighter the bangle will fit.
Bangles without Hinges
Bangles without Hinges
  • Both hand size and wrist size are important measurements when buying bangles without hinges. Measure both areas so you can choose a bangle size that slides on and off easily.
Determining Bangle Fit
Bangles with Hinges
• Add 1” to your wrist size for an average fit
• Add 1 ¼” to your wrist size for a loose fit
Determining Bangle Fit
• Use your hand size measurement for an average fit
• For a loose fit, select a bangle that’s larger
than your hand size
Please note that the width of the bangle may also affect fit.
Wide bangles typically fit more snug upon the wrist.