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Accessories Fit Guide

A woman’s style is only as good as her accessories. Pick accents that make your outfits work and best reflect your personality with our HSN accessories guide. It’s your key to buying accessories online with confidence.


These accessories instantly add personality, so pick a favorite that fits. Here’s how:
1. Using measuring tape, measure your head by wrapping the tape across your temples and
directly above your eyebrows. Be sure to keep the tape level and firm.
2. Compare this measurement to the hat’s inner band circumference (found in the accessory’s description).
As a general rule, the hat should fit if your head measurement is within 1” of the inner band circumference.
Additional Hat Measurements
Brim Width: from the outermost edge of the brim to the inner edge

Crown Height: from the bottom of the hat to the top


Protect your eyes in style. These accessories are an affordable way to incorporate the latest trends
in a place people are guaranteed to notice. Here’s what the measurements mean:
Length: the front of the glasses to the end of the arm

Width: end to end across the front of the glasses

Height: vertically across the frames